Thank you thank you temps are rising in Daytona Beach for the second day of the red clay hot sauce floor to open on the carvana PPA tour we set our sights to mix doubles a juggernaut rejoins the draw but so do new menacing Duos welcome to pictona at.

Holly Hill I'm Cameron Irwin alongside professional pickleball player and Coach Adam Stone we are having so much fun in Florida right now but mixed doubles is my favorite day there are some new Duos definitely keep your eyes locked in who do you have your money on today well first off Cameron we had 27 players in the qualifying draw playing for four.

Spots to uh solidify our 32 team draw and you know what there's some obvious teams out there that everyone knows that find themselves deep in the tournaments consistently they have those very high numbers next to their name but I'm going to take a couple teams that are a little bit lower in the seating and I'm gonna keep my eye on Vivian David and Thomas.

Wilson and also the Johnsons oh that's a good one Georgia and J dub so those are my picks to click for today along with the obvious top seeds who are always here to play so very exciting some people say mixed doubles is the best doubles and I can't argue with them Cameron no I would not argue with them at all as you look now to Championship.

Court a warming up this is our first match here Jade kawamoto and Dylan Frazier versus Mary brasha and Federico Stack Street and if you look at the seeds through this one it's pretty wild to think where Mary brasha and Federico stackstrued reside because this is the team you cannot sleep on absolutely and we have a first round of match-up in.

This draw of 32 and all four players in the on the court are MLP Premier level players so just to have a first round match up with this kind of Talent on the court just speaks to the depth of the draw and uh we're gonna have a treat right off the bat uh here in this first match so you can see now Mary brush on the far.

Side of your screen in the blue is Federico Stacks rude Dylan Frazier in the gray shirt and Jade cowimoto in the pink skirt now we have to go through a couple of the pairings because there's been so much conversation leading up to today Paris Todd is partnered alongside Riley Newman that is one everyone has circled and not to mention just that.

Anna bright and James ignatowich are also playing alongside one another those are two teams that are gonna have to get comfortable with one another very quickly on the court one has a lot of experience that's the other that's true and Anna bright and James ignotowich are special friends so that could that could definitely help them uh uh uh be.

Cohesive on the court or maybe it could fall apart who knows the people that have played with their significant other you get all kinds of results uh some highs some lows and everything in between so we'll have to monitor that throughout the day Cameron also important to note uh Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns are also back in the mix uh.

Catherine parento and Tyson McGuffin welcome back Tyson he is back on the pickleball court playing today yeah I'm excited to see Tyson back after that minor foot injury foreign with the one hand backhand he's got some pop on that absolutely looking to be more offensive the kawamoto is known for.

Their uh defensive play but they've really been stepping up the offense lately speaking of offense there's some more it was off of a defensive play nice counter from now Moto absolutely and great patience from all four players on the court and a couple times now that Jade wants with the backhand once with the.

Four and has caught Federico on his right hip speaking of right hips yep exactly right a little payback uh yeah why why couldn't you do that to Jade why why do you have to get Dylan yeah exactly right nice uh Court positioning from Federico Stacks Road and a nice set up drive for Mary brasha.

Oh The Ting the dreaded Ting right off the Net post with a good look at an ATP there Federico asking the ref about something not quite sure what that was but I did say the kawamotos and that's because Jackie kalamoto Jade's sister is a top level level player as well good drive from Federico right up the.

Line Dylan Fraser a little late with that backhand volley yeah you can see from Federico's reaction he's not used to missing that ball he will clean that up for sure backhand drop pretty routine for Federico there's Dylan Frazier just like we saw.

In singles yesterday attacking that third shot almost running through it and having all his momentum going forward after that strike doing a really nice job especially in that dink rally there was one defensive place she covered middle and reset beautifully I like it from Dylan Frazier coming in.

Hot again a couple times now that's happened early in this match he got exactly what he wanted on the forehand side just couldn't convert nice job nice hands from Federico a little high on the dink from Mary brasha we'll just we'll just say that she was baiting Jade into attacking attacking her partner Federico let's just go with.

That foreign nice job there and see that's what happens with the urn even if you don't hit it it forces the ball to Dylan Fraser's forehand in the middle and he rips one up the middle for uh not a clean winner but a forced error and just a phenomenal play by by Jade and Dylan.

I got to see Dylan Frazier play alongside Cali Joe Smith at the Vulcan Indoor national championships and Dylan was somebody that really impressed me with his play both in gender doubles as well as mixed doubles yeah exactly right Cameron and he often plays the right side so to see him in the left and really inserting himself.

And being even more aggressive obviously than in gender it's really nice to see his his uh versatility I think what's also impressive is you watches so many of these Partnerships change from weekend and week out and the comfortability alongside somebody I think it speaks to kind of figuring things out on the Fly.

For kalamoto and Frazier right now there's the reach and it was the same thing with Cali Joe Smith they knew who was taking what ball it didn't look like there were too many miscommunications yeah and uh Frazier really good crab Walker on the kitchen so you you don't see it a lot when he's playing right of course but on the left.

He can do it yep just sailing that return long is Mary brasha and we have a 6-3 kalamoto Frazier lead missed backhand dried from Jade she smacks her head not thrilled with herself there I was gonna say they almost fitted off.

The short return yeah it's nice and you've seen it both from Frazier and Stack's rude it's that singles third shot drive that you can carry over into doubles especially mixed doubles it's a nice ankle there from Dylan Frazier again the speed up but Jake kalamoto doing nice job sliding giving plenty of space yeah just too much uh.

Two a great two shot combination for Dylan Frazier great deception on the forehand nice job Jade kawamoto going up the line with Federico leaking to the middle great shot selection for her keeping uh her male opponent honest I'm curious too it looks as if Dylan Fraser is feeling really comfortable.

Right now moving well beyond the center line might be time for Mary brasha to find one behind him that's not gonna help Dylan yeah we say that's not right so okay oh there was a timeout called probably probably smart um you know yeah you can see Federico upset with the situation with the look.

Off the tape so just taking a little mental reset emotional reset about halfway through this game one Day is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna.

Lee has absolutely no idea about this car so I told her we're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot I think this belongs to you oh my gosh happy Sweet 16 Italy experience it for yourself at the game is evolving I'm so far away.

are you evolving thank you Dylan Frazier and Jade kawamoto with a three-point advantage in a first round match up to 9 verse 24 seed Mary brasha and Federico stack strude on the near side of your screen.

You can see calamoto doing two Cross Court dinks then trying to find a little bit more of that interior the left foot of Mary brasha just missing into the top of the net nice job by Mary Brash I like she took a couple of those out of the air from Jade cowimoto instead of working off the bounce yeah very nice patient point from.

All four players foreign loose air from Jade on the return just some slight momentum here for Federico and Mary let's see if they get some points on the board really good look from Dylan Frazier trying to catch Federico leaning towards the middle and I think he had a window.

He just sailed it long though so since that time out yes we're all tied up aren't we we are all tied up but since that time out it's also very noticeable that Federico Stack Street is a little more involved like right there exactly and that was a difference in the first half of this game was Dylan Frazier at the kitchen.

Line with his forehand in the middle hey and Federico says watching Dylan do it he says I can do the same thing and we've seen exactly that these last couple minutes these last few points Cameron yeah so as they take a timeout let's take a look at our bracket we mentioned some of the teams that are in action today.

You mentioned Thomas Wilson and Vivian David that's a team that I think a lot of people have very high expectations for just in terms of 2023 in general so what do you like about them and what's going to be the next step for them in terms of their progression through 2023. well I would say their best attribute right now obviously both very talented.

Players but it's their cohesion on the court and off the court their personalities match up their good friends off the court and you can see that when they play together unfortunately for them if they do maneuver their way through these first couple rounds they will have to play the number one seed in the quarterfinal but.

Like I said they're a team on the rise not only have they had results uh these past few months but they're a team that has the upside for more one team one team John's back in action after taking a little break just out a little late on that Lefty forehand Jade kawamoto nice job by Mary.

Brasha putting her in an uncomfortable position good nice spot from Dylan Frazier right in the middle not I'm not even sure exactly whose ball that was Mary or Federico just perfectly placed from Dylan oh it's snatched it away Federico Stacks rude Mary went to play defense exactly.

Right great job by getting that that Paul in there at the last second to help out protect his partner Mary brasha who is a kind of scrambling in a defensive position Style yeah it's tough you see Federico thinking that Dylan is going to protect Jade and so he took his shot behind.

Dylan and pushed it wide get out on the side of cow Moto and Frazier nice job from kawamoto putting that ball up Federico's line to kind of start the offense for them and they finished it a little bit later interesting to see too kalamoto now working with the Selkirk paddle not sure.

She has signed with them but I know that she's been on the market yeah definitely there it is that's Dylan Frazier like crab walk I talked about perfectly placed right splitting the defense so good from Dylan a nice dink from Jade kalamoto and we have we've seen Jade go behind Federico more frequently than Mary has gone.

Behind Dylan we'll see kind of how those frequencies play out moving forward but that's definitely what I have noticed so far in game one off the line in that regard too in terms of digging up the line and backing up stepping back in and kind of going from a defensive position to more of an offensive posture rash had stack screwed.

With a look so they started with a three-point deficit or in the middle of this game down 4-7 then come back to win 11-9 fantastic job by Mary brasha and Federico saxrude with some mid-game adjustments what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos.

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thank you thank you Mary brasha and Federico stack shrewd with game at number one in their pocket against a very tough team of kawamoto.

And Frasier and we talked about it the seeds don't really tell the story when you're looking 9-24 these are all top tier players on the carvana PPA tour so we saw a big mid-game adjustment from Federico Stack Street and Perry brasha will we see one on the other side okay what defense from Frazier and calamoto.

So good on the defense absolutely true they never made it forward that whole point just scrambling able to get it done Dylan Frazier is just lurking at the kitchen line everywhere and I I do not think that they're gonna make an adjustment I think that Jade is just gonna play cleaner she made a couple.

Soft mistakes in that first game she's gonna clean that up and they're going to be just fine love it a thing of beauty right through the five hole Dylan Frazier nice ATP from Mary I like the way staxter protected Brusha right there after that tough deep serve yeah cause she was in trouble she was late getting in Dylan had a nice look at.

That drive so nice complimentary pickleball from Federico yeah speaking of complimentary pickleball very impressed Russia just in the middle there she's doing a nice job kind of sliding back to the middle when need be to look for some defensive resets nice job Jade kawamoto sneaky ball up.

The line Federico putting it into the net after a very nice Point again some really long extended points and some good scrambling and defense early in game two again there's the dink from Jade kalamoto up the line that's a little ambitious and I actually think Federico might have thought Jade.

Was looking for the Ernie there that's why he went for such yeah so he just went for it there even though that was from a low position we've seen Jade kind of go behind Federico and then line up in that Ernie position and then let Dylan have the rest of the court so I think Federico might have thought that was going to.

Happen again yeah you can see the fellas a couple times going behind their male counterpart because they really are leaking to the middle a lot and that was a mid-game adjustment from Federico in game one and he stuck with it so far yeah good spot from Dylan nice hold and flip freezing Federico just enough to.

Get him to have to fully extend on his forehand goop that ball back out that was the perfect spot from Jade not overwhelmingly powerful but right at the left foot of a right-hander what a drop oh did landed in.

Oh I like the leave that ball was kind of almost shoulder height yes or above to Mary brasha and somehow it it dropped in whether this whether it was spin or a mishit from Dylan either way oh nice look I love the take from Federico and I love the positioning of Dylan sometimes you hit the tape but nice job from the fellas.

Covering that middle oh good luck a couple that patterns happened a couple times with with Dylan holding Federico and then whipping it to the middle and Federico late on the forehand nice job by brasha in that point to get herself back forward she's playing very consistent right now a little stutter step there.

By Jade cowimoto lost her footing yeah I thought she stepped wrong it looked it looked a little funky hopefully yeah I don't think she looks like she's fine hopefully yeah didn't roll an ankle or something I've definitely done that stretch it out on the right foot you saw the speed up Cross Court from.

Jade kalamoto just there we were actually out on the court yesterday speeding up Cross Court not so easily done it's a dangerous position you put your partner in will you saw it again right there Cameron and you will see it more in mixed because it forces uh that counter.

Is coming at the mail you'll see it much less in gender doubles uh right there Dylan was in a good spot but nice defense for Mary yeah one too many times back behind Federico he was ready for that one so instead of instead of leaking middle he kind of held his ground because Jade has been going uh behind him at a pretty.

Good uh pretty good clip so nice job by Federico kind of staying in his spot and rolling that backhand well it's very important to note too just between these two points Jade cow Moto and Dylan Frazier came back together so probably an adjustment there okay probably in regards to what you were talking about how Federico Stacks are stink a little.

More true to his left side that's right so it might find an opening on the other three three and Elaine has been opened yep great move from fed just too much from Jade kawamoto with the phenomenal hands nobody home after uh Federico at a position after the Ernie attempt that is just mean Dylan Frazier wow to.

Keep that in unbelievable shot because Mary she wasn't late she she was where she needed to be and he still threaded the needle phenomenal shot from Dylan Frazier yeah nice job there from Dylan just kind of imposing his will hanging out in the middle and Jade kalamoto just letting.

Him do his thing falling back to the mid Court I believe that's just short yeah just what they both called it instantly usually when both Partners instantly call it's very very rarely the wrong call.

The Vlog was well defended but it's just too much space trying to cover the opposing side what a point phenomenal play from all four players quite a few extended rallies so far in game two I'm really liking uh the patterns and the frequencies of all four players good stuff so fun to watch these four go head to head here on Championship Court.

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Rubber outsoles with specialized pickleball design for increased side to side stability and Agility conquer the core encumber Sketchers pickleball the official Footwear of the carvana PPA tour Jade kawamoto and Dylan Fraser versus Mary brasha and Federico Stack Street you've got Cameron Irwin here alongside Adam Stone just the first.

Match of mixed doubles on the carvana time in PPA tour I'm sorry I think yeah great shot and I think this is a good indication of what Pro mix doubles is two delicate balances how much Court the male player takes and you don't want.

To go over a certain threshold very delicate balance and how often the ladies go behind the males so those are two of the big things in mixed doubles that uh affect the outcome of the match and we've seen both of those happen quite a bit early on in this uh in this mixed doubles day I don't know if that clipped the paddle.

Or not good thing it's a wiffle ball but it still hurts it stings it stains a little bit I got I got cheeked once pretty hard like a real hard Wes gabrielson son of a gun I like it from Dylan kind of a solo shake and bake just drive at the female player in front of him and crash in he had a good look but a great buy from.

Mary brasha letting that sail deep oh come on Dylan look at fed oh he's yeah oh oh yeah fed showing some frustration for sure that was very frustrating it is it is it all evens out in the long run right Cameron I don't think I don't think it does I think you guys just say that to make us feel better.

Hey you do it enough it becomes a skill that's true so I know some players get a lot more a lot more let chords than others but I come from volleyball where they used to say you could train that as a serve and I'm like aware where are you learning that skill it's a good strategy clip the tape yeah.

To go to a game three and to game three we go yeah just uh just almost Flawless play Jade solid as a rock Dylan doing his thing up there uh not much Federico and Mary can do when they played that clean of a game let's see what happens in game three cam.

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Controlled effortless power all technology every shot we go to game number three Jade kalamoto is with the cell Kirk they've actually it's been interesting both Kyle Motors kind of changing between a few different paddles over the last few weeks they may have played with the cell Kirk over the past week or so but I think this is a.

New thing for them am I wrong it's kind of crazy that they can play at that that high of a level changing every single week to a new battle yeah usually when you see a player who was they were formerly battery paddle Tech but they don't wear the clothing that usually means they're a free agent and they're kind of shopping around so I think.

That's exactly what's happening with the kawamotos three selkirks out on the court right now in game number three Federico stackstrued working with the Perseus from Yola then John's new paddle some beautiful touch volleys in the middle of this rally But ultimately it's the big two-handed backhand from Mary.

Brasha that's right and you can see Jay definitely going with some cross-court attacks forcing that ball to Dylan but Mary brush up to the task go go oh and did it go off the net no yeah just long.

But hold on a second oh he's talking he's he thinks the screen flickered I think he's talking about the screen in the back maybe yeah I'm not sure cam sight lines are very important in the game of pickleball especially being under an overhang like we are here on Championship Court.

Grandstands are as well no yes you're exactly right Cameron nice nice speed up there from Federico two or three shot combination catching Dylan Frazier reaching but yes absolutely sight lines uh kind of the batter's eye like in baseball just seeing having a Clear Vision of the ball I mean you're not allowed to wear uh colored shirts of.

The ball anymore so these things are pretty important these things the ball is moving fast if you don't have a clean uh look at it you're in trouble right there great job going to the middle she get really whipped through and driven that two-handed backhand Cross Court that time she plays middle Dylan late.

Russia with the love and it's a doozy of one great law but she was worried about that last ball oh she won well she was gonna let it go which was like the finger was up at the same time that's right phenomenal love though I love that have not seen that yet big fan of the lob uh I use it a lot in my game so I.

Love to see players especially taking that ball out of the air great great time for that great shot Mary fine great Federico just knowing that Jade kalamoto is almost always going to take that two-handed backhand counter cross-court he's sped up right there and then crashed to the middle great job.

From fed and again Watch brush's footwork right here pulling that ball all the way back to the line well done yeah and Dylan definitely not thrilled with the situation because you can see it is a pattern that they're looking to uh to get into and Mary bra should just handling it too well right now.

Solid Advantage for brasha and stack screwed I don't think she's feeling it right now I won't be on my phone all week looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC Liv you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please your phone it's okay hit that over yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam you feeling it now.

Let's go everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it let's go what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match.

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Cameron Irwin alongside Adam Stone and on the other side of the net it's kawamoto and Frazier foreign Frazier gets the better of this point but it's hard you almost wanted to root for Brussels both of them with some outrageous.

Defensive plays that one stab for Mary Brasher was an absolutely ridiculous in the kitchen you know to Dylan's backhand absolutely incredible I believe maybe a football was called on the push-off let me see that again he looked pretty far back let's take a look here so watch for the football.

You didn't no I don't think he re-established I think it's I think it is the correct call yeah at first glance because look does that let the does he drag it I don't think so no I don't think he does I think it's this I think it's the right foot he steps in and then it doesn't land again until.

He doesn't drag it because a dragon because constituted as being re-established correct yeah yes yes so that so that's exactly what I meant so definitely and the thing is this this gets cold a lot a lot I've been called a lot for this and you never you can't ever fathom that it happened because where you end up is pretty close to the.

Baseline where Dylan struck that ball was pretty deep in the court so it's just hard to like mentally grasp that you were in the kitchen exactly a tough break because he was there second law of attempt for Mary Brash and I would say Dylan Frazier Federico Stacks would have great power on the grout ground strokes rate power from the.

Kitchen but I would say maybe one small weakness would be their overall put away power when the ball goes up high and the other team is scrambling oh that's slippery Mary brasha I think that might be the first sexy time of the day that was incredibly deceptive totally froze her opponent phenomenal wrist manipulation there for Mary brush.

Oh well done nice play Dylan great spot right there at the right knee of Federico that's my favorite shot I like the when I'm on the right the misdirect up the line you freeze the left the left side stud I mean that's sexy time what can you say are you serious you cannot be serious Dylan Frasier again with the.

Netcord winner here what a point one seven one I think stack Street's gonna lose it yeah I know I know I know he is Mary brasha Three for three on the lobs one she got a little she got a little assistance with the with the kitchen violation but three for three phenomenal job Mary.

She didn't use a single one in the first game either it's three and just the last two it's all stacked screwed in Russia right now yeah just a great combination and and stacks root when he is speeding up to the backhand the two-handed backhand of the Lefty Jade cowamoto he is crashing to The Middle on the next ball.

Very difficult to rip through that two-hander and put it up the line so great read by him knowing where his opponent is going to counter attack fine make it eight yeah that's tough stuff right now for kawamoto and Frazier.

Yeah they're they're trying anything now they got the switch with Dylan over on the right nice scramble but just too much right now the brasha and Federico are giving them nothing good controlled offense nothing spectacular not blowing them off the court but literally giving them nothing no freebies no errors just Rock.

Solid play from Federico and Mary brasha and they're rewarded with a significant lead here in game three Cameron thank you foreign.

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Getting juicy game at three action the first round match between brasha stack shrew kawamoto and Frasier well I mean that just kind of sums up what's been going on here in game three uh it's the right play from Dylan I like the speed up there just makes the air.

And goes to brasha and stacksrude 11-1 the match is sealed by the 24 seeds yeah incredible play like I said just total rocks out there absolutely no errors and just too much uh for Jade cowimoto and Dylan Fraser who did not play poorly in my opinion several and water Sheehan design and John's as well as Todd and Newman Johnson and.

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Thank you foreign foreign foreign.

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Your best pickleball socks that keep you on the ball find your sock at coming up next on Championship Court it is a Duo you have been waiting to see play alongside one another Anna bright and by the way she's rocking the pink James ignanowicz hat and rightly so because that's her partner today James.

Ignatowich the double gold winner from just a few weeks ago that the Vulcan Indoor national championships no mustard in hand folks so don't don't get too excited I just see a large gallon of water uh they're gonna face off against Travis rettenmeier and Leia Jansen all fireworks on their side of the Court absolutely fireworks and redmi are.

Always rocking the colorful shirt look at that thing I mean he's all he's always popping bringing the style good love to see that but uh so we had uh Jansen and Rhett Meyer defeating Shelby Bates and Darian young and brightening notowicz defeating Cameron Blackwood and Ryan Sherry to get to this point second round.

So here we go foreign heck of a first point and a cross-court attack from Leia Jansen and Anna bright waiting with the two-hander rips it to the left side of Travis redmeyer nothing he can do there if anybody at home knocks dropped from James ignato which if anyone at home.

Would like to do a split step counter on James ignatowicz he's already at about 250 a couple points into this match so please give us some figures what was the number we saw from the last tournament Nice Shot there from James ignado which catching Leia Jansen looking for an Ernie ripping it right into the body often a good play if you have that.

Anticipation knowing that your opponent is going to jump the corner Celia Johnson just missing a dink there she is by the way on to the final for women's Pro singles she'll face off against Catherine parento on Championship Sunday that is a lightning fast backhand though from James ignotowicz yes and great.

Hands from I thought the initial attack was attack was a little low from James but had a ton of pace and spin on it Rhett Meyer handles it nicely very nice job from Anna bright right on oh wait did oh did that not clip Leia I thought it clipped her oh it did not that's my bad my bad she misses it wide.

Too big of a swing there from Anna I thought she caught her opponent opponent's paddle you know I always think it's so interesting to watch James ignatowicz on the two-hand backhand dink because you watch Riley Newman and he goes down often with that paddle whereas James ignatowicz is a little bit more vertical.

With his yes much different grips Riley going with that pancake grip but what's crazy is how much lift he can still get with that vertical paddle position he gets low and a lot of that is a testament to his his footwork and his knee Bend so to get underneath that ball especially as you mentioned the grips.

Are a little bit different so you better get low to get underneath that ball with the two-hander and James ignata which does that it's first volley from Leia Jansen always definitely carries over from Singles to doubles that first volley off of the drive singles players very very good at hitting a crisp but first of all.

You saw it there from Leia yeah nice get in there from James ignatowicz using all of that 6263 frame and I would expect James to take a little bit more Court than Travis rettenmeier Travis Rhett Meyer great player solid tennis background but he's a little bit older and uh he'll probably hang on his side just a bit more than.

James will who is you know has plenty of spring in his step we'll just say life experience foreign s the margin of error is only about three inches above the net plenty of pace too yeah there's not a lot of bumping or simple Strokes on these this.

Is it's almost a full stroke so yeah it's a lot of risk and a lot of reward but they're really handling it nicely and not making a lot of mistakes who hit it confusion in the middle you knew it was coming they knew it was coming too man that shirt is popping look at that thing.

It would be like Fresh Prince Style yeah too much there late getting forward you can see uh James ignato which right in the middle of the court and right on the kitchen line not a lot of space in the court for Rhett Meyer to go I think not a witch with a nice backhand winner foreign you know I wonder the video board at.

Times can be a sight line issue I wonder if that shirt is yeah no I mean I mean I said it earlier I said it earlier he's got a couple slivers of uh Dura fast color in that shirt somewhere and that pattern no that shirt is fantastic I'm just making a joke I don't care if it distracts the opponent that shirt's.

Awesome and he needs to keep it on oh that's a quick wrist that's a whole that's a that's the old Holden flip from Big Papa Jimmy right there up the middle very nice job from James ignato which just totally freezing his opponents and I don't I don't blame him that was just no way to read that ball just long let's take another look at it some.

Slight questioning here yeah Travis is also going to ask our we don't have video channels right now drops her paddle takes a time out and gives a classic Leia Jansen smirk and walk off let's take another different kind of walk off here's a look yeah so close yeah so close I'm not.

Exactly sure on that one obviously um so uh cam my picks to click unfortunately if they do make it to the quarterfinals we'll have to play the number one and the number two seed you know we have lots of talent in the straw so anything can happen getting to that point but I expect one upset between my picks.

To click whether it's the Johnsons or that's Vivian David and Thomas Wilson to take out the one or the two seed okay and uh I might fall flat on my face with this prediction but that's that's what I'm going with Cameron says it'll be so far later in the day that I don't know if you'll still be on the mic okay yeah right right so okay perfect so at least.

No one can like hear you fall in your face a really nice uh pow-wow here between Travis and Leia they were really going back and forth talking about some situations and some patterns that have happened so far in this match so it's good to see uh you know sometimes you kind of stay in your Zone on time out sometimes you have a little chat yeah uh.

With your partner about what uh what you want to do coming out of the timeout so it's good to see that they have an open line of communication it always really helps to have that with your partner seven two one good communication on the other side as well is Anna bright and James ignatowicz both bouncing up and down with a solid.

Advantage that ball just out of bounds off the volley of Leia Jansen yeah just just a hair too much of a swing from Leia like to see her use some of James's power on that shorten up the stroke very hard to do in the moment nice job Leia Jansen great job with the.

Initial slide so you gotta slide early when someone's attacking you with a lot of power and Pace like James ignatowitz if you're a little late sliding to her right to load up on that two-handed back and you're gonna be in trouble so she was very early on her load that time and she reaped the benefits I know it's gonna.

Sound counter-intuitive but I really like the way Leia Jansen she has the ability to get big but still remain compact when need be especially on that side got big got tall able to create a ton of power from a compact compact range looking for her own flick there yeah exactly right a little low a little.

Ambitious I hadn't really tried that shot yet so I don't hate it but uh definitely a ball that I wouldn't attack all the time just looking to create some offense can't blamer for that a couple times now with drives in the middle yeah I think I think uh Anna had that lined up on the backhand and then she.

Kind of heard the footsteps of of uh James coming forward and kind of pulled back a little bit I'm sure they'll get that situated in the middle that's a big shot right there yeah yikes lots of Pop kind of catching Rhett Meyer in the armpit definitely sailing out but just no way for Rhett Meyer to get out.

Of the way lots of pace created from ignado witch on that shot ouch yeah too much James big in the middle uh he he doesn't he doesn't hold anything back even when he talks about mix he says I'm just gonna I'm gonna attack straight ahead I'm gonna get big and I don't think anyone can handle my hands.

So uh so far so good from James and Travis rentmeyer wants a part of the club really nice shot from Travis Rhett and Meyer catching James ignato which uh looking for a backhand even though he hit it to the forehand side so penciled up James great deception from Travis there we go Anna attacking Cross Court knowing she has her partner right there.

With that backhand punch Leia can't do much to keep it away from him and just too much power from that chest position from James ignatovich with a one-hander so it's really nice to see James go with that one-hander from the chest and then have the big two-hander out in space to his left side it's a nice combination.

For him on counter attacks was a raging start for those two James ignotowicz and Anna bright game one is now on their side pickleball is here welcome to top 40. pop tip when it comes to hitting serves you want your serves to land back here in this area.

You want to keep that paddle towards your body and it's more of a push with my shoulder thank you carefully crafted with Valencia orange peel Blue Moon is one of a kind something this unique could hang in a.

Gallery but it looks best in our signature glass Blue Moon One of a Kind every time oh what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in.

Business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to an eight I sure can try Leah Jansen and Travis rettenmeier look to make some adjustments here into game number two James ignanowicz was everywhere what are some of the things.

They can do to maybe neutralize him or find different moments of opportunity uh that's a really good question and I'm not sure I have a great answer for this one but maybe my coach maybe play soft behind James a little bit more I'm not sure going power behind him is the best play with that two-hander but maybe some soft stuff to kind of keep him from.

Leaking in the middle but he plays big and he's got that wingspan and when he can like I mentioned with the one-hander counter from the from the chest and then the two-hander in space it's just a lot to handle cam so I have what's maybe going to be considered a silly question but it felt like the head-to-head battle between.

Leia Jansen and James signado which with him just being on such fire instead of maybe looking to counter could she maybe look to reset or is that even possible foreign just too much and yes I think it actually is a very nice patient point from all four players but cam to your question I think it is reasonable when.

You counter attack hard and your opponent might have better hands than you sometimes being soft and not getting into that fire fight is very reasonable situation I'm just trying to think of something and the only issue is is Leia is definitely much more of a counter attacker very good in her own right.

Right right but you know sometimes you get you catch an opponent that's hot and you got to make an adjustment so it could be something to look for oh yeah and it's it's really reasonable too because I mean I played a lot of right side at the end of my career and I would get matched up against these big time.

Studs on the left so often when I was just getting smoked and losing exchanges I would just hop back from the kitchen line reset and kind of get back into the soft stuff just knowing my opponent was just too good in that moment I think you have to continue the conversation though also looking at the partnership of Rhett and Meyer and.

Jansen and knowing what their strengths are and that's the fire right is it is it the dinking or is it the counter punching and the aggressive play so a little bit of a balance of the two right yes well of course a balance is always uh correct and now to find the perfect balance that's the difficult part but uh yeah you're absolutely right maybe we.

Can have Travis attacking uh Anna a little bit more uh that might be a little dicey but maybe something to try oh let that one go I thought Travis potentially could have had a look there at a speed up yes and so uh there was a gap in the middle for jameswich but but Travis has a really nice forehand speed up and then backhand punch after the.

Speed up so maybe that's a combination you can look for on Anna bright so Travis getting a little bit more involved you can see how far he is getting past the center line making his presence known yeah I'd love to see that from Travis and like I said his forehand speed up is very good yeah you know there's nothing wrong with that to.

Create some offense crazy some some Havoc from uh Anna and James love to see it great protection from James ignatowicz and a bright very late getting over uh after her return and James ignada which stepping over nicely one form one Leia Jansen sitting here looking at me going Camp what are you talking about I.

Can counter just as good great point and we have seen a couple soft dinks behind James ignatowicz from Leia Jansen and one from each player in that point Travis and Leia phenomenal job and I'm not a witch overcooking that two-hander and nice lead here for Rhett Meyer Jameson nice play from Travis with the stab and.

Then there's the backhand punch here we go tale of two games so far I love to see it and we have a timeout right here God I love it we saw it in the first match on Championship Court going three games could we have yet another I know Adam really enjoys the pregame well of course everyone does everybody does here on the carvana PPA tour.

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To get you the lowest low rate possible because if you believe you will thank you it starts right here thank you.

foreign a beautiful day in Daytona Beach for the carvana PPA tour I mean why not go to the international speedway I passed by this on the way and I was like oh I think it's time to go for a tour that might be happening later on today but.

Welcome to the red clay hot sauce Florida open second day of coverage it's all about mixed doubles today and right now Leia Jansen and Travis rettenmeier are looking good in game number two 40 slight hesitation from James coming over not sure if they had a little chat or if they said yours or mine but just.

Just not quite committing to that ball James ignato which puts the air into the net I like this that's more of a placement counter versus a power counter from Leia Janssen absolutely Anna bright Lake getting forward and Leia Jansen exact right not ripping it cross-court going.

Middle beautifully placed nice job but hey so far in game two it's kinda I told you I wasn't confident in my analysis but we we've seen something but we've seen Travis take more court and we've seen them go behind James with soft stuff so I love the adjustments from Leia and Travis like you're trying to give it some body.

Language there she knew it might sail wide and it does one six one nice job from James getting that down so if he if he punches that with more power I think Leia would had a better shot to come up with that but the fact that he got it down with spin that forced the air into the net from Leia.

She definitely looks like she's doing something different on her counter a little bit replacement not swinging this big yeah and again he's not in the middle of that both from Leia on the backhand and forehand side just taking maybe 10 to 20.

Percent off some of those counters yeah and she's a smart girl she made those those adjustments when she jumps on the mic occasionally in these tournaments she knows what she's talking about oh yeah yeah a little let cord aided but either way phenomenal athleticism to get over.

There and nice patience to let that ball travel around the post from Leia Jansen James ignanowicz has got a pedicure you like that one it's good yeah it's a tough break I think Travis yeah maybe not completely reading it but his paddle was in a good position to handle that middle attack from James ignata which eclipsed the tape nothing.

You can do ignato which uses not only his wrist but he actually had some of those speed UPS it's pretty elbow driven as well that's a little bit more risk there yeah nice pressure from James and Anna a little pep and Anna's step getting her partner fired up see if they can get back in game two.

Ends from Travis rettenmeier after a great poach loved the move from James ignato which but Travis rettenmeier with the forehand speed up and then the backhand counter on the next ball just too good oh and a bright lost her footing and she got back up tough break but let's see if we can see what happened there yeah that.

Was sometimes you just stepped wrong I've done it plenty of times hopefully she's okay yeah I don't think it was an ankle or anything maybe scraped her knee let's take a look here oh huge did she slip oh she slipped yeah six two one it happens so again nice job by Travis and Leia who they put the ball back over to James and.

Anna give up zero points and then get that get another point right here looking really strong in game two finds James ignata which sliding just too far to the center yeah really nice Leia we haven't mentioned Dana Bright's name enough because James ignato which has.

Been playing so big but Anna bright doing her job and doing her job well definitely yeah absolutely right nice roll dink there a big point for ignatowich and Anna bright you saw the ATP defense but then closing the door is ignatowich unbelievable.

Point last few points have been really extended no errors these points are being earned no errors no freebies you love to see the execution on the extended points blocks counters stinks the whole shebang well good attempt for man of right actually she almost got a paddle of that.

After it went between James ignato which is legs great put away power from Travis rettenmeier shockingly that wouldn't be the first time we've seen a play like that on the carvana PPA tour ain't that the truth Anna bright creating on her own have not seen that and that is the key it looks the same when she really Strokes those.

Cross-court dinks it is the exact same as when she decides to speed up there so Travis getting a late break to his left because of the deception of Anna bright on the forehand side maybe it's some slight over extension I like the idea of Travis because Leia Jansen is sliding to her right to handle the backhand just probably went about a.

Foot or two too far I'm sure he I'm sure he mentioned that to her after the point was over like I said it's it's impossible for that to be perfect you just got to do the best that you can to take as much Court as possible oh here we go upset alert upset alert we have Megan.

Fudge and Rob nunnery defeating Lauren trapman and Julian Arnold in the first round after they came to uh Championship Sunday in the previous tournament just a testament to how deep and how talented this field is Cameron I really like that upset alarm but right now we're a little alarmed also on Championship court because Leia Jansen and Travis.

Rettenmeier have to face a few points that they just dropped let discomfort slow you down try penetrax penetrex is different than other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with unique ingredients it's 100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one online rated joint and muscle cream.

Foreign thank you let's go Leah Jensen and Travis rettenmeier here on Championship Court the crowd is.

Filling in here in Daytona Beach at the beautiful pictona at Holly Hill you can see everyone also looking at the grandstand at the top of our stands that's just adjacent to this Championship Court eight five chance into Rhett Meyer yeah Taylor two games so far we definitely have James and Anna creeping.

Back into this into this game too but as we mentioned the adjustments uh in between games very solid from Leia and Travis no worries from Anna I I like it I think that she should have gone for you know not a completely neutral ball on that just hesitated for a second and forced an error.

Second serve James reaching in again there's the quick flick yeah just uh catching uh Rhett Meyer slightly off balance he had to reach for that backhand Dink and popped it up thank you tough break nice dig from Leia Jansen early in that point you can see from her reactions like you make the hard one you.

Missed the easy one happens so frequently in the game of pickleball that's from the top story yeah he's tall he's athletic and he has a good overhead so uh you definitely need to pick your spots if you're gonna lob him and I know she was trying to get it a little more over to that back.

Corner but when you have a strong athletic left side male player sometimes they can get everything Tough Little Couple tough plays for Leo Jansen just to even get into that point right and you can hear it exclaim with some emotion a couple soft errors and uh here we go what.

Seven on one just too high off that right hip quickly that's right and I think maybe with the two dink errors you're trying to make an adjustment to make sure she gets underneath and lifts that ball and unfortunately for her she got a little too underneath that one James ignata which knows what to do with the put away.

So here we are yet again now it's become a one point game the streak continues for bright and Nick matowich all right OS first the official sock sponsor of.

Pickleball stay in the game with OS first socks with purpose and compression bracing designed for Comfort injury prevention and improved recovery first is the official sock brand of pickleball and the PPA tour visit to learn more don't let discomfort slow you down try.

Penetracks penetrex is different than other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with unique ingredients it's 100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one online rated joint and muscle cream a one-point game and Leia Jansen is working things out with Travis rettenmeier right now because they still.

At the one point advantage and they need this second game point that's a really big drive from James ignato witch and to be honest with you I think Travis blocked Leia's Vision on James's drive it might have been a factor in her missing that volley one out of two on the drives from James.

Ignatowich often you see that opening with that player coming forward and you try to put it into a tight window and I think that's what happened there with James I would have liked to see him just drive that ball at Leia Jansen one more time and red Meyer with a little bit of a growl after this one yeah he's got big.

Power he knows what to do with it when he goes high above the shoulder keep that arm loose slap that thing no chance for Anna bright to dig the ball 991 so they earned the ball back tied game Travis really working through the middle there Leia Jansen a couple really nice touch.

Volleys Off The Top Spin roll of Anna bright yeah it's a perfect point from Leia Jansen waited for her opportunity neutralize some aggressive dinks from Anna bright got her opportunity and boom I would have hit that ball what if she pulled back at the last second.

Incredible Court awareness while moving from Anna bright second serve now yeah I did I'm a little bit of a funky bounce there cut Leia Jansen I mean that is just crazy paddle speed I mean the way he whipped through that ball he was like Travis I.

Saw what you did last point I'm gonna do I'm gonna have one of my own here nothing Leia can do with just that much Pace on the ball oh that's tough so good with the two-hander in the middle and Travis had come over to take that forehand which is fine and I'm fine with him doing that.

But Anna bright was such a crisp counter Travis redmeyer couldn't get himself back into position opportunities big overhead from Travis Redding that's a nice combination just putting the ball right.

At the James ignado and not a witch's reach Anna has to scramble to the middle leaving the court wide open and Travis put it right in the perfect spot all right just off the net Court yeah it's a tough break but I like the speed up James has has dinked straight ahead to lay a much more frequently in game two than game one as he was kind of.

Frivolously speeding up at her in game one so we'll see if he amps up the aggression to to seal the deal in game two oh that was gonna be a good look for James ignatowicz and Rhett Meyer smirking at the Baseline right now oh everyone held their held their breath.

For a second if that was gonna drop in oh my God yeah exactly all they can do is laugh this is only the second time this has happened which is actually pretty remarkable to be honest with you that in between ball on the shifted middle It's just tough for Anna because James is just so big and long and he can really.

Get to those and occasionally he doesn't it just puts her in a tough spot it's hard to play right sometimes yeah right because it's great to have that I don't know what to take and what not to yeah it's great to have that strong dominant player over on the left but you get pump faked a lot you have to move.

Off the line a little bit to let them do their thing it puts you in some uncomfortable situations excuse me oh my another point for Jansen and rettonmeyer wow it's almost as if Anna Wright was ahead of that ball kind of a she was early yeah uh yes exactly exactly right and that caused her to to.

Kind of yank it a little wide and down into the net so solid speed up from Travis and they get the ball back so we are just trading Advantage right now Jansen and retinmeyer have had two looks at a game point whereas bright and ignato which have had one yeah great little Shuffle step lateral.

Movement from ignada witch to to catch that sliced drop of Rhett Meyer that kind of floated up there and gave James time and he great play in the middle nice reach from Rhett Meyer and a solid hold for Jansen and retinmeyer again they need this game yes and I like the Inside Out counter from.

Anna bright and I think more often than not James is going to come up with that two-hander but either way Leia Jansen handcuffed him just enough oh my we're just going back and forth at this point nice combination from James ignatowich he's self-proclaimed no one hits the backhand harder than me.

Oh no you see Travis kind of going with the mid-pace drives from the back of the Court he saw a window with Anna bright and tried to ramp up his Pace to catch her and unfortunately he made the air so back to back holds on each side of the net 11 12-1 that's each time the last the first serve once they got the ball back.

They've missed a third once with the drop once with the drive God to clean that up give yourself a chance to get forward nice play from James excellent and we're all tied up 12 12 2 Cameron what a game my goodness We're Going the Distance right now it's a third well you can see.

Definitely sweating they're working hard out there this game too serious business glistening glistening what both Anna bright and Leia Jansen some pretty intense dinks back to back but she tries to change it up and go up the line yeah exactly she did change the pattern and it was kind of a a Top Spin.

Dink from Anna slice dink from Lana Leia kind of battle there for a little bit and I I don't hate that the decision to to go behind James ignatowich uh there with the soft stuff and just couldn't execute oh my wow Anna bright and James ignatowich have the full comeback in game two and.

Find the match versus Leia Jansen and Travis rettenmeier yeah great play and a great comeback in game two like you mentioned uh really really nice to sneak that one in and not have to deal with the game three great play from James and Anna to come back so they will be moving on in the Winner's side of the bracket big.

Congrats to Bryce and ignatowich a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I miss hit the ball a lot um foreign.

cause I found my way my way thank you.

thank you the red clay hot sauce Florida opened the fifth stop here on the carvana PPA tour Daytona Beach is the host to this beautiful stop and second day of coverage for Pro mix doubles coming to Championship court now is the.

Number one seed Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns rocking the pink they Rock the pink frequently out of stone they do so I guess that's a little powder blue and pink and always a nice combination and we have the lovely married couple matching over here with Gretch Keena and Newell now both Newell and I think we're going to take a look over at grandstand.

Court as we have a crazy match brewing with Paris Todd and Riley Newman splitting games with deckle bar and Etta Wright getting getting the start on game number three Deco bar with a nice Ernie and you see the two-hand backhand of Paris Todd she's been well known for that and the.

Amount of power and whip she can bring in that regard yeah reasonable athleticism from picklebar just you know just reasonable just another day nice pancake power from Riley Newman that forehand a lot of a lot of conversation about just the style between Paris Todd and Riley Newman as they are looking to get comfortable.

Alongside one another I love play and who will be the aggressor that's exactly right and the number 15 seed we saw yesterday in some singles play I was definitely a bit deceiving at a right kind of new only has a handful less than 10 tournaments under her belt so hasn't caught up in the point so 15 is a little deceiving.

From decobar and etorite yeah wow great dig of course that's out on the grandstand you can catch that stream here on the carvana PPA tour producer Keaton doing a nice job covering that court for us as we head back to Championship Court where this is.

Just about to get underway so the number one seed they are very deadly to have to face however they have been beaten in 2023 you think of J.W Johnson and Georgia Johnson back in Mesa what can unfold for gretchkina and Newell against this number one team so Ben John's I would say is the best bully in the game when you give him soft stuff.

And you kind of work the point he will take the offense to you so what do you do against a bully you don't run away you gotta punch him in the mouth cam yeah nice nice counter there after the Ernie look from Ben Newell but that's exactly right if you don't attack Ben and if you just give him free reign to come over and do whatever he wants to.

You're gonna be in trouble you have to pick your spots to attack benjons and the best place to do that is on the backhand side especially in mixed doubles when he has such a presence in the middle minutes High drop from Ben Johns Jana grechkin a little late getting forward but I do.

Like the aggression there she has to go for that ball it's a different look because you do have the South bar yes and Ben Newell so he's playing head up with Ben Johns yeah always a different dynamic when you get a lefty mail on the court yeah we'll uh we'll give her a pass on that one as Annalee water is one of the.

Better hand poachers from the right side in the game nice job fire opponents getting that ball down low and correct me if I'm wrong but Annalee Waters with a new hairdo the triple braid is that a triple break yeah she's got three different braids in there there was some conversation between her.

And Hannah John's about a braid her mother was unlucky or lucky so she's maybe working with something new a nice roll short in the court from Ben Johns uh often you're most of the time you're gonna see him try to keep Gretch Kina back there with a nice roll short in the court she couldn't come up with it.

First third shot and as you see they're Ben Newell with the court coverage uh one of the better movers in the game and some of the best Cavs in the game too are you feeling a little jealous yes he does not skip lay day leg day slightly ambitious from gretchkina but she did have Ben John's transitioning a.

Little bit so don't hate the offensive shot just a little too much my first round win One Eleven two Gretch Kina and Newell had a three-game match in their first round over schneeman and Hewitt was 11-9-11-11-9 yeah interesting score line for sure cam Gretch Kina with what might be one of.

The saves of the day finding the back corner oh just a total standard point there completely six books that really was a little bit of everything and you know it's okay now you can't get too carried away with the chaos but when you're playing a team that is obviously really solid and very talented and you know would be a bit of.

An upset if you beat them creating some chaos and going for some different type of shots is something that's okay in my opinion creating chaos now the Newell on the left but look there just too much pressure from Ben John's uh some some really good defensive play initially from Yanni.

Grishkina and then Ben Newell but just too much pressure from the kitchen line all right she'll take that sometimes it sits up nice for you just kind of popped up right in her paddle path and she rips a cross-court winner and she definitely is one of the slighter smaller players on tour but a lot of power.

Looks for the roll here on the forehand side just misses yeah Annalee and Ben have each one two mixed titles in 2023 that was the first two events side out and then come at the Arizona Grand Slam it was Newman and bright with the Victory and mixed and then at the Vulcan Indoor national.

Championships ignatowicz and parento picked up the win just wanted to comment that we have seen a Half Stack here from Newell and gretchkina so they are playing a stack uh so that they're staying on their side when they are returning and they are playing Newell on the right side when they are serving have to monitor they're.

Not moving forward shout out again Ben finding the feet quickly yeah for sure and Gretch Kina just popping that dink up a little bit and been stepping over with his right foot and smoking a forehand up the middle and we have our first time out in game one and I think it's a good time to do so as uh.

Ben John's and Annalee Waters have stepped up to a 5-1 lead my name is Lee Waters and I'm a professional pickleball player my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom.

So of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna Lee has absolutely no idea about this car so I told her we're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot drum roll I think this belongs to you oh my god my God happy Sweet 16 Annalee experience it for yourself at the game is evolving.

And so are we are you evolving thank you Gretch Kina and Newell look to respond here as they Trail one to five to the number one seed.

A couple roll dings from Gretch King have gotten away from her early in this match with this quality of competition she has got to clean that up can't give this team freebies they earn enough points hey he's like hey Ben there you go he can he can miss by two feet as well.

Yeah once in a blue moon yeah no no one's immune to missing their spot by two or three feet even the best in the world it's kind of halfway up the net her reaction said it all she's like really oh no and I mean how does Ben dig out of that.

Gretchkina had him exactly where she wanted them early in that point and somehow he flails and gets that ball back and play a great defense from Ben will come sliding in he was he was right in front of Yana that's hilarious must have uh the ball sailed long so it must have clipped off Ben's paddle two six two.

And not flopping that ball back down yeah that was a funky last shot great initial counter attack from Ben Newell and kinda in an awkward spot a little above his head he chose to take the backhand but he put it down at Ben John's feet nicely backhand slice to forehand speed up from Yannick Regina through the mid Court.

Yeah she kind of snuck in closer to the kitchen line than Ben Johns was expecting nice job Yana a lot yeah and it's a great angle too because as I mentioned Ben Newell a great mover and he even guessed angle so he had a head start getting to that angle just nothing he can do though with uh how sharp uh that shot was from Ben.

John's decent look from Ben Newell there great shot there from Yana gretchkina we've seen a couple times now and she's kind of slipped forward from the transition zone and able to be aggressive with her forehand Ben just finding the top of the net here so aside out 7-4.

Yeah they've they've kind of inched back in these last few minutes 5-1 after the timeout so back in the game and the ball back I believe was good so second serve yeah any chance she gets she's looking to fire away absolutely and she had some nice speed UPS neutralized by Ben and Anna Lee early a great counter-attack.

With the two-hander from an elite to seal the deal right you can see Gretch Kina kinda change her stroke instead of whipping through she kind of pokes that ball up the line perfectly placed that too good and I you know what I don't hate it Ben Newell was off the court kind of exploded back to the.

Middle with his Lefty forehand but you know when you're attacking Straight Ahead against Ben John sometimes it just doesn't work in your favor Anna Lee with the little fairy hop on her third shot I do the same thing lifting up her left leg but popping up a little too early and not getting.

Underneath the ball causing that net error very hop huh a lot of people do it oh I know ansberry I'm probably one of the guys that gets that leg up the highest so I don't know what it is it just feels natural to do a little fairy just feels right just feels right I see what you did there.

Let's just go uh tough break uh Annalee in a good position to take a rip at that ball either way but when it Clips the tape nothing you can do so cool to see not totally structured the previous match but a lot more consistent dink patterns and Dink points and in this match there's just a lot of chaos there's a.

Lot of chaos a lot of bodies flying around and some interesting shot selections well and to your point I was actually sitting here thinking about how difficult it can be for Anna Lee and Ben Johns just in terms of game planning right so you watch these teams you got scouting reports but you have to also.

Understand that the team is gonna come at you with a very different strategy than you might expect maybe they are just going full send and speeding the ball up at you so it's got to be challenging in terms of game management and scouting but as they take a break let's have some fun a little shake and bake I believe with Catherine parento.

And Leia chance it hi my name is Leia Jansen and I'm Catherine parental and we're going to introduce to you the shake and bake double strategy it would have it just as Catherine is about to hit the drive I see her swing and I notice so she would probably Drive middle and as she's driving I'll follow the path of the ball.

Look to pick off the weak return it's important not to overdo it uh Catherine will then fill in my Gap and anything here or to my right I'll try and pick off and put away and if they get it past me my partner is there to back me up all right so I'm gonna drive most likely towards the middle just because it's a much harder shot for my opponents if I.

Try to go more with an angle it's a lot easier for them to return with an angle so it makes it very hard for Leia to do anything with the next ball to poach so I try to go more middle so it gives her a bigger chance to kind of put it away or to poach on the next ball go nice.

Learning from the top Pros the shake and bake good description from those two absolutely I love shake and bake it's fun that's so fun it's really fun so uh to be honest with you uh three or four years ago is a little easier to execute these guys out here now and gals uh handle that third shot a little better than they used to so still a very viable.

Strategy but I remember uh back in the Glory Days when you just you drove one and you poached one and that was it not that's the game not the case anymore cam replacement from Ben Newell you're exactly right always targeting that uh when they're in the mid quarter back in the court targeting that non-dominant foot is a great place to go.

Yeah it's a couple rolls now on the dinks from Yanni gretchkina kind of flails her hands up as uh she has made a couple mistakes on that ball maybe she should be speeding that up yeah slight pump fake from Ben Newell saying you a little late uh putting Gretch King in a tough spot so that's game number one to Waters and Johns as.

They add an extra point to the scoreboard so the number one seed they look to find another title in 2023 they've got to get through another game though here on Championship Court for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your financial future takes on new meaning.

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Tour Annalee Waters and Ben Johns have game one to their name in this matchup versus Ben Newell and Jana Gretch Kina Ben Newell just 34 years of age out of Kansas City Missouri also obviously resides a married couple oh that's a big SWAT for menuel and then kind of Chuckles uh Ben John's I guess I.

Gotta clarify which bin I'm talking about nice shot from uh Annalee Waters and I like this they're on the close side to the camera now we can really see the pattern on their on their matching outfits and it is very nice very Floral tropical too good Ben Newell in a tough spot as.

He was creeping over to the middle of the Court thanking Ben John's which he often does putting that backhand up the line but Ben changed his spot and went up the middle beautifully that was interesting Jana gretchkina was not ready to uh she was not at the kitchen line established and then Ben Newell sails the return long not sure.

If that threw him off again Ben Newell lunging to the line and Gretch Kina just a tough a very tall task for her to not only cover her side but the middle as well perfectly placed again from Ben John's yeah nice play from Ben Johns and you can see both Anna Lee and Ben are not hesitating to go to the Ben Newell.

Backhand so I think that that is a good pattern for them to not avoid that spot and a foot fault called on Annalee water surf with your back foot interesting calling a foot fault off her back foot here's a look at left foot and I actually think that's a good call yeah am I crazy I think she did step on the line.

And Elisa's interesting we heard we heard it on the mic she goes interesting yeah nice play to the middle there Anna Lee had taken a couple of those similar shots cross-court and she was able to get Ben Newell reaching with his forehand and created the air.

Well from Ben Newell here yeah nice shot there that short angle on the Inside Out overhead is a really common shot for a lot of these players especially players with tennis backgrounds the defensive blob Works Ben Venue loves to throw up random defensive lobs I think he probably does it more than any.

Other high-level Pro out there the skipper so a point on the board that's right two four one a little lazy on the return from Ben Johns and again another defensive log you last time someone was talking about Logs with these two ladies on the court it.

Was a different conversation yes they were uh we do have uh two players on the court that were involved in lob game last year so not surprising to see a few thrown up today two return heirs from Ben Johns one from a really tough serve hitting the Baseline and that one just pushed wide uncharacteristic Miss from Ben.

Exactly right Annalee I'm fine with the role she's had a lot of success a lot of success with that that one leaving a little bit High and a nice job by Ben Newell to put that ball away the second of hesitation here on that ball yeah I feel her pain just didn't have the wingspan there she's got the footwork she's in a great spot to do it.

Just couldn't quite get a clean hit on that ball second serve yeah I'm not sure if that was a a drop or a drive attempt but either way great slice spin from Ben Newell and his return there's some more slights and that's the compounding spin from Annalee Waters she.

Took that slice from Gretch Kina and doubled it exactly right and Gretch Kina just late clearing her body so the Inside Out forehand a reasonable Choice there but when you don't get your body out of the way throws off your rhythm thank you with a little flipper to the corner so casual too just smooth another day in.

The office for Ben Newell just poking that backhand into the deep part of the Court incredible execution from Ben Newell I think he needs to pop his collar after that one he can do it that's what I'm talking about thanks for catching on yes all of a sudden we're we have a one.

Point game sorry a tie game five five second serve nice counter attack combination from Annalee and Ben Johns getting it down at the feet at Gretch Keena right through the wickets.

Is the second time that we've seen in a phenomenal Top Spin short roll into the court normally when we're going short in the quarter Drop shots there's some Slice on it but a great short roll angle from Ben John's Yanni Gretch king of late getting there playing with the pace a bit quiet.

Yeah tough just just kind of skidded off the court the reaction uh makes me think that's exactly what happened oh my God oh man he got up what a lob though from Annalee Waters after probably the best roll dink of the match from Yanni gretchkina Annalee Waters was in a tough spot and somehow found the perfect shot.

Selection to go high over Ben Newell I think there might be some pixels missing from that video board after this uh timeout is called we'll check back in on that what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh.

Duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to an eight I sure can try.

thank you Championship court is the place to be here in Daytona Beach for pro mixed doubles on this second day of the red clay hot sauce Florida open John's with the serve nice spot once again.

Glow to the non-dominant foot when the player is in the mid Court great execution from benue uh tough she kind of got stuck in the middle uh went for kind of the speed up and when you're hitting that half speed up to the Annalee Waters backhand you are probably in trouble and she definitely was right there.

Two point and just another run after the match got very tight in the heart of this game too Stanley Waters and Ben John's on a nice little run and that's gonna spell trouble for Ben Newell yep and Elite left one of those rolls.

High a few points ago but she has hit four or five or six phenomenal shots uh to that backhand side of Ben Newell and not only is it a great shot to draw errors or get offense for her partner it keeps Ben out of the middle as well so great job by Anna Lee waters on those uh Top Spin forehand rolls ah it's either talking about the triple.

Braid I wasn't wrong yeah I see it I see it on the close-up she just showed it off thanks for joining us here at the red clay hot sauce Florida open let's take a look now at the schedule for the upcoming days right now we're of course watching Pro mix doubles tomorrow it's going to be all about gender doubles.

And then if on Sunday it is the carvana championship Sunday some new names or at least some different matchups already in store at least for pro singles it's going to be Catherine parento versus Leia Jansen a rematch from the Vulcan Indoor national championships Catherine parento taking down Anna Lee Waters yesterday in two games played it.

Was the first loss that she has had in a pro singles since June that was back in New in San Clemente versus Paris Todd Paris Todd not in the singles draw here however she is in play and actually we should mention Todd and Newman picked up the win over right and Barr in three games played so they're on to the quarterfinals.

That's match ladies and gentlemen just like that as I mentioned just Rock Solid played those last two or three minutes from Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters couple uh you know errors from their opponents and some nice shots mixed in and there you have it moving on moving on and moving on to face off against David and Wilson in.

Quarterfinal action a few other names that have booked their ticket to the quarters Coop and Kohler Todd and Newman Johnson and Johnson parento and McGuffin and bright and ignatowicz so it's business as usual here on day number two foreign.

foreign foreign thank you.

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I don't think she's feeling it right now I will be on my phone all week looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC live you're on vacation but I don't think you're feeling it huh please your phone it's okay hand it over yeah you're good go enjoy yourself Sam you feeling it now.

Let's go everyone needs a break sometimes she's feeling it what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match.

Download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to an eight I sure can try it's here welcome to Top Court get ready for unlimited access to top players on to the quarterfinals we go this is going to be an incredible matchup it's.

Riley Newman Paris Todd versus JW Johnson and Georgia Johnson Adam Stone how might this one unfold we saw Todd and Newman only for a second of coverage out on the grandstand I mean this Duo they can bring just about every threat you want yes this is going to be an electric match-up this is one of my picks to click that Johnson's right here.

Brother sister combination who uh or a couple tournaments ago just you know no big deal just beat Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters so uh they have the ability to beat anyone and my main factor here is the Georgia Johnson versus Riley Newman head up match-up cam well we saw Georgia Johnson win the head up matchup versus Ben Johns.

Not too long ago she was the aggressor there finding all sorts of nice combinations against against Ben Johns so if she's looking to attack Riley Newman where might she find some success backhand a lot of people he has a great he has a great two-handed backhand it's awesome there's not really any holes there but the thing is the man has the.

Best shot in pickleball as the forehand pancake and he is often leaning to the middle especially in mixed doubles so when Georgia Johnson gets in these cross-court dink rallies with Paris Todd if she can pick her spots to attack Riley's line she can have success with that and not only will she pick up a few points she will keep Riley Newman out of.

The Middle where he just absolutely wreaks Havoc well it'll be interesting in in my opinion to see what Riley Newman and Paris Todd do in terms of what we've seen from Anna bright and Riley Newman which is at times switched sides because Paris is comfortable on both sides of the Court both left and right and we saw that a a few different.

Times with Anna bright and Riley Newman yes and I agree and I do think that she is comfortable on both sides but I would lean more towards Paris liking the right more than Anna yeah so just a little bit not not anything drastic but I think that that is a good point because they did kind of mix and match when he was playing with Anna bright so while they.

Continue to get warmed up on championship Court let's take a look out to the grandstand where it's Jay davilier playing alongside Jesse Irvin Spencer Smith out there with Elise Jones and I think Smith Spencer Smith I saw a highlight in between points he might have had the shot of the year so far I think it was an ATP defense through his.

Legs for a winner Cross Court winner that's exactly what happened it was just unbelievable uh shot and just great balance and control to even get his body in a position to pull that off this is just a second round match between these two as Jay Davila and Jesse Irvin win the rally on that last ball so they were looking right now to.

Potentially make a semi or excuse me a quarterfinal Elise Jones nice job on the right side so while they are continuing play on the grandstand let's head back to Championship Court Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson right now standing at the Baseline game planning another big factor for the.

Team of Johnson and Johnson is how much court is JW gonna Johnson Johnson take it has been a pretty hot topic amongst uh pros and also you know the the real pickleball fans as he obviously has the ability to be a dominant player but occasionally in mixed doubles he kind of hangs out on his side and doesn't get in the mix as.

Much as possible so I hope that JW starts this match off aggressive with his court positioning uh and his shot selection well and it's hard do we always talk about the balance between the right and the left the male and the female but it's with Georgia Johnson she has so much success in her own right especially.

On some of those her own combinations you kind of want to let her play free too here's first surf uh pump fake from Riley Newman and early on and we can already see a pattern that's going to happen a lot Top Spin dinks from Paris Todd and slice dinks from Georgia Johnson or possible short hop dinks right off the court I expect.

Both players to hit plenty of those throughout this match ah point yeah expect Riley Newman to attack a line off the bounce with his backhand very frequently second serve second serve now one zero two.

Side out there's the forehand role of Paris Todd yeah I'm completely okay with JW stepping over and take that I mean obviously the execution wasn't there on that ball but he didn't overextend there and Georgia almost baited him to that she waited to close down the line yeah oh yeah she was loaded up on that.

Forehand and she slapped that thing through the middle great great counter-attack from The Young Buck just 16 years old is Georgia Johnson talk about some whip that's a different looking speed up than we've seen yeah that was crazy Top Spin from Paris Todd and to be honest with you she can hit that speed up pretty much anywhere when.

She's got that pancake partner right there in the middle that is a combination I expect to see a lot in this match Paris Todd speed up Riley Newman cleanup reaching in to try and roll here yeah nice Grind from Georgia Johnson too maybe possibly if there is a Hole uh with Georgia Johnson it could be a.

Little bit of some inconsistencies and I would say the forehand dink not quite as clean as the backhand dink so in mixed doubles when she's playing the right side her forehand dink execution and consistency is absolutely Paramount cam a nice reset in the middle of that point for Paris Todd working with almost a.

Two-hand backhand slice to be able to drop that pace down ball back and I I like it from JW keep doing it JW I know it didn't work but keep going great job by Riley Newman obviously that affected Georgia Johnson's role as she pushed it wide with Incredible pressure with court positioning from Riley Newman oh nice look I'm okay with it uh.

Obviously a little over extension from Riley but uh as we mentioned with Jay debilier yesterday Riley Newman the combination of size and athleticism top-notch nice Georgia see watch her elbows right here how she counters is so unique too she really keeps them locked inside that quick compact motion she's able to.

Generate with not necessarily even moving a ton of her hips a nice lean in there from Paris talking you're exactly right cam she doesn't have that arm extension that a lot of traditional tennis players do so she covers her left hip and her left shoulder much better than most a little off balance there.

Ambitious and some slight side spin on that return from Paris Todd so uh Georgia Johnson needed a little slight adjustment step to to have that clean contact point and she did not and obviously has the air a couple confusions from both teams I think JW might have clipped her knee on that ball.

So both teams got to get that cleaned up there you go J dub nice flick yeah nice backhand so he had one on the forehand he missed earlier went for that backhand keeping aggressive JW it has to not go right for a lot of points before you switch your aggression nice shadow I think that's what happens.

To a lot of players Cameron is they have this game plan they want to be aggressive it doesn't work a time or two and then they stop you have to stick with the game plan for some amount of time before you make those switches drop from J dub and Georgia protecting that left shoulder look at how quick those hands.

Are so we have four Cross Court attacks from Paris Todd two right on the kitchen line successful to a couple feet off the kitchen line not successful so we have to monitor that is she gonna pull the trigger from too far back or she's going to wait for her opportunity to hit that ball right on the kitchen line.

Oh man Georgia Johnson just missing the dink there but she's in the middle of that rally she was proving why she's got some of the best hands on the women's side of the game and it's the same thing on the forehand side as well she covers her shoulder left shoulder on backhand right shoulder on forehand better than almost anyone.

With that interesting technique yeah perfectly neutralized from Paris Todd I like the move from Georgia Johnson unfortunately for her Paris hit the perfect ball low at her feet point this is the first time we're seeing peristat on the PPA tour this year and again a little fake out from Riley.

The ultimate pump fake and that's part of the deal Paris has to be ready for that but at the same time it's extremely difficult for her in that situation especially you're already thinking about the next ball nice Ernie JW she was trying to go soft behind him uh don't necessarily hate that play but it's just a great read.

From J.W Johnson to realize what Paris Todd was going to do foreign I believe we have our second sexy time of the day Cameron unbelievable angle from Georgia Johnson Paris Todd no chance on that shot nice shift here from Paris Todd ready for that one and just like Georgia.

Johnson not the traditional stroke for Paris but she brought the elbows in nicely on that ball and covered her body beautifully again one two three I mean Riley Newman is just being relentless in terms of speeding the ball up at Georgia Johnson yeah and it was a great job by Riley because right before the winning shot JW.

Had a phenomenal counter so great hands from Riley what happened there that was an interesting bat what was that I don't know Riley Newman's still looking at the ground saying what happened I mean I could see it from here that was a very awkward balance check that ball foreign.

Placement Georgia Johnson just flipping that ball back to the line Riley Newman doesn't have a shot and Paris was on the kitchen line for that one so I think that she was in a good position it's just too good Georgia it's just too good oh that was Unreal play from J.W Johnson but took that ball just to hair too low on.

His paddle yeah just a little late getting in and you could see some real uh visible frustration there from JW JW with a great drive to that backhand side of Riley Newman who was trying to protect Paris Todd and Georgia Johnson with an opening and she found it oh good eye.

And it looks like right now both jdub and Georgia are kind of changing the location of their drives on those third shots we saw a couple from Georgia not only Cross Court but also up the line same thing from JW Georgia earns that one I mean it's it's just this is Georgia Johnson at her finest incredible plays.

An occasional loose error here and there like we've seen mostly on the dinks though but some of the hand speed is just crazy Paris changed up that person that was phenomenal job by Paris I know it clipped the tape but either way that was going to be a successful attack as she had gone maybe.

Five six in a row to middle or cross-court that time catching uh JW Johnson on his backhand side Riley Newman always trying to coax that ball over his sister Lindsey Newman does the same thing uh two players out here that really give it the body language try to try to get it over the net unsuccessful that time.

Seriously look at her I mean she's just wailing away and Jacob she's not even shifting that far and JW hit that one but she swung right behind him if JW wouldn't have been there she would have but I think it's a great Point cam we've seen multiple ladies on the right earlier today shift hard and she's not and she is just holding her ground does.

She want a forehand does she want it back and she doesn't care she's bringing the pain either way and don't get me wrong she's not sitting in the center of her side but so she's slightly off-center right right but I mean not to the full extent that you're fully sliding and shifting I mean when I when I used to play with deckle ball I would.

Slide further than that so she I mean she's playing mixed doubles ouch Harris is doing a nice job right now instead of speeding up Cross Court she's finding some success up the line yeah and that was a great counter attack still don't hate the speed up from JW maybe a slightly low giving Paris time.

To load up on that backhand but either way keep the aggression up JW that's just a mean forehand yeah these are like half speed UPS half I mean they are right that's exactly what it is it's not a dink that's not a date it's not it's not a full-on speed up but it is just man you saw the low to high on that stroke creating so much spin.

A nice anticipated Play right there from Riley Newman you saw this shift yes and it was a great job by him getting low and underneath that ball with that pancakes pancake semi-western grip and phenomenal job to get that to the left side of JW Johnson's body is your score.

Questioning whether this ball was in or out yeah Riley gave the hand down like it was good Paris was in a tough spot because she kind of jerked her head back to look at it so Riley was there with the call knowing it caught the line first and Riley earns what yeah you're exactly right just handcuffed her enough on that.

One so you know Riley's gonna keep attacking there's no way he's gonna fully lay off maybe he might pick his spots a little bit better but that one in a great spot on uh Georgia Johnson's right hip so 8-7 off the missed return 782 and she was actually in good position to be able to do this but maybe not getting.

Just around the ball enough yeah no I think she did have the angle uh looking at the replay so I think you're right cam just uh a little late with her footwork getting over there and tough ball to execute when that happens help from the net yeah he had a gap either way that was going to be a good spot so uh of course the clipping the.

Tape seals the deal though so the two the difference in those two balls that havoc on Georgia's way it's actually finding the hips versus the shoulders yeah at first she's having a harder time a little further down on the body yes it's like trying to sneak one in here yeah kind of half committed uh just.

Committed late I wouldn't say it was a half committal just just a little hesitation and you know hesitation is uh one of the cardinal sins of pickleball always get in trouble when you do and Paris second Circle keeping that elbow tight forehand yeah nice job by her I've been saying JW keep up the aggression but these last few minutes.

She's handled it nicely good and Paris just hammers Cross Court at JW Johnson yeah she knows he's she knows he's uncomfortable over there JW hates the right side so why not rip it at him it's very different too defending from the right and the left is a completely different situation the ball comes at.

You at a different angle so a nice pressure from Paris foreign Georgia closes great location on so many of those things on both sides of the net really moving the ball around 972 second serve 9-7 and backing up Paris Todd look at this.

Cut from J dub that was impressive yeah nice point there and I would say this might be the number one and number two male that you cannot go at the forehand side so I would expect to to really really see a very few amount of tax attacks at the male forehand and continue uh to see attacks to the backhand side.

Yeah and and I'm okay with it Paris was a little off the line granted she hit a solid counter but I think seven eight nine times out of ten JW is going to come up with that ball just a little handcuffed at that time yeah there's a shot this is Riley Newman finally gets a look without that ball.

Bouncing yeah and way to weather the storm from Harris to hot J.W Johnson had a nice offensive position early in that point and she got out of it all set up by that really far out wide dank with some Slice on it from uh Georgia and a nice little Shuffle step to his right to finish the uh the point.

Uh JW Johnson the net that's bad luck bad luck yeah you don't see yeah you don't see Georgia too frustrated but you can't blame her on that situation tough break yeah it's not fun to get hit like that.

Again I mean can I mean a great move great anticipation for Riley Newman I'm not sure you can hit it any better but Georgia there with the two-hander to the open court which it is getting plenty of Pop new it JW knew it as soon as he hit it tough break got it gotta get in guys.

Gotta get into the kitchen especially at the late stages of game one score is 7 10. 10 and it nearly Clips Georgia again but you can as you can see just one granted one of the best shots in pickleball but you can see with that pancake grip if you can somehow get that ball a little.

Bit lower it's very hard for uh Riley Newman to get underneath at that ball and kind of sprayed that one there so here we go time out uh the closing stages of game one we got a good one folks thank you.

Foreign has that's a hypervolve that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing 20 feet now uses on course between shots oh that's money that thing Robin and I use before and after are on the bike so we can ride harder tomorrow that thing erlin Holland.

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Simply spiked lemonade tastes like your favorite lemonade now spiked it's getting juicy just a two-point game here on championship ship Court between Georgia Johnson J.W Johnson Riley Newman and Paris Todd quarterfinal action here for pro mixed doubles.

Finally oh my goodness finally working to the forehand but Riley Newman's paddle just snapped in half oh my goodness what is going on have you ever ever seen that in the middle of a rally I have one other time and was that not a kitchen violation a little bit dicey right there I know it.

Was a weird unfortunate situation but that was a little crazy that um because you your momentum can't take you into the kitchen I'm not sure veneers in the Sands I'm sorry I'm still stuck on them no no no no no the fans loved it he threw both pieces up into this somebody's holding the handle and somebody's holding the head of that.

Paddle there it is the gamma paddle Riley Newman's gonna have to take a second here to uh regrip a new paddle got that white Wilson grip the grip is very important you got to get that grip on really can really throw you off I mean the question is it's Georgia Johnson hitting that hard.

So I will say this is some very old school stuff here but I saw this at the Grand Canyon State games from Curtis Campbell I know some of you veteran Watchers out here know who that is he actually swung at a ball the paddle uh ripped at the uh handle and flew across the net and almost hit one of the opponents so that is on camera somewhere.

Uh this happened three or four years ago that's the only other time I've seen it cam this is absolutely wild that does take you back just a bit yes absolutely so two times in my six year career have I seen that happen during the point so Riley Newman continues to try and wrap up that paddle here's another look.

Just for the sake of it off Georgia Johnson and then the look on his face is pretty Priceless he's like what happened there shocked that is just insane he looks down at it luckily that ball was out of bounds yeah I know I actually wish she would have hit it back to him just to see what the heck.

Happened man the internet is soaring the keyboard Warriors right now I mean when they say the hand the hand it can hit your hand so if you're holding just your paddle can you punch the ball I mean you should be able to why not I mean that should be within the rules I mean if it has to be above.

Your wrist to not to not work so if you're just holding your handle you don't have the top of your paddle and you punch the ball I think that's that's fair game they're challenging the rules of pickleball right now why not we start the conversation now because that's right you never know it could happen again.

Okay what are the refs okay he was having a chat with the refs just they're gonna get that paddle nice and warmed up real quick previous play Georgia and J dub are saying broke fell into the no volley Zone which is a point for the serving team the score will now be nine ten two.

Georgia serving will resume play told you so you are told you that is a kitchen violation the paddle's falling I have never so it is now a one-point game second serve it's tough you get cold just sitting there.

Yeah I mean I I don't know what are you gonna do I mean she's in the blue she's not on her back foot she's taking a rip at it all good just couldn't come up with it so at game point oh no off the tape off the Top Spin angle from J dub and that is that on game one Cameron oh in one of the wildest Things that we.

Have seen in 2023 the gamma paddle just breaks completely in half but yet Paris Todd and Riley Newman end up with game number one he's Skechers pickleball the official Footwear of the car Vana PPA 2 they're Ultra lightweight and responsive for incredible speed they have Goodyear rubber outsoles with.

A specialized pickleball design for increased side to side stability and Agility plus they feature shock absorbing foam and Skechers famous relaxed fit design for incredible Comfort game after game conquer the core in Comfort Skechers pickleball the official Footwear in the carvana PPA tour.

hi I'm Rick Barry I used to play professional basketball now I'm into pickleball performance is really important but also recovery is actually just as important.

Is a product that I use constantly before my matches and after my match recovery great for information recovery I coming back to this lomd all day long baby I use it I use it I use it I use it Alo MD acute relief cream Paris Todd and Riley Newman with game one Over Georgia Johnson and J.W Johnson playing with that Dura fast 40 here in.

Florida and it's interesting definitely warmer today than yesterday so game plays just a little bit slower a little different but you wouldn't be able to tell from this matchup with these two I'll tell you what it does not look slow firing on all cylinders just a treat for everyone watching and us as well cam.

So I'm gonna stink from Georgia Johnson just a two-point game in the first today's quarterfinal action so a spot in the semi-finals what's up for grabs okay dad's taking some early shots yeah nice pressure with a big backhand from Riley and that's his favorite combination the backhand and then the.

Forehand on the next ball well executed oh and off the post I actually have a quick question yes when you get pushed outside the the court like Paris taught on some of these dates from Georgia Johnson where are you aiming to place your your responsivity because to me right there that's dangerous you're opening up angles it's.

Really challenging and it's also the contact itself yeah sure no doubt right after this point yeah sometimes you're there enough to get that ball back across court but if it kind of gets out of your your comfort zone out in front of you sometimes it's hard to get around that ball and go back Cross Court so pushing it to the middle.

Line's dangerous with these players because they're so good at earning but uh you're in a tough position when it gets out of your contact uh Zone right here yeah it was an awkward shot as Riley kind of hit that counter higher than he wanted to and I think it threw J.W Johnson's Rhythm off but we got to pick up the energy and the pace here.

From the Johnsons early in game two nice little friendly roll sometimes the uh let cords uh when your opponents get them working your favor and that kind of popped up right to the forehand side of George and Johnson and she slapped it down so let that one go getting out of the way.

Is Georgia Johnson yeah and Riley had gone with that exact same ball to the backhand of JW the last couple times so um him kind of whipping that cross court I'm okay with it but just uh over hitting a bit side out two two one Point nice read from Riley who kind of.

Creeped to the middle but never really fully committed uh to poach that ball kind of held his Ground Georgia tried to go behind him and Riley was right there unreal wow Paris Todd just on her left hip but Riley Newman from right to left to right to left and still dug out two two-handed backhands one-handed Lefty over hoods I.

Mean the whole shebang nice shot from JW Johnson exact same ball that clipped the tape and went wide to end game one that time a little more locked in and well executed from JW 2-2 Point Georgia kind of just taking a step off the kitchen line yeah and it's.

I don't believe that she had 100 of her balance there so uh you know attacking off the bounce is very reasonable but that in a specific situation I would have liked a soft shot from Georgia and I think that pattern's worked a handful of times when JW can get that to the forehand side of Paris Todd which is not easy with her sliding yes exactly.

Right and having that Beast over to her left uh certainly makes it easy easier for her to slide but JW keep going with that aggression Christmas nope second sir Paris Todd from the corner to the center line to the speed up yeah I know it's a tough spot because.

JW's so good in the middle there with the forehand but his partner has been really ripping those two-handers so I'm not sure if you should have let that go or not either way um a lost point and now a roll drop out wide and the ball back over to Todd and Newman with a 5-2 lead first.

Riley Newman that's where he's most dangerous that left side that two-handed backhand yeah and that was sneaky he lunged to that ball to barely flip it out of the air and you can see he pretzled up Georgia Johnson she was in awkward position and just kind of waved at that attack so uh to Lunge at that ball uh get it right off his shoe tops.

And and surprise Georgia Johnson and take away her time great execution from Riley Newman we'll be right back with more of this game two action after this how do you get what you want Eric Weimar blind man wanted to climb Mount Everest my man crazy but he believed it was possible we're gonna do it and because he believed he became the first blind.

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all right the gorgeous Trophy up for grabs here in Daytona Beach for the red clay hot sauce Florida open I'm about ready to hit that beach my goodness let's have some fun this afternoon but right now we're.

Having fun on Championship Court as Paris Todd and Riley Newman are up 6-2 into jumping in is Riley Newman yeah he went for it I mean you know you're up six to a little heat check uh overextending for sure but man things are going well for them so why not try it out it's two there now a pretty similar.

Situation to that previous ball two six one Newman is showing a little frustration with himself not grabbing one of those okay she missed the first two even though I think she had the angle not this time excellent shot from Georgia Johnson.

Oh I like the idea yeah from Georgia here yeah especially with that Riley Newman overhead Landing short in the court it popped up to about shoulder level so normally you're dropping that ball but with uh exactly what came her way I'm fine with her going for the rip that was one of the best atps I had seen.

But then Riley Newman did Pace on that ATP was ridiculous Cameron for him to dig that ball unbelievable Paris Todd using her entire body to put some Pace on that ball yeah if that's not defense to offense I don't know what is great job by finally getting one down from Riley Newman and Paris Todd and as soon as they did they charged forward.

And rewarded with that great Court positioning yeah JW really ready for that Riley Newman speed up to the backhand side and Riley puts his hand out to Paris Todd letting her know that's my bad oh here we go again with awkward JW on the right side of the court it's the second time this match has happened a.

Little too much uh oomph on that one from Riley Newman there's changes at the side yeah you can see the right hand and you can see Riley shifting he he put that ball to the middle to her backhand side and then he made the hand gesture Riley don't always go to the forehand kind of letting.

Himself know he can mix it up side down just so much Pace from Paris Todd on that ball when she commits to lean in and kind of gets that upper body leaning over the kitchen so much pay so much spin even someone as talented as J.W Johnson struggling to handle it I will save it on the other side of the.

Net from Paris Todd when she wants to crack a ball or has the opportunity to you definitely get a little timid on the other side you get weary because there is a ton of Spin and Pace coming from from her paddle just shows how important technique is in this game because we mentioned it with Yannick Regina earlier Gretch Keenan and.

Paris Todd not the most they don't have a lot of weight on them they're not you know they're they're slighter players and they can whip through the ball just as good as any of these ladies good technique really really helps the situation and she leverages it nicely Harris Todd a former pro tennis player having switched to pickleball.

A year or so ago Georgia Johnson from the left side how did she find that Gap there was about a six inch window in between the two players and she found it beautifully and another ridiculous ATP defense from Riley Newman all right let's see what the Johnson's got here they got to step up we are in a.

Crucial moment of this game too and they need it yeah trying to reach in and take that ball just a little different location that was on the right leg of Paris Todd the first she had reached in and found on her left side for the volley now I wonder if the Johnsons can get a few dinks behind Riley Newman so that he.

Might go cross-court to JW and he can attack Paris out of the air with that backhand just a thought of maybe how they can get a little more offense going to Johnson's or you could just have Georgia Johnson hanging out in the middle of the court and just hitting the ball through uh you know one of the best players in the game.

So six nine here that's gonna Force Todd and new at noon to slow things down take a timeout Georgia and Jay dubb have a little streak going here in game number two foreign there's never been a better time to get away.

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MLPs mixed in there more pickleball than ever before oh they're coming back 7-9 oh yeah look at that hand speed in the power and Cameron we're on a one as well big factor uh as they creep within two points and by that you mean first serve Paris Todd put every ounce of power she