There's now a new place to play one of the fastest growing Sports we're talking pickleball a grand opening party today celebrated the Santa Monica pickleball Center our CBS 2's Lauren Posen is there live tonight and Lauren this seems like a whole new way to experience the pickleball craze and there's some big stars that are involved huh.

Oh Ross it is so fun I've been out here all afternoon and let me tell you it is addicting in fact look over here I have a mini game going on for your hero rally and these guys can do this all night long it is just uh if you really you combine ping pong and you can buy in tennis well then you have pickleball so let's talk about where we are the Santa.

Monica Tennis Center on Wilshire has expanded to pickleball and now offers both Sports the owners invested over a quarter of a million dollars to make this happen there's four new lighted outdoor pickleball courts for players to hone their skills players can not only Reserve Court time but they can also take lessons with a pro so the sport.

Really became popular thanks to a couple of well thanks to the help of some big names like Leonardo DiCaprio Will Ferrell and Kelly Rowland just to name a few and the owner here told me that La is actually last to get on the pickleball craze it started a few years ago and now that it's here players Can't Get Enough.

Within 15 minutes you pretty much get the game and you can you can hit well enough to play and have a good rally and so it's really fun in in that sense and it's really fun as a community like team building kind of sport I've gotten a lot of non-pickleball enthusiasts interested in it and now they're addicted and one of the things that makes the.

Center so unique really is this retail space so players once they're done on the courts they can come in here and get uh you know anything they need here including these pad paddles here the owner tells me he's offering the largest uh retail space when it comes to pickleball here in LA and I want to show you these here these are.

Jamie Foxx's line yes that Jamie Foxx he's gotten down the pickleball craze too and he has his own assortment here of paddles and I'm told that this line here for the signature is if you see him he'll sign his name right there for you so kind of cool huh the center is open seven days a week and if you haven't tried pickleball you really should.

Because it's a lot of fun and you can really pick it up easily that's what I've noticed all day today even if you don't play tennis give pick a ball a try Leslie Ross back to you you know Lauren I was going to ask you uh I I want to play out there I was gonna ask you if you saw Leo or Kelly out there.

You know I haven't I wish I I was hoping I had my eyes peeled but I think they're in New York but uh hopefully they'll come out here and uh we can all party together and play Pickleball it'll be a blast well listen if you see Jamie please get one of those paddles signed for me you got it thank you it's a lot well you.

Know she's the inside play and she's not in the outside court and there's a good reason for that a lot of drizzle today
The Santa Monica Tennis Center announced the grand opening Sunday of the Santa Monica Pickleball Center.