So in this drill we're going to be tossing and working on our footwork but when we catch our goal is to catch this ball in front of our body and in our striking Zone every time which means we need to catch this ball in between our legs regardless of where that ball is and if we're not doing that when we actually put a paddle in our hand we're.

Now changing our motion and our swing completely so we need to catch this ball inside our striking Zone and out in front of our body yeah this is a great drill for beginners and even intermediate players what we're using here for the majority is we're using that shuffle step like we talked about in previous videos if you're going to.

Your left make sure from this camera here that you lead with your right foot and you bring it in and Shuffle here and if you're moving to your right you're going to start with that left foot and bring it in and then move your right foot again this footwork is super efficient and it is the correct way to move this is exactly how we're going to.

Be moveing when we're dinking foreign