How long have you been playing i started playing six or seven years ago but i only play once every few months i don't play a ton uh but i'd like to start playing a little more really yeah okay is this breaking news are you might you enjoy major league pick no not breaking news but i do like playing okay and what do you think of.

The differences between pickleball and tennis um tennis is a little more technical i feel like uh pickleball i guess is a little more social you're all closer together you can kind of talk during the points uh pickleball i feel like the focus is.

On doubles or tennis it's a little more in singles but they're definitely some similarities
News of @SamQuerrey #retirement @usopen 2022

We spoke with Sam earlier this month @MajorLeaguePB @newportbeachtcc and asked him about his #pickleball future.

Do you think he’s gonna play based off this response?

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