foreign spirit and cheer to Southern Alabama it might be 75 degrees we're not going to let that ruin the Christmas spirit tonight we are bringing the Christmas spirit to the pickleball court.

Boom look at this if you are not from the south you may not be familiar with Bucky's but that is the Bucky's Santa Christmas outfit and you better believe you better believe I'm wearing that on the pickleball court tonight.

Look at that face that is the face of somebody who has got a really solid dinking game and is not afraid to show it look at that well Bucky Claus is here showing up to the pickleball courts bringing a giving nasty backhands to all those who have been naughty this Christmas season.

So here we go thank you thank you.

oh my God foreign.

I didn't want a heat stroke so this was my last game in the Bucky's outfit and I also just want to say this we have a lot of really good players that play in our rec league and I know a lot of these highlights are kind of my highlights but I'm missing shots long wide I'm getting them into the net make a lot of mistakes.

And a lot of our other players make really good shots that don't end up on my videos and and I don't want to forget them and kind of give them a shout out because we have some really good players and I'm really thankful for being able to play with them foreign.

Bucee Claus decides to take his talents to the pickleball courts of south Alabama!