Because you know why why because it feels right it feels right certain days so you can like have them ready to go uh this is kind of new we usually just record one but we just we just talked to Brandon French because you know hey Sam did you know that at MLP Daytona that you you got me a sandwich from The Players Lounge and.

Gave it to me yeah yeah okay yeah yeah fire Firehouse Subs over there you go okay just making sure I know the players it was like a makeshift Players Lounge on like a Wednesday it was that's exactly right I probably just could have walked in there and got it but it was very nice of you to uh.

Sam how's the experience been with uh with Pro cookable so far MLP has been kind of the kind of the main the main thing you've played but yeah he's in one PPA and like yeah the MLPs are really fun way better than ppas like our I'm on one of the good like you know the 24 teams I feel there's like four or five like awesome teams to be on I.

Happen to be on one of those there's a wide range there's a wide range of 10 and 12 teams that are pretty good and there's like five like shitty teams totally agreed up do you uh yeah I just feel like there should be some kind of there should be some kind of standard amongst like you know how Hunters treat players and what they do I think the.

League should should say like hey if if you own a team you need to pay all the expenses at least and go for at least right yeah if you're yeah you're on a Pros pro sports team the least they can do is cover cover your costs of getting to the event and stay right it's more people it's pretty minimal yeah right and I think I think early on that was.

Kind of a selling point is that you you Pony up the money and then you don't have to do anything else so I think that maybe that needs to change uh yeah as we move forward with this yeah yeah exactly I'm not like necessarily blaming those owners I kind of put more of it on the MLP he group to to put in some like rules like we're saying to sure some.

Kind of Baseline yeah yeah yeah yeah cover cost of I mean that's that's the bare minimum right just don't have players losing money by going if you're in the Challenger League which sometimes you get 750 or something yeah yeah absolutely Sam what are your thoughts because obviously you come from we just.

Started right we're like going yeah we're going all right yeah this is sorry yeah no so obviously come from pro tennis you know as you can see with like the PPA and the app and the tours are kind of um emulating Pro Tennis Tours right they have the 250 500 they're trying to.

Create Majors right the whole deal right which is they're like you're also trying to just create from scratch because you know in tennis you have the prestige and the history and of everything of the majors whereas in pickleball you're just you're really just trying to like create something from scratch and there's not a.

Lot of history and Prestige behind it so it's just another tournament for a player and for a spectator to be honest so um what are your thoughts and obviously you said you had more fun playing MLP it's a it's a better experience what are your thoughts in terms of where Pro pickleball should go you know should we.

Emulate pro tennis with tours should we be a team-based league what do you think the best path forward is you know I don't know I that's a it's a tough answer because like you like we've got the PPA the app the MLP it seems like they're all still kind of like fighting to be like you know on top even though the pp and.

MLP like kind of have a merger even though they still feel like they're very separate to me yeah um I guess in my perfect world I'm not playing like a full schedule like everyone else I think everyone seems to like the MLP but the the PPA and the individual basis of the sport is also.

Really important I think it'd be cool if they can come to some type of 50 50 or maybe you know it's it's 12 MLP events and 12 PPA if you want to call it um and you do both both things like that because I do think if you pulled most of the players as of right now I think they'd be like yeah I think ml I think.

They would say MLP is is more fun there's more prize money on the line the events are maybe run a little better as of right now but uh you know with the people and the MLP and the Epp they're all continue to get better but I guess I would like to see a kind of a 50 50 split between MLP and in one of the other leagues.

Yeah I like that I don't know I don't know specifically what their plan is for next year uh for whether they're going to up the event amount I would assume so they have I think you're gonna have at least two more and yeah maybe even four more yeah that'd be awesome but yeah I agree I think if you pulled most players that.

I think I think you'd be hard-pressed to find somebody that says they prefer tournaments over MLP you know um but yeah I just think viewership wise as well MLP people just seem to like watching that format better I mean as a player I'm not a huge fan of rally scoring in terms of playing but it is fun to watch and with the freeze like.

You know there's always it's always a close game it's always exciting players are are always like more more stoked and amped up than tournament play so yeah as a viewer I'm someone who's like new to the sport I am 100 all in on rallies corn I think they should be probably scoring it across MLP PPA at your tournament local tournament.

Wherever you are MLP I think it's awesome I think it's easy to understand I like the fact that it you know you could be up 20 to 14 and then all of a sudden it's like 2017 2018 and it gets close it creates more drama I think in all sports drama is good and um I'm a fan right now in in pickleball of.

Like of trying different scoring formats trying I know I talked to Steve [__] last week about he's talking about maybe putting in like a beep after 40 seconds and the point has to end and I know a lot of maybe players that have been playing pickleball for a long time or against that stuff but even when I played tennis I was on the player.

Council three years I was always pushing for like to make little changes or to at least try them if it doesn't work go back to the old system but yeah you know you always select the NFL every year it's the biggest sport in America at least like yeah they actually make rule changes every year and then the players adapt and if it doesn't work you.

Can make a change so as pickleball still you know it's still new I think we should be trying different scoring formats different rules and things like that to see which is best for for the players and maybe even more importantly the viewership yeah that's that's a it's a good point because I don't think we've done I don't think there's been many.

Instances where it's been a test like that hasn't been implemented for like an entire year for example like I like that idea of like let's test it for Let's test it for an event or let's test it for yeah just just like a short term test just to give it a go but I don't think there's been much of that Adam do you remember I mean I mean I I I'm a big.

Baseball guy and I've been watching the first week of the season and then they have a I mean they they have a pitch clock now there's twice as many stolen bases this is the most uh the sport with the most tradition out there so you can always be getting better and always be trying new things so I think that that is really important and I think.

You know I mean it sounds crazy uh when you say it but I think a shot clock maybe a 24 second shot clock and pickleball like he like Sam said there's a beep at eight seconds left you have to you have to pull some triggers you can't dink anymore I mean that's kind of cool uh so so I'll always try things there's no reason to just be satisfied with.

What's happening always try to be better exactly if you if you're not trying these things like not pickleball but all sports like eventually it just gets stagnant and you won't grow yeah no I I think man just thinking about how those points would look with there's a yeah if there's a beep and.

Then yeah all right x amount of seconds to like finish the point would be I mean it's 2018 in a big point in MLP and you hear a damn beep after he's been thinking team you're like all right I gotta D up for like four more shots for sure maybe it's cool maybe it's crazy yeah it would create some crazy.

Dynamics and uh yeah I mean try it out see what happens who would have thought Steve [__] would have a new idea right again yeah like I said I always always call Steve [__] young poppy with money yeah he's an idea man he's an idea man yeah Sam what are your thoughts on obviously you know if you're on the player Council.

For for tennis you you're like you're going to be very familiar with a lot of this obviously pickleball is not very not very regulated right now in terms of there's a lot of controversy with with paddles and delamination and getting too much pop on it you know that's going past too much grit uh there's betting coming into the sport allegedly in May.

You know we've heard that I've heard that for the last couple years now but we'll see if it comes in in May um we're they're talking about you know Peds people using Adderall people using stuff to last in singles longer what are your thoughts in terms of kind of the current state of where all that's at.

Which is disarray right now and and moving forward and actually growing up into I don't know potentially more of a a mainstream sport yeah I definitely have a little sympathy for pickleball and a hole in the leagues that it's it's grown so fast in the last like 12 months especially it's like they didn't they didn't have.

Anything in place because what other sport that I can't think of another sport that all of a sudden went from like zero to 100 in in 12 months you know so they're all the MLP to ppava people they're all kind of trying to make up stuff as they go just because it's going so fast so that's hard I do think is when betting.

Comes into the sport which maybe it does in May maybe it does in May 2025 you know I hear the same things that's when you gotta say okay we have rules we're not going to call our own lines anymore yeah like there's going to be an Umpire calling every line um if you want to test for Peds like we need to test for Peds if.

You want to have a regulation paddle there's got to be like certain you know Dynamics or whatever specs in place uh so I I do think they need to figure out like all maybe all three entities uh you know get some very strict rules in place only when it becomes the when the betting starts if they're not gonna.

Bet on it yet all right do whatever but yeah betting on the line you gotta tighten up the rules and have some strict uh some more strict kind of you know set boundaries in place yeah no agreed uh what what are your thoughts on Peds for example I mean I don't know how is is Adderall a bad substance for ATP yes yes and no so you can take it's.

Called a t-u-e a therapy therapeutic use exemption and take Adderall I don't think you should be allowed to take adderall and Tennis but who can't get a doctor to be like oh this guy's add everyone in the world has ADD it's so easy it's so easy to get that so you know that's one that I feel like should be banned but you know the people.

That take that stuff always seem to be one step ahead of The Regulators if they ban Adderall someone will just go knock Patrol that kind of does the same thing so yeah you know you can these therapeutic use exemptions I've taken them before when I play tennis you might you know I threw my back out and you would go to a doctor and they would give.

You a steroid but it would be like a very strict you're on it for eight days of like a one pill two pill three pill four three two one for your back but you have to it's multiple doctors looking at it um I don't think Adderall should be used in any sports um.

Specifically it's uh where it's where you have long long points and you have to stay so focused it feels to me to me it feels like probably the the strongest ped that you could take in terms of performance enhancing agree it's like tennis at the Grand Slams you have a four or five hour match yeah very helpful to be on Adderall and pickleball.

Although it's different it's the same because if you're you know especially in singles like you're playing four or five times during the day you kind of got to be locked in for an eight nine hour period during the day same with mix I guess you can argue it yeah and that is a big Advantage um if if you're mentally engaged.

Based on you know these these Adderall so I I would be very much in favor of all of pickleball Banning Adderall it'd make a lot of people upset yeah and it's yeah tennis and pickleball I mean it's it's patterns and pattern recognition and staying and staying focused for long periods of time it's like literally to a t what Adderall.

Helps you with so yeah I think those are two two of the bigger Sports where it's a huge Advantage Tennis and pickleball totally great it should be it should be banned get rid of those therapeutic use exemptions hey Sam so how are you feeling so you got picked up in the Challenger draft how are you feeling in terms of level.

Um is it where you expect it to be at this point uh playing MLP and what's kind of your outlook moving forward and kind of goals with goals moving forward so I feel like I've gotten a lot better from Mesa to to Daytona a couple weeks ago especially the mixed doubles for the most part the you know in December January February I was I was practicing.

Men's doubles I live I've lived near Westborough so you guys know like we've been practicing a lot we're gonna play events outside MLP and that's kind of what the majority of my practice was like so I actually felt comfortable in the men's doubles and in in Mesa like Stefan and I went two and one um in the doubles and in mixed doubles I.

Felt uncomfortable in Mesa like as you guys know it's like I didn't quite grasp the um the concept of like you need to be an alpha and get 80 of the Court and so in Daytona that clicked for me because I practice a bunch of mixed doubles my partner Amanda and I we went one and two but we had match points in the two.

Matches we lost we were this close to going 3-0 so I felt like very comfortable in the mixed doubles um singles is probably where I feel most comfortable even though I've only I don't know I haven't played that much single just I think coming from tennis that's what naturally trans translates over easiest but um I feel like I'm.

Getting I'm getting better I I probably thought I would be like better at this point but I do feel like in the last like six months because the sport is like grown like more and more athletes have come in more and more like better players are in the sport now so it's it's just much more competitive and I I feel like now I know what I'm doing.

If I miss a shot it's like ah you know what I the grip was here or my body movement was here now I just need to execute on these moves I feel like yeah you know in the mix and the doubles I know I know what the plays are it's just doing the repetition and practice and executing on them now yeah and on that point like yeah what I guess or how.

Motivated are you to to get to the top of the pro game is it something that you're doing just just for fun because you're already able to compete at that level or is it something where you actually are hungry to to get to the top it's a little bit of both so I'm you know this year I'll probably play 12 events six being MLPs and six other.

Events uh you know mostly kind of near my hometown so or Southern California I'll play US Open next week and a couple others but so I'm not playing a full schedule which will make it tough for like ranking wise and whatnot to get to the top but I am practicing essentially every day when I'm home that.

I can so I I'm I'm hoping that my level will actually be higher than my ranking or what my duper shows and people will kind of recognize like oh you know he doesn't play a full schedule but like he is good and he's someone to to look out for yeah um that's kind of how I see it right now that could change you know in six months I could be like you know what.

I'm like I'm loving this this is fun I may be willing to travel a little more and play more events but as of right now like that's kind of where I'm at yeah and outside outside of pickle right now um obviously not playing tennis anymore what are you doing outside for uh just obviously you're a dad as well are you any other Ventures that you're working.

On no I mean like you said I have a three-year-old and a one-year-old I'm outside of playing pickle I'm doing other pickleball stuff like trying to get some some pickleball like a TV show off the ground um constantly looking at you know basically like business deck says you got like kitchen and pickle.

Yeah rally all those things there's a few kind of I live in Southern California popping up or trying to pop up here so looking to maybe get involved in in one of those I'm going to South Carolina next week to do like a pickleball exhibition um in and Bluffton.

Um I've done a few other like pickleball talks corporate things so I'm I'm kind of like you know pickleball guy yeah as you know like it's so hot right now there's like a million opportunities that seem to pop up every week and um I went to the pickleball slam over the weekend with with mac and Chang.

Andre and I was practicing with those guys the last few months because I feel like you know the overwhelming majority of people that are playing pickleball are watching pickleball that came from tennis yeah and so just by chance I'm kind of like the the bridge between it so I feel like I'm getting a lot of.

People you know kind of asking questions going through me so I my day is consumed with like just pickleball in general I love it which I like I wake up every like I don't miss tennis right now I wake up every morning like pretty excited to like see what pickleball things are gonna come today or you know I've on social media like my wife and I.

Are making funny videos we'll like spend time making like pickleball videos and stuff like that and so I'm I just like everything involved in pickleball right now I love it on talking about the pickleball slam that was a that was a big deal over the weekend High viewership um yeah a lot of people tuned in and of.

Course they tuned in because you're watching tennis greats um but the fact that they were playing pickleball I I found it really really fun to watch actually because the pickleball level was good enough to where and there's enough translation of like seeing their 10 The Strokes to where it was really intriguing in my.

Opinion and I just loved how I think Chang took it more serious than anybody he was he was so stoked but what was uh so you you've played with those guys worked with them you know interacted with them over the weekend what was their take and feel on everything yeah they I mean I've been I'd hit with Chang a handful.

Of times prior to the event in the weeks I'd hit with Andre a few days before I hit with Mcenroe so I kind of knew all their levels and I thought the event was great I thought their their play was good enough that it wasn't it wasn't just like a celebrity match where they were bad like they were entertaining especially McEnroe the level was good.

The viewership was awesome and I hope they do more of them I know when I was in Daytona a lot of the a lot of the pickleball players would be like why aren't we playing in this or you know they would be critical of the level that they watched because yeah the level maybe they did a lot of things incorrect but I feel like as a as a professional.

Pickleball player you should be watching that and cheering for it as hard as you can because if it's successful they're gonna do another one and you never know maybe the next one they do it's Venus and Serena and they're gonna pick two pickleball Pros to play with them yeah or they're gonna have you know four ex female athletes play and they're gonna.

Do an undercard next time with with four Pros so yeah I do feel like the pickleball World especially the pros should be cheering for these events um as much as they can because that's only going to bring more opportunity for them to get involved in these things no 100 I just appreciated the fact that it's it felt like they were actually all.

Competing and it wasn't just this cheese dick exhibition type thing I like that they were playing for like real money and it was big money on the line yeah I mean they cared for sure I mean John Mcenroe is just the greatest I mean I I only saw like a handful of points but the one point it goes for the angle he finally takes one out of the.

Air but his feet are in the kitchen I mean it's so good stuff I mean it's just I had practice with them the Tuesday before in LA and we probably hit for uh hit for a minute he's like all right let's play singles points and every time he missed the ball he's standing with the hands on the hips oh yeah.

Usually usually it's fire off an F word oh yeah and just like stunned like how could I ever I've been playing tennis that ball just but it's an organic reaction like yeah it's real it's real it's yeah it's not for a show he's generally mad about stepping on a kitchen line or missing a dink and that's yeah it's like I can't believe it.

That's what makes it right yeah I can see the hands on the hips he's always posing with the hands Sam I know you said you had to get rolling 8 35. all right sweet um out of out of any of the out of any of the players on the tennis tour who do you think would who do you think would come.

Over to pickle and and outside a sock and the guys that already play a fair amount uh who do you think would come over and have their skills translate best um I think on the single side like a like a gale Mall fee um I'm trying to think of some other like dudes a freak yeah he'd be so good.

At Singles why is it like our entertaining related to like sick athletes on Singles I think would be would be great um on the on the double side it's hard on the for the guys I can't no one like I can't think of anyone off top of my head on the woman's side I do feel like I mean pick your girl out of the.

Top hundred and I think they could come over and make a splash on the woman's pickleball tour much easier than on the men's side yeah I feel like it just translates a little easier um you know especially in in singles the girls don't come to the net as much it's more like rallying from the Baseline so I I think a lot of the the male tennis.

Players even if they think they can hold a pickleball like it would take them time but I I do truly believe that you can pick a handful of the female tennis players pop them in pickleball and within a three to six month period like could be very relevant yeah what about that I don't watch Tennis much anymore but what about that like the the yawns.

Lady like doesn't she just like slice and dice and hit Drop shots and have an awkward game yeah yeah right exactly is is that a thing for guys anymore did any guys play that way uh like Santoro Style no I don't I've actually talked about this yeah you know generally with people like if you take every good young player like.

You know whether it's like kochnav rublev every young good player hits the serve at 135 they hit the second server 110 and they ripped the ball from the forehand on the backhand side and they have no fear there's not one guy that plays like that unique kind of like Santoro Style game which is a little bit of a bummer because it was fine fine to.

Have those you know those different styles back in the day hey this guy was involves this guy has a finesse player you you don't have everyone is just 6'4 and hits the ball as absolutely as hard as they can and it's kind of scary I mean I thought it was on the backhand I would play doubles a lot with Steve Johnson at the.

End and if you're playing doubles and like Stevie missed the first serve and same with me like he did a second serve and like rub will ever be hitting return you're at the net you're just like that's so hard which is also going back to pickleball like the delaminated paddle thing I hit.

With one the other day oh the craziest thing I've ever like they got to get rid of that too like I don't want to be at the net when someone has a high beforehand with it one of those delaminated paddles I'm just gonna turn my back because yes it's pickleball but I don't want to get hit with a pickleball in the face at 100 miles an.

Hour yeah turn your back or turn your hip yeah because it it comes off so hot it's it's it's just not the same game yeah thank you all right we'll let you get out of here Sam but thanks for uh thanks for catching up dude yeah thank you guys that was fun all right we'll do it again will you.

Guys will you guys be in Naples at the US Open I I will Adam you going I'm still 100 I'm not 100 sure yet so Ken Ken Herman wants me to to help out with this this ape this like next gen national team thing and I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to make it that's long-winded way of saying I'm not sure I'm not sure.

Well I'll see you there we'll be there yeah we'll get some games in all right I'm playing with uh ryler the heart and then the heart and then Susanna Barr nice I'm 1-0 against the heart who are you playing with it okay sweet so yeah Judith Castillo Carbono yeah yep I've seen her play some recently she uh she's a good singles player too I saw.

She's like a neighborhood yeah yeah I feel like maybe I should just come down there and party and just play non-sober Rec games with everyone I don't know it feels like that's what you would like I got Ryan Sherry coaching me all week so I've got it oh yeah I gotta get on that party bus we all knew there will be a party bus that the.

Fact all right please appreciate you later yeah because you know why why because it feels right it feels right
From tennis to pickleball. The former number 11 ranked tennis player in the world is officially a pickleball guy. Sam Querrey joins It Feels Right to talk about how pickleball has taken over his life. New pickleball ventures pop up for Sam on the daily and he is still finding ways to grow with the game. Rob and Stone check in on Sam’s pro adjustment and set expectations for the year.

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