Well pickleball is spiking in popularity but the paddle game may never has been as meaningful as it is this weekend in Savage a 24-hour pickleball marathon is raising money to help a middle school teacher recovering from a broken neck Fox 9's corn Hoggard takes a swing at showing us why they picked this way of helping.

Football paddle 's ears I can play six seven eight hours a day during the summer time but since a snorkeling Excursion in Hawaii last October the Twin Oaks Middle School teacher for autistic children hasn't really been able to take the court just a freak accident I jumped in the next.

Person landed right on me um I broke my neck in two places several months of couple surgeries and several months laying in bed he suffered significant nerve damage had surgery in Hawaii and More in Chicago where he started rehab with a familiar exercise but his brain and muscles still don't communicate perfectly those nerves are.

Just not quite connected yet and you know and I get quite a lot of nerve burning pain to help him afford all this care pickleball players and Prior Lake and Savage decided to team up and play out hunter's dream of 24 hours straight on the courts rain or shine temperatures were in the 40s there was rain coming down but this is far from the worst.

Conditions that they've played in we play all winter I snow blow the corks whenever it snows we keep them clear and we play down to -10 organizer Tim levier says they've raised about six thousand dollars to help with medical bills doctors tell Hunter he should eventually function about as well as before the accident but it could take months or.

Even years he's hoping to get back in the game by the end of this summer and grateful for all the help along the way I'm not a super hug person but in the last like months I've got given more hugs and you know and it's it's great I'm not a hugger either and he hugged me today so obviously he's very thankful corn Hoggard.

Fox 9.
Last summer, a Twin Oaks Middle School teacher for autistic children who is an avid pickleball player broke his kneck while snorkling. To help him afford his care, local pickleball players teamed up for a 24-hour fundraiser on the courts.

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