Thank you Ilya for sponsoring the daily smash this is a terrific wine we want you to try it we promise you're going to love it and you can get it at and use the discount code Rick and Kelly 10 for 10 off at for Elia wine plenty of varieties something for everybody and it's awesome delicious it's amazing it's sexy it's.

Fruity it's good it's it's delish so the other amazing thing that happened today was our pickleball permit being a tentatively issued right they voted unanimously well they put a cease and desist on us where we couldn't play okay so we haven't talked we haven't spoken about this we we have we kind of kept it on the down low it's a very long story.

It's a long story we're gonna talk about this on the patreon get in depth with it right now on a Rick and Kelly show on we're going to give you all the details but we're going to give you a little short version so okay so so here's how it started okay we bought this house in Palm Desert and we wanted to put a pickleball court in the.

Backyard gut renovated the place had a couple of guys come in and give us estimates on the pickleball court and farondale Tennis Courts the guy told us I asked him do I need a permit because I've never built a pickleball court before and we needed permits for everything else right we needed permits.

For the footings for the roof permits for parts of the pool remodel we did so I said to the pickleball salesman do I need a permit and he said nope not unless you're putting in lights and if you have a 10 set foot back well we knew we knew what the setback was and he said he knew the setbacks we trusted what farondale tennis courts told us we.

Believed them but he was wrong because in the city of Palm Desert you need a permit for any sport court basketball tennis pickleball you need a permit so we could have applied for a permit in March of last year and I don't think anyone would have objected and by the way no one who knew what prickle ball was really like it's just now really.

Gotten bigger last year yeah we were ahead of the curve right so anyway we paid a guy whatever it was 35 gram for the pickleball court was the price and they built a court and we don't have a program because we didn't know we needed one and Kelly's brother came to visit and he and I played a late night.

Pickleball game 10 30 at night and we had a couple drinks and we were too loud and I realized that now but at the time I had no idea I was bothering anyone our backyard neighbor lives right over the back wall architect his name's Jeff Jeffrey or Gregory Gregory Jeff Gregory he's an architect and he is probably you got to.

See his house I don't know how his architect but that's so in my opinion and you guys would agree he and I had already exchanged numbers we knew each other and and so but he was nosy he was like tool time he kept looking over and wanting to know every little intricacy that we were doing in the in the backyard but what I didn't know is that.

Night he had come home from the hospital with a brand new baby his newborn baby that night was his first night home and her brother and I are making all kinds of noise in a backyard so in that situation the right thing to do would have been to call or text me and say hey I just got home from the hospital with a new baby can you keep it down we would.

Have stopped the game right then and there that would have been it but instead he called the cops he called the cops the cops came the next I think it was the next morning then the neighbors wait wait wait wait let me tell the what the the it wasn't cops it was code enforcement and they informed me that I needed a permit and that started the.

Process of trying to get a legal permit for the court that guy uh uh Jeff Gregory he's an architect he already has it in with the architecture committee he knows that we didn't have it whatever he already knew he didn't have a no he already knew we didn't have a permit anyway so the girl two house is down comes over with a.

Bottom line out acting online she's forcing herself I told you guys this story before if you guys follow me for a while and so she wanted to look around and whatever and then she said do you know they're my best friends uh Jeff Gregory yeah and they just had a baby last night and we like things to be really quiet around here okay okay so I.

Thought that was very weird very bizarre whatever well it turns out she was one of the people two two neighbors who were complaining about our court now I respect neighbors rights to privacy believe me I do and if I knew that we were making too much noise we would have stopped making noise if I would not have played at night ever again and I would.

Have been conscious of the noise because I didn't know my neighbor had a new baby he just he didn't tell us actually we just were having fun but we that will never happen again so then begins the process of trying to win the get this permit I had to submit uh plans of the backyard show all the.

Setbacks which were not an issue um we were in discussions about how to mitigate noise from on the property and we we can talk about putting in trees and we did we bought 50 ficuses 50 50 ficus trees around the court between the court and the wall just to soften the sound it's it's a really long story uh.

Eventually uh the city calls and says you need to do a decibel reading before we'll give you your permit and you have 15 days to do it and in the meantime here's a cease and desist because the neighbor complained again because we played we played pickleball again and we still hadn't gotten a permit I was waiting for the city but that wasn't at.

Night we played during the day yeah throughout the day so they put it the the city puts us cease sent us they complained again they complained yeah and uh so so um we had to get a decimal reading and that thing cost five thousand dollars fifty three hundred and the problem with.

Pickleball as you may know if you play is that it is a loud sport it's like wait I haven't gotten that I'm building up to it all right this is our paddle which is an awesome graphite paddle This is what people play with right you can get this on this and our balls the balls are quiet the racket makes the noise so her cousin.

Tony goes everyone thinks the ball makes a noise you're gonna have to play quieter if you want to pass this test let me make you a quieter racket he's an engineer and he came up with this brilliant and I don't want to go in too much detail because it's proprietary and we're going to Market these yes but it is a wooden.

Paddle that is whisper quiet okay whisper quiet look at this I just got this quiet okay I just bought this pickleball paddle from TJ Maxx this thing is quiet so we used we made four of these our our custom paddles we made four of them played pickleball doubles with the sound test.

And we passed we passed we passed the test we would not have passed the test with those graphite paddles now you might say the graphite paddle is a better paddle to play with but if we want there's all kinds of tools it's just like having a baseball bat is there's aluminum bats and there's wooden bats.

There's different kinds of pickleball stuff and you know what we're not professionals here okay like let's just we're not even that good let's be honest you're not good we're none but we want we have a court in our backyard and we like to play and we wanted to play on our backyard court so the the city wanted more information.

About why we did so well on our decibel test and we know then we get a renter last month for nineteen thousand dollars they wanted to play we said we couldn't play we had to kick them back another freaking five thousand dollars so this thing has cost us thousands thousands and thousands and thousands it has but this story does.

Have a happy ending okay because we presented all of this to the city we showed them that we can play Pickleball quietly and that will abide by the rules of 7 A.M to 10 p.m and no overnight playing uh we we maintain those Hedges at a height of eight feet we put up a sign reminding people no loud music or or loud boisterous play when you're.

Playing pickleball a couple other minor things but there was one item on the agenda on the list of things they wanted that they stuck in there until the last minute and at the 11th hour at the 11th hour at the 11th hour question they questioned the step back the the the team that feeds information to the arc.

All of a sudden they have an issue with the setbacks well the court the playing service is 10 and a half and 11 feet from the walls but the edge of the out of bounds concrete pad is like five feet five and a half you know that it's immaterial you're not playing on that I could concrete the whole backyard if I want yeah.

Against that yeah and by the way have my backyard is a concrete jungle we have 2 500 square feet of pay of of concrete pads around the pool yes and Patio area right we already have 2500 square feet the pickleball court so you could have we could have paved the whole backyard right what's the difference yeah but they said oh because you don't because.

You you're not 10 feet from the wall you need a fence a six foot fence with acoustic panels on it that's what they told us this morning yeah uh hang on a second why would I need to put acoustic panels on a fence when I've already proven that I'm playing under the decibel requirement the city has 55 decibels we were at like 50 52 54. we're.

Under the limit I feel like I felt like I was going into a restaurant with a mask and then taking it off when I sat down I felt like that it's like this is not right it just makes no sense we already passed the sound test why would I have to put up acoustic panels which are not cheap by the way and a six foot fence inside our property look at how.

Beautiful our backyard is look at how beautiful that pickleball court is now you're going to tell me I have to put a six foot fence completely around that cord with these acoustic panels you can't even see the cord now that's an eyesore totally and we put it and we made we beautified this neighborhood I mean that house was a freaking sober.

Living house it was like a Crackdown in there don't it was a dump you guys saw it I upgraded every bit of it so I prepared a three-minute statement like I did last time we go to the hearing drive to Palm Desert today go to the hearing and it goes on for like an hour more than an hour and 29 minutes an hour and a half over an hour and a half but a lot.

Of that was just them debating the fine print and and is offensive wall and there's a wall count as a fence of the wall so I said well can we have a three three actually I said that you did okay I thought I made a good argument to the arc about why we deserve to have this court and why we didn't need the fencing or the or the sound proofing but.

When we got to the end of the meeting they got into this minutia and they were saying well this might require a variance if we vote in favor of the Court without offense because they weren't sure if the guidelines require a fence or not and finally I just said and this is after an hour and a half I said how about this guys I will agree right.

Now to build a three foot fence completely encircling the court then that answers your issue and you're worried about whether or not this Sport Court needs to be fully fenced in I'll put a three foot fence around it I'll call the guy today and we're done here oh and by the way I wanted a fence because I kept when I.

Was playing pickleball they were going in the pool it was so annoying the balls are rolling yeah so it was like because he didn't want to pay for the fence let's just be honest and I was like I got my fence you got your friends yes so after I said that they voted unanimously to approve our court so you and I baby but I have to I just wanna I.

Wanna share with you guys this Greg Jeffrey Gregory never trust a guy with two front uh first names it's like Digga nines okay uh Jeff Gregory and his his Jeff is with a G so that's why it's like GG it's like weird so he hates us okay everyone else loves us all right but he has a vendetta against us and that Kimberly does and she's two houses.

Out she can't hear crap because our decibel that we almost paid six thousand dollars for told there's no way she could hear she's just one of those people that complain like San Francisco if you guys know what I mean and so I think the point of the story is Jeff called in our neighbor Jeff the one that complained that made us made us pay.

Thousands and thousands of dollars called in and this is what he said Mr Gregory you have three minutes to speak Commissioners hi my name is Jeff Gregory um I don't it off the United States I have one comment and I have two questions for the Commissioners the first comment is with respect to all the.

Discussion about these panels that are getting patents that are the goal is to sell these online for marketing for for making money so my comment is it appears the goal for the applicants is to make money over being a good neighbor for making money for making money for the application is to make money to make money then being a good neighbor.

Let me pause right there because when we show the panel our paddles a couple of the guy one of the guys was like wow you could probably make some money on that and I said funny you should mention it because we believe now that we have proven and I'm a Storyteller I love good stories this is a great story We proved that you we can make a paddle that will.

Be quiet you can play Pickleball quietly we have done it we have proof we did it so yeah we might Market it so this guy's only complaint is that we might make money we might make the money that helped keep the game quiet so he's not bothered by the noise wait first of all he's the one that complained we are being good.

Neighbors by inventing something that we could play quietly yes to appease you you've done math we solved the problem and this guy's complaining because in the end we might make money on the solution can you we live in America right well this is the land of opportunity you could do anything and everything within.

The law so you're jealous that we and you're an architect and I know your house is so our house our house our house it's a great house is a great house this guy whatever his name Jeff Gregory okay yeah um his house is so ugly he's right on Shadow Mountain and he can is coming to.

These this is a public hearing by the way so you guys can Google him and whatever um he is complaining about us playing pickleball we're trying to find a solution and then it's just unbelievable this is not this is subjective not objective this guy has a vendetta against us and I don't know how anybody.

Cannot see this and by the way that Kimberly McFarland her husband's an attorney he was there in the background say a word didn't say a word all right so he's an attorney you know what they're harassing us right now well they're they're not they're not harassing us anymore because they said their piece and the panel you voted.

Unanimously to give us our permit now we have to meet these requirements and we will and we're very very grateful to the city of Palm Desert for its actions today okay and let's keep having having Common Sense yeah but really but let's keep it positive because these guys were on our side they they sympathize with us they said how they felt badly for us.

Because we did jump through every hoop we did go to a lot of a lot of trouble and had to deal with a lot of nonsense to get to this point can you believe this neighbor said this yeah we're going deep okay balls deep exactly but let's just wrap it up by saying first of all I'm grateful for you I'm grateful for you I'm grateful for.

The Lord I'm thankful for all of you I'm thankful for my parents I'm thankful for my daughter I'm thankful for everything and so God bless all of you and thank you so much I couldn't have said it better myself we live in a great world yes there are great things great people yeah sometimes some people are good and it's all of you guys there's a lot that.

Aren't I'm gonna go sit in a booth at the Angels game yeah who's going to do his announcing and I want to watch him now batting ladies and Gentlemen please remove your caps for your national anthem okay good night everybody
Rick & Kelly’s long struggle to secure a permit for their Palm Desert Pickleball Court is finally – almost – over! The exclusive details, video & photos of their FINAL HEARING with the Architectural Review Commission, how they got there, what their SECRET WEAPON is, Kelly’s hilarious take on the neighbors, what all the fuss was about… and what actually went down at City Hall! This is a story YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

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