We came out to our local tennis courts and challenged strangers to return a professional pickleball serve for 100 there will be three different levels of serves they have to get through with different prizes for each the first is basic feed next is the spin serve and finally a power serve for 100 so how far can your average person make it let's.

Find out all right we've got our first contestants you are the very first this is exciting stuff have you ever played pickleball before no first time before you pick a walk so perfect and what is your name Luke this is Luke Luke's gonna try to return to serve let's go and just like that we will see Luke in level two who wants to go next.

Let's go you ready let's get this come on all right we are on to our next contestant Holly and how many times have you played pickleball 78 times 70 yes 78 times yeah come on come on you ready come on there's money on the line let's get this.

Going come on who do we have here Asia how many times have you played pickleball he's ready let's do it how many times have have you played pickleball three times a little more into the mic like like two times two two times Amy's still got it still got it we still needed more people so we.

Wandered around went to the basketball courts where someone hit this sixth shot on the way out let's go and we finally started to gather a crowd we got Jay Jay are you gonna return this pickleball serve I'm gonna try man it's my first time all right let's get it round one baby what is your name Brennan this is.

Brennan and how many times have you played pickleball zero zero oh Chinese I'm playing tennis for about six six months now it's all good it's all good all right we have our next contestant Kate how you doing Kate very good how much pickleball.

Have you ever played little to none little to none have you ever played tennis yes then you're gonna be fine he finally just got ripped it was like no problem Luke we got Luke Luke have you ever played pickleball in college years ago so maybe like 10 years ago 12 15 years.

Ago something like that 10 12 maybe even 15 didn't even know how old he is it's been a while that's that's great that's awesome he gives it here yes or no yeah yeah um I'm not saving microphone this time but just pretend there's there's one right there you see it oh wow wow a.

Microphone from from Heaven that's fantastic this is Will and will have you ever played pickleball um I've never played tennis have you ever played pickleball before seen it on YouTube several times I've actually watched it should they subscribe to the channel That Makes.

Pickleball YouTube videos they should definitely they should they should definitely subscribe that's a great answer oh missed it first try hey well done well done played twice with my Mom twice with her mom is your mom good at pickleball she's pretty good well hopefully like mother like.

Doctor yeah let's go well done yeah would you you want to pack an option yeah okay you want to upside down actually she's she's running the show what what are we doing today.

Hitting balls it's so true inside it better myself all right get out there and hit the first ball it's time for round two the spin serve twenty dollars is on the line congratulations very very well done feeling pretty good feeling confident dude I'll show you what you've won so far are you ready nice nice case I like.

It like it twenty dollars I'm giving you the chance to bet this twenty dollars that you can hit a 100 serve would you like to keep twenty dollars or do you want a hundred dollars just go for it he's going for it go go for it and we will see Luke in round three no no.

Great attempt you really have to do them like that he returned level one you just throw him out on level two like that that's so Rude Dude okay nice bit s congratulations Kate you have completed a level two sir so that secured you.

You want to bet your 20 or do you want to just keep it do you want to try for level three it does get harder let's do it she wants the hundred dollars let's do it let's do it oh spin got you dang unfortunately it was too good Luke you have successfully completed.

Round two um if you don't do the honors you can open that up and see what you've won however however you want to do it yeah 20 bucks legit legit would you like to keep this twenty dollars or go for the level three serve I think I'm gonna stay at twenty dollars our first stay at 20. wow Luke wow is interesting all.

Right that is fair game successfully won twenty dollars what are you gonna spend it on maybe dinner he's a smart man well done Luke well done you were there the Ice Cube you're out let's go.

Let's go would you like to bet your 20 and go for a hundred dollars for the finals all right let's go now we're on to the final round with 100 on the line let's find out who gets it come on wow amazing Easy Money pickleball thank you you're ready be ready.

And good try boom 100 all yours nice congrats cool Raise Me Up that was great
I challenged random people to return a professional pickleball serve with money on the line. They had to return 3 different levels of serves starting with a feed, spin serve and then a professional serve. Can your average person return a top-level pickleball serve?

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