What's up guys in today's video we're gonna be doing something a little bit different than i normally do we're gonna be ranking the pickleball companies from best to worst i'd actually love it if you guys took my paddle tier list quiz and then like tagged me on instagram with your tier list i'd actually really love to see how you guys rank your.

Paddles but uh yeah we're gonna go through this and i'm gonna tell you what i think the best and worst brands are all right so uh first off i guess let's just start with like onyx so onyx basically only has the z5 and the onyx premiere like that's essentially all they've got for powder lineup and in.

My opinion i don't know why the z5 is still popular i honestly think it keeps getting sold because it used to be a paddle that was pretty good and popular and you know at 80 bucks you know maybe it's not a bad deal but i don't know nomex core it's loud i don't know i just don't think it's.

That great of a paddle and then the onyx premiere like it's fine but you don't see that many people using it i'm i'm gonna go with c-tier on this one next up let's do gamma so gamma's interesting i've not really loved any of their paddles they don't get great spin.

They're not doing anything technology wise that's interesting it's just like a composite or graphite face polymer core they just don't do anything that special in my opinion at 180 bucks i expect you to start doing something a little bit different and then like their premium paddles the 206 505 and the 405 they're all literally the same shape so.

It's all just elongated they don't have a really long handle they don't have a standard shaped version they do if you go down a tier they do have other paddles in different shapes but i don't know i i've not really cared for gamma that much so i'm i'm going to go c-tier on this one i think if you look performance-wise compared to other.

Paddles on the market right now they've like really fallen behind a lot uh let's do pro kennex so they're basically most well-known i feel like in the tennis elbow community like if you have tennis elbow there's a good chance a pro kennex paddle is going to help you or that you've tried a pro kennex paddle.

They get pretty good spin in my spin test but they don't have a very diverse lineup of paddles basically they only offer things in like a standard shape short handle there's no elongated and they haven't come out with anything in a little bit i know they are actually coming out with some new stuff they've teased some images which actually look.

Really interesting so that might make them just a little bit more interesting but with what we know for right now i'm gonna put pro kennex at like b i think they make fine paddles spins good but they don't have a very diverse lineup of options so i feel like you kind of limit who can use your.

Paddles next up let's go franklin and this one's tough and i'm leaning towards b because they basically only have one paddle they have the franklin signature paddle which was really popular because of ben johns and obviously it clearly performs fairly well because other pros are still using it a lot of amateurs really like it at a.

Hundred dollars it's probably a pretty good value i'm not gonna lie but the grit wears off and that's like the biggest thing this paddle is known for is in like a week or less depending on who you are that grit's gone in fact i know several pros who when they go to a tournament they bring like six franklin.

Signature paddles and they use a new one every single day the consumer can't do that feasibly so i'm gonna put franklin in beetier also a lot of their commercials are really not great they some of their commercials could really use some work this paddle is the answer.

A ben john's custom paddle by franklin for me next up let's do uh let's do diadem that one's actually pretty easy i'd put them in a tier and now what's funny about this is i think everyone at dyed him really doesn't like me i have had some people message me after talking to diadem and item always.

Seems to talk like a little bit negatively of me and they don't respond to anything i ask them anymore so and i think it's just because in my warrior review i just explained that the paddle breaks because of the time the thing broke all the time i had broke one my second one was starting to have issues everyone i knew who had one it broke my.

Brothers broke like they just broke all the time now it sounds like they fixed that issue so that's great but i feel like they just didn't appreciate me saying that but i don't know i'm i'm here to tell you guys what you want to know and you don't want to buy a paddle that's going to break next up let's do yola so yola honestly that's an easy s.

Here i don't even have to think about that yola just came like swinging when they came on the market like they they came out with all these raw carbon fiber surfaces which a lot of people are doing now but i think you have to have it just because it's proven to be a good service that people tend to like and they just had so many paddles they had the ben.

Johns hyperion cfs great performing paddle was my primary paddle for a little bit uh then if that was too head heavy or heavy for you you've got the vision lineup now you've got a 16 millimeter paddle and a 14 millimeter paddle doesn't weigh as much now you've got thickness options you've got the yola radius for the table tennis players.

Good sweet spot it's really light they just came out with a really diverse line of paddles you've got this a layer it's a wide body paddle that's just like the ben john so if you don't want elongated but you wanted to bend john's in a fat paddle you've got that one so i think they just did a great job coming onto the scene and having really.

Good performing paddles and i also just see them everywhere these days like they are they are all over the place so yeah you'll uh you only gets asked here it's not even a hard one for me next up one shot honestly i'm gonna put one shot in c tier i think the uh the flip shot was honestly just a flop of a paddle i think.

It wasn't executed very well had spray on grit i think all of their paddles are using spray-on grit if i recall correctly and i don't see them that often so yeah we're going to go see here i didn't care for that paddle tech that's kind of hard if i'm going to be honest i.

I feel like they're a or b tier so on one hand they haven't come out with anything new in a long time like since i've been in pickleball i don't think they've released a new paddle so at least a year maybe even two years they haven't come out with anything and i feel like they're starting to lag behind because spin on their paddles.

Isn't that great but they do feel pretty nice like i kind of enjoy hitting with a paddle tech but you're just missing good spin like everyone else has it like they've got these raw carbon fiber surfaces or they're doing other techniques to get great spin but they do have a diverse paddle line.

Up we might revisit this maybe but i'll go a tier because a lot of people still like them used by annaleigh waters and lee waters so obviously still pretty good paddles even if they're lagging behind yeah we'll we'll go a tier oh hang on before we move on i just noticed that this says d tier this is actually.

Supposed to be f or at least i want it to be f because if you're at the bottom of the tier you're at your f here all right let's do pro xr uh okay so what's interesting about them is first of all i think their commercials are really not great every time i see one i just kind of like.

I like cringe a little bit because i'm like the way they market their paddles is so weird they talk about reload time all the time and i've asked them i've asked other people what the heck does reload time mean like we're not whipping out pistols like how quick can i reload a magazine or something we're talking.

About a pickleball battle and every time they say like when you volley and like you reset your hand back to like a ready position and they talk about their handle being able to make that faster and the handle in my opinion has nothing to do with me taking my hand from here to here like it doesn't make that faster or less fast so.

That to me is just like a really weird marketing claim that has kind of always irked me but i will say when i got the paddle it performed way better than i thought like way way way way better has really good grip it was over 1500 rpm played pretty nice overall but that handle is weird if you hold a continental grip it actually feels.

Pretty good but if you go outside of continental in any way does not feel good in my opinion i do a semi-western grip for my drives and it just does not feel good for semi-western so they have pretty good paddles they are over 200 which always surprises me i don't i don't i don't know if i'd want to pay.

Over 200 for that i'm gonna go b tier because they've got decent paddles price is kind of weird handles a little weird could be a good thing i don't know we're just gonna go beat here all right next up let's do electrum that's an easy a tier for me if i'm being honest you see their paddles all over the place.

I think they make good ones i didn't really care for the pro or the pro 2 if i'm being honest like at all but the model e that is still one of my favorite paddles like that model e that's just it's a good paddle i really like the.

Model e i think it's their best paddle by quite a bit so yeah even though they don't have a big diverse lineup the model e is just a really good paddle all right let's do adidas next if you guys know me at all then you know adidas is f'd here for sure i like they came out of the.

Pickleball scene trying to charge like 180 to 190 like actually how much are there paddles right now i don't even know adidas pickleball 190 literally 190 for their premium paddle like that it is not worth 190 at all yeah i just think of that price range it's.

Objectively a bad paddle and it's way too much money babalot yeah i'm gonna go i'm gonna put babylon seat here well it's kind of tough i i don't think babalot no i'm gonna stick with ctr because their paddle lineup's not that diverse i haven't seen them do anything super fancy i know a couple friends who.

Really like them but yeah ba ba blog get seat here for now gearbox uh gearbox is gonna go a tier even though i'm not necessarily a giant fan of gearbox paddles like for my play style i think they make a really unique paddle they're the only ones that do uh carbon fiber for the whole build things practically.

Indestructible like polymer breaks all the time you're not breaking a gearbox unless you're just insane like you're not gonna break it they get really high spin even though they're not that gritty i thought their whole hyper bite thing was a gimmick and then it clearly wasn't if you look at my spin spin test sheet it ranks very well.

So yeah i think gearbox is uh gearbox is definitely up there even though i'm not personally a giant fan of the paddles head see i really i really really really want to put head in a tier but i don't think i can because their paddle lineup is not diverse i love their head radical tour co i think it is an.

Awesome steal of a paddle at 134 dollars it's so good but they basically only have short handles they only do standard shapes they're just not very diverse so i have to go b unfortunately i really don't want to put them in b tier if i really want to put them in a tier i.

Would almost even want to put them in s tier because that's how much i like the head radical two or co but i just think their lineup isn't diverse enough to be put in s tier engage i'll put them in a tier i'm not i think the pursuit's kind of overrated if you ask me i think at 200 there's other raw carbon fiber paddles that.

Perform better but they do give you good options you've got a long handle option short handle and then a thick core or not thick core and a lot of their paddles offer that lineup i think the encore is actually a pretty good pedal feels really nice hitting that one so even though i think the pursuit's kind of overrated encore's good and it's.

Cheaper so yeah engage is also usa made so you got to give them some bonus points for that so we'll we'll put engage in a tier pro lite oh man that's a debate between c and f because their paddles some of their premium paddles i think are over 200 now actually let me check that yeah they're at 200 210 i swear these were like 170.

Or 180. these were way cheaper before okay that's weird okay at 210 dollars i don't think those are bad paddles those are also usa built they're built pretty well they don't have great texture for spin i think it was like less than 1100 rpm.

Which is pretty unacceptable in today's standard of pickleball paddles if you ask me and at two hundred and ten dollars it's kind of a tough sell and no one really uses them anymore i'm i'll go see tier i don't think they deserve f tier because the paddle doesn't really perform bad.

But 210 dollars is a lot of money yeah we'll we'll go see tier but that their teeter in the line all right sell kirk that's in my opinion that's an easy s tier if you asked me that beginning of this year like january 2022 what do you rank sell kirk i would have gone like b or c tier the 2.0 line was supposed to be an improvement on.

Spin they basically didn't improve it they went from like a thousand rpm to like 1100 rpm so yes technically a 10 increase but when you're already like at the bottom of spin and you increase 10 percent that doesn't mean a whole lot i i just didn't really care for them i i totally would have put them brc tier but now they just went.

Crazy this year like sell kirk labs came out then the omega max for slk just came out so you've got the power air zero zero two zero zero three and so k omega max zero zero one that was a total flop of a paddle i'll be curious to see how the remake of that one is we'll see i don't necessarily have high.

Hopes for that but uh power air objectively super good paddle best spin in the game super high power not super forgiving but it's a power paddle so that just kind of comes with territory zero zero three is my personal choice of weapon right now i really like that paddle and the omega max at 140 is a steal for how much spin you get and.

It's just an all-around good performing paddle so props to them for going from what just seems kind of mediocre to like really good tier pickleball vulcan this one's tough because i'm friends with the engineer at vulcan and he's a super cool guy he's super smart and he's told me a lot about what makes their paddles.

Unique they're also made in the us and there's just a lot a lot of really cool things that go into vulcan paddles but technology wise they are kind of lagging behind mostly in grit um i know that they're working on some stuff for the future i don't know when that's coming out if i were able to tell you guys what that was.

And get you excited about it i'd probably put them in a tier but i think i'm gonna have to go beat here because that stuff doesn't exist yet and their paddles are just kind of lagging behind right now but the b uh 740 max the one that jay devillier uses that paddle's nice like it's got a really nice feel to it so i wouldn't.

Sleep on vulcan i think they're going to get better here in the next year but for now they get beat here uh groovin and carbon i mean it's like basically the same thing it's just raw carbon fiber surfaces i'll give groovin a tier because they what they did good is they came out with a diverse line of paddles that filled different.

Niches in the market that other people hadn't really filled yet the 16h has a really long handle no one else had really done that engage did do it but their paddle hits really hard and the gruven 16h is pretty soft they also have the 16e which is basically just a model e i'm actually almost entirely convinced it's literally.

A model e with a different logo on it and made a little bit lighter i can't confirm that yet but that from play testing that's kind of how it feels to me um and then they have some other shapes like they have a rounded one like i think they just came out with a good diverse lineup of paddles and then they were cheaper than everyone else so if.

You're at least equal with them in performance but now you're cheaper you're technically the better value so that's what i think they did well because all their paddle's like 160 bucks so we'll put them there carbon teeters between a and b tier if i'm going to be honest there was obviously grit gate seems like they've.

Resolved that and they actually did resolve it really well i think they treated their customers almost better than they needed to so that gets some bonus points i don't know how the new ones perform i haven't got to hit them yet i'm hoping to get some zoom and play with them but i'll go a tier they did just come out.

With the carbon 14 millimeter a lot of people really love them we'll see how the new ones are if they perform similarly to the old ones just legal then i think they'll still be good paddles so this is my tier list guys i would be curious to know how you rank it let me know down in the comments what your tier list for these paddles would.

Be and your reasoning for them i don't know i feel it's a pretty good tier list but you let me know down in the comments what you think and if you want to take this uh test i will leave a link down in the description and you can try it yourself tag me on instagram post it on your story i would love to see what your tier list is but anyways thanks for.

Watching guys and i'll catch you in the next video
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