Is now one of the fastest growing Sports in the United States it's even creating a frenzy across San Antonio our Vinnie vanzetta takes us to chicken and pickle to show us why pickleball is exploding in popularity it is the fastest growing sport in America and I would say it's the fastest growing sport in San Antonio as well the pickleball craze is not.

Slowing down what do you love about it play a competitive sport with the more social aspects said hey you know we have to we have to go with what's what's going on you know what I mean and hopefully you know bring in more members despite the cold mornings this week fit.

Pickleball Tennis Center in Windcrest one of the places to be you know what they're all nice fabulous family oriented good players you can't ask for more than that I've seen little kids from five all the way to 70 plus it's good for you know us older people as well as it is for younger people chicken and pickle knows something about chicken.

But pickleball is right in their wheelhouse too it's lunchtime on Wednesday and people are playing pickleball I thought it was a lunch atmosphere it's a pickleball atmosphere the main thing here right now is going to be a lot of pickleball on the courts Santa Antonio even has a pickleball store and you can learn on your lunch.

Break you can try anyway how serious do pickleball players take their equipment pretty serious I mean they're spending up their 250 dollars on a paddle so I think they're kind of into it so join the movements you know what I mean it's crazy no it's not going to stop anytime soon or maybe you already have as you jump into it you're like.

Okay I'm not totally great at this yet but I'm good enough to want to do it a little bit more so what's more popular a chicken and a pickle or pickleball I think it's a tie it's a company man right there it's very competitive and it's very addictive yes it is fine
I love that I get to play a competitive sport with a more social aspect.