How to body bag someone in pickleball it’s when you speed up a ball off the bounce and you hit somebody clean in their stomach or on their body it’s the highest level of deception in pickleball and it’s like a I got you almost like a disrespect thing the most important thing is identifying which ball you speed up off the bounce you want to.

Speed up a dead dink that’s bouncing about thigh height or higher nothing below that you obviously wouldn’t try to speed up a ball that’s super aggressive toward you you don’t want to speed up in Rhythm meaning if a ball is coming to you you don’t want to just attack it in one fluid motion you actually want to pause under the ball and this is going.

To freeze your opponents and make them guess which way you’re going this is what it would look like see that little delay that goes such a long way now you have to drop your paddlehead you should not be speeding up a ball like this that’s bad you need to drop your paddlehead all the way to six o’clock.

Like this if you go to speed up like this it’s going to hit The Back Fence you can’t shape the ball when you drop it all the way this motion puts shape on the ball so it will land in along with deception when you drop your paddlehead all the way it allows you to curl it inward push it straight we want to do this on balls coming to our forehand and.

Bouncing toward the center-ish area of the court I’m left-handed so for me same thing with the righty right here is like the sweet spot for it I say that because when the ball is bouncing here my opponent pretend where the camera is is the opponent they are going to be covering the middle when the ball is here so obviously their paddle is going.

To be like this if the ball’s here they’re not going to be sitting like this so you want to sell everything that you’re speeding up down the middle and then since you’re dropping your paddle face it allows you to curl it and shape it inward I’m gonna show you the difference between the two this is wrong it’s one fluent motion my opponent is in.

Rhythm to defend this is the right way I’m gonna do it with two balls one this way and one that way so you can see my form looks identical on both you’re not trying to rip it a million miles an hour you’re trying to make it about halfway on the court and toward the sideline so even if it doesn’t hit them you’re still making the shot.

Now you’re able to body bag your friends tag them in the comments after you do it to them a couple times
How to Body-Bag someone in Pickleball. THIS IS NOT LUCK, I created a video explaining how the pros do it. Step-By-Step.πŸŽ‰

“Pausing” before you hit the ball, mixed in with your paddle head being completely dropped is πŸ”‘! This is by FAR my favorite thing to do in Pickleball!

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