Team that lost once last year Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johnson one time in Catherine parento will start us let's play Pickleball point against this time so we'll see uh how McGuffin and parental are able to implement their will uh in these in.

These points here that's a good region got to play with big energy that's how he wins unbelievable hands from parento there oh and that can't will the next one over screen an amazing get then you get a routine ball and you miss the second one side out.

That catches the tape and what so 1-1-1 here early big serve from McGuffin point looks like Waters did have a little bit great take from Ben Johns there just don't let that drive get it Ben Johnson if you go to go get it out parental did a great job too much.

Ben Johns after that handle the offense with their counter punching I don't think for either one of them it's their biggest natural weapon they've each I believe worked quite hard on getting better at it so we'll see how they're able to handle uh that offensive Onslaught from Waters and Jones here oh and uh Anna Lee Waters with the.

Grants for a half second to make sure you're in the clear good call there by Michael kunkus Ed Johnson as our second referee point three two two oh and then after team in the world getting some uh some good fortune you just have to really show some mental.

Toughness if you're competing against them side house as awkward as you want the correct form in order to bring it higher but she didn't really engage her body much on that one looked a little surprised by the location we're still playing folks I don't know if she wanted to finish.

With the poach all right oh and after all that unbelievable defense Anna Lee water speeds it up and McGuffin says well I hit eight winners earlier but this one's gonna count right there bang and a great job for uh McGuffin and water so don't get frustrated they had plenty of.

Opportunities to put the ball away but they stayed in there and eventually uh got the one they needed all right parental on the deck with the save Point here and that time to speed up from.

Foreign yeah he's gonna naturally rip drives but what I loved about that point is he closed in after the drive it's gonna take more than one shot normally to win points off of uh Waters and John's here there's no conversion rate on the calendar not Saturday over there no oh I will.

Gift foreign point five five two point six five two five six one second five six two side out.

35. hello pickleball second serve side out just deep from bench there by McGuffin and parento get the ball back they got two stops no damage oh my God the pace she managed perfectly actually cleared mcguffin's body in a high.

Location but because it was slow from uh because it did go over but uh point is over if it hits your forearm or wherever that caught him Gotham was joking around saying play on oh and you want to slow flick it at me I'm gonna slow flick it back at you says McGuffin with the one e there what a.

Ball from McGuffin I will see yours and do you one better this is impressive a team that's been completely dominant today is getting a good test from the government they're down one leave that one up so the third is Thomas Wilson just to have that break that he needs to get ready for his semi-final absolutely.

Foreign look at that come back in but McGuffin patiently finishes and folks this team looks fantastic they are pushing the top seed and they Slayer of Medusa okay side out right so they get the stun here for Ben Johns and his Perseus project paddle pickleball.

Second serve kind of like we talked about it they're feeling some of the extra pressure in the neutral drink rallies and Scorpion Mead there the power it was ready what this level there's a difference between making the volley and the opportunity this third there for McGuffin you want to try and get that.

Magical 10 here and a huge drive from parento for Parental and McGuffin oh no and I'm here for the top seed what can they do and they've come back so many times if they've ever needed to we'll see if they can come up with the goods right here the paraders.

Doing a little flick from just an onslaught of offense from Ben Johns there oh and a ball off the net court on the autopsy we're able to get it done yeah they just had a tiny lapse in their level for a couple of points and it gets it so here we go game two on there's that flick from here for.

These now he's missed the next two look at point another one where the I think sometimes when you just misread the ball a little bit your arm goes to the right spot but you forget about kind of staying in that pocket with your lower body and me rolling in there yeah McGuffin is.

Enhancing it by sprinting in afterwards and they've got a couple of errors here from Waters see if they can build on that I mean tremendous ATP from McGuffin and now it's like a normal shot like yawn I got the defense there from Anna Lee Waters that was brilliant it made it look easy made it look very very easy.

Beautiful topspin lob John's was thinking tweener but didn't do it switcheroo and just wide from John's these points are at a ridiculous level what it takes to win one yeah McGuffin was putting his footwork on display there and they're gonna need that from him he's dancing around looking to find a few more.

Forehands he's not as capable offensively with his backhand off the fence bounce and they're gonna need his offense in this match so patient to some degree um I think at this level you're not just waiting you're looking for your offensive moment it wasn't the red carpet wasn't rolled out but sometimes.

You have to thread those needles or at least go for it foreign she wants a four pointer there for nice hands but when we say nice hands in pickleball we mean with the paddle right next one two three two okay and then Aaron got in front and had a chance let's see if they can follow.

That script here and just get one more Point yeah really liking their body language between points they really seem ready to compete they're very connected from a chemistry standpoint and uh so gorgeous gorgeous McGuffin very tough for him to straighten that out especially if you can get down on what he did.

Side out a lot of movement from a little you know that's two two chances in a row that have been missed but he's got to keep going and there I want to talk about either side it looks like the court is open and closes the Gap instantly another forehand that goes deep from a gun get that roll to fall and I'd rather.

See him get beat by the counter attack of waters then be you know missing these balls in the tape or long sometimes just making your opponent beat you Point good read by McGuffin for one of two and Annalee Waters and Ben Johnson pushed ahead by a couple we'll see if they can keep that going and.

Up to the tasked her there and if Ben Johns is going to be on the right it's a two-hander right through McGuffin and parento and this run continues and it is Anna Lee Waters playing the left with a little dangerous for the Selkirk Duo and I believe that.

One-handed role is a newly acquired shot in her game which is scary to think she's only getting better morning Pro Player ladies oh she was coming foreign the first time I think we've seen him try that two-handed off the bounce.

Attack is when he has the lead so they're very aware of that and just all sorts of beautiful resets not a lot to say negatively about how she's played at all brilliantly was up and down the Lee Waters finishes down the middle and I know that's got to be disheartening we're both saying.

Catherine Prince is playing unbelievable she is it's down a game and down 9-3 I mean that's that's the reality here side out too much on top of that one so two points from a second Sunday ticket for both players and that will do it so a very impressive.

Fight from parento and McGuffey
Pickleball Mixed-Doubles Match Highlights with Ben Johns / Anna Leigh Waters (ALW) VS Tyson McGuffin / Catherine Parenteau at the Hyundai Masters Championship Tournament at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA

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