You're in the kitchen all right welcome to another edition of kitchen conversations Jason aspas Jared Paul with a very special edition today we have uh one of the best tennis players in the world who has just retired from the sport making their way over to become a professional pickleball player none other.

Than Sam query Sam query is you know former number 11 tennis player in the world at Wimbledon yeah I mean one of the best ever and he's coming over you beat Djokovic Djokovic Nadal and Annie Murray I like to say it was in the same tournament but I think I was I'm wrong about that but.

Nonetheless same lifetime same lifetime it doesn't matter right no it's pretty awesome uh we're excited to talk to him but before we do that I want to thank our sponsors we got wisdom Essentials uh best CBD products out there Sue stick my arm has been killing me I've been using it every day it really helps uh we'll see how many times.

I touch my arm in this broadcast uh also want to give a shout out to uh fitbine wands right here one of the best low sugar none of the other drinking wine right now all right listen it's 11 20 a.m um it's 12 25 East Coast time it's fine it's fine we're gonna we're gonna have to have we're gonna have a talk after this.

Uh this this this uh this podcast but we'll do that offline it's fine guys I can't recommend the wine enough it's great for you it's it's good for you it's healthy wine say no just accept that I'm good just hanging at home right now likewise uh are you are you babysitting I'm babysitting my own kids as we speak.

I um I went golfing was out of the house for like 10 hours yesterday so my wife uh as she should just left the house this morning to go have some of her time and I'm at home with both the boys you make those deals too I try to I almost feel like now my wife encourages me to go play in the morning uh on the weekends so that she can just.

Be gone the rest of the day yeah I was you know I I messed up a little bit the golf should have taken four and a half hours it took like 10 hours with traffic and some other things so uh you know it wasn't the friendliness of uh welcomes when I walked back in the house last night understandably so you got to follow your.

Passions yes exactly uh Sam you were you were so dark in this video I feel like you are undercover and you're going to make some outrageous claims uh but we don't want to know who you are but it is it is Sam there and you do have some pretty remarkable claims you're coming into a sport that you've been playing for about what six.

Years that that's a little bit better I've uh yeah I've been I started playing maybe like six years ago with with Wes Burrows you guys know um uh this guy miles Rogers Doug Ellen and I've kind of been playing you know on and off when I'm home every every few months or so.

Um but yeah now I'll you know I never knew that the sport was going to be where it is now six years ago when I started playing and you just retired from tennis the US opened about a month ago yeah it's my last event was it were you sad was it was it Bittersweet were you happy.

I was happy it's been a fun fun ride that was my 17th US Open um I'm glad I got to play all those but I'm also glad I'm I'm done playing and I'm excited to go do something else now yeah it's pretty cool to have these goals and pretty cool to have a sport to be able to migrate into and and kind of seamlessly move over uh especially as it.

Just rides this incredible wave of you know just this energy it's a big ball of energy that that seems to be following around pickleball uh obviously MLP got huge nudes this week with LeBron buying into a team uh you know with news of you coming over and playing uh you're making you're on the Move I'm trying to find better to light I'm like walking your.

Video but is that better worse yeah the chairs look great that's good that's that's better a little grainier but a little lighter and and yeah kind of face towards the window if you can oh duh there he is he really is Sam I mean Jason is like a producer.

You've got a future in this now I can get my my Tyson McGuffin hack on again there we go now we're talking all right I don't have eyes on my kids now so hopefully everything's gonna be fine so uh is that a gold record behind you yeah back in the day they we had a tennis tournament in Memphis Tennessee and that was a trophy for winning it it.

Was kind of like a music themed uh event and so uh that might be that's that's the finalist trophy I think the winner got an actual guitar yeah you didn't win not not that I did win a gold record so so you have a Tyson McGuffin hat on um what's that all about uh I was in you no no not Utah I was in.

Idaho last month um on vacation and he lived up in Coeur d'Alene um which is about an hour from where I was staying and so we uh we kind of had one mutual friend put us together um and then I uh was lucky enough to go to his his house do his podcast play some pickleball with him get some tips.

From him and it was really fun nice all right so let's just go let's take a little jump back right so for those that don't know you uh you were World Class tennis player you as a teenager were ranked with number were you number one in in the country when you went pro yeah give or take one or two probably.

I'm not really sure but one of the better one of the best players yeah for sure and and you went directly you you for went your college career you had a full ride to USC you decided not to go there they were number one team in the country at the time uh you ended up going pro uh and the story I hear is that it was your father's advice is that.

Right not necessarily no I mean okay before College started I had won three Challengers which for those who don't know is like kind of like the AAA baseball it's like a low a level right below tour events and Tennis I won three of those um I then signed some deals with it at.

The time with um with Adidas and and Prince I no longer um use them I've been with Fila the last 10 years in Babylon but I signed some deals with them and um so it was kind of an obvious decision at the time but the part with my dad was like he played baseball at University of.

Arizona was drafted by the Tigers and decided kind of not to go that route and and grind through you know single a double a Triple A baseball and so he um I guess his advice was kind of you know take the chance bet on yourself go play tennis uh you know because I think maybe he wished he would have maybe taken that.

Chance back when he played baseball got it yeah let me ask you a question are you still sponsored by those brands I think so I mean I I uh yeah like I said U.S opened my last event a month ago yeah but um yeah I did a I did a tennis event in West Virginia last week used my babylot played in Fila I'm doing I'm playing in the.

All-American it's called The All-American Cup in tennis in San Antonio in about a month so you're still playing you're just not a little bit I'm doing kind of some just like one-off exhibitions and so yeah that's the stuff that's the racket I still like to use and the clothes I still like to wear nice okay do you have a deal with uh.

Anybody in pickleball yet not yet come in coming soon watch this space I hope so yeah what what paddle are you playing with right now it's whatever I can find in my garage I'm uh I I usually honestly you know West Burrows I'll give me a bunch of paddles or ask him for paddles or you know some people have sent me paddles so I'm just.

I'm honestly I'm trying them all out right now and seeing which ones feel the best in my hand so we have the opportunity to play one another a few weeks ago out in California and yeah for the record we weren't trying it was a lunch game you can find it online go go look on the kitchen page.

Clearly Jared wasn't trying I wasn't trying clay was trying clay you'll see that on the video he's definitely the worst player out there and trying the hardest so it's kind of it's a double win and for context it was myself and Jason versus uh Sam and Klay Thompson not the basketball player but the former.

UCLA tennis star I thought it was when I was invited I honestly thought it was a basketball player I yeah I was like oh my God this is awesome nothing I don't like Klay Thompson the tennis player I've known him forever but I was like hyped up to go play Pickleball with Klay Thompson the basketball player and then.

Uh we did when you got there were you pretty disappointed I was extremely disappointed you probably didn't see it on my face but I was I was bummed you're like uh not the right clay yeah and and it was a good match I mean granted and I think it's important we we uh just mentioned that we had just come off two other matches that day.

And so we were tired you know Jason was cramping up he's old I was still short and and Jewish despicable games to 11 are really taxing on the body so I can understand that dude yeah that's true fair enough fair enough um but uh so so what is your what's your plan like you know I think it's I've heard rumors that you're talking to MLP.

Um potentially gonna be in the player pool um and MLP is making a lot of changes we'll be announcing some of them today um they're expanding more teams um are you going to be in Columbus to watch and and kind of scout out the talent I don't I don't know yet I'm I'm trying to make my plans now whether.

That's playing in the MLP or or whatever it's next weekend are you gonna go watch this one I'm not I as of right now I don't have plans to go out and watch the event uh I'm interested in playing um but who knows I I could be out there uh watching playing helping out but but we'll see but I I do know that I want to.

Play next year I I hope that's in the MLP um I wouldn't watched the event in Newport Beach in July and I thought it was awesome um so uh yeah I hope I'm in that player pool next year for guys to to or for the owners to draft me and then I'll also.

Probably play some other events that are I live in Southern California there's a handful of pickleball tournaments events on here so I could probably play a lot of them out kind of closer to I live during the year as well so Sam now going from now you have more free time on your hand right like you're not you're you're you've stepped away from the.

Professional ranks of tennis you can focus more of your time on pickleball which you obviously haven't been able to put all your time into you played it you understand the concepts but the action will work that goes into becoming a professional pickleball player coming over from the world of tennis being a top you know 11 player in the world.

Right like truly elite elite the best of the best um how good and how quick can you get in pickleball that's the question that people want to know I think that's inquiring minds want to know I think um you know like I said I I don't think I'm gonna play a full schedule I'm not 100.

Sure how the rankings work so you're probably rewarded more if you play 30 events a year with the ranking but I I do feel like I will be I feel like I'll be one of the 20 best guys within three months and if my ranking doesn't reflect that it's just because I'm not playing all the events but everyone will know that.

I'm one of the 20 best people and are we talking singles doubles or both I both I I think most people I feel like doubles is what people care about in pickleball more than singles it's kind of flit and Tennis I feel like more people care about the singles I'm I'm planning to play singles and doubles next year but I'm I guess I'm a little.

More focused on the doubles 20 top 20 doesn't get you a lot right so like you got to get to like top 10 or top I I mean top 20 in three months top 10 in four months top 20 you're on an MLP team top 20 you're you're filled with endorsements and with name recognition like you have you're gonna you're gonna make some serious waves yeah and I'm I'm.

Confident that'll that'll come quickly okay good I'm confident in your confidence all right thank you have any of the players reached out to you have they when when I think there was like an announcement you were on Tyson's podcast has people have people been reaching out asking you to play have they been out.

Reaching out talking smack what's what's the current landscape of your both I've I've had a handful of uh male and female players asked me what are my plans next year do I want to play doubles mixed doubles um and then I've had some people anyone you can share um no I don't want to throw anyone on.

The bus yet I don't want to in case they're already partnered up with someone and like they're going behind their Partners back to ask me I don't want to create anything right drama we could break the drama right here yeah and then I've had a couple people like worried like hey like what are you playing next year like should I be on.

The lookout and I'm just letting them know I'm coming for them and like you know like they're uh their their time at the top is over and uh some some good tennis players are coming to take take over the sport it was a contentious one you went on Tyson's uh podcast and you and you confronted him with the fact that he's.

No longer going to be he's not one of those guys no I mean Mason's Tyson's at a a top level and I had a blast on his podcast and he's um you know we went out and played that day it was super windy so it was hard to gauge like whatever one is but you can just tell like like he's established himself as one of the top like three.

Players I don't think I'm getting there anytime soon but he is uh he's the real deal and it was an awesome guy I had so much fun on his podcast and hanging out with him and kind of he was giving me little tips on the game and how the tours work so it was fun and are you going to get coaching or are.

You going to just wing it I mean can you can you get that good I mean we're talking Elite status can do you need a coach and are you going to train properly I'm I'm not going to get a coach I'm going to have my you know all these guys that I play with West Burrows or you know even Tyson or I.

Played with Ben Johns I used to play with Riley Newman I'll get little tips from them I'm I'm confident just with practice I can kind of figure it out and uh and just improve with with practice play with good players around my area I asked Tyson that he's like I sometimes work with someone but I don't think.

Anyone has a coach right well I I can imagine being at the beginning of this journey trying to accelerate that you know that skill set so so rapidly that might be something that I would look into I'm not a big Coast guys I would maybe get a coach but I know what I'm doing I've been playing yeah.

You have the chops I mean I know how the game works and I and I'm good yeah yeah you are yeah yeah what I had this one see I want to see you try I'm if it's look I'm not gonna try to get you guys I'll try against anyone else Fair okay we'll do the same so I'm gonna take that as a compliment okay so so uh you won't tell us who's who's.

Who's who's been sliding in the DMS but how about uh whose game do you respect besides Tyson we know you have a man crush on Tyson but who else who other what other players game are you are you currently kind of envying and then who's overrated you know let's get let's let's yeah I'm I I'm I'm starting to I don't know all the players yet.

Um look obviously Ben Johns is like a on another level in this sport he's also it's a little bit like Fetter he's almost boring to watch in a way like what does he do well you're like I don't really know but he doesn't he doesn't swear he's like better he doesn't like he doesn't really lose much it makes it look so easy yeah.

Um Riley Newman is is fun to watch it's gonna get that funky two hands on both sides um overrated I'm trying to think of the guys that were like good like three four years ago I just don't know the names um can you throw out who was good like.

Three four years ago can you give me names I can't do that I'm not you don't have to say the computer bad I'll tell you if I think they're overrated so I'll throw out some names who were good three or four years who who have been in the game for a minute yep and these are again I want to blatantly State I do not think these players are overrated Kyle.

Yates overrated um um uh Ryan Sherry Ryan Cherry overrated Andre did ask you don't know who that is um uh who else we got like um Matt manassi Eric Lang manasse overrated for sure Eric Lang underrated Eric Lane Bros Westboro is properly rated.

Um Tyson Tyson I mean I said this on his podcast like when we were like in the tennis locker room the tennis guys are watching McGuffin videos the guy moves around the court better than anyone I've ever seen any with the tattoos and the hair he just got the whole look I the whole Tennis Tours of phantom do you know.

Julian Arnold you know that name uh no that might have been one of the guys that slid into my DMs though I could see that yeah he's good you know the name he's a good player you know someone that we we were talking before we kind of went live this guy Christian Alshon maybe that's an interesting name he's.

Young 22 cocky he's uh just came off a NCAA division three title with University I think that would be interesting like if it might not I mean I'll play with him like I love it in his early 30s you admit early 34. I think that'd be interesting the other name that I I threw out was Amir delic who is number.

60 I believe in the world in tennis great guy Austin Texas he has game like and I was talking to him last night I said you know are you trying to play pro he said you know he's he run he's in private equities I don't have the time I mean I would play with the mirror in a second the last event he played was like an amateur event in Newport Beach and he.

Was playing with a bunch of 70 year olds I was not holding back at all and I just don't know if I want to play with the guy who who treats the elders like that it's fair I and I appreciate you not trying against me Sam exactly yeah that's it I see what you're saying Wes threw out some other questions that I should ask who's the best looking guy on.

Pickle tour besides Tyson because um Eddie has great hair and Tattoos I would need like a roster in front of me like like I said I only really know like four faces I feel like it's a good looking group though let me show you Christian let me show you Christian all Sean let me just see Christian all Sean is he is that he's.

Dreaming he's pretty dreamy move that over looks like uh Trevor Lawrence there or something guys he does look at Trevor Lawrence um and he's like he's kind of like jacked like you know like look at this no he doesn't wear sleeves either no.

That's good for the sport this is your guy this could be your family uh get him on the get him on the on the show right now let's should I see if he's available see if he's available I'll I'll sign up for a tournament with you right now this is the same thing he's got a partner he's got Johnny Goldberg Bing.

Bong yeah but you don't think he's gonna leave Johnny Goldberg for me right now on the spot I almost guarantee it we can make it up this is like one of those uh right now on this show I'm gonna try to get all shot on Jason do you have his is in his info oh I got it I do uh send him the link okay let me see if he's available here.

Hold on one second I'll ask him to call his partner on on the show and let him know he's moving on I love it that now now you really you're really starting to Stir It Up I I like that I'm gonna try to get a mirror on too you know talk about what he did to the uh the old folks out there in Newport all right let's see what happens we've.

Never done this before uh live actually I asked Wes but I asked him like 10 minutes before we started and he's he's like I'm in San Francisco on a business trip and I just can't I can't make it happen um I'm trying to think yeah uh Christian's actually probably playing like as we speak yeah he's in he's in.

Vegas that's that's but Amir Amir could come on let me see let's see if Christian one is open but he hasn't started yet so I feel like he should explain with with his partner the guy you mentioned he's playing singles today um and I don't know who he's playing doubles with but he's a he's a hot.

Commodity all right I'm I'll team up with him right now I love it let's see what let's see what delic has to say we'll we'll see if he hops on um all right well while we're waiting on those guys uh so so Sam so let's go back tennis career early in your career you go out to Bangkok right and so probably not a lot of people know the story uh I.

Love Bangkok spend a lot of time in Asia uh you were at a hotel getting ready to play in a in a pro event there and lesson learned here don't sit on glass tables uh you sat down on a glass table to put your shoes on right yeah so it was actually at the tournament at the site I just practiced went out of the locker room.

Um showered there was like no chairs in the locker room so there was like a glass coffee table um I sat on it to put my shoes and socks on which was stupid but not that uncommon to just sit on a coffee table I shouldn't have sat on a glass but anyway it supported me for probably like 20 seconds and the next thing I fell.

Through it um not nothing like you look at one piece of glass I mean it was in my right arm and it was like the size of a phone just like sticking out of my arm and blood is just spewing out all over the place on the hallway um and luckily it happened at the.

Tournament site because there's a tournament doctor like down the hall yeah but usually ran down there was like I got an issue here I got a piece of glass on my arm and I'm losing I'm moving forward how old were you at the time I was 20 I think okay and were your parents with you no my coach was with me and then one.

Of my best friends uh Dan farugio was with me and how scary you're in Bangkok right Dan The Intern then the intern was with me yeah yeah um I was scared we we uh the the doctor kind of took the glass out we kind of put some uh like a towel over to stop the bleeding got in an ambulance and we.

Drove we drove like an hour away to like a private hospital um and waited there there was like a great surge in there um in Bangkok traffic that's only a mile away it was only a mile away exactly uh but yeah there was a surgeon there uh it sliced right through the skin right through the muscle and missed the nerve.

By like a millimeter luckily um but but yeah luckily uh you know we stitched it all up um and I remember this too my my hospital bill was like 1800 bucks for like that overnight stay I didn't even meet my deductible that's how like cheap and good the uh the health care was over there the healthier in Thailand actually.

It's uh destination you know dental work too while you're walking medical tourism but um but yeah it was like I was out for four months maybe and then you know was able to come back early in 2010 but yeah it was scary for sure yeah it's pretty crazy I I can only imagine so how much time did you miss uh.

Of tennis I missed four months but I was really only like two months I missed like September October and then November December is the off season anyway yeah and I was able to play in January so um I only missed a handful of turn if if you're gonna slice your arm open it's best to do it you're like that where you can kind of yeah not miss smart that was.

Clever with you yeah exactly yeah hey a a a sharp pivot here uh what's your favorite Broadway show and and how many have you seen I've probably seen 20. uh it's Book of Mormon for sure if anyone's you know yeah if anyone's gonna go see a show like and you haven't seen one go see that one you'll you'll just be like.

Dying laughing at your seat you've seen Avenue Q nope now that we're like little kids we haven't really been lately and with kovid the last couple years I think I do not like Broadway shows yeah but at work in London we like always go to shows right so Avenue Q uh I would say gives.

Book of Mormon a run for its money okay if uh from a comedy standpoint the next pickle event that's in like London or New York I'll uh go check that out perfect New York will be in uh April or May at Billie Jean King which I'm sorry what kind of what what event is it like the app app New York okay.

We'll have to be pretty awesome we'll have to hang out there and you're returning I think I think Sam you returning to the grounds of the US Open would be a pretty good that would be cool yeah I'll maybe highlight that one on the calendar but you have to win that's the thing right yeah I mean there are good players.

In the app there are some pretty good players over there all right I can make a little run at that event I'm used to those courts I've already got an advantage that's right that's right um Jason I have a whole list of questions so I don't want to just keep uh I'm sorry just keep rattling them on.

I love it that's looking uh player uh men's player on the ATP Tour oh my God a lot of like best looking uh questions here's Wes these are Wes I'm a little Furious on who are the good looking I mean he's the best in everything else but he's just got that like James Bond classic look just he's always.

Dressed a little better than everyone better than everyone were you crying when he retired I couldn't find the match online I was so mad I was at the Greenbrier I didn't have tennis channel I thought I had tennis channel Plus on my computer but did you cry when you couldn't find it.

No I watched it I watched his speech on YouTube uh either later that night or the next day I I there was probably one tear that came down Nadal was sad I mean he was he was really really I don't know if that was real or not but if if he was like he deserves a uh an award for that um so I heard you went on Millionaire Matchmaker yes.

That was a 2000 2012 Maybe is that where you met your wife no okay but uh it was fun I had like a blast on that show we it was we filmed it over like a three-day period um they gave me a uh I mean it's kind of some Insider scoop.

It gave me like a nice fake house I was actually living with Wes at the time in an apartment they're like this isn't going to work for the show they gave me a they gave me a house that wasn't mine and they also gave me a dog that wasn't mine uh so it just looked better how did West feel about that.

Thank you I think he was bummed you know like hey enough for the uh for this show right did you name the dog Wes I don't even remember what the dog's name was you get here sweeps come here boy it is Jason I'm just gonna keep throwing out questions you can uh so I'm I'm a big Bachelor fan uh my wife and I have watched many.

Bachelors and and actually I'm I'm very into Bachelor in Paradise right now uh do you still watch The Bachelor shows I don't watch it anymore I couldn't get anything uninterested maybe like four or five years ago and then once Chris Harrison was booted I was like okay like I love Chris Harrison and so I was like I felt like that that was like one of.

Those cancels in canceled you know culture events well I'm just like I'm I'm not watching this show anymore but Palmer though I mean he's cool who's hosting Jesse Palmer yeah um I'm not into it anymore I was into it I mean going back like almost like 14 15 years ago I would do like fantasy Bachelor with uh like friends of mine.

And we and this is before you could do that online now we were like pretty that we would draw like a big board up and make our own rules we're like hey if they get in a helicopter it's four points if you get the ambulance comes at six points Rose this and it's like Deadpool but yeah we'd have like a watch party every Monday night and like.

Tallying it and like people are putting money in it like a bunch of dudes it was but I think it was I think it was guys and girls when we were originally so it was really just a bunch of dudes it was like it was like 15 guys one girl said you should send an email breakdown of all the contestants can you say um early on I did and let's forward me one.

Of those is that is I'll show it to you on my phone that leaks I'm talking about cancel culture yeah you're done you're done I'm not I'm not in any leagues next year I'm never playing pickleball again I'm just I don't know pickleball cancels people yet it will if they read this um Jason what are you guys I have like.

Four more questions what do you got I don't know what what are you doing when you're not playing pickleball and not now tennis is is sort of over uh raising a family I got to figure that out I've only been retired for a month and we went to uh we went right from New York to Idaho for like three weeks so I've been like home.

At my house for like a week officially retired and so uh yeah I've got I've got two young boys uh trying to play some pickleball I like golfing um I like doing chores around the house I'm gonna try to do you know see what other things kind of interest me going forward and then uh you know maybe pursue some a career in some other pass.

As well as pickleball top Brady you're not gonna like keep returning to tennis and well I'm done with tennis that's for sure I'll do some some one-off exhibitions but yeah not not going back on the tour have you seen the John Mcenroe documentary on Netflix have not preparation for this conversation I I checked it out last night all right I'll.

Watch it this week I loved I love John pretty good him and Borg it's yeah Connor's it's it's uh it's actually kind of an interesting film and how they shot it but it's uh it's pretty good I think you like it I'll watch it who's your favorite who's your favorite like tennis player that came up the same time as you and like old school player.

What that question feels like it contradicts itself who came up the same time I was leaving his old school no like both I want to know both oh oh I got you two questions two questions um so like my best friends at like John Isner Steve Johnson we were all Crimson in each other's weddings we've known each other forever those are two of my.

My good friends but um you know also really close with Jack sock with the Bryan brothers and old school guys um I didn't watch a lot of tennis when I was younger uh when I started watching it was like it was like Andy Roddick like era so like he was kind of the guy when I was like 13 14 who was like the man but uh no I like I loved you know.

Chang Sanford's Agassi love all those guys uh but I didn't watch them play a ton Roddick doesn't like pickle did you hear that oh I know I know that's honestly I'm like I love pickleball when when when the tennis players are asking me hey what are you gonna have the tennis tennis I kind of like Mumble I'm like I might play some pickleballs this.

Because I it's still tough to admit Jack sock I've been messaging with Jack he's in North Carolina right uh he lives in North Carolina yeah he wants to do a lunch game um and Stevie actually was supposed to be in that he was supposed to be clay he was he had something else to do but Stevia and Jack are guys I played with.

Before like if they focused on pickleball for three months their top 20. but Jack still plays like he's young yeah exactly we both play tennis I'm just saying if they wanted to be some of the best pickleball players they could be the some of the best pickleball players but hold on but explain this.

Okay because there's and I saw McNamara the other night was complaining about pickleball as well right so there's a lot of kind of haters from the tennis world that I think don't fully comprehend some of the strategy that is pickleball right they they look at it and they think you've never played tennis at the highest level.

Nor have I so we think it's challenging but these guys might be like this no no but I think it's I think there's another game here the top tennis players can all be Elite at pickleball if they want the top pickleball players cannot be a lead at tennis that I agree with I I do feel yes at the top level of pickerball.

There's some nuances there's some things that myself Steve Johnson Jack sock the tennis players need to learn that we'll pick up quickly and it'll figure it out fast and and be right at the level of those other guys I don't think all top tennis players can pick it up I agree with I agree with you.

I jack and Stevie are are great athletes great hands great slices uh yes I I'm with you on that Amir amir's touch is insane like he he is he is so good yeah I mean going back to be overrated underrated amir's got to be an overrated people looks good out there but probably isn't as good right now Amir delic I mean again I'm a 4-4 duper but Amir is.

Good like he's he's hanging with the pros he comes out with my friends who are solidified those like he's good yeah he's knocking but I think Sam's knocking the fact that Amir looks so good at everything he does exactly he's not really he's a really good looking dude huh a great looking guy smooth like yeah I I really like him.

Here I think you guys should play it I mean you guys gotta do you got to give it a couple tournaments together it'd be it would be it'd be great but we'll try to figure that out next year okay um uh your intro to pickle was with Miles um from wheels up and you played against Ben Johns and Randall Emmett once I did.

Yeah are we can we talk about random limiters yeah okay Jason whooped Randall Emmett's uh butt in singles it was amazing did you I did yeah I do have some footage of that he was not very happy playing me he's a doubles player he's you gotta let's see if you.

Can get him on the doubles Court yeah we'll do that we'll see if YouTube could be him and Ben Johns if we played Randall and Ben we we would lose it was 11-0 no we wouldn't but we would lose I don't think Ben was overtaken and just dominate the entire court we'll hit it.

Behind him okay I have pinpoint accuracy all right well I hope that I hope that match happens um put that together um I don't know the samurai fan group Emmy award-winning filmmakers yeah I mean from from high school when I used to.

Play tennis like before they got real jobs they were the Samurais they'd come to the tennis tournaments and take their shirts off and make Samurai on their chest and bring in drums and it was so much fun they were they would go crazy and uh yeah a few of the guys um the way Brothers they uh are a great film member yeah filmmakers who who.

Wrote and directed Wild Wild Country and they're doing all the untold documentaries on Netflix right now which Marty fish is one of those love them love them yeah they're so they're unbelievable every story is great but they were they were in that group back in the day and one I watched the N1 the other days.

It's like the one I haven't seen yet I need to watch that one it's great see I watched the sailing one the and one one uh what are the others I'm trying to remember it's still around well the Manti Teo one there's like television that was ridiculous they're all they're all so good that was the Manti Tale one is the one.

That got me into him and I then I just I just started watching yeah it was like the original catfish yeah it's an amazing story go watch it everybody go watch that story of the main title one fantastic um why why why are you doing this Sam like why why you don't need to do this obviously.

Um I I like it I like the sport like I've been saying I've been playing for like on and off you know for six years casually I really like the sport it's fun to watch it grow and all the excitement behind it I want to go see if if I can compete with those top guys uh you know it just it's fun I want to go play I don't want to like I don't want.

To sit at home I don't want to go get like a a desk job I want to go out and like play Pickleball with my friends yeah no that that you don't need a job I'm assuming like you're you've done okay I want to see how how good I can be and like but it's right but it's not like like pickleball or desk job I don't.

Think it's like oh yeah that was a poor analogy for me it's it's more just it's it's fun I enjoy it you're gonna work in the kitchen we need something you guys looking for people we are we are are we raising money we have a whole we have a whole plan I have no Tech skills um how can we support your journey.

Um gosh I I'm not sure this is this is my son Ford he likes pickleball too oh dude what's going on can you say pickleball how old are you little dude he's two two I have a daughter I wish Zoe was here I have his I have a daughter that's two this is his first uh first big interview.

For the car nice yeah great you know I don't know how you guys just stay just I don't know you guys seem I love doing I'll do as much content interviews and stuff as as you guys want you guys are are great for the sport you do a lot and so anytime I can get on some of your uh you know behind your cameras on it I have an idea I have an idea what if what.

If uh I like your your candidness and I I feel like you're the kind of guy where like you've already made it at like the highest level in a sport so like if you don't like you know I don't think you care that much about what the pickleball people really think you know like you respect them but you know and I'm putting words in your mouth but like I.

Think it could be interesting to have you on on a on some sort of you know Cadence where we talk about the the landscape obviously you'd have to get to know who these people are you know you know like three players right now so we need to get you to know some of the players right and uh I think we should we should.

Maybe do that I would 100 do that if if things get going next year where I I I'm in a league or playing I would love to hop on once a week and do like updates of how it's going this is what I think of these I'll give you candid answers I think that would be great I think I'd be overrated underway that could be a weekly segment I love it and I think.

That it's I think it actually will be different than you expect it to be and I think that's what will make it interesting because I hope it's smooth sailing for you I hope that you cruise to you know easy top ten but I have a feeling that there are going to be some you know some some ups and downs along that journey and I think that's what.

Will make it interesting I I agree with you I agree with you all right well we'd love to hear it here that would be great let's do that let's make that official thank you chatting and we'll uh just yeah if it works out we can use it like Monday Monday at nine or something we just put it in the calendar I love it you have time for one.

More question yes I've heard you make a lot of wild bets uh I guess somewhat yeah weirdest bet you've ever made I can't I can't even think I mean it it kind of got it next time we do our interview back in the day that kind of started with like Andy Roddick at like Davis Cup he was always doing stuff like.

That like I'll give you 500 bucks you go eat like 30 hot dogs right now and you know as like the 17 year old practice partner you're like dang 500 bucks like okay I'll go do that and uh so that's kind of where that that came but yes next I'll I'll think back and and kind of remember some of the good ones for next time all right all.

Right Sam thank you so much for your time Ford I'm glad you had a good nap you guys boarded him he left Sam if we could be of any help on the sponsorship front let me know and I will say that we have great engagement and reach and if we do a segment I think your value goes up no I I want to do that like a weekly segment I'm like 100 all in on that.

Let's do it I'll just keep you guys posted with my progress in the sport here as we move forward perfect same query everybody thank you Sam appreciate the time and good luck in uh on a swift fast uh Ascension yeah rise to the top ten thank you I appreciate it thanks Sam see ya take care yeah foreign.

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In this episode of Kitchen Konversations, Jared Paul and Jason Aspes from The Kitchen sit down with former world #11 ranked tennis pro, Sam Querrey who recently retired from the professional game and announced his move to pickleball.

Sam discusses his tennis career, why he loves pickleball and how he expects to be top 10 in the world very soon. We also cover everything from his love of reality television to who he thinks is underrated/overrated on the pickleball scene.
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