Well there's now a new place to play one of the fastest growing Sports and a grand opening party today celebrated the new Santa Monica pickleball Center our KCAL 9's Lauren Posen is there live in Lauren it was a pretty packed house there today pointing to a pickleball craze that we're seeing here in Southern California.

You know Leslie it really is taking off now the center is right over here next to me it's closed right now so I can't show you inside right now but it's just beautiful and the owner tells me that whether you're a pro you're new to the sport or maybe you're just curious this Center he says it's a place for everyone of all ages to come try out.

Within 15 minutes you pretty much get the game and you can you can hit well enough to play Sarah Duncan is one of nearly 5 million Americans all in on pickleball fever now she and others can hone their skills at the Santa Monica pickleball Center on Wilshire they get really into it it takes over a part of their life.

Owner John neder says over a quarter of a million dollars for the expanse expansion of the tennis center that includes four brand new lighted outdoor courts It All Happened really fast we took over the space next door to build the shop bigger only two weeks ago and everything's happening faster one can imagine what are the.

Unique things about this Center is this huge retail space here the owner tells me he has the largest selection of pickleball equipment for players to choose from and that includes these paddles and these over here are actually from Jamie Foxx's line yes that Jamie Foxx he's in on this pickled ball craze too and I'm told that if you see him.

He'll sign his name right there on his paddle for you big names like Leonardo DiCaprio Will Ferrell and Kelly Rowland are also in on the fun the late shows Stephen Colbert is two he says his wife got him hooked so much so he held a celebrity pickleball tournament for charity on CBS it's not intimidating because you know going in that the best.

Pickleball player in the world is only about twice as good as the worst football player basically how good are you on a scale of one to two I'm a solid one whether you're a one or two on the court it's the friendly nature of the game players say keeps them coming back oh.

You just gotta do it just grab a paddle it doesn't matter it doesn't matter what you're wearing or what you're playing with or whatever just like go find some people in a net in a ball and play now the center is open seven days a week and Tennis is still played here the courts are actually designed for both Sports reporting live in Santa Monica.

Lauren Posen KCAL 9 news
The new Santa Monica Pickleball Center boasts four brand new lighted outdoor courts and the largest inventory of pickleball equipment in Los Angeles. Lauren Pozen reports.