Both the PPA and app held their first events of the Year this past weekend the PPA hosted the Masters in California and the app hosted their first event in Punta Gorda the big story of the weekend was Sam query making his much anticipated debut in professional pickleball playing all three events for the first time many people wondered how.

He would fare on Thursday he made his debut playing singles in the main draw and had a first round matchup with Alex Newman who also has a tennis background and is in really solid singles player so not an ideal matchup for his debut earlier this week query went on a podcast and talked about practicing singles for the first time recently you.

Know the other day I played some basically like five sets of singles for the first time in my life and then I got a tournament next weekend so we'll just see how it goes I can't wait I'm pretty good at Singles I feel like single like from a for a tennis player you can transition over to singles.

Easier than doubles a tennis player can grab a pickle paddle and like be okay in singles like in one minute yeah yeah not at the level of all these top guys but I know what I'm I know what I should do and so hopefully that's enough to win some matches and honestly this is a.

Bit crazy he hasn't practiced singles at all and is immediately playing in the main draw of a loaded PPA tournament and didn't look completely out of place query had some solid moments here and there but made way too many mistakes for this level foreign I don't think he was ready for PPA.

Singles draw but I guess it's best to just go straight into the fire then slowly work your way up but you know what else is fire 11 pickleball who is sponsoring this video they just dropped a Ryan Sherry vintage shirt which you can get over on their website using the discount code fifth for 10 off also follow them on their Instagram because.

They are doing a giveaway the entire month of January and also go check out their website for other apparel and links will be in the description down below so now back to the video to be fair it was a really tough match of proquery who struggled in certain aspects in his singles debut for someone who dominated in tennis in part by.

Having a really dominant serve query didn't seem to try and replicate that at all in his debut obviously doesn't have the same serve dominance as tennis but a good serve is still really important for finding success in singles because it sets up the following shots with query being 6-6 he covers a lot at the net that's where.

He found most of his success being able to utilize his reach to volleyballs that others would find difficult to do I think he's got him he had him no way that's a bit unorthodox yeah well so if nothing else he'll have one of the shots of the day I don't think you can really take too much away from this match.

Considering he's only practiced singles once before this just last week according to query I'm not sure if query has the needed agility to perform well in singles considering he's six six which helps in some aspects but really hinders in others he's also getting up there in age while a bunch of young Talent is coming in which will make it.

Much more difficult to find success in doubles it was a different story for mixed doubles on Friday query was partnered with Krista gicheva and gicheva also has a tennis background like query so both players are going through a similar transition to pickleball doubles they didn't qualify for the main draw but did play in the.

PPA points draw which featured Some solid players and they ended up coming in first for that event and then query and gicheva talk about their mixed doubles day and give some insight on their performance this is my first tournament so I didn't know what to expect it was an early start we got here at uh 6 a.m 6 a.m maybe even a little.

Before that it was dark down it was cold um broke like eight balls and then uh you know first match got going at seven we lost like three sets Thriller still getting used to each other's games and and whatnot uh but then ran through the backdrop and won it we started to play better and better each match was really fun who carried who.

Um Sam was super aggressive and did everything that needed to do to get us to the end I feel like we paid like tennis doubles but you were approaching and then I was at the back oh yeah behind you it was like we were switching it was a little bit chaotic yeah but in the end it worked what do you feel you.

Need to improve the most now that you know a little bit more and what's waiting for you I mean I go after the serves the return the dinks right my spacing on the court everything could get like can be elevated a little bit higher and so just keep working on it and working on it and um you know we'll get better and better query also played.

In the men's bracket with Wes Burroughs who both got drafted in the Challenger League query being picked number one overall which stirred up some controversy are you surprised that you were that first overall picker do you feel any pressure now to defend that pick I I know my ability in the game is unknown still I don't feel pressure I I.

Think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna hold my own out there they're all upset about it that I got I got drafted first but like I I honestly I don't care like to go out and beat me then like who cares unfortunately there wasn't any footage of their first round match but they ended up losing in three games eleven two eight eleven and eleven.

Eight to Spencer Smith and Christian Alshon who were both really solid players we can't analyze the film but the score does indicate that it was relatively close match which seems promising for query and there was actually another tennis player who made his pickleball debut this past weekend on the app side and that was nowhere.

Rubin Noah Reuben is a former Wimbledon Junior singles champion and a former USTA junior national champion in both singles and doubles and after turning pro in 2015 he won four ATP Challenger titles Ruben had some success on the professional tennis scene but couldn't quite get at that top level and couple that with a wrist injury and Reuben.

Decided to forgo his tennis career for now and try professional pickleball so Reuben making his debut at Punta Gorda on the app tour he got 110 11-0 victory in round one but had a really tough draw facing arguably a top five singles player in the second round and this was Hunter Johnson Johnson ended up winning 11-3 11-3 the app didn't live stream.

This singles day so unfortunately we didn't get to see Reuben in action Reuben didn't fare so lucky and doubles losing the first round to the one seed 15-1 and mixed then lost 15-2 in the backdraw so not ideal for Ruben's first pro tournament but again you can't take too much away from these results he posted this on his Instagram after the.

Tournament did I lose points for standing on the wrong side yes did I lose points for serving before the score was called you damn right kitchen violation probably what a first experience into this world imagine after my second month of practice so now two former professional tennis players are taking their talents into pickleball and.

There will be a whole lot of eyes on these two as the year goes long but what do you guys think do you think these players will be able to compete at the highest level in pickleball or do you think they will be an afterthought after just a few months go by leave a comment down below and also don't forget to hit that subscribe button and give this.

Video a like if you enjoyed it I will see you all in the next one
Former Tennis Pros, Sam Querrey and Noah Rubin, both made their Professional Pickleball debuts this past weekend.


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