With The Bluest Eyes Wes burrow oh thank you so muching on those eyes Zay natil Travis frm up against Tyson McGuffin and J Martinez Vic one of the more electric pairs on tour also one of the most tatted pairs on tour good eye good eye it’s pretty fancy little speed up there down yeah that’s a.

Great two-handed backand speed up the up the line from Jami Martinez Vic definitely one of the Difference Maker shots that we’ve seen kind of added to the tour in the last 6 months or so that two-handed back end speed up oh man he almost had that one tailing away from the line went for the pull a little early there but I like it over.

The course of this match you’ll probably see Zayn having to cover that it’s going to open up the court through the middle clean up there interesting they’ve got Travis playing the left side it looks like I would have thought given those two pairing together I would have thought zaye would have played the left.

Travis has been working on his right side game getting a little older a little long in the tooth he’s a little gray Travis earlier today playing Z and call Dawson team in aone RM used nine lobs in a two game and won eight of the nine points pretty incredible so look for that.

Here call a great lobber of the ball himself so that was just a I’m going to lob him before he lobs me kind of thing I think he he was talking a little Trash he being Travis Redmire to Hayden Patrick saying small in stature can lob you pretty easy Travis talking trash no never I noticed some weird bounces out of this Vulcan ball a great ball but Wes.

Had you played Pro here all three events actually no two events sorry but how was the bounce this week you know you get bad bounces with just about any ball um I think with the conditions warming up a little bit I’ve seen less of it mhm that was just a misfire there from.

Zayn I don’t know if he second guessed himself but yeah I mean I think that’s a an issue of being on the right side normally playing the left not really knowing when to speed up trying to be a factor but definely not the ball there no that side spin growl from McGuffin mhm trying to get his teammate fired up yep the ya doesn’t.

Seem like he needs any firing up he’s always locked in 130 lb soak and wet oh that’s pretty sick that is McNasty Travis looking at us down the middle who’s covering middle nobody nobody’s home finding that Gap o Travis is starting to feel himself you.

Can see him tripping early I don’t think he’s going to get in Tyson’s head but you saw you know say 12 months ago 18 2 years ago a lot of speed ups were going through the middle through gaps now a lot right at the body these guys yeah Travis has done a good job of kind of mixing up his speed up so far early in this match he’s gone middle.

He’s gone body got to have it all now good reach for the little guy shrink in that kitchen speaking of little guy stature body types what works well in pickle ball I mean you see guys like Connor Garnett J Martinez smaller in stature but so so Cy and so quick out.

There Fleet footed is do you think that’s kind of the direction of the game or are we going to get some bigger guys that do well I think we’re going to see a little bit of everything which is why pickle ball is so great it’s a little less uniform than tennis but if you are going to be small in stature like you’re saying you got to be Fleet footed you.

Got to fly around you got to make your presence bigger than you are and conversely if you’re big You’ got to learn to be small at certain times you can’t be a big Target up there at the kitchen line so youve got to get nice and low AJ ker I know our friend roscar.

Bellamy you know I think early on that was kind of his problem with double getting hit a lot getting tagged in that shoulder being such a big Target also doesn’t help wearing a giant head shirt that we might need to work on sail the sailboat curtain mhm as we call it yeah that is nice though if he forgets his shirt he can just use the.

Sheets from the hotel Sor it’s pretty good Tyson always a gentleman hits that ball off the net gives a sorry wave probably doesn’t mean it not good leave there by yam Travis’s Drive is it’s very interesting it doesn’t dip no but it’s effective yes and the serve.

Is very similar he has a very strange service toss in motion I had the pleasure of playing with Travis at the end of was 2021 2022 anytime he drove the ball he did not want me to crash ever and why is that I’m not entirely sure but I’m wondering if he’s changed his team now playing with zaye we’ll.

See he want to crash it himself or was he just looking for a fifth just looking for a fifth stay back West I got this I was I was talking to Travis earlier he’s actually dropped a couple pounds recently that he said he was beefing up a little bit too much CrossFit too much lifting he’s decided to do more.

Yoga I would think at his age it would probably be better just to preserve the body rather than put the weight on be flexible be lean see his partner over there Zane doesn’t have an ounce of muscle on his body and yet can generate plenty of power plenty of spin absolutely not about how strong you.

Are it’s like The Replacements Nigel Gruff yep one of my favorite sports movies at first that was a fair you that was petrified I’m not going to finish that for you Matt goes for the tweener drop like to see him crack that Travis.

Still at his age some of the fastest hands on tour yeah sick hands he’s obviously very well trained a lot of drilling down in South Florida Nice Shot play tennis at UCLA was a child prodigy is that 16 years old yeah graduated high school young pro career cut a little bit short just due to some Naggy elbow injuries.

But he was a very good pro tennis player as well you’re not going to find a louder shirt out here today what he’s got on a good speed up there but Ty slides nicely great slide especially with that new paddle the Magnus just getting it out in front touching it that Ball’s.

Going to explode off yeah it’s nice to know you don’t have to do too much with it just use your opponent’s power and get the paddle in right position do the work compact swing puts it right half scorpus looked like definitely a forehand on that one covering the body that’s pretty amazing he was jamm and he still tnk good wood.

On come to the tournament desk tra is pretty tough on himself he misses another one of those he might might hear it out of him yeah good good attack right at the Body Center Mass making J lift up there he caught J kind of jumping yep got to stay still stay.

Low that ball was going to you think Zay was trying to let that go and it just caught his paddle or what 100% 100% did not want to hit that ball the speed up cross can be good and bad worked out there for Tyson not a bad location if CH had been there Tyson was calling it out I don’t know if.

It was going to go out or not yeah it had I think that was definitely dropping off Pace kind of speed up there from below level of that but yeah you have a guy like J coming across the middle with that forehand Ser looked out and it was Tyson confirming he saw it out as well yep out is that Mr Don.

Stanley side he agrees he confirms now first time going to lob this one as we said earlier Travis against call Dawson and ha Patrick when throwing up a lot of good lobs that one not to be called just long there on drive from sh VI you’ll see that again here we don’t have video review on this.

Court so gin looking like he’s going to the ref but to no avail so Tyson maybe getting a little annoyed with these close calls now last one he let slide lets him know I mean I can barely see the ball in the sky so somehow engag in every single shot getting their paddles on it R smile.

From J Martinez Vic here at the Baseline right in front of us you notice a lot of middle dinks with these guys guys mhm Tyson with a little shoulder bump there getting his partner fired up for most dinks we’ve seen out of nail.

Today seems like they’re making a concertive effort to get the ball on the ground to Travis all parts of the that’s the Difference Maker type shot that backand down the line to Hinder opening up the middle he knows he’s not going to hit a.

Win on that first ball it’s that second shot that two shot combo was brilliant starting to feel it over here that’s a little bit too of not playing with each other that much cuz that’s a good speed up by Travis I think if Zan knows it’s coming he’ll be on that ball get a timeout you have to expect.

The ball’s coming your way off the speed up right there’s a there’s a 80% chance I speed that ball up up warning technical warning Travis shrugs it off after yeah kitchen clearly in the kitchen there see I played yam at the end of.

Last year and that back end D was not nearly as Ault he’s not missing any plus he’s the ability to take that second hand put it on the padd on light you up facing point see the trouble Travis reaching in he’s got almost attackable balls but Tyson’s so good at defending and like you said that P padd’s got a lot of pop so if he.

Gets anything on it it’s coming back fast unfortunate bounce off the net cord there if you’re just joining us again men’s semifinal action here in La the vi La open powered by Deep Eddie vodka McGuffin Martinez Vic up a gassie joined by West burrow Doug Ellen’s personal coach and partner.

Oh way too big a swing there by by y me we’ve all taken those big swings that that’s an ego swing right there up up a game in three- Z gosh again when he speeds that ball up on the outside he knows that next ball is coming back through the middle so he’s waiting there with the forehand.

Just dangerous West oh another one off the net when it rains it pours maybe it’s time to change out of that pink shirt get some better luck this time the big swing goes in now may feeling himself right now he’s could get out of hand at 4 Z might have saved one there could have.

Been going wide but we’ll never know as they say really hard to tell if Travis in that position Str are just reacting that he closed middle so hard that he a little out of position uncharacteristic Miss there from guffin yeah and I I I like that pattern though Jam Martinez Vic the two-handed backhand crossed a lot of Top Spin to Travis.

Travis not really able to do much but just get it back yeah yeah find na till and RAR probably trying to get in a different pattern I’m wanting Zayn to touch more balls in the kitchen wanted to kind of attack that McGuffin left foot make him hit some of those awkward Inside Out Back hands you think a little more to him cuz yam seems.

To be feeling it oh yeah see there natil had a forand in went to the outside of McGuffin that might be that right side inexperience you’re talking about maybe attackable but didn’t get it done so good leaning in there middle out wide barely over.

5T surprising 5 two one yeah better spot there West yeah just what you’re talking about that middle ball communication is it Tyson’s backhand is it Jam’s forehand I’m not hitting another ball to yam’s backand if I could help it certainly not without a ton of pace cuz if you give him time on that thing he’s.

Just putting it wherever he wants that had a little more more sauce on it sure did that one over much much better offensive dink there from red Meer but it’s because I think they’re going a little bit more middle once in a while that it’s causing Jam to think and are they going to go middle again now the.

Footwork is a little off couple more minks yam’s blaming the kitchen line he’s looking for excuses I blame the kitchen line a time or two 360 wow what a shot knock the bounce crosscourt curls it right inside the.

Line Zayn just watched it Go by shaped it guys good quick side out there not what the doctor ordered if you’re at my natil felt like they had gotten a couple points back a few errors give it right back to him go YY up for the challenge again I.

Feel like Zayn is on that first ball he’s ahead of that rally for a second there but so good at getting out of the way so quickly creating space gyama getting low reaching for that forehand Travis was surprised he was there really does cover so much court.

For being a smaller guy seeis Ching down big but not afraid to chirp potentially H keeping Travis now on the right no they’re going back oh no stay stay y trying to confuse Matt and I well done go I mean Travis with his forehand the ability to speed up especially off that.

Outside probably does it a better better job than Zayn there yeah shot and Zayn on the left so able to really move around the ball create more space looks like more of a threat on that left side I think his shot shape also sort of is a little more threatening to yam on that backand dink.

Got CAU not lean and just kind of been steady probably was going out CAU him high in the chest can see Zayn on the left side so much more involved way more involved and I do like that shape I like like everything he’s doing reaching in on the backand side.

Yeah I think this is better for them Ireland if you’re red why did it take so long to make that change you know game and almost you know way down in game two um you know I’ve Know Travis a long time he can be a little stubborn stubborn guy but a little stubborn sometimes.

I think he’s also wondering why they didn’t make that switch sooner where you start like that as you said a lot of I mean they’ve had success today obviously up to this point with Travis on the left side but Zan really known to be more of that Dynamic player younger especially able to move oh that’s unlucky another one off.

The net yeah sudden we got a game point here got a match point here not over yet do they have one more stop and a run in them all right good side out good side out now another chance with Zayn on the left see if they can do some damage missed it just wi missed it by a.

Good bit that time good foot foot and a half a little bit of momentum here see the confidence building from Naver till and redm oh and return just what the doctor ordered BRS over Conor Garett and Augie G oh Zan just hung that a little high great little flick there from Yami and normally you’re used to someone.

Flicking that kind of through the middle the easier shot Yi holding that pretty nicely taking Pace off to go behind him like the wind maybe pulled that close to the net interesting that’s the first time the’s kind of reached in and taken some of these out of the air as oppos to letting them drop himself more time.

Oh look that backhand dink that you said was much improved Wes it’s folding right now that it’s two points in a row all of a sudden here 9102 that one made it halfway up the net building over there a little winding to get back in there again could this be a little too late rent Meer a will’ll.

See that that’ll do it fun pickle ball though yeah great match by GFF and Martinez Vic honestly red Meer Nao I think found the winning formula
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