Oh I got it. Yeah yeah give me one more minute. That’s awesome. These poor people right? You know she should.

Tell me sure. Ok. No. Mhm. Thank you. What I should be.

The well I got to look in my condition you break I was hoping she said to me hold on.

You. Mhm. Was I go to I need to. Mhm.

Mhm I well you just watch it you can.

It should come she can. Ok was a bit taller.

My door you know really coming really people speaking of.

Black the you need to hear the book you choose it from.

I told you I’ll take this I still need to speak of you so.

Much of that. They most shop machines those who can. Ok. Uh the.

Va good my favorite for you. You know I shall. Yes we should. Ok.

You know then of course I’ll go check this with my channel. No, it’s.

A big one we talk about for you. We this and then.

You put like grocery shopping you smell it like dam I thought it was color please.

I’m fine. What was the ok just ok. Ok. No.

I ok. Yeah. Ok you can trust sure that. Mhm. Ok.

You just no. Ok something for this to no.

Ok. Mhm. Mhm. Of people I ok. Is this for me? There.

You go. I heard that possibly too stupid. Fine. I good.

Some people get wrong. Ok. Ok. Mm. She the I know.

I have the no thank you. I hope you it. No, no.

Pickleball store Game-Set-Match said that more than $30,000 worth of pickleball paddles have been stolen from their three stores.

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