welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with top female Pro Leia Jansen Leia we had everything he'd ever won in the first semi-final now we've got contrasting styles you can see there they are again JW Johnson and Hannah Lee Waters just hopping smiling there's been Joy in.

Their game and then the Newman's just bringing all the Newman defensive magic in the posture let's play Pickleball see which style works in the second semi-final to go play Lucy and Matt the top seed in the championship on Sunday yeah I'm excited to see this matchup.

If anybody can dig out their power it's the Newmans yeah I think it's the you know they've they've been in front most of the day it's easy to be smiling and how what happens if it's you know seven all I'm not saying they can't do that but uh it's harder to play free when it's tight not saying they're tight I'm just saying.

The score is and two early errors and Riley Newman just has been on a rampage here recently as well yeah the amount of pressure he's able to put on just everyone in mix is very impressive yeah they're gonna play Lightning Fast Lindsay is the only person on this court that will slow it down.

The reset Queen oh Sun opening although that's he bits you into that that is not there's not like there's a doubles alley over there that he can find or she can find I mean he almost wants that to come over welcome to Newman frustration land party of two.

Foreign type of ball that there's just no question with the Newman's who's taking that ball in the middle oh and just speed up catches JW Johnson and thank you unique view we're showing off the sky.

Can't sort of the oh and Lindsey Newman cannot get her paddle out of the way after tracking that down and so far they're they're showing they're not afraid to attack these two I mean Riley's still gonna play his game he doesn't care.

Who's on the other side hasn't cared for a while has Eli no I don't think he's ever cared oh okay let's see if they can yeah that was that was discombobulated from uh from the Third.

look at that clever little play by J.W Johnson yeah and his flick he can get to he's so risky he can get down on it so well that's what makes it so impressive.

And he had a little bit of a reaction there yeah this is this is great to see and yeah anyone cheering for uh JW Johnson just got a stare down from Riley Newman there did not finish was laid back on that one and three three.

That's deep on the return from Lindsay one more we might see a Newman timeout and Johnson knows he can or he needs to learn he can trust the two-hander to his right on that ball if he's got to reach too far foreign I promise you there are two other.

Players on the court folks kind of a beta ball right there as well but you know shooters shooters shoot yeah foreign can really fend off their power it's gonna be the Newman so they're gonna go ahead no and then you're gonna get a ball like that one for.

That you're like gosh I've had them in trouble I need to keep doing that you don't realize until you play them just how much they make you over hit and try and hit small targets because everything comes back all right and it wears on as the match goes yeah I.

Mean you end up having to hit oh Lefty oh wow what a dig Riley likes to finish points okay okay went off two paddles there so uh wow and that's the that's exhibit Q of the what they make you do they make you try and find furniture on your angles with.

These couches we have set up all around the court and suddenly the sideline is the friend of the Newmans Lindsay unable to get on top of that first one was ready with the forehand but just hit it parallel not down foreign.

a couple of fans that are cheering for the other side and uh directing his uh attention in that area on the big swing and uh a Miss by Hannah Lee we might see a timeout soon also coming from from this side they've been stuck at four for a second yeah Hannah Lee is going to use timeouts.

For sure as will the Newman so much more time out Centric it's not a lot of offensive timeouts in our last match and even though he missed that I I like it I like him taking a chance right there and trying to create yeah so he tried to create the minute that hit the net the paddle Tech paddle from Ms Anna.

Lee Waters hit the ground so we will take a break as well it is the second seed brother and sister who are up in game one looking to punch a ticket to Sunday all right folks welcome back the Newman's dictating terms playing crazy good defense and finishing when the opportunities there.

And they are doubling up Anna Lee and JW it's been a game of run so far timeout proves very fruitful there Briley kind of they both got looks that they wanted on right there too yeah you can just grinding them they're gonna.

Grind them they're gonna if it's up they're gonna defend it just making sure everyone in a 360 degree view saw that the ball was called wide all right oh that's a great shot by Anna Lee is you see Newman cheering and a sister and.

Then shuffled twice to his left and got B2 is right there yeah and I think that's going to be while Riley's on the right that's happening they're gonna need to utilize more just kind of just going behind him and getting his backhand especially out of the middle it's where he's most dangerous.

Here it goes foreign battle back they even fend off a just nasty cut by J.W Johnson then it's again the placement over Power by Anna Lee Waters finds the right side of Riley Newman good counter by Lindsey Newman there and it's Johnson and Waters who have not.

Scored in Forever foreign opportunity was there for J.W Johnson but the execution was not and they remain at four he doesn't miss that one often and a little off-speed cutter there caught Newman by surprise I think Lindsay thought okay.

Hit it back to me so I can inch my way up some more and didn't get the ball where she thought oh and a miss this returns a killer wow and palette paddle on the ground Riley Newman calling the ball out before.

It even lands he's and what defense I mean they are on point with how the Newmans have won so many titles so there he is yelling walking the line and we will be right back and they finish off game number one and be one game away from playing on Sunday Riley Newman is fired up and Lindsey Newman.

Is walking over there a perfect compliment to her brother's play welcome back everybody it is the Newman's in control and have a game point here foreign just deep so the high third they weren't able to recover from so Emily Waters and J.W Johnson are very.

Capable of a run of Their Own oh that would have been a good start to it right in her big wheelhouse but uh a little too on top of it got that easily okay and uh I don't I don't know who's bugging him over there somebody else.

Because they chaired a mistake there so uh I mean he uses everything for motivation so uh he will revisit that spot in the crowd for sure Lindsey Newman didn't know which way to go shoved her brother to the right too late and it's 6 10. still on a two though so if we need to.

Make up more ground and that's a little high I wouldn't be surprised to see them call time out and head to their respective spots and On Cue and that is where they've gone so Waters Johnson making a run they've got seven still staring down 10 on a two beautiful aerial coverage as you can see there.

This great facility in San Clemente California just a few short minutes from the beautiful Pacific Ocean we'll be back with the conclusion of game number one all right nice run by J.W Johnson and Anna Lee Waters Newman's call timeout timeout proof fruitful for Waters and.

Johnson so let's see how they react oh my God oh wow that flick will beat many but not Riley Newman either take it then down Cross Court towards water speed who was just not expecting the Bravia there game point number two.

Foreign that attack goes well deep so uh third try at it here and with the quality of the opponent I highly recommend for those of you cheering for the Newman to get it done here foreign points have been saved they've been.

Isolating Lindsey Newman and then pulling the ball behind Riley on this comeback yeah Italy has taken that ball oh he's on it too but she's taking that ball back behind Riley and really set them up for quite a few points on this comeback I.

Want to say about three there it is again getting him just stretched out a little too far 8 10. a chance you me usually doesn't work out well for the team that's saying that but uh it did there as Riley was ready with the two-hander and set himself up fourth chance at game number one.

Just so still with her body Lindsey Newman and Riley Newman and Lindsey Newman fend off the comeback in the second seed wins game one what will J.W Johnson and Emily Waters have form in game two we'll find out we are at the Select Medical Orange County Cup in.

Beautiful San Clemente California at a lifetime you can't believe it is this nice to play Pickleball what a day we'll be back with the second game of the second semi-final after this all right folks welcome back we are heading to game number two here the Newman's stretched out a big lead and then watched Annalee Waters and J.W.

Johnson crawl back but couldn't get all the way there good start yeah get the ball back they can get a lead I think that'll uh go a long way towards renewing some of that joy we saw in their game yeah like beginning oh what a pickup like we like I think uh on the break JW.

Kind of missed a few of his bread and butter shots in that forehand counter just almost early overcooking it just a little bit so I'm sure he will dial it in yeah just that is not the place that's the no-go Zone in a big way especially when he's got a couple of people in in mind after he's.

Winning points he's got some stare Downs going at almost every point it's impressive oh wow Lindsay Newman just sitting on that and smokes it down the middle again compact swing Beautiful Finish a little too much power of the ball before that just catching the line made it really hard to get the ball down.

But they still make you hit four or five balls every time yep you're always going to have to win the point like we said it wears and you they always get a few now we drink some pets they give away a freebie but they always get a few free freebies during the course of the game of human when they're behind especially yes.

Wow I'll return the favor there Annalee that trigger pull sails deep foreign forcing Lindsay into bad positions and J.W Johnson finishing it oh my God Lindsey Newman caught coming to the kitchen line left the fourth up but a little.

Indecision a lot of indecision foreign Lindsay back a little bit there and not set to defend they switched on the last one I think they're gonna stay right here yeah they were in trouble oh my God.

That's one of those neck chords where I look that thing was over anyway so let's move on here JW is about guy lean in and also looking to like really to take anything he can reach and start and again we see the switch oh almost able to recover there.

One four here on the first serve foreign pop-ups from Anna leave that's gonna be a so quick of a second game don't look for that to happen very often folks oh my goodness wow Newman on the full dead Sprint pulls it well inside the court there that was in.

By a foot and a half terrific yeah that was a great dink by Anna Lee to go back behind him I didn't even think he could get there and he is feeling so just as J.W Johnson sort of puts his print on the second game Riley Newman comes roaring back with his own had to read just late.

But the again the amount of pressure he's putting on them right now is just even if he misses a few his presence is all the all the welcome oh yeah that Miss and that poacher in the budget for sure I mean those are a little bit uncharacteristic you have to think it's the amount of pressure where if you.

Don't think you're doing something with your dink rightly's gonna step in wow the double willpower worked oh on it but the paddle face was open not closed okay wow.

And Lindsey Newman able to attack then be attacked reset it and Riley able to catch JW Johnson wow and that's one Annalee no she left up uh trying to aggressively dink him to that other side again but if you try and put more Pace on it it can sail a little long and then you're right into pancake villain.

If you're into the International House of pancakes and you do not want to go there I mean go there if you like pancakes of course but uh not this one in pickleball terms see if the Newman's going to take advantage of this serve though yeah unable to do it on the first one.

Foreign I also think I don't know about you Dave with this formation switch of keeping Riley in from the JW have seen I mean that's kind of how they made their comeback JW doesn't seem as aggressive with his backhand flick as he was with Lindsay he seems a little more wary to.

Pull the trigger yeah I mean I think the Newmans have won a ton with this formation that they've perfected and it's hard to do and mixed if you don't have a menacing backhand in the middle which of course my ass otherwise you're giving up that hey we want the guy's forehand in the middle well.

In this case we're thrilled to have the guys backhand in the middle and that's a big differentiator because then Lindsay can sit on certain shots wow oh that would have brought the house down the inside out attempt at a winner but uh Johnson and Waters finally scored they were up four.

Forever now they're only you know feels like a big lead they're only down one because of their start oh not you very much what a point man after both sides recovered you had defense turning the offense and here we go six five on a one problem.

Just absolutely I am so mad at me right now yeah they know this is big I mean no one's really pulled ahead and this game's been going on for a second with brutal points so this will start over they practice that sorcery I'm sure they do and.

So six five couldn't add to it yeah because this is such a dangerous Duo here of J.W Johnson and Ellie Waters that you've had four balls to get at least a seven or eight foreign gives herself just a little bit of time but can still counter.

And Anna Lee Waters goes for oh okay we have an overrule here let's see this one see that again from that angle looks like it caught the line and there was the overturn clearly seen by the referee yes so uh looks to be in there so six apiece now on the overturn.

Oh man can't believe it and there have been a few of those in game one and game two and when it's this tight I mean literally it's points like that that will determine who gets to play on Sunday foreign was ready just couldn't finish it so.

They maintained the lead here which I think is really important psychologically oh she's got it oh yeah it's a good finish go go and then oh no no and then Riley gets the glancing below there.

Read it but just late again a couple of those so a mere one point lead can Waters and Johnson sneak a couple together I don't think our team has really gotten two in a row foreign Waters and Johnson had so they get one there there you go handcuffed them up.

And they're not even going to take a chance no that Newman's staring at his hands he's got tape on his left hand that he's taken off so Seven's a piece we'll take a quick break this is the Select Medical Orange County cop all right folks welcome back seven seven game two Newman's took game.

One foreign the time out too hit a forceful return make him hit a tough third and see if they can do that twice yep it's not gonna keep messing up so they do get a pair and the lead can they stretch it out more.

Eight seven two foreign just slightly off balance again trying to find that backside of Riley Newman and left it up and that is where pickleballs go to get smashed yeah such a small window because he's so tall a little bit of a high third and.

Couldn't handle the the reset wow Newman waiting there with the forehand oh and just a little off-speed pitch tantalizes it looks like he kind of hesitated just oh should I shouldn't I and then he should but too late ate all.

On a two oh my God you haven't handcuffed him up I think that might have been going out too I can assure you it was heading to uh the first row but uh the plane of that was directly into the middle of Riley's body and that was spanked nobody can stretch out a lead here.

Foreign that's one of those that Newman is ready and that being Lindsay try to get it down and Riley unable to slide in I mean most teams would not have been able to sort out the fact that they were playing within a two foot section of the court and they were perfectly.

Comfortable oh my rides the rail but stays on the Newman side they forgot neither one of them did The Willpower move come on when did you need to do it more than that and we got a game point here for J.W Johnson and Anna Lee Waters and it is JW Johnson who ties up Riley.

Newman and the Newmans could sense it they could taste game number two they were saying there's not going to be a third game well guess what there sure is so Anna Lee Waters and J.W Johnson dig in and say no no we know you pickleball fans want game three well guess what ye shall have it we'll have it for you right after this.

All right folks welcome back there you see Lee Waters obviously Anna Lee's mom coaching him up and the smiles are back Leia yep you know pulling that game two out will do it I think you know they were setting a lot of stuff up and to be able to pull that game out is Big because.

They have their backs against the wall so I would say they have a lot of momentum going into this wow and look at that move by J.W Johnson who has Focus great anticipation and reach part of the Ernie is just being able to get your paddle into the right position while worrying about your feet.

Really well done by J.W Johnson there can they get a couple again we'll switch sides at six in game three and JW Johnson read that perfectly and overhead it question whether that hit Riley or not oh let's see we'll check that out after the point foreign.

There's the defense by Lindsey Newman here's the ball again that uh was tagged by J.W Johnson really hard to tell on that seemed to stay on the same ball flight and let's not forget that point because they get two Ernie winners if that would.

Have gone in from J.W Johnson could that have been 3-4 his psyche would have been something else foreign took off to the sideline the minute that ball was in the air I anticipating the angled approach oh that one might have been a little bit too low to Pancake yeah so she got that scorpion up.

But it wasn't you need that to be higher so you can hit down foreign that's what you want I mean this is absolutely what you want from JW and he's on it he's just missing it nice drop I think Anna Lee doesn't have to when in trouble try and pull it all the way back.

Past Riley she's not going to get hurt by Lindsay in front of her and if she leaves it up at all that sets off a Bad series of events and it looks like Riley's looking us up in the middle more now and and look to initiate we kind of were able.

To isolate him more a little bit more at the end there it is and that just Falls in can't believe it little shank job winner into the corner he'll take it oh all day and all night in game three of us semi.

Wow and there's the complimentary pickleball that we saw from these two in game one and then throughout the day the smiles are back can they build on it and J.W Johnson in a sort of sky hook got us behind it a little bit and then able to just swipe it down.

And it's tough when he's reaching it with his backhand he's really tough I would say played I think the middle is a little more safe in that aspect oh wow see what happened here this reply from Lindsey Newman was called wide.

See that again maybe from the truck that after this call of wide stays this could be a time out now they're gonna stay with it here here's that ball from before you know the Guaranteed Rate sign sort of blocking our view hard to tell for sure.

And again the ball is up J dub is reaching in and he is finishing and with authority now and now he's playing loose and free that is a dangerous sentence for the Newmans and we are going to switch with the youngsters on a rampage layout up six two three straight they are going to regroup as we switch sides it is Anna.

Lee Waters and J.W Johnson looking to head to Championship Sunday here at lifetime in San Clemente this is the Select Medical Orange County cup all right we are back it is Johnson and Waters the four seed switching with a big lead get everybody in proper position here.

What they needed for sure that's what he's been making you know just a little bit nothing's really going their way in this game well miss thirds from Anna Lee here on the side switch so maybe that will give them some life.

What do you think they need to do Dave let me get back to what was working which is patient you know defend until you get what's up and then Riley's just got to be a menace I mean that that right there is a winning point right there just gotta execute I think that's the difference I think that's been the.

Difference throughout this match JW Johnson finds the angle foreign Johnson looking to cover an ATP that never came the the train is rolling it doesn't look like there's anything that's stopping them now.

Just dominating and she's just coming and not stopping now and this is what power and Pace can do when it's confident Championship Sunday opportunity point right here look at these hands hello J dub um.

It's for the Lefty finish at Match Point down all right Lindsay screams now it Riley but too late oh look at this they will not quit oh and a ball off the net is the difference so JW.

Johnson and Anna Lee Waters dropped game one fight fight a tight game too and then Roar to a win on game three and Riley Newman's streaks have come to an end here as he's won next doubles and men's doubles at the last two he will not win mixed doubles here still has a chance at bronze today but uh.

Great job by Emily Watterson J.W Johnson of keeping their composure yeah even their backs against the wall and I think they just kind of played lights out when it mattered if they ended game two and kept it rolling into game three yeah a little more J.W Johnson takeover and uh we'll talk to the winners right after this it will be.

Kovalovan right versus JW Johnson and Anna Lee Waters that'll be a beaut on Sunday we'll be right back well welcome back everyone to Center Court I've got our second set of finalists J.W Johnson Anna Lee Waters guys huge congratulations you lost the first game down in the second game how did you claw your way back and when did.

You feel the momentum shifting well I think we came out a little cold we had been sitting for a little bit but after that first game we kind of felt like even though we lost it we were in control most of the points same thing for the second game and then Jada made a couple jokes and we just started laughing and having a lot of fun and.

Then next thing you know we're up 10 and then in the third game same thing I mean we were just really enjoying ourselves out there do we get to hear the jokes that you made on court soon you'll get it soon but not yet all right well Jade up tell me what you have to do against the team as strong defensively as the Newmans uh.

We just had to keep it a little bit slow for some of it and let's meet up at the right times because obviously both of them are very good uh obviously Riley has very good hands I try not to go there too much otherwise I get pelted um but uh no we just play a little bit safe well guys you're both from the same area you practice together how cool has it.

Been to watch each other take the pickleball World by storm yeah it's really cool um we both live like 10 minutes from each other and we play singles against each other sometimes so playing on the same side of the net is pretty cool um but yeah we're just super excited for Sunday.

Who wins the singles battles oh me 100 of the time it's not even close tell the truth no I win maybe one congratulations we're gonna see you on Sunday on Tennis Channel Dave over to you
Watch as the Electric Newman duo takes on Anna Leigh Waters and JW Johnson to advance to championship Sunday.