It is the sun is not even out yet it's going to Crest over those mountains in about four or five minutes but we're here we're here we're playing we've got char we're gonna work on resets and get to this line and working on her ready position so instead of here now you're here.

And we're we might see if we move you here okay because if you even look at now we can't play like the young Pros but even if you look at Annalee Waters you're right she's here yeah her elbows are touching uh Irvine her elbows are tucked to the side my elbows are to my side yeah because it just gives me so much room when I go out here is when you.

Know I'm just trying to close their distance like a soccer goalie but otherwise I'm pretty tight because my hands can be super fast in here just and it's super relaxed right yeah so once we see you maybe going out we're gonna have to bring it back and back relax the shoulders right yeah okay so we're gonna work on.

Resets right now so let's go forward I'm gonna go forward let me have that ball we'll use all the lights so start at the back third and you're just gonna stay there and hit some shots over the net no it's like night and day do you feel that.

What your backhand drop versus your forehand yeah night and day so the forehand just set your paddle angle so it's at that 45 degrees and just move through it yeah way too big there there yep there we go.

I know so you don't really have to go back that far if you just set it and move it through it's going to go over okay see how much power you can generate on that yeah when you put that second hand on your backhand.

You're actually putting it in the right angle that's why it's so easy but we got to get your the forehand oh boy that's it see how much power you generate yes when you do it properly there you go and then you're resetting getting ready that's good.

It also like helps me if I think about my elbow being in it makes me get down that's what I was going to say my elbows basically kind of almost in front of my body here right and then I can just chop it if it gets behind me then there's a wind up oh yeah there's a big same with my forehand dink my elbow's kind of in front of me.

Okay so then it's just a small movement instead of some big looping thing weird foreign this is going to take some drilling yes this will take some reps but that's how easy it is if you just set that angle and hit near the middle of the face.

So watch the ball come off the paddle watch the ball leave the paddle oh boy right so your brain flips out once you go big movements and try to do just the small movement thing okay foreign that was close.

So when you're playing in the game so this is something you're gonna have to just drill drill drill with Gordon but when you're playing in the game I would try to get to your back end no you know yeah I should try to make your backhand happy yeah yeah yeah because.

You're so it's it's much better so I try to hit probably 80 of my drops with my backhand oh boy nice hey Okay so if you hit a drop and you think it's.

Going to hit in the kitchen I want you to start closing distance okay if you hit a drop and you think oh that's going to be perfect and it's going to bounce I really need you at close distance but be stopped before I hit it okay that makes sense yes okay yes oh God.

But don't forget that don't forget that so we hit our shot and we get ready for a fastball at us every time okay we can always adjust off of it if it doesn't happen so that first one you should have got some space yeah so that's what the ladies were beating you on yep.

Yes that is yep oh boy when you were getting beat by the volleys were you trying to reset forward or diagonal diagonal okay I like the diagonal reset yeah but it doesn't help if your partner doesn't come in the blocker then you're just I'm kind of I don't have a.

Waste I don't have good options so it might be when you play with the ladies that don't reset or drop you try you practice your hard game that's when I practice my heart I'm okay practice your smash ball from there okay like yesterday I practiced chaos ball because I played with uh.

A partner who was playing chaos ball yeah you don't know where he's going to hit it so I did the same thing and we were giving them fits Jeff and Gordon if you guys they didn't know what was coming you know okay reset get to this line oh yeah oh shoot yeah you're all up in your head.

Already I am yeah out of there that was the other I I felt I just didn't feel calm because if I'm calmered then I can do that you know take it with my knees and I'm aware just drilling yeah you know yeah pretty good that was close closer why am I freaking out about that.

Just what Gordon said you think they're coming fast but they're really not I know okay you got all the time in the world and I try to get down maybe I don't I do actually I sit and I just I set this paddle angle and I let the ball hit the paddle yeah that's what makes my reset so good and then if I need a little extra room I.

Just move forward a little bit where when you go you have to manipulate this paddle to do all sorts of different things okay so I would just have it calm let it come to you more that might be it too if I'm out here I don't have time if I'm.

Here I have a little more time okay she should have been able to close a little more on that one okay because it was so good you should have known it off the paddle oh and take two steps yes and then stop yeah okay that one you could have got some distance you did yeah.

That's a reset yeah uh I mean you missed by that much you know I don't know that's good you were super calm there yeah and you're in control you know what happens there is I don't look at my paddle.

I'm looking at you watch it peripheral vision is not turns out not very accurate again yeah yeah if that hits the middle of the paddle it goes over right Christ footwork are you gripping it really hard there probably okay another way my resets are so good is.

Because I pretty much take everything off the bounce okay if you you're kind of waiting for it to bounce up here and that's like a timing nightmare it's hard to be perfect okay I just kind of catch it on the bounce when it's bounced okay does that make sense yes that's okay try again it's going to take a little.

Mental there you go there you go there you go there you go oh Barn Door Barn Door yeah just let it come to you yeah.

Yep off the bounce try to get it off the bounce I gotta look at it so good um eye level with the ball oh boy oh no oh the winner I did that yesterday too I it's interesting I remember watching.

Lorena like she's got the winner coming at her and it's almost like she goes and then hits it like she just takes one more second before she hits it and then it's like okay the calm yourself maybe she's got that much time where you think you have no time right and you kind of wind up sometimes too.

Where it could just be a paddle up right right I left down right down yeah pedal up down right yeah because you're still winding up I don't need to wind up no all right I only wind up on the ones that I mean they are just sitting perfect ah skip up.

Skip up yeah skip up oh yes that looked confident that didn't yeah your backhand's definitely better but we have to have that forehand too if you were expecting one at the feet I was what still moving expecting one at the feet it was it was yep.

They aren't going to give you what you want Don't Panic you can still get that okay it's working that was it man right there oh very spinny and weird but you had it yeah all the time it came slow there you go.

Uh damn it uh darn it indecision yes if if that paddle is closer to your to your body you could have just did that and it would have it would have been a really good shot but you're out here trying to time it.

We need to keep it tighter okay yeah you get a ball right there oh that's kind of what I see once you get to the net you come out a little too far okay and then those volleys are difficult well and it makes me Rush myself like yeah and probably grip the paddle hard.

Yeah there you go that was calm man calm and tight think maybe tight yeah does that help yeah it does that might match time no elbows tight I do you know when Gordon and I come out to practice drops I'm like barely holding my paddle in my hand and he's firing at.

Me and so I do try to think of that like loose grip so you have it I mean you're you're getting better as we go that one see that one gets out away from you man that's a timing nightmare right everything move over there it was an easy soft shot something you don't do.

Is move your feet okay you just read when I get in that yeah we start volleying okay there you go there you go so much easier that way uh okay what you're doing real good at is being stopped before I'm hitting the ball so that's good that's a positive.

Hold on jumping that was tight yes you were gonna go loose and you went tight last step I saw my last the last step there you go oh wow you stayed calm you had to go calm a lot of times I just let the ball hit.

The paddle that's all I do yeah that was footwork oh God you got it though you would freak out before yeah you didn't freak it is there is something about a big David coming around the corner sure oh yeah I Bank on that that's why I like to stay around.

210 220. and wear black I was sure that wasn't going to go over I stopped coming in oh okay go oh God timing how many times am I gonna do it before I throw up.

I think it's usually when you do that Gordon too you guys both get tall yeah and then the ball is coming down yeah I just try to stay at the same level usually okay you guys get here and get tall and try to hit down and it goes into the net yeah foreign.

That's a smart shot on a backhand bias too to make him right there wide here okay so this stuff's working I don't know if you know it but it is you just taking it off the Skip Hop see how much time you had there yes because you're so focused on this movement that you just forget oh and the ball's just gonna right here sometimes I.

Watch the player if they're pretty generic vanilla I can watch their paddle I know the angle when I get in trouble is the trickster yeah you know because I can't really watch the paddle so then I just switch to watch the ball okay okay most of the time I'm watching body and paddle yeah but when somebody's.

Doing this stuff I watch the ball when I saw you start to do something in my in my head I said wait oh I just stopped I was like wait because normally when you start to do that I start going like I was Panic about it wait I like that a lot foreign that was awesome.

And you let that ball go it was still in but no it's out was it yeah I tried to hit it oh you did okay yeah oh I almost had it almost I gotta not give you the Ernie opportunity yeah this is one of the shots the women's game.

I wouldn't worry about it mixed they're looking to go around the post on you yeah I try not to go over the highest part of the net if I can unless I have them kind of over here you know yeah it's my unfortunately my default shot to go to your four yeah from here and so once I start going to your four I want to keep going but I've got to be.

Thinking about that so that's where this bailout dink comes yeah go to the middle yeah right there okay because it can't get ernied this person can't do much with it right your team resets yeah it's just a great shot yeah that was better a little bit High yeah but who's gonna get it nobody because.

I'm going around the corner right right uh how close that was good footwork though yeah I did something weird with my wrist you did there you go stay in that there you go oh.

That's all out dumbass so your paddle got away from your body instead of right in there yeah and then you can do a little pop put your paddle gets away from your body it starts closing right yeah and then you don't have that control but everything else.

Was perfect and you only missed by two inches you know the backhand though I like it you just missed it that's kind of a you know chicken wing shot get that over paddle angle.

Oh probably going out really so if somebody does wind up at the kitchen probably going out okay blocker Ducker yeah try not to get so far away from your body let it come to you wait right wait yeah nice good reset and work your way up.

So a little hard right it's right there yeah but you know it depends on what this person doing right they're covering your smoke if they aren't yeah it's a good shot okay now let's change it up so we'll go this way go ahead and serve that ball or hit a third.

Attack so down the middle just roll her down yeah just go ahead and do it okay I know we're being cooperative but I don't want you to get in a pattern of giving stuff back that okay you earned you know oh good I got it.

That was perfect patient calm oh no I gotta get my put my sunglasses on I think okay you're just dead uh we can switch sides too I don't mind okay she's doing good doing good like button if you haven't already.

Don't hit it twice okay let's see and we're sure we put her this is probably it's okay because you're looking this way right exactly okay so just like the backhand dinking Gordon and I've been drilling on that every day for a long time this is something we drill on every day now and.

It just you didn't know the progress what you didn't know the technique I didn't know the technique right so you're just Drilling that batch yeah bat in bad out but now we'll now we can yeah so you're getting it up to Skip Hop you're staying that elbow tight yeah that's kind of it yeah and the rest we're working on like.

We always do not moving through the shot being stopped right everything else is the same yep now has too much okay so you're getting bit I'm not looking at the ball again okay and this is a harder shot you know yeah forward is easier but this is harder they're talking about.

It ah I think you can take that in the air what I mean no I like catching off the bounce step back but if you just set your paddle there it'll hit off of it if it's in the right angle but at the same time you're going back you're trying to swing at it okay that's a timing nightmare okay.

Let the ball hit the paddle for the most part just let the ball hit the paddle okay yeah that's all you had that was your kill shot your attack I love that was terrible.

There you go that was a little it was it got way out that way far away yeah and that's footwork right take one little step and you got it easy you got a ball coming at you no oh sorry that's okay yeah because you're trying to hit it up.

Here that's a timing nightmare we got to get you to we got to get it down there everything okay take everything off that bounce okay that's all I do I take it off the bounce I let the ball hit the paddle yeah I make it as simple as possible because I'm really not that good I'm.

Just uh smart oh good shot a little risky not giving myself very much margin yeah no margin learned that from Scott Moore go ahead and take that yep plus what I like I gotta be ready for the comebacker you stepped into it you got to be ready for the comebacker yeah.

When you go out wide here and attack there's no way you're ready for the comebacker if you're here yeah you're ready in here yeah not tight grip but right just letting that ball come to you Oh I thought that was good you're going flat not looking at the ball under my paddle.

Try to take it off the bounce if you can there you go that was tight yeah I felt you could have got a comebacker oh that was good don't make me move okay we're gonna change it up we're going forward go again.

No footwork at all that was a tough shot though really oh okay come on oh don't attack let that go let it go shoot you got it you got it get ready I'm not out okay keep going.

Uh so you kinda you were gonna take it off the bounce and then you let it bounce up high so a lot of times if it bounces up high I want to wait for it to descend and take it okay it might be too much but that was better.

Yeah there we go ah I can't let my partner take that like that I know I would have taken a step back and taken it off the bounce okay yeah and then it's an easy shot right foreign in my panel again why.

That's all I'm doing right now there's paddle angle yep you got it get ready ah there's no way to be aggressive on that shot right a little Panic there yeah it was right there you got time so when everything's tight you just turn.

And catch it just turn and catch turn and catch oh man you were there I was the sun maybe yeah it is really hard to see right here okay but I gotta get used to it it's part of the game right yep oh yeah you weren't ready it was not ready okay let's grab balls how much time we got.

It is 703. okay cool I figured a lot of people would be here by now but maybe they've asked her yesterday they thought if they're going to close down four quarters right good okay let's do first four shots drill.

Okay so you're gonna hit five serves I'm gonna return you're gonna drop on this side and then I'm doing a soft four to the feet okay okay that's one and don't miss right yep I like that we'll do a fifth if it.

Happens you know okay so this is first four shots drill and dynamite doubles Link in the description okay focus is don't miss don't miss the first four shots there you go.

Oh do not miss the first four shots sir return drop and then me I do a soft four to the feet hilly does more of the four shot attack no stupid if you come from below to high it's a pretty good attack roller yeah but straight across doesn't work okay.

Okay son okay let's switch that side foreign Blue Water which is coming hard nice like nothing so do you feel oh that's probably going to bounce high it's coming hard yeah get down yep get down tight.

Yeah that was so good calm tight you let the ball hit the paddle right that was it right there that's perfect there nice calm controlled foreign oh you tried it it was there I need to let go with this hand when I try that I'll be right.

Oh I'm not some kind of experimenting you can do later is opening keeping your angle but opening the paddle closing the paddle to get it because it'll do cool stuff yeah but first four shots drill we don't miss nope I think you're five that was seven or eight yeah okay.

Let me go ahead and serve on that side okay I think you only missed two shots out of all those yeah two drops yeah and the drops you made were unattackable they were perfect so here's one great circle back oh I got you you got me.

You look surprised yeah easy right yeah calm two that was good the women's game nobody's going around the post except for Lisa Maybe okay I think this is three oh well we got past the first four so that's good I was thinking about.

Something else in in the middle here's four yeah don't whack at it just right there right yes right there yes when I whack at it I'm I'm rushing yeah and you're never going to be ready for the comeback right your.

Team's gonna be totally out of position yeah it's best the kitchen is your Lifesaver yeah I always try it when I'm in trouble just get it in that kitchen and then I'm safe sometimes most of the time most of the time but I'm better than that yeah okay four come on.

Really okay good I think your partner was going to burn me down that one it was going down it's whether or not you were ready yeah because you went out so wide yeah you're not gonna be ready that's why I try to I stepped and stay tighter right every once a while you get it is what it.

Is okay that might have been four or five I don't know good enough stay tight oh boy oh so you've got you were living in the past recovered in the middle yeah you made.

The shot yeah two you had all the time in the world yes I did you see that a mile away three oh man I missed one I four foreign.

If you just let that Skip Hop Off the paddle it goes over you're trying to swing at it because you got loose right yeah five oh boy oh you were almost perfect it let's do that again so we both had one miss.

Here's our Mulligan stay in there stay in there let it go yes perfect okay here's gonna be the true test the dink game it's a dink game okay and I'm gonna be pretty aggressive okay really yeah that's so thank you David let's go forward.

Oh boy yep okay we gotta go to the fifth okay if I can take that ball out of the air it's probably getting flicked at your chest okay we're gonna start right now because this side starts zero zero two that was just a warm-up.

So did you try like some really cool shot or no I was so happy with myself that I had blocked it and gotten back to research around the past yeah I'm like thinking about that instead of look at the paddle that's more reminiscing the past yeah it's reveling yes because it was great it was that great but it's only as good as your next shot.

Okay now two zero really focus on just skip popping as a step back I skip hop and then be ready ice that was a good attack you know it was calm I didn't hit it was an attack set up you didn't try to Barn.

Door in it yeah barn door it I can't see it there you go into firefights good reset that's all you have oh that could have been attacked but if you were off balance it's good just reset it was good though I mean pretty good so.

2-0 I mean like super good really no that was terrible oh old char get out of there oh come on Old shower no shut up about her she doesn't live here anymore nice there you go low skip hopping up.

Oh I kind of like the attack but you got to be ready I gotta be ready coming back I hit it really hard too so it's gonna come back hard right it is thinking about the last shot yep okay let's reset I think we're around six seven eight yeah whatever let's go six six zero.

That's your win good job that was good that was super good I'm trying on this hip-hop it's yeah that's good but not so tight yeah and it's got to be at that angle because it'll go over yeah 6-0 oh.

Too much swinging gift yeah right man you just pop it in a spot I have nothing yeah seven zero oh you gave me your feet could you kind of back yeah eight zero I was gonna be mad if I didn't go over.

But it's too early hey zero oh too early yep again hey zero God okay relax eight zero wow yeah I just kind of bought it you know yes I didn't swing at it yep okay nine zero.

Go oh I was down there why didn't I look at the ball right that's true I did see you kind of yeah I was looking at you and zero oh I didn't think I had to be ready you missed four of them so so it's a good.

Thing to do when somebody's missed four thank you nice oh that was so good that was good you earned that one but I don't give up points easy no that was out that's a point two zero stay calm.

Because it was going to bounce above your knee yeah but attack setup right oh nice way to stay calm 3-0 oh probably could have popped that right at me yeah right above your knees yeah volley just a nice little pop and then you're ready right.

Okay 10-3 oh that's not enough ten three there you go get ready oh get ready it's hard when you're that close to the net you got out I just you I get out and I just have I think I was still running I should have I just get my paddle out in front and yeah they hit it you know.

Yeah okay so that's it what time is it it is 7 20. let's go so yeah don't worry about the boss but we'll put it right here let's go diagonal now Cross Court this is we're doing really really good.

You know and this is more real life stuff we needed to add in yeah so here you can use that sun on me I'm trying to keep it out of the Sun like me so if I score that was jumping around a little bit let's go this way okay so 1-0 down you weren't ready yeah.

2-0 hit get ready hit and get ready hit and get ready okay stay loose I mean stay tight I mean I have to reset some of those I mean if I'm over there getting work like that I'm not going to hit it back no you aren't but we do have to be cooperative in this one.

Okay unfortunately can I lob you I mean maybe I should go out back there okay especially with the sun there's a green light okay uh 3-0 oh here's where you start fritzing a little bit you know I think because you think there's points that can't mean yeah no no you got to just hit the ball right.

The points happen or they don't happen you can't control that all you can do is control this shot this shot that's it 4-0 but that's why I do like adding in some points because you can't be a a drill Queen got a transfer oh boy.

Don't Panic just be ready just defend yeah okay 5-0 just try to make me uncomfortable the best you can you know when I play a better player I'm just really trying to make them uncomfortable a little bit because I'm not going to beat him on my standard shots because they're usually.

Better yeah so I just have to move them a little bit a foot here and hope I have a good partner six zero so I'm just letting them Skip Hop off that was out was it okay yeah I like that though because that made me very uncomfortable I just over hit it just barely like that Skip Hop.

Taking it off the bounce if you got to reach it's not there yeah yeah I'm doing that much less than I used to I see that but it's still eight zero yeah because that's one of your errors we're trying to eliminate your heirs oh almost so try to go ahead and move me a little.

More okay nine zero if I don't take a step I own you oh that wasn't a bad idea it's difficult shot but it was the right idea it's hard to move you around 10-0 just try to really focus on taking it.

Off the Hop picking up the bounce see that's what you want to do right there here and then I have to retreat right so now you have me oh yeah but did you see that I'm doing too much yeah your goal is just get me off that.

Line yeah yeah because now you have a chance if I'm back here there's a chance yeah my goal is just to reset this thing and get back to this line but you work the system you know you worked a one and a two a one and a two yeah you know yeah that was good let's do it again do we have time no it's 7 26. yeah let's do it.

Let's go okay one zero that was so good oh almost that one I would not hit back to you for sure but that's not the drill I know what the Cooperative shots do is get you to be able to hit creative shots you.

Know or hit the bone right right we want to hit the bone don't get frustrated because you're doing amazing but if you get frustrated I know if I get annoyed I cannot play that shows weakness just stick with your basics stick with.

Your basics if you lose no big deal okay reset oh yes that was so good now work your way back work your way back you're moving me now you know oh no oh so trying a hard shot off off balance yeah now it was indecision it was like I.

Don't know what to do I put my hand there took it away you know okay so that was a really good rally I mean that was amazing my decision always just the easiest shot yeah I would have let it hit the paddle and just reset here again yeah but that was great yeah you removed me I had to hit great shots to win 4-0.

Just trying to move me you're trying to get me off this line oh and you win it you got that one that was perfect it's hard to like try to do that and keep your hands really soft and relaxed that's the game right yeah that's high level yeah yeah once you can do that man you go up a whole rating.

I think we I have zero so yeah it's not used to having beating me that's not enough I don't think four or five I don't know one two three no oh boy oh no that was super good except for that last stupid one.

But you notice you would have freaked out on three of those oh yeah you stepped back stay calm and gave yourself time yeah you had time you realized how much time you had there I find myself doing that big drop step of so much more 4-0 oh okay.

That was the only shot I had okay I want you to play with them now I think we're done okay Sean's gonna play with you guys that was awesome thank you that was amazing Under Pressure there for the first time ever yeah you didn't freak out yeah you started to and then you brought it back yeah.

Okay I'll take the mic because I do kind of berate myself yeah for sure that time like yeah all that work for zero point but that's awesome Char that was amazing okay it's not working not working I wonder test test test test test test okay uh that was a great lesson we.

Worked on keeping her arms soft and tight keeping her elbows into her body letting the ball come to her let the ball hit the paddle let the ball hit the paddle we worked on resets and we noticed that she's trying to take the ball off the bounce so hey kid what's up um so we need to take her take it off.

That Skip Hop or take it on the arc coming down is easier so she did amazing and then we added some pressure with points because a lot of times when we add points she kind of flips out a little bit and feels panicky but that time she started to and brought it back and stayed calm when she's accomplished.

She plays awesome okay so that's it um Dynamite doubles Link in the description oh she did it okay so now she's in a real game and she just hit a shot she normally hits in the net or hits out the side okay so Dynamite doubles in the.

Description so go check it out see uh San Carlos Mexico coming at the end of the month Clinic down there check it out bye all right
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