Foreign so the next topic we're going to be talking about uh we'll see the common tendency of some people dance around a little bit too much with their feet or just do way too much activity with their lower body on their volleys now this could be true for a punch volley where we're trying to send it back with some.

Interest or this could be true for a block volley we lose a lot of stabilization and power the more upright we are and the more we're moving on contact so we can move our feet to get in the right position to play the volley but by the time we're making contact we really need to be using our lower base and the strength in our lower body to.

Play the best shot I think you know taking a look if you're gonna be able to direct your volley to where you want it to go having a base you know having those lower extremities be nice and quiet but just having that Foundation of your of your lower extremities or or of your trunk being engaged allows you to direct your.

Volleys much better allows for much better consistency just all in all we're always looking to to enter integrate bigger body parts and try to connect the shoulder with our with our lower extremities bigger body parts don't break down right Tyson bigger body parts don't break down another common tendency that I see is that lower level players.

Just in general uh when when Pace gets hit Adam it's very natural that they want to flail you know uh get very extreme with their upper extremities and get very extreme with their lower extremities so just understand that it's very natural to want to be very active um when when pace is coming at you we want you to focus on you know keeping.

Those lower extremities quiet keeping that beverage of choice uh in your non-dominant hand while keeping a ball on top of your head yeah I think the other thing with this too guys is we're always going to want to hold our ground and being stable with our lower body goes a long way with that okay guys so the first progression for.

This uh for this topic you see how we've set up the four cones kind of in a box area here um Tyson and I are going to be underhand tossing the ball back and forth to each other what we're going to focus on is being nice and active on the balls of our feet uh at the start but when I toss it to Tyson he's doing gonna do a quick.

Little split step and catch the ball when he catches it he wants to have his elbow slightly bent and he wants to make sure that he's in a good athletic position this is to simulate whether it be the punch volley or the block volley either way we want to get our strength and our balance from our lower body here yeah feet are active before contact or.

Feet are active before you catch so just like what Kyle said um you know think about being alert with your with your ready position be alert or or be active with your split step and then also two keep in mind that from like a technical standpoint you know letting the ball come to you keeping that elbow tucked in you know keeping.

The hand inside of peripheral vision and not catching balls outside of peripheral okay yeah where we catch it is simulating where we would make contact on the volley okay ready here we go split step and catch okay split step and catch okay split step and catch okay split step and catch.

Split step catch okay backhand side backhand side beautiful split step catch split step and catch okay back inside split step catch split step and catch
Too much body movement leads to inconsistent and out of control volleys in pickleball. Learn to “quiet your body” in this drill from Pro Pickleball Player Tyson McGuffin!

Thanks for Watching Reduce Body Movement For Improved Stability & Power In Your Volleys 💪 – Tyson McGuffin Pickleball

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