And that's what the fans want to get involved in for sure honestly they don't want to see pickleball as just sort of inferior version of tennis like yeah it's its own thing and it's going to have its own Direction its own characteristics and that's what people love about the sport this episode is sponsored by Beamer.

Therapy if you guys uh want to check out Beamer a great medical device I've been using it for a long time now I sleep on it I use it morning and night you can go to my website Tyson and see what Beamer's all about what's going on my name is Tyson McGuffin welcome to the McGuffin show uh.

We are on episode 64 here uh beautiful day here in Coeur d'Alene we've had a lot of people in our home recently we are doing a full home remodel so we got painters and plumbers and and children crying and all the above I got a special guest on today my man Keith Shelton Keith is the senior director of performance product for.

Skechers uh Keith how are you good man how you doing it's good to see you again Keith good to see you brother good to see you man um how's the uh how's the weather there in Manhattan wet and cold and windy not pickle weather wet cold and windy so uh for all the viewers and guests out there if you.

Guys didn't know the headquarters of Skechers is in beautiful Manhattan Beach been there a couple times uh the very first time that I was there for my for my initial meeting I remember uh Keith telling me not to be overwhelmed by showing me like 30 different shoe rooms and after seeing about 10 different shoe rooms I was very.

Overwhelmed um but uh kind of kind of a funny story that first initial meeting we were we were brave enough I wasn't uh wasn't sponsored by Skechers yet um you know I was trying to win them over and and they were getting a sense of me my family was getting a sense of them and we ended up taking the kids to.

The headquarters and Keith showed me around all the different shoe rooms and then we went to the meeting room we had the kids right behind us and my mother-in-law and so Meg and I are facing you know Keith and a few other people that work for Skechers and we're and we're talking to them and uh um and I told I told my family I told.

The kids I'm like hey make sure you're on the best behavior you know this is a huge meeting you know we had grandmother we had Grandma to help anyhow about halfway throughout the meeting I turn around and for some reason you know Skechers was was nice enough to offer this big old table of food right it was this huge spread.

Cherry Snickers bars candy anything you wanted and I turned around and my son Ty is destroying cherries as cherry juice is just running down his face all over his shirt it was a complete mess over there and uh but kind of a funny story that was that was they were gonna get the accurate picture and we completely won Keith over right then and there.

Absolutely you know besides getting to work with Tyson getting to work with Meg and the kids and the mother-in-law and I've met you know Tyson's mom and it's just a package deal and we just love everybody more than the next so it's been great working with you guys yeah and that was that was huge for us too you know I mean Skechers is a.

Family-oriented company and uh you guys have made us totally feel like family from that very first day even with cherry juice dripping down Ty's chin all over his shirt um you guys totally took care of us so we truly appreciate you guys and it's been a great partnership and uh and we're coming out with some pretty cool stuff.

I'll tell you what um so Keith tell me so do you do you play Pickleball I I do I'm I'm a pretty bad amateur uh just getting into it um obviously watching a lot of your videos and your tips good man definitely making me a little bit better but uh definitely at the beginning part of my journey we need.

To come get you McGuffin do you know that yeah um Keith is a 6-0 shoe specialist he's a 2-5 pickleball player uh it can't tell me so that Skechers employee Clinic that I put on had a great time got to got to meet the whole crew how my question is how come you didn't play.

Were you were you just afraid to show off your skills or I was actually in a meeting and if you recall I I rushed over and I was still in my street clothes you were but I was fortunate enough to play the ball boy part oh yeah there you go right right uh and Keith tell me what do you what do you think about the growth of pickleball.

Where do you think the sport is going um and uh yeah just I guess give me your your general outlook on the sport and the PPA tour yeah you know for us you know I I had been following pickleball for about five or six years uh been to a couple of the the bigger tournaments kind of knew everything that was going on with it I I.

Sort of saw the demographic originally was was skewing a little bit older but I felt like it just matched up perfectly with what Skechers was all about you know we're the Comfort technology company so I felt we really had something to bring to that demographic and probably over the last three four years you know with you and you know.

With Annalee and with it's just the demographics gotten much much younger now and more athletic and so it really fits into not only where Skechers currently is with our where their current demographic but it also fits in really well with kind of where we want to go we want to go after that that more younger that more athletic type type.

Person so the sport of pickleball fits in very very well to what we're doing at Skechers uh because we don't have a tennis Heritage background like a lot of our competitors when we first met with you we were able to sort of to take a fresh look at the sport of pickleball and come out with Footwear that was very specific to the sport can you wear a.

Tennis shoe to play Pickleball absolutely should you wear a running shoe absolutely not so what we're able to do was sort of listen to you guys observe see what the sport was about and we were able to really curtail sort of a product specific to the unique attributes of of pickleball as far as what you know where we see the sport.

Going you know our our main driving interest is growing the game of pickleball growing it in the U.S Skechers we're we're a multi-country uh you know international business so we're also really heavily invested in growing the sport of pickleball internationally ideally we'd love to to see it as an Olympic sport at some point and so.

That's sort of where our main Drive is is to support you support the sport and really get that International visibility for it but then as far as working with the PPA it's just been amazing you know we work with the PPA the an MLP Association we work with app we work with uh you know USA pickleball so we're really getting heavy into it again.

Really to promote and keep things moving forward but working specifically with the PPA you know Connor and the team has just been amazing watching the best athletes uh compete every weekend is it's just it really is uh it's really thrilling to the product team to be able to see that caliber of athlete because we all sort of play Pickleball and we.

Get out there and you know the first time I came to uh to Naples and I and I watched you play Tyson give me six months and and I can be out there competing yeah well you guys make the game look super easy and it's not nearly as easy as you guys make it look but that's sort of what drives the product team is just knowing that there's people.

Out there like you that are competing at the top Echelon of the sport and we get to support that love that is that cool um tell me did you get a chance to watch Major League pickleball there in Mesa a few weeks back I think what do you think about the energy level and just how that compares to PPA it's definitely different right you know MLP.

It's more team event um you know there's a lot of settings there's a lot of inner working with with with playing with different people you don't usually play with you're also coaching so there's this coaching element as well where you're helping out your team and you're giving out advice and stuff like that and then on top of.

That my wife can vouch I mean just the crowd and the electricity the energy I mean uh uh Skechers Skechers is kind of funny Skechers uh who was it was it uh who was the guy's working the booth um oh gosh I'm so bad with names uh the two guys there that were running the event they run most of the events for you guys but yeah so nice they ended up.

Having cowbells they like passed a bunch of cowbells out to the whole New York Hustler crowd um but uh yeah I guess what do you what do you think about that energy level and uh just like the hype from the crowd compared to a PPA event yeah I I you know kind of what I said earlier I think you know overall the.

Goal is to grow the game right and I think having that team scored affiliation is a great way to do it it definitely has a different vibe and I think you're going to get players you're going to get uh viewers who are going to be much more connected with that that MLP type format yeah because they want to kind of come to a sporting event and.

They want to be Rowdy and they want to cheer you know and and part of you know some of the the the the the drawbacks with tennis and golf and sports like that is you have to be so quiet and you know it's always about you know everyone's got to be quiet and proper where you are at the Phoenix Open a few weeks back and on the 16th hole uh it's.

Just an amazing event it's a whole the 16th hole at waste management is identical to MLP there's zero etiquette and no rules and anything goes baby give the people what they want Keith exactly and while it it I can see it maybe being adjustment for the players yeah right very much so for the fans and that's what the fans want to get.

Involved in for sure quite honestly they don't want to see pickleball as just sort of inferior version of tennis like yeah it's its own thing and it's going to have its own Direction its own characteristics and that's what people love about the sport yeah John and Chris Shout out to Johnny shout out to John and Chris love those guys.

Um and you know I'm gonna mention this something I truly appreciate with Skechers is you know when we when we built the Viper Pro shoe um you know I you know you guys really gave me a lot of say in the in the shoe design I mean everything from the outsole to the midsole to the tongue to the Aesthetics look at that beauty I'll.

Tell you what best looking shoe in all of sports I I truly believe uh maybe I'm being biased here but uh um you know it's got the splash outsole it's got the pink tongue we we touch the heel and the toe with the pink um and uh not only does it look pretty it is durable um that Goodyear technology with the.

Outsole I kid you not I have not been able to even uh shave down I mean even even after using that shoe in practice for about eight weeks or uh even even up to 12 weeks I'm not even touching the outsole so I think something I truly appreciate about the issue is that it's light it's 10.5 ounces unlike you know most uh tennis and pickleball shoes out.

There that are over 13 ounces and uh not only is it light but it's extra durable and that outsole uh is a little thicker you know the outsole is a little thicker um which which gives it a lot more support a lot more durability and I think it really it caters to um caters to an aggressive mover it also caters to the older demographic that.

Maybe isn't as aggressive with their movement and I'm just truly uh truly appreciative that you guys kind of you know let me let me run with my first shoe design and uh you know took a little trial and error I think we went through a couple different models I think that very first model that uh was it four or iteration yeah I think that.

That very first model you guys sent um I remember like trying it out for the first time and and I'm playing on a hard surface indoors and I'm like going out for a wide ball and trying to slide and the outsole was like super gummy remember that and uh anyhow once we once we you know uh went to a uh hard surface.

Outsole that was catered to hard surface and got got rid of that like gummy gummy outsole Uh I was totally won over but yeah we went through four or four different iterations and came up with with a masterpiece I'll tell you what yep um and uh if I had a dollar for every time.

Somebody has asked me where to get those shoes or when they're coming out I would be a rich man I'll tell you what I I think we did a very good job um but can you tell me how um how does the Viper Pro differ and and uh for all the viewers and guests out there the Viper Pro is now available you guys can go to and purchase your.

Viper Pro uh not only can you purchase uh or so sorry so my pink colors are not available yet they will be here soon but Catherine's colors are available so uh if you guys love the look of uh of Catherine's Blue Viper Pro you guys can purchase that today but can you tell me what's the key differences in the Viper Pro compared to the Viper Court that's.

Been available for the last year or so yeah I I think you you did an excellent job of going through a lot of them the first thing is the outsole uh the Viper Court the original Viper court has a Goodyear weather adapt it's based off of more of a snow tire um type configuration so it is going to be a little softer a little gummier and it.

Really was meant more for that Rec player that senior uh age type player who's looking more for sure footing as we moved into the pro shoe one of the first things that that you told us which which you just uh said in your story there is that you need to be able to do a controlled slide on the court you need to be able to slide into a shot change.

Directions and get moving again so on the Viper core Pro the outsole is actually a material called Goodyear gold uh it's a higher abrasion material it has better durability even than the weather adapt which has incredible durability so it's really going to allow you to do that controlled slide on the court you'll also notice that we have an.

External TPU shank in the midfoot here that's going to really really tighten up that shoe so as you are changing directions it's going to provide a lot more stability underfoot a little bit of a tighter suspension if you will the the big update we made through the four rounds of of samples is on this medial side really bringing up that 3D print.

Bringing up the rubber on that medial side that's a very popular spot as you're lunging for a ball you're kind of sliding and dragging that area even though you're not overhand serving or hitting a lot of overhead shots that really is a high wear area so we've built up that area with both the Rubber and the 3D print but overall our goal.

With your shoe was just to make something super lightweight as you mentioned it's it's probably a half ounce lighter than kind of the lightest tennis court shoe that was out there we wanted you to feel fast on the court we wanted you to be able to get to balls that you felt like maybe you couldn't get to in other product and so keeping.

It super lightweight putting the the brain Asian resistance where you need it and and stripping it away from where you don't need it so that the shoe stays lightweight breathable and flexible was also really important and then the big thing is obviously Aesthetics you know if the most uh exciting man in pickleball is going to be wearing this.

Shoe uh it's got to look the part Keith yeah it's got to match that so uh so we really pumped it up with the design language new branding and then working with you on all the uh the colorways and everything has just been a blast love that um yeah I know for myself you know I was getting some holes with that interior.

Slide you know in that in that in that toe area and um you know with getting a couple minor holes and then yeah once we once we raise that rubber and uh and that little guard and made it a little higher I um yeah I felt uh felt like I wasn't getting holes in that area um even though it's not even with the other side I think honestly it's super.

Necessary and taking a look at tennis players or uh pickleball players I mean that that's something very very common is uh is getting holes either at the toe like there's toe draggers or there's there's those interior sliders I mean just I was telling a look at some of the photos of her on the run and hurt like her ankle bone is.

Almost on the ground I'm like hey I'm pretty flexible with my movement but I can't do anything like that she destroys shoes I I I I don't know how she does it I I told her I'm like hey you got you got to teach me a thing or two because I do not move like that uh but yeah it's kind of funny like I was more wearing and tearing with interior toe she's more.

Like wearing a tearing like interior ankle area you know and um but uh but no I think we made a very good shoe I've had a wide range of people try that shoe totally fell in love uh with the look with it with the durability how thick the outsole is and um and you know like the uh adding the elastic band and kind of making that uh.

Making that sock effect where your where your foot and your ankle feels a lot more supportive in there I know truly I know people definitely truly appreciate that and something you know something that we kind of touched on early on with with the whole shoe build was you know I was using an A6 resolution gel and I kind of wanted to like make a shoe.

Similar to that super supportive in the ankle you know have that sock effect supportive in the toe a thicker outsole but but making it very light I think I think we've done a great job but yeah all my all my teaching Pros now are rocking the Viper pros and um and her trainer you got to tell them the story about yeah right that's the perfect.

Story so so my trainer Craig uh he's he's like he wears size 11 and um you know he was just like he's obviously a big fan of me he's playing pickleball now four or five days a week he was like an ex-mma guy back in the day and um anyhow like I gave him a pair of my shoes he told me they fit but more so like he just he'd literally he'd love.

The shoe he loved the design and loved how comfy it was and he was playing in it he was playing in it and his toes like obviously this like my shoes are nine and a half he wears 11. he literally just bit the bullet in for like six months dealt with so much pain in his toes just to put his uh his foot in that shoe.

Um just because he wanted a rocket he was that in love with the shoe that he was willing to to size down we're like you should have just told us yes but uh but no I mean honestly anybody that I've that I've had try that shoe uh absolutely loves it so I think I think we definitely uh definitely hit a whole run tell me this do you mind.

Talking through some of the Sketchers um athlete first approach uh design when it when it comes to Footwear and kind of how you guys tie everything around the athlete first yeah absolutely this is this is one of the biggest fundamentals of our product team is is listening to the athletes you know I I told you from from the moment.

Moment we uh the ink wasn't even wet on the contract you're the CEO you're the one that we answer to uh we always want to listen we always want to make you better uh and not just on the court you know you do a lot of work as you mentioned you know in the gym and we want to make sure that we we provide that support for you so we're always.

About listening uh my team we've got probably 200 220 years of Footwear experience uh so very very educated people but we still get the shoe to about 75 80 percent of the way there and it's listening to the athletes like you and Catherine and and Matt Fitzpatrick on the golf side or Meb koplesky on the running side and that really helps us.

Get that shoe to a hundred percent uh you know you've been amazing at knowing exactly what you want when we've given you a prototype you've been very articulate and telling us what you love about the shoe and also what you're not loving about the shoe we're able to take those iterations and and really come up with a product uh that you're.

Comfortable on the court end and again we want to give you a little bit of an advantage when you're in the court hopefully you're saying hey if I was playing in one of those older heavier competitor shoes I probably wouldn't have got to that ball but now that I'm in the super fast Viper Court Pro I'm getting to balls I'm able to change.

Direction you also spend a lot of time on your feet because you're playing tournaments you're teaching camps you're in the gym working out and so having like an arch fit insole in there it's also really important because it's going to provide more surface more support on the bottom surface of your foot so for you and Catherine and other athletes who.

Like this isn't a 40 hour a week job anymore you know you're on your feet 60 70 hours you're traveling through airports having a shoe that can do all that is really important for the product team as well so we're all about listening to the athletes we're all about providing those Solutions uh to what you need love that.

Um so uh I think you know something something that I've I've also heard from um you know Campers or people on YouTube that are that are commenting on my videos is they obviously want a shoe that has a big enough toe box uh they you know they they want a shoe that's durable enough they want a shoe that's.

Comfy enough and um you know it tell me tell me the the the Viper Court compared to the Viper Pro the Viper court has a wider toe box correct uh they actually are both built on a relaxed fit last so one of the things that we've learned from our technical running shoes is that we want to support the foot just behind the ball if we can.

Lock your foot in between just behind the ball across the top of your InStep and then the heel you really don't need a tight toe box so having more of a relaxed fit last it's going to allow your toes to have more wiggle room more space in there you're a young guy but a lot of our customers might have bunions or any kind of foot ailments it allows.

Them to have a little bit more space in that toe box and when you were talking about your trainer being 11 he was probably feeling a little bit of that because it is a little bit more of a generous toe box but we do build all of our kind of medium last medium fit is a relaxed fit okay uh so and just if you buy a medium you're going to naturally.

Have a little bit more room in the toe box and then we do offer true triple E wide widths as well so if you really need a truly wider shoe we'll also offer those great and then I mean what's what's the uh price on the Viper court and the Viper Pro so Viper Court sits at around 85 or 90 depending on where you're you're.

Shopping at and the Viper Court Pro is going to sit at around 110 uh just because you are getting those upgrades you're getting a better rubber compound you're getting a much faster shoe so that's going to be the difference in price and hey uh tell tell us about that uh that soft pillow of a sandal that you guys have the hyper hyper burst.

Technology absolutely love those slides I wear them around the house I wear them at the airport uh now we have the slides in a few different colors look at those puppies I'll tell you what black and pink with the splash outsole oh yeah show us the outsole here do you want a little flare the flares on the bottom yeah honestly those those.

Slides are by far the comfiest slides I have ever witnessed it's like walking on a five-star pillow we wear them like slippers too around the house and we wear them everywhere we do something that my trainer has he definitely has a pair of those um but uh doesn't doesn't have a pair of the Viper Pros yet or does but obviously.

Just can't just can't fit into them um let's see here so um so it so it's uh seems like recently Skechers has uh partnered up with uh with a few different tours and uh is the official shoe for USA pickleball correct that is correct okay so um so tell me.

Tell me why the involvement in the sport tell me you know why uh why you guys wanted to be a part of the governing body and be the official shoe yeah you know again for us it's always about propelling the sport of pickle you know further faster uh getting it spread internationally so anytime we we can partner up with with some of these.

Associations and and uh governing bodies you know it just helps us promote the sport even more uh it really lets everybody know we are fully engaged we're not coming out on the tour as you know and signing everybody who's willing to to wear a Skech or shoe that was never our 10 our intent was to have a few key athletes here and there that.

Really helped us uh with our objective of promoting the sport so it's never been about signing every athlete that we can sign uh there's plenty of athletes out on the tours that would love to wear our product and and we're sort of turning uh those people away right now so anytime we can get uh you know an association with those big federations.

Or a big tournament or a big tour like the PPA it only helps us and our vested goal of moving the sport of pickleball uh forward love that hey what do you what do you got behind you there looks like he got uh Catherine and I and is that the uh pickleball display where are we at we're over here oh yeah and then little Catherine oh yeah right.

There yeah so uh so this I'm in our performance showroom and so uh in here is where we do all the the all the Footwear that's associated specifically with athletes whether it's individual sports or whether it's team sports uh and so what I've got behind me you see a little bit of uh Matt Fitzpatrick uh you know he just won the U.S open last year.

And then of course you know you and Catherine have been a huge part of it so when you come into our showroom you see the image of the athletes you see the product you get the connection that we are all about listening to the athletes we're all about making those athletes perform better and so we really love to show that it's part of the story uh when.

We bring athletes or we bring customers or we bring the media whoever into our showrooms that's part of the story you know part of it is you know hey it's a great shoe but part of it is telling the the cherry juice story you know there's just so much that goes with it it's the sizzle with the steak right it's the sizzle with the steak baby oh yeah okay.

So hey tell me this uh taking a look at Fila you know Fila obviously you know with their pickleball shoe really just kind of came like the design and the engineering came from tennis you take a look at head heads in the sport head head made a tennis shoe and kind of turned it into a pickleball shoot but honestly it's very similar don't know um.

You know what what real adjustments they they did make but how does the Sketcher shoe differ from uh just a general tennis shoe yeah for us you know obviously the abrasion uh resistance is you know we felt tennis shoes were very heavy they were very overbuilt because the sport of tennis can be a little bit more.

Demanding because the size of the Court you're overhand serving so there's a drag to the to the tip of the toe uh within that that you really don't get in pickleball you know when we first started talking with you you kind of threw out some ideas of you know hey maybe I've got different requirements for the singles game versus the doubles.

Game and so we've been taking a look at that uh because you're playing a much smaller court because the movements are different because you're changing direction and you you never really get up to a full high-speed Sprint uh like you would maybe in tennis but you are you need those quick movements you need to be from the Baseline to the to the to.

The kitchen really fast side to side really fast uh so that's kind of what our philosophy is is we felt tennis shoes traditionally were heavy they were overbuilt we wanted to go at it from a very lightweight fast standpoint and some of the initial prototypes that we worked on with you we we went a little too far and so by having you train in.

The shoes and say hey I need a little bit more support here I need a little less gummy on the outsole you know we were able to sort of dial that back to a level where you can be super fast and super light on the court and we've got that Razor's thin edge of like support and stability built into the shoe and not putting anything into the shoe that.

You don't need but I also mentioned if you're wearing these shoes in the gym or you're just wearing them through the airport it's also amazing how you would probably never wear a tennis shoe to travel in because again they're very flat they're clunky they're overbuilt they're heavy but this is also just an amazing comfortable travel shoe because.

Of everything that we put into it we want you to be performance Comfort ready very cool um yeah I I have not been seen at an airport with my Viper Pros but in in the near future somebody could definitely see me in my Viper Pros right usually I'm usually I'm rocking my slides at the airport I didn't say we're keeping them.

All perfect before we get to the tournament before we get there got them all um and something I got to mention too is uh you know something I love about about yourself and Skechers is not only have we come up with the Viper Pro but we also have a Viper Elite that really nobody knows about and it's kind of an.

Upgrade from from the Viper Pro it's probably in between like the Viper Pro and like a 14 ounce tennis shoe um definitely a little heavier than the Viper Pro but like you had mentioned um kind of more like a tennis shoe where it's where it's a bit more built up uh it's a little it's a little bulkier um today was the first day that I that I.

Tried those shoes on with my new inserts and um I'll tell you what like it uh I didn't feel um weighed down they didn't feel bulky you even though they were like an ounce or two heavier I felt plenty of support in the toe plenty of support in the ankle and um no it's a it's a great shoe I think for for you know athletes that.

Maybe just need a bit more support that maybe love the Viper Pro but could you use a bit more support in the center of your foot and in the heel I think I think the Viper Elite's a is a great addition yeah absolutely you nailed the objective on that shoe so the Viper Court Pro was was created to be a super fast quick transition type product the.

Viper cord Elite is definitely going to have better durability you're going to have more support more stability we're going to put a little bit more abrasion resistance into the upper we're not ready to show that shoe yet obviously we're still going through those those iterations of prototypes but that is absolutely the objective is for somebody.

That maybe needs a little bit more shoe than the Viper Court Pro we're going to now have that Elite level type product that's going to check all those boxes it does come in just under 13 ounces so you even at 13 ounces you know it's a little heavier than the pro because you're getting a little bit more rubber a little bit more abrasion resistant.

Componentry on the upper you're getting a little bit more midsole even though you're the same distance the same height off the ground you've got a little bit more midsole that you're sitting into so it's going to provide more support more stability so we're really excited for that uh you can look for that shoe to hopefully be launching this fall and hey.

Tell us tell us about the Aesthetics of that shoe because it looks like a pretty snazzy shoe I'll tell you what it is it's it's a really interesting way of doing it uh we use some some 3D printing uh on the upper uh we've got a nice ballistic mesh underneath so it keeps the shoe lightweight extremely flexible and again it's just putting.

That abrasion resistance properties in the areas that you need it not the entire shoe that helps us keep the shoe lighter weight uh and then again we've we've gone to the Goodyear gold uh outsole compound so you're going to have that higher durability it's going to allow you to do those controlled slides on the court and then you know other.

Than that it's just an amazing all-around shoe you're getting a little bit of weight because of the added support the added durability we're putting into the outsole but overall you know when athletes have been testing it once you get it on your foot you you don't feel any sort of extra weight it still feel super lightweight on the.

Court awesome uh so taking a look at my wife here my my wife has her signature edition uh Mark nasons is it Mark Mark Nason okay yeah and uh she's she's rocking those things proudly I'll tell you what I love it we just redid our we said we were kind of redoing our house and we just read it our master closet and I think.

Most all of my shoes are Skechers now and they all look very different which is so so cool like whether we're you know hiking or I mean gosh out in the snow or kids are decked down sketchy shoes Ty's got his light up shoes I mean even you with your little uh sandals there yeah for all you viewers and listeners out there uh if you if you.

Want to find some cool stuff and uh maybe maybe yeah maybe you're thinking Skechers is just a mall walking shoe or or it's only catered to to 10 and under kids with light up shoes you are wrong you are wrong we we uh I have I have witnessed that they have plenty of cool shoes lifestyle foamies uh and and those new hyper burst slides uh that I rock.

All the time are uh those things are awesome so um we've got over 30 different divisions at Skechers high-end Mark Nason type High fashion type products all the way down to sandals winter boots uh you know Performance Products everything in between so with 30 different divisions I can guarantee we've got something for it.

Yeah for sure yeah well Keith I appreciate you coming on here brother and uh next time I see you I want to hear that you're playing some more pickleball and that you're not just watching my videos on YouTube okay absolutely that's my goal is I'm gonna get out on the tour one day okay uh-huh watch out watch out.

The the senior tour the plus 60. the big debut I love it yeah well Keith I want to say uh thanks again for coming on man uh have yourself a great day and uh for all the viewers and listeners out there you guys can purchase your Skechers Shoes by going to click on uh that pickleball Tab and you can take a look at all the shoes they offer and.

Don't forget to buy yourself some slides as well Keith thank you yep thank you guys enjoyed it my name is Tyson McGuffin this is the McGuffin show we will see you guys next episode foreign
Episode 66 of The McGuffin Pickleball Show welcomes very special guest in Skechers Senior Vice President For Merchandising and Product Development Keith Shelton. Shelton and Tyson McGuffin discuss Skechers investment in growing the sport of pickleball, Tyson’s new signature shoe line & when it will be released, and much more about ever-changing pro pickleball world on the PPA Tour, APP Tour, Major League Pickleball, and USA Pickleball. This surely is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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