Now every single one of them is a gladiator in my book that what they have to go through in the singles Arena relative to doubles Newman has his work cut out however he has beaten the likes of Tyler Long and Jay devilier it's often one of the the latter things to come into the game.

Curve is deep first inquiry also won the bubbly Team Championships that was beautiful capable of doing that and slicing in return and the oh there's the length that lower sweet spot.

What oh he's missed it he puts this return most times he's been going to that backhand side of Newman yeah it's time he goes middle it's a great shot from Alex Newman Great game ball though for Newman and there again is that forehand from Newman doing a fantastic job finding game number one eleven to three.

Was placed into the main draw with a wild card after winning the bubbly Team Championships his team this man is not to be underestimated plenty of time for query to get to the net be his Forte.

An unfortunate bounce for Newman it's gonna be tough to get a lob over there six foot six query ground strokes The query that has been tough for query to get the clearance of the kind of margins he needs foreign twisted up like a cyclone but still finds his feet okay knowing when and to.

Uh to take that time out just to try to halt your opponent's momentum can do to your point Newman playing with some of the depths nice job nice another big serve does he find the line and he does I.

Think he does yeah find someone who's as quick as Alex Newman the backhand side you might as well down the line with the forehead and then try to get to the back but with a backhand like that I was gonna say that was a thing of beauty right there yeah and Newman calling for the crap touche.

Beforehand and that time he finds one he's rolling up the line with both his forehand and his backhand he's kind of challenged every alley there is no match ball oh he picked it I think he's got him he had him no way.

That's a bit unorthodox yeah well so if nothing else he'll have one of the shots of the day undoubtedly for Newman foreign Newman is everywhere but you can see how low he's dropping that paddle face potential early on a Thursday morning why not defends from Sam.

For the clothes starts at a lot of depth away from the Baseline I guess it's a smile later great first volley almost paints that line beautiful forehand again from Alex Newman taking down down Siri 11-3.

And it was with shots like that