In pickleball unlike tennis it is so important to minimize That Swing to really rotate our body twist through it so we look quicker stay balanced more and win more games for your partner I made so many videos on the concept of not swinging and twisting so we're not swinging we're more manipulating or wrist and how do we.

Practice for shorter swings it's not complicated all we need is what a wall that's all we need to look faster to stay more Dynamic and win more games so let's take a look at this Joey man it's a wonder wall it'll make you faster so let's get started right now right you're at this wall I like to really hit the ball out in front right and look at this.

I'm not really swinging per se the beauty about the wall is it minimizes your swing without even you knowing and it allows you to hit the ball out in front of you right to keep it out in front that way your elbow is more closer to her side and we're not like this all the time sometimes we have to right but most of the time we want to keep that.

Elbow closer side if we can so we can be more accurate and win more games I like that word I like that word so much and dinkin may get you to 5-0 but being fast will get you to Pro and Senior Pro look at Martin a part of it's in the near left hand corner he's so fast maybe a little lucky look at the man in the top right hand corner in red did he swing.

Too hard not on this backhand block this one I think he swung too hard was in inaccurate hit the net and did not put away the point when he should have when I came from tennis to pickleball I have this huge swing and I hit it really hard and I thought that was good but what happens when you hit the ball really hard at your opponent it.

Comes back that much faster right what can't you do if you have a big swing we can't react why because we have to get set up right we have to set up for that swing if we can react with a more twist in motion manipulating that wrist we can look quicker we can lay back on those dinks and we don't have to think as much also if you have a shorter swing I said.

You can react better right but we can make quicker adjustments at the last second with the bigger swing we can't do that at all so we want to be three or four feet in front of the wall doesn't really matter right but we're working on not swinging being out in front working on an accuracy what happens if we swing this.

And we get inaccurate if unaccurate was a word also we get slower right and our opponents can see what we're doing so the wall really does help a lot it really does what I would tell you and I am a certified coach is this if you have a bigger swing what's going to happen number one you're going to look slower right you're going to look slower.

Seriously you are number two you're not going to be as accurate and let me show you so I have a bigger swing right like I'm really swinging and look as I swing if you see what happens I'm swinging I get behind what do I have to do use more wrist not to say we shouldn't use wrist sometimes right if it's high.

Or the Scorpion right we got to use wrist and we can practice that somewhat using the wall right so say we do this 10 minutes a day 10 minutes a day hitting out in front not swinging at all one complaint about the wall is you kind of know where the ball is coming right so if you have a friend.

That doesn't even like pickleball have them throw a ball and you react right react we literally react and if that friend can't throw the ball it drives you insane see and I'm just reacting and that really helps your fast twitch muscles it really does so we can use a wall to get faster to shorten our swings and to be.

More accurate so I would suggest doing it today at a court near you another thing having a more compact swing does is we disguise our shots better we disguise our shots better so we look more Dynamic and we look cooler and probably find better Partners in life having a good pickleball partner makes you a good tournament player but to be a.

Good tournament player you have to find a good pickleball partner which means you have to be good and look at this point look at the fast hands look at Jamie onsen's in the top right hand corner and we're gonna put this on slow motion Jamie beat Yvonne Lindo at the French Open he's in blue wins almost every single Senior Pro tournament he.

Enters and look at how fast these hands are he almost never swings never right on that forehand no take back again that flick on that backhand you need to do that sometimes you have to use some wrist but he has no take back I hope this helps having some examples live in game I would hope would and here's one more right here when you watch this fast.

Hands battle watch them have no take back right no take back at all and it's beautiful all these people play 5-0 tournaments some Senior Pro and that's my huge problem about 3-0 people that watch this channel that think they can compete against these people because they can't because it's so much faster they hit with a lot of Spin and they.

Can't compete with the fast hands right maybe thinking but probably not because that dinks are extremely offensive right watching this in slow motion hope it helps otherwise I don't know what I'm doing today and watch Cliff have no take back he's in the top left hand corner he also plays in Pro very good YouTube station.

As well and if you hit against that wall you might be able to beat him someday but maybe not today because you have to hit against that wall pickleball lovers have you ever tried a wall like this I don't know what a picture is but has it helped your game has it helped you look quicker shorten That Swing have you found a better.

Partner in life I'm just trying to keep you so you click right there and I'm a little lonely today but I'm just gonna remind you not to forget to have a good day and remember he had the pickleball Pirates we may love pickleball just as much as you do I know it's tough to believe but it's true I assure you
PPR Certified Pro, Joey Gmuer, Shares an Easy Tip That will Make you a Better Pickleball Player.

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