thank you foreign.

foreign put on again hello everybody and welcome to.

Championship Sunday here at the acrotech Atlanta open the first major in the PPA tour and we're handing out the hardware today we have some amazing matches let's talk about the ladies first the waters are going for four titles in a row of course took six weeks off skip North Carolina but they have looked great this week Morgan they really have one of the.

Things that was interesting to see yesterday was they switched their rolls typically we see Anna Lee on the right side Lee on the left they mixed it up and I was very curious to see if it's uh it was a deliberate tactic to get in practice for today yeah they will be facing off against Lucy kovalova and Kylie Smith who played a very emotional.

Match to get here they're excited on the men's side we've got the top two seeds we've got the Johns and Ben Johns is only in one final didn't make it in mixed graduated from the University of Maryland during single so understood cap down let's get the tassel right Ben uh happy for him to do that.

But Wright and Newman are playing fantastic right now Morgan this is the best I've seen them play hands down I think if they're gonna have a Chuck to take down the undefeated uh it's gonna be today I agree with you so then those two go friend to foe they're going to play against each other and mix Matt of course with Lucy and Catherine parento.

Hooking up with Riley Newman she has been on the tear in the previous tournament North Carolina she won the Triple Crown fantastic performance and I think the momentum she carries into today's Final is huge it really is and then she has a second opportunity it's not a Triple Crown didn't make it in women's doubles but we'll be playing.

Singles against Anna Lee Waters that's the top two seeds and even though annalize playing with her mother her favorite event is singles she is so good at it it's been basically Unstoppable today uh you saw yesterday and her singles game is Second To None the way she moves around the court her Precision from all kinds of angles it's going to.

Be a tough one for Catherine but if anyone can do it she can and then we have breaking news folks on the day that the French Open starts we've got Rafa and fed in Atlanta at the lifetime in Peachtree Corners playing for a men's singles title in pickleball that is a true statement we never saw we never thought we'd see the day but it's.

True of course we're talking about Rafa Hewitt and Federico stats it is what it is we've got Rafa versus Fed so we've got Rafa versus fed we've got a lot of your favorite PPA pros and we're gonna have three out of five so how's your Fitness level everybody that's playing tomorrow the fans are going to be excited we're going.

To be calling all the action it is going to be an amazing day Championship Sunday it's a major it's the acratech Atlanta open let's go all right everybody good morning from beautiful lifetime here in Peachtree Corners Dave Fleming here with Morgan Evans and Morgan it's Championship.

Sunday here we are this is the main event the one we've all been waiting for mixed doubles Championship coming up shortly Catherine parenzo Riley Newman versus Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova yeah so when we get to Championship Sunday you know the the effort on Friday from these teams to battle their way here.

Really requires a lot in this heat uh it's much cooler here this morning so that should not affect play right now so let's take a closer look at The Players Catherine parental this woman has done it all she recently won the the Triple Crown in North Carolina on fire this is the best form of her life she is rising to the occasion again and again.

Uh the Canadian native French Canadian love the accent the game is even better I'm a huge fan we all are uh she's one of the real Darlings of the sport she's alongside Riley Newman this man is a beast a unique grip that poses so many problems long lean and so quick it's incredible what he can do with the ball and uh it's such a good compliment to.

Catherine's game yeah they're going to be a handful today on the other side will be Lucy kovaleva currently ranked first in mixed and women's doubles so she's going to be playing twice today and back to back so her Fitness is there shouldn't be a problem but again we're playing three out of five today the wicked two-handed.

Backhandle we can't wait to see that paired up of course with Matt Wright Matt Wright 44 years old and still at the top of the game has been there for a long time we saw him play against the teenagers yesterday and Hayden Patrick Wayne and Wyatt Stone it's fun to see the generations Matt still on top but they're gunning.

For him these two desperately want this today they fought their way here they lost to parento and Newman in North Carolina they want to avenge that here today yeah we're gonna see what kind of changes they're making what kind of adaptations uh the lessons they've learned from the previous matches they've played each other many times.

Obviously and I'm very curious to see if they'll try anything desperately different or if they know they just need to sharpen a few different parts of their game to get the W today yeah as far as conditions are concerned we started earlier there's fortunately a lesser chance of rain than we had thought uh even yesterday.

Slight breeze it'll be at the back of uh one of the teams once we get them settled we'll let you know what that is but I think today the other reminder for everybody is replay is a part of today as well so you have to have a time out to be able to call that and we'll see if that's a factor here as well we've got the full referee crew.

Let's run them down Diane Anderson is going to be our lead referee Stan Brown is the second referee Alan Roman is tracking an Nvidia Village Carolyn duncanson and Ben Lacy the other factor with today is when you come out here and you play first would you prefer that Morgan or would.

You rather have the second or third match uh in a day like today well yeah no that's a good question for me still second or third I think Fitness isn't going to play a role in any of these matches the professional players of today they're not hampered by crams you know ask me five ten years ago yeah I'd like to you know get get the out of the.

Way early on when the sun is not baking and uh and possibly hampering the players with injuries but no I think I think we're going to see an absolute Bomb Burner and uh for me personally a little later in the day a little more sleep time for uh to digest a decent breakfast yes so Lucy kovaleva to serve let's play.

Pickleball okay and the one-handed backhand starts the day with a win for kovalova the confidence start yeah and Brenda did well to react to the net chord there kovalova coming out hot two clean winners.

Yeah if she's got her confidence at this level already then watch out oh it looked like that one that one landed in say unwind the stack a lot today but that was a buy product right there and a short return creates a problem as Newman takes full advantage of that and.

Wrecks it at kovalova just on the line okay very eye formation very much so yes almost the Aussie formation yeah in town we would have seen an overhead serve that would have been something thank you all right Riley Newman doing what he.

Does best creating opportunities applying massive pressure that's a big swing on a big swing yep another short return and you just get in trouble and you're not satis kovaleva is racing over to cover her side and the net getting involved early spraying that ball wide so we'll see how.

Kovalova and Wright can handle this big start by parento and Newman because kovaleva had two beautiful shots to start and now they're down four oh do you think she was ready for that one I'm gonna go with 100 yes and uh appreciated that they saved the date had been sent to her beforehand on that shot yeah save the millisecond this is when.

This forehand is launching towards your forehand and Newman and parento just on point nothing for free taking full advantage of opportunities great start for them again three of five yeah I mean the momentum is in the corner right now and for right in kovalova they've got to be thinking.

About how they're going to start stealing little bits of confidence I mean this game is so much about confidence and momentum and every inch you get is an inch you steal away from your opponents and suddenly the the balance can go in your favor but they've got some work to do coming into the match not just during that.

And return of the favor again we talk about it all the time if you can't get that return deep so many options come to the serving side oh and took a little off the pancakes I was like you know silver dollar size just uh perfect little little shot there by Riley Newman provide you.

Couple over and write just a little flat right now we're gonna need to find some Mojo at some point there's a whole lot of Mo yeah some Joe in there somewhere absolutely nice two minute backhand to set up the finish by kovalova there oh sometimes the net can actually help and.

Even though you're like well it slowed it down you have to put it where parento didn't expect it to be yeah I mean she's so good at defending from behind the Baseline scrambles around gets a paddle on almost everything but when it does turn out to be a dead ball so to speak very tough.

I saw there Matt Wright he played a shot similar to earlier on where parenta really punished him but he changed the location to the dead center of the body really look what we have here on the other side oh and she's just dragged it one we've got parento on the left side of the Court here.

And there that's a deliberate move it needs to be okay oh that's always hammock because traditional tennis players really pound the ball with that wrist snap and they're used to it with his grip it's harder to hit it that well that was a.

Great overhead by Newman foreign accomplished at playing on both sides of the court with Lindsay his sister yeah they actually prefer Riley on the right side in that formation and that's what happens when your hand gets caught in a cookie jar but that's part of the budget there it's.

A great ball by right but you want him to be thinking about you in the middle it's still in the name of pressure yeah second Saturday yeah they've got they've got them thinking about where Newman's going to be and therefore where should the third shot be placed and that adds a complexity that can really.

Cause some issues just kissed the tape and went wide as right saw it coming got out of the way yeah did appear to land a little wide from this angle and that's been three or four fourth ball volleys that have contributed to this uh one-sided start to yeah just inches away from greatness.

And an ambitious attack there by Matt Wright it wasn't there anything he has to show a little bit of extra respect towards Newman and his Elite hand speed so it is the three seed on point playing solid and has a seven point lead can kovalev and right rally we'll find out after this.

foreign right now all right welcome back everybody see the big SWAT and finish there by Riley Newman earlier and they are rolling up 9-2.

In game number one again best of five and kovalova leaves a little up in the middle and we are already Morgan at a game point Riley Newman is not going to waste any time when he gets half a look kovalev is in front of him the man is aggressive and that catches the net and after a.

Brilliant start for kovalova and Wright Sorento and Newman just caught fire and it's 11-2 in the books yeah it was a little one-way traffic so we'll see what happens in game two so a dominant performance by the Red Hot Riley Newman and Catherine parento we play three out of five so you have a little bit of time to catch your footing we'll make sure.

Our footing is excellent as well and we'll be right back with game two foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV.

Thank you this is 24 7 pickleball proudly brought to you by seller we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after.

To make our own tequila I wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your Castle welcome back game two to start parento Newman feeling great and there's.

Catherine parento to serve oh and that just catches the literally the corner of the Court uh both of them and parental looked at each other like yeah that was it okay and there's the there's the first freebie from so game two starts in a similar fashion as game one.

so that's a better Point construction for kovalovan right which is Lucy pushing the ball behind Newman and then that gives a nice ball for Matt Wright to take advantage of foreign yeah I mean obviously the risk is that he reads it and is able to perform a a.

Wonderful Ernie which is more than capable of doing but I have to take some of these risks if they want to claw back into this game foreign that is beautiful pickleball right there by all four players yeah in the middle it was a you pick him and then one team managed to just capitalize nice.

Work kovaleva said you but we're still able to recover in time just has to decide how aggressive is she prepared to be towards Newman to keep him on his side of the Court more often oh beautiful shot and if you go behind them you make him.

Less interested in that particular move right there because you saw he was all the way over a great read by Riley Newman yeah I mean both Newman and Wright very similar in terms of height and reach Newman does have the speed Advantage around the court though foreign.

Newman just comes sliding across and says I got you Catherine they are just feasting on and we talked a lot about this yesterday the quality of the dinks and the thirds yeah the ball has to bounce against this team or you're going to be chasing the score all day long yeah that's a real separator right now.

There's another example right there and there was an opportunity just prior he I thought he was going to get in and be even more aggressive but he's finding a good level of controlled aggression right now oh I'm lucky you know so he trusts Catherine parento's third ball implicitly he's.

Able to disconnect so early and be menacing up at the kitchen line whether it's a drive or a drop oh unbelievable oh that isn't that one the hard way wow and that's the frustrating part about this team is they have all of the Power and finish but defensively they're outrageous as well.

There's four Shuffle steps and then of yours the audacity of the young men and I you know we talk a lot about the guy coming over and mix but that part of it is the hardest part for the ladies because all of a sudden the paddle is pulled back and you are expected to execute a great shot parental was able to do so there.

Yeah otherwise you risk an eye roll a headshake or manner of things that any and all of those friendly neighborhood pickleball movements that we all have seen beautiful work that may have been an outboard doesn't matter yeah and then catches right leaning to the right unable to reset.

And that's what pressure does to you as well yes that side is open however you're having to defend the ball and block it into a tiny sliver and you're gonna pull it wide a lot foreign over to keep that ball alive in a good spot there so Newman had to move back over opening up the middle from that.

Right to come in and use that monstrous forehand Newman is on a very aggressive posture here since the get-go thank you sir oh and there's an aggressive ball task yes from Koval over to right ball boys would be pulled off the court had they done that at the French Open.

Oh that's just too good for Newman God will ever hit a good shot yes that right there is fine but he's everywhere right he is everywhere and nowhere he's a blink and he's out so I think it's time to return to him get him off the net here make parento be the one that's chasing because.

You're into a point construction right out the gate that is not as advantageous as the receiver oh oh he had exactly what he wanted yeah just curious why they're targeting parental on the return I mean do they really think that uh her third ball is.

Not up to Snuff I can't imagine well that was done very well there from Mr Right handled handedly so let's see if they can find a run of their own hair just down two in game two.

I mean at this point I don't know if they can really choose to get the ball away from Newman but they may be able to choose to get the ball to its backhand side or they can take a page out of how people play against Matt and Riley will see it later on the ground in the middle.

But it's got to be on the ground definitely great defense there from parental yeah able to get back to Top Spin lob didn't have the height that the former Michigan Wolverine tennis star Mr Wright would have liked there and the Michigan Stater took care of that rivalry.

Yes and full smash full syrup full butter on that pancake grip there by Newman that's the ball he wants you to hit at him oh he's there with the left oh Newman has called it wide I'd be.

Surprised if we don't see a oh it looks like we're gonna have a video challenge so our wonderful referees standing close by are gonna get to work and the interesting part of this is these two are Partners later today so they're not going to want a lot of.

Animosity and and that ball was hit with authority very near the baseline or the sidelines so uh that's challenging ladies and gentlemen we have ours first video challenge of the day let's hear it for video challenge only on the PBA tour.

Close that's right so we've got while the referees in the booth take a look at it he's challenging that looks uh it looks on the line to me so again not our decision but we see a ball very much resting on the line as it goes by so if the ball we will see what happens.

Another thing this does Morgan is obviously you lose the timeout if you're wrong if you're Matt and Lucy here but gives you a chance to just sort of okay we're we're settling in a little better here we got to get the ball in the ground a little better and we're getting the scorecard reset here again Diane Anderson you see.

With her back to us is the lead referee with Stan Brown and Alan Roman helping him out Carolyn duncanson and Ben Lacy in the truck are making that call and here we go so the challenge is indeed a correct challenge as we thought we thought we saw the ball skip off the line there so.

Technology impacts scoreboard as well it should nice work that's two successful lobs from kovaleva and this one here really set the the play up beautifully for Wright to flick that backhand Cross Court and it's something that uh might have to.

Be a frequent shot selection for kovalova maybe not that frequent yeah it's uh it's amazing how often one great lob inspires another six oh beautiful work there from right he's starting to to find it he's feeling the ball getting a good read on when the.

Redirect from parental is coming his way yes and they've tied up game two foreign Newman was able to sneak in there a couple times but not finish thank you and five all though here at that time right getting enough on his.

Backhand flick counter punch Newman into a lefty switch there's some fire so both sides got what they wanted there because right in kovalova are consistently returning to parento which is feeding the shake and bake but they've been able to defend the shake and bake two points in a row here.

So okay there just drops that paddle up to the sky and yeah he sold them on the idea that mole power was coming and now they're getting some points off of drives and the paddles drop impressive composure from Wright and.

Kovalova to withstand the Riley Newman Onslaught here so it is kovalovan Wright with the lead here in game two we'll see the conclusion after this look if we don't figure out this gravity situation all of those astronauts are gonna die and the proof of alien life will be gone.

Forever but we've tried everything um we haven't tried everything bring me the jigsaw attention.

and you see a change was made by Newman and parento to put Catherine on the left in the cross-court attack from Wright catches her and they are up eight to five here in game two yeah he did.

I was about to say in this situation we're going to see a lot of the girls dinking head to head with each other with kovaleva electing to try to get behind Mr Newman unable to reset her feet and get to that net cord and you know this this arrangement I think kovalova's.

Comfortable thinking Cross Court with Riley so I think she'd be okay with that now they've returned twice to Newman that's a great leave from Mr Wright yeah he had a chance to really pound one in the middle of that point and just played a con you know safely conservative point and they have really stepped up their.

Consistency and the lead shows it great work from Newman to be ready in the middle when that two-handed backhand bounce Wright is able to set his hands and finish really hard to do because composure is needed in fractions of a second.

We're gonna do a little Dipsy do another one and another one oh and the crowd grimaces with us here easier said than done that shot and we're at game point this has changed in a moment's notice fantastic overhead.

Great depth not enough depth on the overhead perfect depth on the overhead not nearly enough depth on the Lop they've gone back to traditional positions oh some beautiful defense there from Catherine parentas not enough in the end but they'll get a.

Second chance oh that was a big swing must have been a wonderful Miss hit yeah because you read a lot of things and the swing is a big part of what your calibration is oh Newman catching some fire I do prefer them in these positions personally.

Newman on the left but uh nice to mix it up foreign certainly timeout Worthy yeah so it is eight ten timeout is called on the court we will take one as well can Newman and parento.

Come all the way back we'll find out after this foreign welcome back Newman and parento making a run at game two here time out called by kovalova and Wright oh wow and that is going to stay in off the.

Miss hit this little bit of luck is potentially going to go a very long way yeah so they can get this point here one game point was saved about seven rallies ago and foreign parento her defense under serious pressure is phenomenal so here's the second chance for kovalova and Wright.

They stopped him at nine oh my well Lady Luck is certainly on the side of Newman and parental right now and parento puts pressure on kovalova because she short hops a lot of the dinks and and the ball comes back quickly and Wright goes for a drive at Newman interesting selection there and three.

Game points have been saved 9-10 Newman serving that is huge we see it time and time again the best players have big plays in big moments 10 apiece that is unbelievable play from parenta she knew the risks when she went down the line to to Matt Wright but she got.

It to bounce so uh that's a hard dick it's got to be shallow it cannot carry into that Wicked backhand volley of Rights and then as she slid him over and kovalova likes to slide to the other sideline wide open down the middle game point out of nowhere for Newman and parento the same thing is.

And that's it that will do it and what a comeback from Newman and parento that is too big save three game points and they take it 12-10 so again we are not done folks best three out of five can right in kovalova recover from that but it's gonna be a very very psychologically damaging loss of game two yeah that that is a tough one to.

Swallow however they've they've done it before I've seen them come back from down two games before is today another day that they will do it we'll find out after this for many of us we just charge ahead because planning for your future takes time and right now thinking about your financial future takes on new meaning.

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Looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball all right welcome back parento and Newman come storming back and take game number two and eerily similar to a couple of the games that these two teams played in North Carolina parento and Newman one and three but it was 14 12 11 9 11 8. so.

The memories of that are now probably running around in kovalova and writes mine because they had opportunities in Charlotte as well ah a yeah right he had some success I think he's uh one from three on that.

Particular kind of attack towards parental but uh I don't like those odds oh that's beautiful and just the grace of parento to fill in where Newman had vacated to hit that ATP and just lays it back in the kitchen we're fine yeah I mean that's just smart play by the book oh a lot of grunts.

Nice shot and kovalova was relentless in the cross-court attacks and finally gets a Miss off the parento paddle I mean that's all it's going to take for them to win a point if they can just do that do that make them hit 19 resets and finish on the 20th Unfortunately they didn't didn't actually get a point but uh still.

It's got to feel good so kovalova is definitely to start game three here bringing more of a Pace Cross Court to parento hoping that can potentially set up Matt right yeah not 100 sure it's the uh the way forward but it's the choice to start the day yeah here in game three.

Fantastic work they're reading each other's shots yes just early enough for both of them to be in great positions time and time again like a well-o machine right now and that is a beautiful backhand down the line from Newman and a.

Stunningly similar start to how game two ended where Newman and parento are the ones taking it and have a lead it's four zip in game number three can they close it out in three we'll find out after this in a world where nothing is as it seems two Fearless pit bull Ballers fighting to save Humanity from utter annihilation.

Can't believe this has happened not on my watch let's go a struggle of effort proportions made my power don't try it Lucy I have The High Ground and an electrolyte dream to unite them all bring me the jigsaw bring me the jigsaw pickleball cocktail.

Jigsaw Health presents bring me the jigsaw not today baby coming soon this movie makes no sense so folks it doesn't look great for kovalova and right but we have seen this fish before after this point we will remind you of.

What took place last year oh Newman Newman oh Newman look at this left-handed left-handed inside out so kovalev and right we're down to actually Riley and Lindsay Newman down two games 7-0 in the third and came back in one in five in Lakota he's done it again and away from that exact start will we have.

That wild comeback again only time will tell yeah do not blink everybody foreign language and demeanor of writing cover lover isn't quite there right now no no they can certainly Catch Fire excuse me but the scoreboard is forcing you just want to do something more and.

Get it back and now it is an 8-zip foreign being more aggressive can set up is an opportunity for right on the counter but yeah the the counter punch from Captain perinta did go quite High though and I will trust that the next one will be much lower.

Just can't get the ball down again the score the comeback from game two that is a lot to carry around a 44 by 20 foot pickleball court willpower meter is working as well for Newman everything is working and that lob is long you may have to leave love duties to uh Lucy kovalova she's done very well today.

Okay oh nice work it's a good change up yep and she's able to reach in and take that out of the air then Newman will be caught but he is not going to be deterred by that yeah in the budget as you say great move by right there are we seeing a little momentum shift here it must be nice to have long legs I was.

Watching that myself like just seems somewhat effortless didn't it oh oh okay look at that nice cover by kovalova too but too much two-hand Newman action yeah we talk a lot about the advantages of a two-handed backhand one of the ones you don't really think about often is just how quickly you can load that up.

Having the other shoulder uh getting that paddle back in time the speed of the parashot is fantastic point okay so they're on the board will that be the one that's starts them maybe they remember what we referred to with the comeback at the.

Masters everyone was dressed in white these left-handed Newman Maneuvers oh but the willpower middle was fully used I guess if you've hit three lefties one of the Lefty Inside Out edge of the powder winner you're you gotta recharge okay the luck meter oh look at that oh that's pretty just.

So well disguised too by parento there so get a couple got to get the ball back with no damage again oh lovely work that inside out dink from right needed to be a little more precise yeah that's gotta bounce but if you run around it and have that much topspin you're just saying here's an ATP make.

The fans happy thank you when you're in front of someone and you pull it across their body as long as it's low that is a very effective shot well struck by Matt right there and just no room at the end for kovalova there with right right next to her and we are.

Quickly at a gold medal point for Newman and parento and that's it just way too much from parento the brilliant defense the hands of Parental and then just the dominant performance at the kitchen line by Riley Newman just took over the match countered well by kovalev and right.

They're going to be thinking about game two the rest of the day yeah very much so I think Catherine parento did her job to a t her ability to keep them in the point time and time again allowing Riley Newman to disconnect early get up there be menacing and put that kind of pressure that really only he and one or two.

Others that most can do on the planet uh that is just fantastic they are playing beautifully together really on and Rampage as a Duo and are going to continue to push everybody Ben Johnson Annalee Waters don't even make it to the podium here so okay how's this gonna all evolve as as the season.

Progresses but this is a day about Riley Newman and Catherine parento we'll talk to the winners when we come back Fridays the world will get back on its feet will help you stay on yours like that make an appointment at

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Quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again welcome to Championship Court here on Championship Sunday I'm here to introduce our winners Catherine parento.

Riley Newman guys what an incredible match able to finish in three listen to your fans out there they love it Matt and Lucy got up big in game two how did you come back and what did you talk about yeah I think it was 5 10 in game two uh they were playing really really lights.

Out but Catherine and I dug deep just keep at one point at a time and uh able to come back and that was a huge momentum Swift in the game uh able to get that one kind of steeled game two and then game three uh Off to the Races but uh thank you ATL for the support I actually want to give a special thank.

You to Amy and Jeff Smith and Kevin McCook right there they've been uh taking care of me all week feeding me housing me just like the best ATL people uh so thank you to that uh thank you to gamma pickleball my signature paddle is truly amazing lots of control and feel and also my best takea bottle it is absolutely Game Changer thank you.

Well guys you've had so much success it seems like you've overcome a ton of things the team is working so well right now what switch what's contributed to this success this run of success you've been having I just feel like I have to keep the bottom plane just let Riley be Riley uh he's been playing amazing and he's super supportive and we've.

Developed this chemistry and yeah I think it's been working for us well after these titles you've been winning you took down undefeated team thus far Ben and Annalee in this tournament as well what's next what are your hurdles you need to overcome well that was a big hurdle beating uh Ben and Annelise so we got that one that.

One felt really good yesterday uh kind of Stick it to him a little bit um so now we just use the momentum we just carry it over to the next tournament I'm actually got my sister back for the next one but uh Catherine and I are playing a couple more uh this remaining this year so just going to keep this momentum keep the Mojo alive.

And well and keep the ball rolling all right we're gonna bring Chris wolf on court now to present your trophy Chris I just want to say uh I was like five years ago Chad Cromwell and myself we were trying to figure out a way to get the pros into Atlanta and we said the only way we can do it is take every bit.

Of money we make and dump it all back in the tournament and it's so cool that you guys are out here and look what we've done everyone together and uh I'm just super excited and I'm worn out my brain I can't even think straight so I'll stop talking now present you guys with this awesome Trophy and something that you guys can take home with you as well to.

Remember this awesome day thank you guys appreciate you guys coming out get my hand guys Dave over to you all right well as we mentioned after the did they win today but they felt the undefeated team of Ben Johnson Annalee now the interesting factor that Riley referred to there is Lindsey Newman's.

Coming back too so how does this dominant team split up a little bit play a few here and there that's going to be interesting throughout the rest of the year yeah no exactly right we've seen Riley and Lindsay play incredible together and we've talked about it before in the air that those two the chemistry is undeniable it's uh siblings.

Mother daughter that we're about to see they have a way of just knowing where their partner is going to be and they can get into positions and fill the gaps and makes them incredibly difficult to beat so I have every faith that Riley and Lindsay can do very well together no doubt they've proven it they've won pretty much every Championship that is.

Available to be won out there so what a tough uh situation here for Lucy kovalev or maybe it's perfect as you can see on the court now we've got the ladies doubles coming up next and Lucy kovaleva has to just take all of what just happened and throw it away and be ready to go here because she's got a second chance in a championship for sure.

I mean she's going to remind herself that yes it's not like she played badly though she ran into a buzzsaw uh and it wasn't given too much to work with at all Matt Wright you know he played reasonable pickleball as well unfortunately it wasn't enough uh Riley Newman and Catherine parento proving too good on.

That one so here they're they're dressed in lovely Wimbledon whites let's see if that's uh indicative of a polished performance yeah and on the other side we've got mother daughter the waters going for four PPA championships in a row so we'll take a quick break and then we'll come back set this match up it's women's.

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I haven't even started yet oh shock that's strategy player their own style whether you dink it drive it lob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you but we do keep score we recognize the winners.

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foreign foreign.

match point it's all up to me Evans and as you can see it's the top two seeds that have made it to the final they had to battle some tough teams as you saw Catherine parento playing brilliantly won the Triple Crown in North Carolina but was defeated in doubles and.

Her and Leia Jansen played well but just got beat so let's look at the teams here and uh we'll start with Lee water so obviously a tremendous player South Carolina tennis star is the mom is the support but is a Fierce player she will be most likely camped on the left side but.

We saw that switched up as we referred to in the open and then the Phenom that is Anna Lee Waters she's going to be all over the court you're going to see a huge two-handed backhands you're going to see the mom and daughter switching around they move so poetically throughout the court they want to drive their Pace against.

Kovalova and right and or excuse me kovalova and Smith So speaking of kovalovan Smith yeah I mean they do want to use their Pace however the team of kovalova and Smith love Pace called the level we've just seen her on the court there one of the biggest two-handed backhands in the game and she has a length advantage over everyone here on.

The court she's able to lean in to those forehand volley dinks and really dictate play she's got it all certainly and she is the veteran of the Court she's with Cali Smith this woman is a physical specimen we've all seen workout Wednesday not many people can actually follow suit she has the fastest First Steps left and.

Right her split steps unbelievable you'll never see her not ready she never has to get ready because she's always ready it's incredible to see her out on the court and just the speech he can she can pull off from so many locations single-handed and double-handed backhands obviously we're about to get underway with Anna Lee Waters serving.

Let's play Pickleball best of five if you're just joining us and Lee Waters know she's going to see a lot of balls today so uh she's used to it nothing new there that's what she does when they hit one that's in the perfect two-handed backhand Strike Zone former Gamecock rips it into the Open Court.

Right another bullet fired another Another Life taken and nice job early in the match of Cali Smith now saying hey Annalee you want to sneak that two-handed backhand over into the middle of the court I'm going to keep you honest over here for sure she has that single-handed backhand I.

Mentioned she can certainly get it down the line when need be and just caught with Anna Lee in front of Lee on that particular occasion and that opened up some real geometrical problems for a middle ball yeah the kind of death we talk about serves a replayed here on the PPA tour.

So if it hits the net and stays in we will reserve it as Lucy did there and just sort of getting ourselves started here lots of rallies no points so far difference and now we're going indeed yeah the agility of Team Waters that plays a massive role in the hand speed exchanges how quickly they can get out of the way.

Of balls that are coming into the body and create real power of four hands and the two-headed backhand especially and you will see Lee Waters standing on the acrotech logo all day long running around that backhand they are the title sponsor so it's nice of her to actually incorporate them into her gameplay.

Backhand is already on point isn't it jeez returned sails just deep again if you're just joining us replay is in play you have to have a timeout you get two per game so if you have a timeout you want to take a look at something you can do it we had one play overturned with a.

Correct challenge in the mixed doubles match Don Stanley our lead referee here Dean Denise Smith is the second that's a good leave we've got one certainly floating onisha Smith is our tracking referee and Steve McKnight is the video referee for this match.

Foreign on the left and oh there you see the versatility of this team you know they don't want to get caught unwinding the stack so they're like we're perfectly fine Lee Waters isn't going anywhere on this point either you saw that fist behind her back that's the.

Signal and uh mother-daughter indecision right there now that can happen when you are switching sides you're used to seeing someone from the other side of the Court take that ball so they quickly switch out of it she was just in motion as she hit that.

One we always assume that it's forward motion that tends to always send the ball along but if your body's moving laterally or behind either way your power management is going to be much more difficult that balance is the key to this sport and uh the classic water stepped back ripped down the middle from the mid.

Court we're perfectly fine with that as an option yeah they write the book on that move and uh it may have been forwarded by Lucy kovalova but uh they wrote it and that is wide and that's the pressure Anna Lee puts on Callie Smith there she wants to take.

That out of the air but it's got to be out of the reach of that two-hander that's the other way to get that out of the middle is to just hit it to the forehand there and it's a necessary shot or you will be chasing her around all day terrific Point by all players Waters was.

Sliding and then it kissed the tape that causes problems yeah it makes it very tough so cover lover serving now to Al it's an off-pace and uh surprising attack from Cali Smith it was one of those Bugs Bunny swing she's like wait a minute I saw a fastball coming there and it wasn't.

There beautiful lovely for me there's there's no more satisfying shot in the game than a clean winner dink just placement overpowered just no problem whatsoever yeah once you go pick up that ball in the corner I just beat you with a ball that went four miles an hour yep oh well she's been electric with that.

Two-handed backhand Cross Court so far that one it's the first one that's been errant yeah there's a little too much left hand on that that's or a shorter over rotation I mean you've got so many opportunities to generate power when you hit a two-hander yeah I think now they're going to be.

Looking for that cross-court ball so maybe the middle will become available we'll see if Waters goes to that well that's possibly an outboard tough to get out of the way so for a piece you know both squads feeling out how are we how are we doing here we've seen the water switch sides a little bit you will not see Koval.

Kovalova and Smith do that unless it is a dire situation they like the way they play in these current positionings oh I love the shot she hit before that yeah it forced uh lee Waters into a scramble water's up to the task though there's a nice attack from Lee Waters to the just to the right hip of kovalova.

Couldn't get that backhand around and keep it in six one one and replay it fit lands in the kitchen for those of you new to pickleball then we would not replay it but uh plenty in from Anna Lee off the net caught at the Feet Again big swing not a lot on it again maybe a little bit off.

The end of the paddle yeah if she'd hit it clean I think Waters would have had a good chance served by Lee so 4-6 here in game one again best of five for the women's doubles title oh paddle Clank but uh it's been a couple of those in the middle that has cost kovalova and Smith.

The good news is defending scraped off one or the other they're all the same paddle so it should be just perfect we're fine yeah I guess all four players both teams having the exact same paddle that's kind of that's fairly unique it's a good look at the paddle Tech.

Paddles of the waters oh same shot same shot I saw earlier in motion a little too much swing absolutely available oh for sure I think she either needs to cramp closer to the middle so she doesn't need to get there in a hurry and that kisses off the tape and just kicks wide yeah not by much.

Get ourselves in the proper position here fans are dying for a big fire fight here hmm it's been a little subdued so far but I'm sure we'll get it and that may be Onyx paddles on the ground do die yes indeed okay so time out.

Is called the waters methodically so far up 8-4 keeping James foreign what do we got parental another one shame third one this week any suspects not yet we'll send these to.

The lab all right let's take a look what do you think bring me the jigsaw foreign Tech Atlanta opened the first major on the PPA tour Dave Fleming with Morgan Evans and the waters jumping out 8-4 playing solid we haven't seen the.

Fireworks yet I'm sure they're coming yeah so far it's been a fairly measured approach not looking to just not uh fire fights too early and and rest on that part of the game although they could do it very well obviously yeah it's two two drops from behind the Baseline in a row yes followed by no let's uh let's go back to basics let's.

Rip this next one yeah okay so Leeward has made a good change there took some Pace off realized that she's uh had some issues with that movement from left to right and putting big swings on the ball oh that's that's usually game over for the opponent of Cali Smith on that and uh.

No dent in the four-point lead there yeah I think the style of game we're seeing here is a reflection of the ball speed the Heat and how slow the ball is compared to a lot of other tournaments they've played they're not going to be able to get the kind of freebies out of just raw speed and a big cut after Annalee popped in.

There for a little uh finesse so no additional points on top of the Snowman they'll stay at eight and that's the place to go on any lady or man that holds the backhand aggressively in front of you get it on the paddle side keep it inside the base or the sideline they have to do that Lee Waters did it.

Perfectly Smith just leaving it up too high what is certainly up to the the task there yep so Cali is definitely the apple of their eye they're putting the returns there they're digging there oh beautiful play and what look at what a left hand can do for you unbelievable yeah she had a moment just to sort of.

Pause and then leap and roll that incredible powerful backhand oh again in motion it just makes things that much more difficult mom just appeared out of nowhere oh yeah tough one on the forehand side she.

May have been able to shovel it with the backhand and just sort of scoop through it yeah you know you know you have to keep it safe because your whole momentum is gonna throw it up in the air but uh good choice by Cali mix it up they're in defensive posture way back and here's the start of okay and they don't mess around and we've talked about.

A lot like we are having to consider unwinding a stack we're on an odd number we lost one point in that let's go sit down and talk about whether we want to do it we're already seated so it's all good for us so if you're seated standing kneeling however you're watching thanks for watching we'll be right back.

Foreign okay so the water's just clamped down you got one point that's no more no we're gonna go think about this now they may or may not switch we'll see we'll be able to tell you right away and they are gonna switch so one point of that was enough I'd love to see a good fake at some point yeah.

Because teams have a fake call and then the fakes we just got it we gotta have that to improv and acting class we've talked about for all these players who had her on the backhand side but took a real chance however on serve didn't cost them now all in the name of pressure oh it's a good catch from an Ali water.

Again in our new roles that's worth two points but today that's a point actually for your opponent oh not even able to get in interesting that's like I know she's playing singles later and she may choose to do that and a beautiful angle from Cali Smith but that point just was it was different however it did get her the ball it.

Attracted the ball to her side of the court and perhaps that was a play I mean if they're going to that now that's something else yeah they're trying to think outside the box and suddenly a couple of Errors will they throw the other time out they know they're important and again if you use them both if Replay in a tight game.

Comes up you cannot use it and there's a reason why the Box exists you know you know what's in there and you're good at it foreign well done Mama Bear just unable to get in trying to work her way I've talked to these two before sometimes it's.

Fifth seventh night shot drop from Lee just working her way up there and that's where a drop of that quality really unleashes Annalee if the drop is perfect then Cali Smith has a tough decision to make to try to get back to Lee or try to burn Annalee on the way forward so we got a game point here.

What a ball by Annalee there there it is she found her opportunity and all it takes is one good look at a ball dropping and she is out like a gun so kovalova and Smith push all the way to 9-8 but the waters are able to get over the top game one ghost to Lee and Anna Lee 11a will be.

Back with game two elements match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit.

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Games for you foreign welcome back women's doubles final the water's looking to capture their fourth tournament in a row that they've played in on the PPA tour kovalova serves to get us started here nice work some some serious power to begin from Anna Lee and uh.

Mama Waters doing the damage to finish oh that's beautiful work they have really picked up where they left off starting to gel with their movements when they need to cross over and Smith and kovalev are taking a little okay we gotta stop this Onslaught a little bit here yeah I wouldn't be.

Surprised if we see an early timeout if another one or two points slides thank you and there's big the foot speed and you know you talked about the lateral movement of Cali Smith which is indeed impressive Anna Lee Waters soccer background it's split steps and explodes out of there.

And can go get it with the two-hander she's just looking oh nice work yeah the difference is Annalee is very very comfortable using crossover steps to get where she needs to go Cali Smith almost exclusively sidesteps and the crossover step is much more like a a natural running motion no one's ever.

Won the 100 meter race using side steps no if they did that would really make them yeah it'd be very impressive definitely and that's great dinking by Lee Waters to set up and again Anna Lee is smart enough to know I don't have to place this one it's a place it down to defeat we're out the door.

Foreign 's over and Anna Lee is there to clean up or whatever happens however we've got a side out so let's see if kovaleva and Smith can rate the ship earlier today she was hoping that Wright would rate the ship now she needs Smith to write.

The ship so uh we're we're likely towards the end of our right punt but you never know we are definitely not because he still plays later today oh that's true that's true okay look at that cat no little wide so this is what gets frustrating is you feel like you're playing pretty well you.

Look up you have no points to show for what you've done so far you just have to just grind through this kovalova and Smith oh and just a little bit of luck catching the Nets watch it just ride that net and a lot of times that's the ball you want because you get a really fun ATP that.

You can hit almost cross-court but that one didn't come wide enough I believe Waters is there oh and then hands up in the uh scrambled so well to deal with that one she even put her paddle up like in case you want to come back at me I'm over here and ready just just make sure the court reporters got that noted.

And the stenographer was on hand so there's the first a little bit of fire from Lucy you know you you we usually hear Cali Smith yelling and fired up and just haven't ignited that way yeah nice placement there good enough pal but it was the accuracy that really got the.

The work done there from Kelly Smith to finish that point 1.1 oh possibly didn't need to go for that hero play just yeah and you saw her saying I got to be firm with that left it a little loose paddle face was open sails deep.

Again so more let serves today than we had all day yesterday yeah and the thirds are up and again the team that gets the ball to bounce more at this level is definitely going to be ahead and look at this ladies and gentlemen.

They have decided to switch sides it's still unserved not gonna cost him and I think Lee Anna Lee Waters is very happy for her mum to keep firing those missiles yes he gives her opportunities to feed off the chaos so let's see how kovalovan Smith have activated the switcheroo here.

Yep good to make a change I get a couple stops in it so that'll make you feel good about hey showing we're we're strategic great dig oh that was beautiful I mean Callie Smith thought hey I just reset an impossible ball we're back in this and then she's picking it up and tapping.

Her paddle saying nice shot same plan almost the same ball just uh a little tomb on top of the forehand roll there and that stays in wow and okay now we've got the fist pump and it's it's almost top floor it was it was about 14 of the 15 story kovalova.

Tower beautiful okay ugly there it is again yeah she weren't she held it for long enough hoping someone would see it we did we did well we did but I don't think the water's paid much notice no they uh turned their backs intended for them you can and a nice job by kovalova and.

Smith to tie this up now this is where you get confused because you've switched and then you have to get in the right position they're choosing not to stay with it on the unwinding the stack that's a smart play what it got and I hear a come on from Anna Lee Waters.

And uh a couple of them might be leaving so I see I foresee a video replay here all right okay so in the end of larva and Smith called the ball out and Waters are challenging said challenge said call yeah I saw Koval over just go to have a seat I was hoping she wasn't injured in.

Any way there but I think she was looking at the crowd to decide if she should make a challenge or call the ball out right now yeah from what we're looking at again we don't decide it looks like the ball is in yeah it looks like just inside the line that's very close very very close.

Not our decision Morgan we just share so no certainly so what do you think of the what do you think of the kovalova and Smith switching sides well I think what they can't afford to do is be making the switch on the return of serve and risking some of these bullets being fired from the waters catching them.

Unwinding that stack which we've talked about many many times but the consequences when the waters are on the other side are very dire they are so accurate at the speed in which they can hit but I do like the mix-up and we've talked about it many times if you're losing one way whatever you do don't lose the same way.

Yeah and it's uh you know kovalova plays exclusively on that side obviously in mix we'll get the call from head referee Don Stanley um okay so so the ball was good so I kovalova and.

Smith and based on the the laws of the pickleball gods that ball was in no question about it she left too far laterally yeah she had an extra photo so to work with which again with the width of the net she wanted to get clearance to the side with the rest of her body but had she.

Gone right to it I think that's a winner that's good fire Callie Smith I think she's going to try to dial it up a notch to uh try to offset constant pressure the waters are putting on beautiful two-handed Smoke by Lee Waters look at that yeah torrential rain of a.

Two-handed backhand from Waters oh she was there now there have been a few of those for both mama and daughter in that middle filling when they've been on that side of the Court doubt they'll switch out of this over there oh but they will okay so they're feeling much better about this formation yeah we talked about it yesterday we.

Noticed them trying this formation and uh I commented that perhaps they were thinking of giving it a go against the Smith and kogalova Duo and they are currently giving it a go and it's going well good morning I think if Koval over and Smith can.

Really raise the intensity level yeah they could certainly get back into this match yeah I mean there's no librarian here shushing anybody I mean you know no we we asked that person to leave yes get out we want some energy the best way to start the fire but.

Hey Bob what foreign I would expect this return to go to Lee Waters as well keep dipping into that well until it runs dry exactly yeah okay that's big that could be the party starter yes perhaps with us starting earlier the.

Invitations had already been sent out now everyone is arriving yeah we've got a great crowd here look at this awesome crowd they're ready for more of what they just saw on that point and more of the noise kovalova and she has fists for days for her opponents so.

It is just a two-point lead and it is the waters calling time out have kovalova and Smith found their energy we'll find out if they can keep it going after this foreign you've got to give it up you're stepping out of bounds I'm so close parental it goes all the way to the top talking refs.

Commentators food vendors but how can you prove this it's so simple bring me the jigsaw foreign bananas here the ladies always bring the best out of the crowd for sure it is.

Banana day here and uh Wrigley fiend this is what happens when the Aussies starts doing baseball references it's an issue I'll work on that oh Clank but it worked out and oh great power and the depth was spot on I don't think anyone's challenging the call no that's well inside the Baseline.

And the deficit is but one and just everything about that team is different they get a miss and oh paddles down again okay no no challenge is allowed now that's their second timeout it's a quick one we'll take a quick one ourselves kovalova Smith rallying impressively in game two.

I'm trying to aim for the time let's go foreign we are back in the Rampage is coming from Smith and kovalova now all the way.

To eight a piece wrong okay this is the kind of action we expected it is arrived it is tight and we love it overlova means business and that fist pump gets to at least the 12th floor and there are no fans in the Direction.

She's pointing that is directed exactly in one spot oh okay great run though couldn't get to 10 which would have really put the pressure on but they got the lead go with the drop shot that brings her in and kovalova didn't quite need to be that perfect there was nothing to gain.

From too much there I mean Lee Waters does put a lot of backspin on that sliced ink things tough great handle off the tape good leave is a pivotal moment there because if that net cord causes kovalova an error then they're staring at game point down.

Right angle from Cali Smith here watch this finish so neither team able to get to 10 can Smith and kovalova do it here okay momentum is in their favor and a beautiful Drop yes testing the full hand side of Walters no timeout to be called here at 10.

They're out so here's game point for Smith and kovalova heavily Waters up to The Challenge on try number one heading up to and that sails deep and after being in a big hole in game two Smith and kovaleva come all the way back the crowd is energized they are energized we're gonna.

Play at least four Morgan love it incredible stuff there to come back make a real meal of this match heading into game three looking forward to it we will see game three and again it's best three of five here so lots of work to do when we come back.

Foreign foreign foreign and there's the hardware and glassware that they're playing for today beautiful.

Trophies here on the PPA tour and beautiful play on the court one game a piece Smith and kovalova win at 11-9 interesting there that uh the chicken wing attempt by Lee Waters couldn't quite get there not enough feathers and then.

Annalee wasn't sure what to do behind that yeah I think one of the things we're seeing here is the fact that kovalova and Smith you know they've played a lot of great teams obviously but there hasn't been a team that applies as much pressure consistently as the waters and it took them a game to really get a feel.

For the rhythm of this constant pressure and where they need to be how much peace they need to put and get that ball down into tough locations now they've found that again and we are seeing a real battle and they found it with a side switch as well which is interesting unbelievable there we go and the return.

Fist pumps yep okay Blue Waters yeah that if you don't think a message was being sent there you aren't paying attention no love lost oh yeah and that move from Waters just something in the peripheral vision and it takes a shot away oh oh just trickled over.

Well luck was certainly on their side towards the tail end of game one looks like uh Lady Luck has come back for a visit possibly left her car keys yeah don't put those down in a different place and the waters come roaring out in game number three up four nothing to start.

Here this is big this is time out yeah it's got to be time out at this point if not then they're really risking number six coming yeah this Rampage is hard to be trifled with here great return by Callie Smith.

A little singles practice for Anna Lee Waters she will be obviously uh playing that against Catherine parento later on you know gotta gotta remember what all the angles are like if he doesn't get sixty thousand steps in a Day of Play and then she's just not happy with herself just ridiculous if she doesn't just wide so they're running off to a.

Five nothing lead they had a lead in game two they weren't able to conclude that game with a victory so that's what Smith and kovalova have to draw from oh that will not trickle over so the net continues to be in favor of kovalova and Smith not that it really has feelings for.

Either squat oh she's in shocked that she pulled that wide saw it ripped it pulled it hello shake that one off okay and laid on the reload there from kovaleva I like the attack down the middle just ready for the next one and she could pull it to the other side of.

Lee Waters but not ready there so they get one oh nice off-pace ball just rolling it gently to the feet and switching from the attack on the ball before so annalize gotta change her paddle positioning oh okay gorgeous shot there and look at Lucy kovalova bringing some tricks from.

The left side of the board here yeah that looked a lot like one of her normal dinks and uh quickly accelerating okay and again pulls the pose to finish and uh with a little knee band action to go with it so it wasn't part of the shot she really lent into it okay oh uh all systems go kovalova definitely.

Wants this one not that all four ladies don't but you can see the fire and we're now hearing the fire and we're watching the fire and the paddle Tech paddles have hit the ground so.

Water's up 5-0 it's now five three the battle rages on we'll be right back thank you thank you I already told you Matt Wright is my lawyer well Matt Wright isn't here.

Izzy nothing to say to you we can do this the easy way or the hard way bring me to jigsaw beautiful now Okay so the waters are never shy about using a timeout whether they've got the lead.

Whether they need to reset strategy yeah just looking to douse the flames ah interesting that was a much more measured approach on the fourth ball and Cali Smith does not need to stick the paddle in there kovalev was behind her twice so when you've switched sides a.

Little bit that's a ball the forehand can ease it much easier take than a reach across your body and try and get that back two in a row right in that same spot we'll see if that continues but defense probably Waters to get in foreign nice work I like the fact that Smith and kovalova took a moment there to.

Basically invite the waters up saying we know how much damage you can do from back there let's see how well you can handle us up here yeah they're not they're not looking for blunt force trauma every step of the way and they realize there's an area of the Court where the waters do have an.

Advantage and they're looking to take that part of the equation out Smith having a okay okay so uh Smith Smith asked Don Stanley to have a little comment for the perhaps a uh fan had yelled out in the middle of the.

Point there foreign very close play on this point oh I have Smith unable to get the paddle high enough as soon as it popped off the net Great Rally she got a nice bounce but it's hard to control yourself.

Unable to score on that opportunity so that's the risk of just saying I'm going forward without measuring your partner's third Okay so no points on the return opportunity and Smith and kovalova back with the ball thank you.

It's like a third and that point was lost on the indecision at who was taking the Third yeah communication costs nothing no these guys have unlimited plants oh and a foot stomp by Koval over there and the issue is she faded back off and she got a ball to attack but it was moving not in position saw it a bit late.

And really the antithesis of the fist pump really is yes yes on the sliding scale of kovalova post Point activities oh wow literally sat there little gamma pen-pong and a good lead from Waters not not too far along I don't have four or less so they've doubled them up.

yeah they've been scrambling because the thirds have been up so trying to work their way through that point and the Onyx paddles will hit the ground here so the waters raced out the 5-0 it was 5-3 for an eternity it is now 7-3 we'll be.

Right back one two three foreign welcome here courtside at the Atlanta open I'm here with Melissa McCurley president of

She's here to tell us a little bit about what this tournament has been like to run so far well another huge one here in Atlanta another record-breaking number is 1146 players 39 States 561 of them from here in Georgia we ran over 1 000 matches in just two days on our biggest days of five days here but one of the highlights for me is Matt Mayfield who.

Is here with the PPA just taking care and leading the experience for the amateurs anywhere you know from making sure yesterday's rain delay was minimized anything from Court conditions making sure those are in great shape answering questions awarding medals highlighting sponsors and he's just been terrific well it's.

Helped from people like you Matt that makes this tour run it's all the little people it's everyone who goes to put this thing together how has your experience been so far wow thanks Melissa yeah amateurs are the lifeblood of our Sport and if you come to a PPA Tour event you can expect to play at the very best venues right alongside the.

Best players in the world and um uh how are the amateurs play on your end and running that that side of the things you know on Court and so on well you know I can't thank the hard-working volunteers and the staff but really most importantly the players for making the.

Atlanta open such a big success this year we had over 40 courts going at one time and it's just tremendous for the sports growth thank you so much for your time Matt Melissa glad to have you here thank you Hannah all right we certainly appreciate all the hard work that goes into making.

This tournament run at all levels and you can truly play where the pros play so check that calendar and come play and watch this great game of pickleball that is on fire fastest growing sport in the country oh in the end it was a a very uh either.

Well disguised or mistimed forehand that uh caught the outside she had the paddle up I'm gonna give her the well disguised okay perfect good leave and again kovaleva and Smith there are two other players out there that do manage to have enough strength and ability with the single-handed backhand.

To direct it down the line there's not that many guys on the tour that can really hit that shot so well so very impressive work from the ladies Jesse Irvin also in that uh ladies Club of one-handed backhand menacing shots a little low and a little tight to the net that's why shallow dinks are so.

Important yeah knowing when you can play that more aggressive offensive Dink and when just dropping it very short in the kitchen can pay dividends whatever the word for the absolutely nasty acute angle there and uh pulled it just a little wide.

Just wide by kovalova yeah that side of the Court seems to be dragging the ball towards the ground uh considering a timeout I'm not sure it's worth it but that's just me there's a lot of indecision here that seems like a mini time out there yeah just ask a bunch of questions to yeah slow everything down.

Great job there moving around that backhand side using that inside out forehand which has a great way of rolling the ball down dipping it forcing the kind of preferred dink of Lucy kovalova that lean in volley dink to be very tricky not a not a huge margin at that height no and a lot of enthusiasm from Lee.

Waters foreign started with that single-handed flick attack from Cali Smith beautiful work and again this was five zip and here we go again can they come storming back and after all that patience.

Now for me I think getting Anna Lee back on the left just for you know a moment's notice I just want thank you sir if nothing else just to relieve a little bit of pressure from Lee Waters who is seeing a lot of balls and we're seeing it now Anna Lee on the left side so we're going to see how well.

If they do want to Target Lee Waters and they do and at least snuck in there a couple times leaving herself vulnerable on the outside but that's the Dare she puts in front of the opponent so another chance to tie it up or even take the lead here for Smith and kovalova nice work proving a metal on that.

Exchange and a miss serve gives it back so yeah serious Rarity yeah and a timeout is called Okay so things are tightening up like they did in game two and we'll be right back for the finish it is.

Game number three of the women's doubles final here at the acrotech Atlanta foreign is Big the crowd is into it and the ladies on the court are giving them quite a show here on a Sunday in of.

Course it's a Peach Peach Tree Corners Georgia and Lee Waters was finally able to get to the kitchen and then just left that forehand volley in the net it's the first time she's actually moved to her left to hit a forehand volley dink as opposed to getting around her backhand.

Great Jet by Anna Lee and pressure on both sides of the body with Lee Waters under Target here yeah certainly so far it's it's been a lot of Lee Waters versus Lucy kovalova thank you nice work to deal with that first one set herself up beautifully for a nice easy one to finish proceedings.

Big forehand and an even bigger second forehand and a little strut a little just yeah I mean there was enough power on that forehand to to restart a dead star and she is smiling enjoying playing the left side here and hello they've got the lead.

Hannah Lee has to get onto the left side quickly and I don't think they can be afraid of doing it on the return of serve Cali Smith reset Clinic foreign Smith two-handed backhand finished Clinic unbelievable look at that.

And they have fought all the way back in front and have a game point in game number three reminiscent of game number two foreign hits the deck she's happy she hit the deck and they take game number three come roaring back from being behind they've done it twice they've got the.

First to two can they be the first to three absolutely critical in a game to uh and a match to five yeah so it is uh as the heat has been rising on the court so has the play so phenomenal comebacks twice by Smith and kovalova Lucy kovalova really feeling it on that left side of the.

Court they're up two games to one game four right after this we are launching Selkirk team which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen TV this is 24 7 pickleball proudly brought to you by cell group.

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Software updates you know same time next week you got it cool let's go let's go welcome back to the acrotech Atlanta open and kovalova and Smith they've put kovalev on the left side she has been more aggressive she has been on point.

And she and Smith have dug themselves out of deficits early in the second and third game and are up two games to one and guy a little lioness role okay one of the more adorable Commons you're ever gonna hear but the energy has been uh dissipating from the water so uh.

Yeah and see if they can get that back precipitation will do that to you no evaporation that's way too many letters for the world sorry if you are looking for a Wordle hint for today all four players are trying to win this.

Okay just a drive in a mist saw that a little bit in mixed the shorter returns really cracking the ball and some force that caught the net that's why that returned so a great return by Cali Smith there but the reply look at this oh okay I think if Waters Are Gonna Keep.

Anna Lee on the right hand side they've got to adjust a different tactic to attract more Bulls in her Direction foreign we were talking about that during the break to Cali Smith and that did.

Eventually get something over to Annalee wow that's what has to happen you see her go for it on the point before and you don't need to hit a lot just have that paddle in front Cali Smith blocked it into the Open Court so now we are seeing Anna Lee on the left side oh good try she knew she couldn't leave.

It in front of her because the Ernie threat had arrived Inside Out dink from UC carvaleva big play from Cali Smith getting in there so much power on that forehand.

you want to try and keep that going at least make them beat you on the next point after you hit a beauty unable to make the third so they get within one again have been down the last three games oh she just draws it too far wide that's not gonna happen very often no.

Foreign Waters split stuff fire and then reload it was a nice little fake there from Annalee not quite sure if it uh had any effect but still look good yeah like she's just wanting to swing it she wants the ball so bad she'll swing at one that's uh not even visible to us.

Oh okay a little walk to the net with the fist in the air yeah kovalova's confidence level is soaring right now despite being down in game four she could have used that in the mix that's it absolutely that was a sitter and it's exactly what that ball deserves yes that was uh sitter Fest 2022 there.

Were three of them in there you don't even see that many in a whole game we got them in a whole point yeah there's bait and then this well here's just a full meal for you don't you worry on the house good deep return from Lee Waters there so they maintain the lead.

Nice work there was a couple of dinks there where kovalova and Smith just looked a little off balance just scrambling slightly started a Cascade effect giving Waters the point oh that's beautiful and you also noticed that Smith and kovalova chose not to change.

Sides yeah so six two is the score usually when you're on an odd number but because they have decided to switch things up it's actually that they're even they gotta unwind the stack so Waters again have a lead Midway through.

Another game this time can they close it we're going to close up shop here for a second we'll be right back what a match game four in progress spoon spoon fork pork spoon I miss judged the situation.

Spoon again hi camera spoon happiness happiness oh riches will make me happy I'll find a way I'll find a way I'll make it work happiness numbers it's gonna go with Ben Johnson here numbers numbers numbers because I'm good at math.

Light blue can you tell Aquaman blue red blue yes I'm good okay welcome back can the waters close great get by Lee foreign she did everything right then she's.

Getting a lot of uh awkward dinks out of Lucy cover lover and now the pressure is going to be on this cross-court battle until I wouldn't expect the waters to switch out of this now but uh we'll Cali stay over there she will not and a BB down the line off a ball that was left up and.

Yeah this uh should be time out territory again if they've got one yeah they do it's just a matter of they feel like we just used one that shouldn't matter this point they did bring Cali back and Cali got tacked it might be off the Noggin she seems okay let's start with that.

Yeah so no answers on the left side of the court at this second go back to Lucy and that flinger goes deep in this Rampage is legit is it closing time one last call right here it looks like they've resigned themselves to this one they're not.

Calling the timeout they did not have their singles signal straight there but gotta Miss third perhaps that was it the uh both of us run to the middle and that should be fine disconlobulation okay.

So they've had one chance long way to go but they've done it before foreign scrambling off the back foot not an easy shot oh that's uh something that she needs oh I was like kovalova to call her off there with a forehand.

And Elias hunting oh and they wow it's hard when you're hunting and you think any ball I get is going to be a couple Paces away to all of a sudden wait there's a ball on my paddle all right foresee a timeout if this point goes five.

That slides and that ball hadn't even hit the net and the paddles were down so huh I think I've said this a few times water's way ahead here come kovalova and Smith astonishing really isn't it again and again so they had a chance to actually win it they were unable to do it there's the catch earlier in the match.

So what a battle we've had fists shown to the competitors uh across the net the fans are going bananas will be right back foreign foreign welcome back.

It's Groundhog Day because they keep coming back and I've seen it in game two seen it in game three we'll see if Bill Murray makes an appearance here in a minute or not but uh you know I forget he might still be in hot water yeah but most celebrities are these days.

So oh well throw in the club oh no oh just had the the lever of the of the wrist back just ever so slightly there yeah the hammer of Thor was rough what we saw that earlier in the match where.

Lee Waters uh scrambling to recover to the middle and Too Deep to do something with it great Serve by Cali Smith there oh little dropper what a cat beautiful work from kovalova and team waters are gonna have to channel their inner goldfish and forget the previous two games which followed.

The exact same script we are 90 minutes into this match oh my God so Smith has had a couple of really good looks to add to the comeback so they get to eight game point number two here oh kovalova awkwardville USA but she's still in.

There this means so much took over you can just see it so uh third try at forcing a fifth game oh my is that gonna cost them and the answer is yeah so confusion in the middle started a problem and that.

Comeback Falls just short so the waters were able to finish the fans wanted a fifth game goldfish for the win I know you at home wanted a fifth game and we will have that we'll switch sides at six these women put on a show every single time I love it you love it thanks for watching at home we'll be right back.

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We'll help you stay on yours an expert help I got a Foot Solutions make an appointment at so the fans are loving it the question is is can kovalova and Smith have a better start here I mean that is really it's hard to keep digging and digging out the waters have historically been.

Incredible starters they have really taken off to a great lead in the last three games especially unfortunately for two of those Smith and kovalova found their way back again and again and Waters were reluctant to make some tactical changes that uh may have helped them but they got the job done in the last one.

And uh a drink apparently fell on there the court so just uh I can tell you the hotlanta heat will take care of that in a moment's notice so it's Smith and Koval over that are staying out there keeping warm yeah we watched this before practice like here here we go I've I've.

Seen her do this in the middle of matches before if there's a if there's a little uh drink over there and I've got a chance to hit some balls I'm gonna do it and this is the only lady on the court that played earlier so she's already played and she's you know and we talked about it Fitness with her it's not gonna she's.

Not I don't care if it was best of five best of seven yeah kovaleva and Smith this is it for them for the day though correctly as well hopefully yes but uh Anna Lee will be showing her single stuff later on and here we go switch sides at six this is for the title great stab by Cali chooses to let it bounce oh my.

And just deep so big opportunity lost on the decision on the slow ball before that that was a real quick that was really close so we may see a no they're not gonna go there to start with okay that's what happens when you pull the trigger at Cali Smith.

She's seen that before and from my money Lee Waters was starting to do a wonderful job in the Cross Court dink exchanges against kovalova she knows she's going to be in that for the rest of this match and you owe her a note yes that wasn't exactly a dink though a transitional ball there yeah I'm not I'm gonna over.

Send the note okay great I'll just I'll send a text yeah that's really nice maybe just one emoji that's what happens when the Cub gets in there yeah and when you are winning the Dink and your ball is forcing awkward positions of your opponent Cross Court they're gonna leave the ball in the less desirable spot.

And then here comes the two-hander and the left Al on the left for that one see if they're gonna do it again yeah they've been taking the turns actually so far so they're gonna keep switching back and forth interesting choice it's a new one it's job by Lee fighting that ball off and Smith and kovalova can feel good.

That they're off to a better start here yeah 3-1 lead huge rip and in sync the paddle Tech paddles go down and they were smart enough to put one on each side that was well choreographed there so looky here Smith kovalova up 4-1 we'll switch sides at six can they keep the lead to the end.

thank you looking good look if we don't figure out this gravity situation all of those astronauts are gonna die and the proof of alien life will be gone.

Forever but we've tried everything um we haven't tried everything bring me the jigsaw thank you attention so the waters take a timeout.

Smith and kovaleva off to a much better start foreign finish by Lee Waters ferocious two-hander I mean that's what we saw from her at the beginning of game one amazing two-handed backhands drawing.

Cross-court again and again remember Lucy cover lover started to find a way oh my Callie Smith will happily cheer a netcord winner there it's game five of a major they're uh they're not here to make friends thank you Lee Waters trying to get something to.

Bounce very loud out call there on the way just in case uh there's any someone was wondering yes or if Lucy was suddenly gonna dive because she felt she needed to yeah as you mentioned you're trying to get that ball to bounce unfortunately with Lucy Koval over the the most amount.

Of reach on the courts just not easy oh and kovaleva leaves her backhand cocked and just stares Straight Ahead like I'm not hitting that out ball 51. abs and flows and this one are unbelievable yeah Anna Lee may feel like I gotta even do.

More yeah I mean trying to do it from the right side is not easy she can when it's feeding off chaos yes she has to come running over there and take balls off the bounce all day it's going to be a lot harder task it could affect our singles wow okay so that is what I was wondering if it would happen you start to see the.

Finish line and you are behind the runner in front so six points switch sides can the waters flip the script and launch a comeback of their own they're gonna have to activate the hose and get that water running quickly we'll be right back rear view clean money in a black.

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You don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot starts right here paddle tech let's go again so there's the sort of free bonus time out of the deciding game five here.

Six one two Cali Smith the serve oh and looking here Callie Smith with the flick because annalize only looking for the ball on her backhand side nothing has been to her right the whole day wow that's a sneaky effective brilliant shot by Cali Smith right there at crunch time.

Now we've got Anna Lee on the left and the lead is seven and another time out uh they are the gold medalists of timeout calling yes but the paddles instead of being placed down were flicked that's always an indication of the scoreboard the flick paddle means.

The deficit is four or more can they rally it's gonna take a lot but they've done it before the first major is living up to the building we'll be right back.

Foreign where nothing is as it seems two Fearless Pitbull Ballers fight to save Humanity from utter annihilation I can't believe this is happening again not on my watch let's go a struggle of Epic Proportions just another day in the office oh so that's how you want to play it a.

Battle for the ages you underestimate my power don't try a Lucy I have The High Ground and an electrolyte dream to unite them all bring me the jigsaw bring me the jigsaw pickleball cocktail saw Health presents bring me the jigsaw not today baby coming soon.

This movie makes no sense okay so Callie Smith again serving after a timeout but not with the waters had hoped this is not a replay this is the second timeout and Cali Smith comes roaring in and they are two points from a title and that's more impressive than you might think given that she has not seen a bowl since.

The late 90s it's right it's been the kovalova Lee water whoever yeah so much diagonally from Lee is who's going to be getting the ball okay that's a big ball there from Annalee Waters and she needs to really start staying on the left and doing some serious damage now you're seeing the crowd trying to urge them.

Forward foreign recovery Lucy kovilova's fist pumps have proved effective to us I think for her own confidence yeah yeah she's thinking possibly that was an apple yes when you're as tall as she is.

And you're reaching for a ball with Pace above your head it's probably out but too late just throw it away foreign double wag yeah so yeah and the waters cannot allow these kinds of uh you know this kind of gamesmanship to get into their heads I mean it's as simple as that two.

Professional athletes and the fist is in the air and it is Match Point Championship point right now the Vegas odds on a paddle tap or not is uh I don't know so you pick them I like they'll do it but it won't be long dominant game five performance they.

Wanted this desperately and their play in game five delivered the goods for sure they found a way to not just finish strong but start strong as well great tactically uh they didn't Panic they had some Ebbs and flows but in the end it was more than enough in game three and you saw the Cali Smith fake she even threw her left hand out in the middle of.

That point and they get the fist bumps and the hugs and the waters just want to get the heck off the court there they are got to give a lot of credit to Lucy kovalova loses the mix in not a fashion that wasn't a grind it out really close match and then she's got to play aside she didn't plan on playing at all today no.

Mick she was going to play the right in this match she was going to play the right side and it was her play on the left side that won the match for him it really did there was a period in game three or four I believe where it looked like it was coming off the uh the rails a little bit but she got it together and they kept their commitment to that style.

Again and again and found a way very impressive so the three tournament win streak for the waters is snapped and uh kovalova and right didn't get it done but kovalova and Smith do get it done so we'll talk to the winners right after this dropping a lot of money on sunglasses always seemed crazy to me I'd wear them.

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Well welcome back to Championship Court I have the pleasure of introducing our Champions Lucy kovalova Cali Smith ladies incredible incredible match you built up quite a rivalry with the water so many good battles the crowd is just loving it what made you guys better today um well crowd first of all thank you so.

Much for cheering us on you guys were awesome and then you know we started the match we lost the first game and then it was like okay well now is the time to shine Cali now or never and we put it together and we executed our shots we cut our own Crusaders and you saw the last game so we had fun well guys you came back from deficits in.

Games two and three and almost did it in four as well what factors contributed to that uh Waters waters are always a tough team to play uh they're wonderful players uh so yeah we know we had our work cut out for us before we got here and they came out on top sometimes that happens a pickleball is a game of runs and it's.

Just being able to manage emotions on the court sticking with it and we just kept telling each other you know one at a time one at a time and it works you know we inched our way back one at a time so we got the win on a few of them uh one of them we almost we almost got there but didn't quite make it but again like Lucy said cut our unforced errors.

The crowd's amazing I think another Factor was our my family was here and family watching from home my kids at home so I love them very much and love all the supporters here my family my husband and all of the sponsors Onyx optivia health and spray just you guys have been amazing especially in our success and being able to play and live.

Our dream well guys how do you keep the momentum flowing throughout this long five game match well I think you just need to play one game at a time right you lost the first game there's okay we have to get that one and then we get the next one so it's just like you know maybe before we.

Played our fifth game we were just like we were playing together we were trying to stay loose and just like okay now now it's time to shine and we did and four I have to say hi to my parents in Slovakia thank you for Facebook live and thank you for YouTube because they watch every single match congratulations lady I'm gonna bring.

Connor Pardo commissioner of the PPA on court to present you trophies on behalf of the PPA tour and the acrocheck Atlanta open we present you guys with the cup and your championship trophy great job ladies let's give them a big round of applause everybody what a match.

ladies that's pretty good you had two games where you started down zero four and zero five and you were able to win those games you know it's really tough to beat Cali Smith and Lucy kovaleva when they're out there having fun and smiling and having a great time so who wants to see him back in Atlanta again.

Next year let's give it up for him everybody over here okay well what a well-earned victory for Smith and kovalova we saw them when we had the drink spill they went out on the court and they kept it going they practiced they hit some balls they put in the work and they took the scenic.

Route for sure they took a very scenic route until the GPS said just stay on this road and they got ahead and just punched the accelerator and finished that match was exactly two hours so a great great match you can see them proudly holding up the trophies well earned so the ladies have graced us with an incredible match.

Now we've got friends turned foes now turned friends again so it is Matt Wright and Riley Newman who faced off at the beginning of the day on the opposite side of the net will now try to pair up and find a way can they find a way to beat the Johns Brothers you know I really feel like if there's gonna be a day it's today that's.

Something I I said uh in the mixed when finally Ben Jones and Natalie Waters were defeated and there's something about there's something about this tournament it has a certain air to it so we will come back and set that men's doubles final up when we come back from.

The acrotech Atlanta open here on the PPA tour that shot has its own strategy each player their own style whether you dink it drive it blob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you we do keep score we recognize the winners.

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Kitchen we're all family in the kitchen let's go foreign foreign.

match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit managing text chains is a hassle juggling social media.

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Foreign thank you foreign.

thank you foreign which brings the best pickleball content to your smartphone tablet and big screen.

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I sure can try foreign foreign everybody Welcome Back the ladies gave us a classic a five game Thriller and it's the men's turn to deliver something similar so we got the top two seeds let's start out looking at the number.

One seed Morgan who do we got well we've got Matt Wright and Riley Newman Matt Wright we've saw him earlier on the man is a beast mentally and physically he has owned the game for so long the kind of power he can put and deception on that forehand especially he.

Gets so many people when he drops that paddle on the forehand side flicks it the backhand side long since has been known as the fastest most powerful backhand put away in the game trying to get the ball down on him is incredibly difficult second only perhaps to his partner in crime here Riley Newman we also saw him earlier they were foes now.

They're friends Riley Newman's speed around the court that's his superpower he's not just long and lean but the the quickness he's got using that two-handed backhand he's able to present different problems than anyone else on the tour he disguises his attacks brilliantly he can use it to roll great Cross Court dinks and attack almost anywhere incredible.

Player on the other side and on the right side of the court or the left side of the Court we'll start with Ben is uh playing in his first championship Sunday as a college graduate here is he the Terrapin graduated on Thursday that's why I didn't play singles and he and Anna Lee Waters were upset by Catherine.

Parento and Riley Newman so this is his only appearance on Championship Sunday he wants this in a big way and he's joined by older brother Colin John's best right side player in the game you will see him attack with that forehand Cobra he'll leave that forehand up in the air making you wonder where is it going to go he will slide.

And attack when he is attacked off the backhand side he understands his role that is so important we saw Lucy kovaleva and Cali Smith have to change roles on the Fly that is a difficult thing to pull off but they were able to do it because of their talents and their cohesion these two know exactly where they're going to.

Be the two Alphas on the other side Newman and Wright have figured it out they're the winners of North Carolina the Johns worn in there so the middle dink has always been a place where it's safe we saw Kohler and Wilson almost be able to pull that off with them just couldn't finish it so that narrow place is a place that we will.

Definitely see the Johns put danks here today yeah it's definitely a region of the Court where all the players know there's not much harm they can do however the risk of floating a ball too high in that area is very real you've got a lot more margin when you go for that shorter angle Cross Court so going over the middle of the net yes you.

You're more than likely going to get it over however it can be floating into a disastrous territory when you're up against these kinds of teams yes so how far over is always the issue and we saw we've talked about it today the teams that have bounced the ball have won and it sounds like a simple task just make it bounce man make it bounce.

Just make it bounce man yeah all right we are ready to go here so uh Newman and right are set Colin Johns is ready to serve let's play Pickleball foreign so already the the Target that I can see and they can see I know it's not visible.

On the court but they're going to pull them out wide and then find that middle human just leaving it up high enough and John's is not going to waste too much time picking an opportunity to use that patented flick backhand volley attack yes Ben is clearly eager to do damage today and the Damage he has already done is to a Dura 40.

Pickleball so that would be really maddening for me if I got off to a two I'll start I want to use that ball for as long as it's got good Juju in it that's a sign Matt Wright did a great job with the first attack and set himself up but swatted it straight down foreign.

Tries inside out here on this one I'm sure he was just looking to get serious purchase on it and it slid off oh it stays in oh what what that looked like that stayed in yeah yeah okay okay if our eyes deceived us that much when we were both in sync referee uh.

Derek Prince I believe yes Adam Goldsmith is the second Patricia Stewart is tracking and Brian Garrett will make any replay decisions you saw on that last Point Matt Wright come flying forward so uh I'm gonna try and be menacing pour some errors well it wasn't right that invented flight.

Just uh this was only the North Carolina open okay so the I think Colin's expecting Ben to take that and then it's on his body and he's missed a couple and Rapid Point scoring we haven't played very many rallies every rally has.

Finished with score there's more points than minutes right now I think for sure and yeah I'm seeing some you know some a few cracks I'm not saying they're a Chasm by any stretch but we're used to seeing Ben and Colin John's play Such polished performances knowing their roles to a T Colin left that up a mile in the air and.

It was finished the one thing we can say is we've seen the John start slow all the time you also have the advantage and I believe it is a significant one that both Newman and Wright have played today foreign and uh enough of your clever defense.

Gentlemen yeah uh John's Ben Johns saw Matt Wright Still In Motion coming forward realized that was going to be a great Target to catch him in transition and another jira 40 Bites the Dust and uh what you're not seeing is a fan leaped over the front there and got the ball and he's a homeboy and now he's going to take a seat as the.

Official ball boy of the acratech sport surfaces Atlanta open I've dubbed him so he seem to have the foot speed he must have been a valet in a prior career massive serve from Ben Johns and it is those types of exchanges that are going to give a lot of confidence to an already confident player in Riley.

Newman yeah Newman and Wright they can compete in the hand speed exchanges and all it takes is for the Jones Brothers to have 10 of an off day and this could be over quickly a good lead from Ben Johnson right careening in there I mean flying forward like he was being pushed by an.

Invisible force this was coming I mean that's you know that's confidence in what you've got going on I mean he came flying in there and the third wasn't that great so uh discretion maybe a little just check the value of the drop folks don't come flying up there that's the only issue when you've got so.

Much trust in your partner's third or fifth ball that you inherently just start moving in there trying to cause problems by pressure in that third or fifth doesn't quite pan out the way you wanted great slice returned from right keeps the Johns boys at three.

And it's a good spot held it long enough found the right shoulder Toro perhaps of Mr Right big yell of no but Wright still hits a winner so yeah you're gonna have to forgive him for that as long as he hits a winner yeah I mean stat sheet man stat sheet leaves is not a stat although it would be an interesting.

Yeah oh okay and now Newman perhaps watching Lucy kovalova and feeling maybe that role next next to Matt right he's going to stare down some people and that right again goes down the line behind Ben Johnson they are walking him out so the Johns do not love timeouts but they know this is this is a legit issue right now for sure and this might.

Be the record number of timeouts we've called we've seen the John's call in a tournament yes they it speaks to the quality of the opponent and the scoreboard now it's been quick like we're not even gonna take a time out here because they are already zooming back onto the court so we're going to keep an eye on that a little.

Bit um so what do you do you're you know the other team's hot again how do you slow this down Morgan well I think you've got to remind yourself that every team can get hot how often can they stay hot yeah and we talked about it before the Johns have lost game one on many occasions but.

They always find a way typically the only times they haven't it's been two games straight and it was a red-hot J.W Johnson and Dylan Fraser that took care of business um yes they posed some serious different kind of threats they know the games of Rights and Newman very very well they've been in this seat numerous occasions.

Um they know that if they weather the storm they could easily come back and make a meal of game one certainly game two and three foreign unlike what kovaleva and Smith chose to do which was switching sides that is not gonna happen no that will not be one of the discussion points for sure there's a.

Better chance of me getting pregnant than switching sides okay folks we have breaking news on the CNN ticker wow and Wright really liked his position after going down the line again and Johns would not have it yeah Ben needed that we don't often see him losing hand speed exchanges but he has a already lost a couple today.

Ouch oh just wide the slump of the shoulders at the end of this oh just like the paddle all of a sudden was an anvil yes I can't even hold it in the line what was me well that's the first one that Colin's seen for a while and uh which is very.

Interesting interesting yeah foreign by Colin Johns and coming out of the time out and we're all the way to six eight here we've often said that Riley Newman is the best defensive player in the game for my money Colin Johns is right in.

That conversation and uh here comes the SS John screaming down the track yeah they've poked the bear for long enough and I think they might have woken him up yeah I think uh the ability to get that going quickly out of the timeout is impressive so the.

Johns are finding it they're within one we'll be right back foreign what do we got parental another one shame third one this week any suspects not yet we'll send these to the lab.

Let's take a look what do you think bring me the jigsaw foreign despite having the lead have to use a timeout wisely use the timeout.

Oh it was so polite until it was violent he just lured him into thinking I'm gonna reset everything and just missed on the counter oh and a little uh shoulder uh get out of my way by Colin John's baby brother again I'm still older than you yes these.

Are my toys no way oh and that's the one that is the one that it's open because he is repeatedly pushed that down the line so far today gotta make it though for sure still gonna find the court but it was there and that's wide so it's called it wide yeah back to the back to that little Target at the tee of the.

Kitchen line there it's where they feel like there's safety and it's eight a piece nice work from CJ yes yeah oh okay big yell from CJ as he counters perfectly right in the corner beautiful slow-mo view of that and they're in the lead uh stays in we'll replay it if you're.

Just joining us we replay let's on the PPA tour foreign way too short and loopy return there and the Johns Boys called timeout when they were in a big hole and have been on an absolute rampage that is leading them to a game point.

Great deep return there so immediate correction from Matt right there after leaving the cut returned short so get out of the way of two we've got it found he found his range and he'd gone down the line enough earlier in the game to have.

Been sitting on the backhand there and he's got such variety from that exact same position so that is the dangerous spot off the bounce here the outside is not the inside that's huge great hand speed Colin Johns I think he was still looking to keep them back I'm not quite.

Realizing they were already there and the Giants boys choose a timeout they've had two chances to take game one those didn't work out they've used two timeouts it's crazy it's 10 a piece we'll be right back foreign you've got to give it up you're stepping.

Out of bounds I'm so close parental it goes all the way to the top talking refs commentato