okay it's 5 45 a.m we're getting the family ready we're going to uh South Carolina you can see we got all the bags down there the driver just got here we're gonna head to the airport Ford where are we going buddy Carolina we're going to South Carolina uh to the.

Meadow Bluff to the Montage for like five days uh we're going through Dallas this morning Although our flight 30 delayed an hour so we only have like a 40 minute connection right now so I'm a little a little worried about that but we're just gonna do the best we can and hopefully it'll work out that's Ruby she's fun we're leaving but.

Don't worry we have someone coming to stay with you don't we Ruby all right here's an update on our trip we were going from Los Angeles to Dallas there's Ellen it was my wife happy we're going from Los Angeles to Bluffton South Carolina we had to stop in Dallas.

On the way so our flight was delayed like an hour this morning which was fine we had like a 50 minute layover in Dallas we're gonna make it uh and then we're getting ready to land we're I don't know a minute from Landing the pilot pulls up we gotta circle around because we didn't like the landing so all right no big deal 10 minutes that.

Takes we're gonna land again he pulls up again two times we didn't land we ended up being like 40 more minutes late we missed our connection so now we've got like five hours to kill and we're in the Admirals Club we're like in the little kids Lounge here trying to uh kill time it's been uh 90 minutes we have like three more hours.

And yeah that's where we're at now it's uh what time it's going to this house it's the most stunning place ever we're in the Montage Palmetto Bluff so I'm doing like a pickleball clinic and a tennis Clinic here in the gold exothermic series and they gave us this house tomorrow is like.

Oh we'll give you a better tour but like First Impressions it's like this it's the coolest house I've ever been to yeah foreign acres and there's the hotel and there's homes and golf clubs tennis club uh then.

We go in we've got this beautiful office uh here's kind of like the great room over there there's the boys they just had lunch before can you say hi they've stocked it with candy and then they just like stuck the fridge which is nice the outside that's like a screened-in porch out there but you can.

See out there it's just like a beautiful Marsh over here there's a bar and a little coffee machine and this is the master bedroom up the stairs got one room here another room here and you can kind of see out toward the front it's also like a little guest house over the garage Tuesday morning it's like 8 15 so I'm.

Gonna pop tart I'm gonna hop on these bikes and drive over drive over right over to the tennis club make sure this morning in South Carolina all right I'm on my way to like a pickleball Clinic I'm still in Bluffton South Carolina and this is the bike ride that I take each day from the house we're at.

Over to the tennis courts it looks pretty amazing as you can tell like you can just you feel like you're like in an alternate universe and uh it doesn't get old oh all right I'm in South Carolina still as.

You can tell earth water is probably a bunch of gators in there it's Thursday night we're leaving tomorrow to go to Naples Florida to get ready for the U.S Open of pickleball but I've had a blast here I did some tennis clinics on Tuesday but then Wednesday we did Pickleball like clinics in the morning and then in the afternoon and then we.

Did like a pixel pickleball exhibition in the evening with some local Pros it was a ton of fun they set up a little Center Court here and the people loved it and now I'm heading back over to do one more pickleball kind of EXO it's honestly like good practice for me too because I'm still kind of new to pickleball so even if I'm playing with.

People that aren't great like just the repetitions a lot of times is really helpful and the people here have been stoked generally speaking I would say it's kind of like a 50 50. I feel like I feel like the tennis community is like really cheering for me in pickleball but then there's a large group of pickleball players in the community that.

I think like doesn't want me to do well because they don't want a uh you know a tennis player to just be able to come over and you know just make an impact on the sport right away and so I think a lot of them are cheering for like the pure pickleball players to beat me which is fun I like.

It either way and I'm having a blast and I'm gonna come to get to the US Open next weekend April good morning

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