All right what's up guys uh we're back with another episode will and I are actually in person for this one which is great this is the second time well third if you want to get really technical since we recorded the first podcast episode no what are you talking about we had Anna bright oh you're right I mean not a witch one yeah yeah Chris says.

It's great but it's not that great it's the first one back in my place yeah the first one back at your place it's great but it's not as great being next to Chris all the time well you know it's tough being as cool as me it rubs off but but today we're going to talk about uh MLP.

Because I got to experience my first one some projects that will and I have been working on and just some other fun stuff we're actually going to chat about rally scoring again since that kind of chat times ties in with uh MLP and whatnot but before we dive into all that uh we wanted to give you guys just some gear updates uh we haven't done this in a.

Minute but we did get the 14 millimeter Hyperion and the 14 millimeter Hyperion Swift while we were at MLP and that's mostly what will and I have been playing with trying to get a review ready for everyone quick correction Chris got those paddles I just had the pleasure of playing with them because I was with Chris yeah that's really what it is but.

So we've gotten to hit him quite a bit uh a few notable updates on them one even the 14 millimeter stock Hyperion is quite light uh mine came in at eight ounces they're supposed to be around 8.2 so mine is quite a bit lighter than normal and then the Swift is 7.8 so if you get the correct weights it should be about a point four ounce difference.

Between them and then the swing weights are also drastically reduced from the original 16 millimeter benjon so was about 127 for the original benjons and now they both uh the 14 millimeter and the Swift sit around like 1 12 113 ish which is a very noticeable drop any paddle that's around uh well basically any elongated paddle.

Sits around 112 113 or even a little heavier so if if the weight or the head heaviness was a problem much better on these agreed agreed uh and they're pretty good I think they're so good I might I might switch to one of them yeah they are they're really good I'm liking it it kind of reminds me of basically why I enjoyed the Hyperion in the first.

Place I think the biggest thing for me at this point is if it's going to have the same problem as the original 16 where the spin eventually kind of dies off that is I mean it's a problem with any paddle but I've used both the zero zero three epic and the 003 Invicta like very extensively and I've never felt like the spin had a noticeable drop my.

Hyperion felt like it just went from really good to really not so great and actually I'm completely forgetting on his name I should have uh checked this before the podcast episode but on YouTube I'll try and leave a link in the description someone actually did a test where they took a microscope and looked at all the.

Different surfaces of the raw carbon fiber paddles and he found that on the Yola specifically eventually it kind of flattens out or you get what looked like these holes in the surface they're really small you can't see without a microscope but the other raw carbon fiber paddles didn't have that and I thought it was really interesting so.

That is probably one explanation of why the grit eventually dies on these yolas is it John coo yep pickleball that's the one I see it on your phone all right shout out to John coup pickleball yeah he's he's been doing a really great job I don't think he's made too many videos yet but he's shown me a couple of his he did some RPM tests as well on a bunch of.

Paddles and that the results actually lined up very similarly with mine the actual RPM numbers were different his were higher which probably just means he has a better um topspin stroke than I do but the rankings and the order was very similar to mine Power air came out on top there was like maybe uh one or two that were.

Kind of flip-flopped but that's to be expected you know people have different ground strokes certain paddles yeah themselves to that yeah shout outs to John Q that's j-o-h and k e if you want to go check out his stuff yeah it's good stuff but yeah so far really liking the 14 millimeter Hyperion uh I ended up adding lead tape at the throat of the.

Swift and brought it up to about 8.4 and it feels really solid I think the big difference for me and I'm curious what you think is the 14 millimeter just doesn't feel as solid as the 16 like the 16 feels like a tank it just feels so salt like you literally pick it up and you can feel the weight and how solid it feels 14 millimeter doesn't feel as.

Solid but you add the lead tape around the throat and it feels really solid and I think you get a little extra pop yeah I know I would have to agree with that so I guess during this trip I was playing with both the Swift and the regular Hyperion and then also recently since I came here I picked up playing with the solar and always felt like the.

Solare was more solid and it's because it has more weight and so once you put extra weight on the Swift you know it felt definitely more solid but I was curious as to if you're looking for extra weight why would you just put on the Swift like the lighter version why wouldn't you just pick up the Hyperion 14. yeah I think the biggest thing is.

Just that the with the Ben Johns the weight is already at the head so you're just stuck with whatever you know if it's two head heavy you're stuck you can add more weight at the throat to balance it out but now you just have a really heavy paddle like nine five and with the Swift the nice thing is it does seem to be a little more headlight than the.

Original benjons maybe not by much but measuring it it is a little bit and the swing weights obviously reduced even with adding 0.6 ounces of weight at the throat the swing weight only went up to 116 which is still drastically lower than 127 so you get basically all the added benefits of what the the vision was low swing weight you can customize.

The weight balance however you want and now it still feels really solid and now you obviously have like the hyper foam Edge and whatnot so basically just better customization with the balance of weight which is nice you know I agree um I agree with everything you said pretty much with those paddles though I think Yola did a really good job with the the.

Swift and I guess the new 14 millimeter Hyperion yeah it's good I would say that it's not even though it's 14 millimeter it's not that much more powerful I think you do get a bit extra pop and you can kind of feel it but I don't think it takes the paddle from a non-power paddle to our pal to a power paddle what I was telling will before was I think that.

Maybe now it's on the uh more poppy side or the more powerful side of raw carbon fiber paddles but those aren't known to be very powerful the electro Model E the groovins um I'm blanking on a bunch of other ones at the moment but because they're all the same usually they aren't very powerful so I feel like this is on the.

Higher end of that but if you compare it to a power air or an electron Pro 2 okay the electron Pro 2 is a power paddle but that thing's also really thin so it definitely doesn't hit as hard as that so just keep that in mind it's not gonna hit it's way harder but just a little bit extra if you felt like it wasn't enough but yeah I think that's pretty.

Much update on the 14 millimeter Hyperion oh I guess actually one other thing a bunch of you have messaged me and said hey what are the differences between all these paddles there are way too many YOLO paddles now and oh my gosh there really are a lot even when will and I have been talking about these paddles we would get them confused a.

Little bit all you guys really got to know is the Swift line of paddles all it means is the paddle is lighter I really feel like Yola should have just said this is the lightweight like do what cell Kirk does lightweight mid weight heavyweight yeah whatever just copy that make it way easier everyone thinks the.

Swift is like a little bit different than the other ones it's not it's just lighter at least that was the goal it was for it to be lighter it could be in different in other ways but I guess you and I haven't done any I guess paddle tear Downs anything to confirm my honest guess is that there's just less foam guard because it's less it is a little.

Less head heavy and that's where the weight would come from right the foam and the edge guard so that's my guess I don't actually know if that's true or not but that's what I think right and then I just learned that if you look at all the yellow paddles the symbol the the Sim the the Yola logo at the bottom near the bottom of the paddle if it's.

Blue it means 16 millimeter if it's yellow it means it's 14 millimeters no I actually didn't know that I knew that there was the blue and yellow right but I never I guess I never noticed that it I thought it was just random which is dumb of me to think but that makes sense yeah okay that's good to know that makes.

Things a little less confusing right exactly so you see yellow that means it's a 14 millimeter you see blue it's 16 millimeter and then the rest of whatever they call the names Hyperion Vision Etc supposedly those are just different shapes for the most part that's how I see it those names are just different shapes of the paddles and then.

I look at the color of the logo and that's how I kind of discern which one is which and then if it says Swift somewhere on the paddle face that means it's the lighter version of version so Chris will go into a more in-depth video in detail all about that later so stay tuned yeah so those are our updates on the Hyperion 14 millimeter I know a lot.

Of you wanted to know there's your update I guess now we can go into the documentary oh the meat and potatoes yeah the meat and potatoes of this trip so uh we went to Major League pickleball because will and I were doing a documentary on Zayn well you got to bring it back before MLP we started in Austin uh will.

And I spent probably four or five days with Zane in Austin getting way too much time with Chris I thought you were gonna stay with Zane no not enough time with Zayn they'd come back oh my goodness so we got a bunch of his training while we were there it was pretty fun uh and then after that we went to MLP and basically it's going to.

Be a documentary on blq K's Journey back to uh getting the gold at MLP and then also profiling uh Zayn more specifically uh in the team so I'm excited for that to come out before pickleball documentaries were like a big thing that I enjoyed doing and no one is really doing them in pickleball right now so I feel like people will be much more.

Invested in the players the game when their stories so I'm I'm hoping that kind of has as this effect on it I think it's something people will enjoy but I don't know please let us know if if you've seen I suppose F1 drive to survive on Netflix please let us know in the comments or wherever or let us know via social medias if that is something.

You'd like to see for pickleball and if you'd like to see me and Chris tackle that project oh gosh don't don't peer pressure to me that's so much that's so much this this doc was only two weeks long and it was so stressful I mean maybe for you I had a lot of fun I mean it was definitely fun but there except for the first day when maybe no it was.

The second day when when Zane took me to the ice bath yeah oh my gosh we did it we did a little I guess trading Montage or just day in the life of training with Zayn and one of the first things he was gonna do was was it was it was supposed to be yoga and then it was supposed to be yeah the ice bath but it wasn't even a real ice bath like most times ice bath.

Is what it sounds like you're in a tub and ice with ice and water but this was a it looked like to me a chamber yeah it was kind of like a chamber and basically the water circulates because what Zayn explained to us is if you sit in a tub of ice eventually or after you know 10 20 seconds your body temperature heats up the water around you and kind of like.

Creates a little bit of a shield so it's still cold but it could be worse this tub circulates the water so that everything is always cold and your body can't heat it up so it's just really really cold it was why did I agree to do it I don't know why you agree to do that I thought you were crazy for doing it but it was for it was for the content it.

Was for science but and the crazy part is Will's bathtub was like 10 degrees warmer than Zayn how much okay so what was what was Zayn's do you think the temp on Zanes was 42 or 45 degrees it was crazy so yours was 52 or 55. and it was still cold I was I was like hyperventilating yeah yeah he was definitely hyperventilating.

When they got out because they did two rounds of this uh other people came to do their round and one guy showed up like dipped his foot in tried to go in and was like nope that's way too cold I'm not doing it yeah and then he just went right back inside right we did it for two sessions of five minutes each yeah yeah Zayn was impressed oh yeah I.

Had to believe you did five minutes on your first attempt of course you know I gotta impress you know Zan came looking in there like a little baby you know Zayn was like will you want to do this and it was my first you know it's like First Impressions me and everything right so Zayn asked me it's like the first time I got to talk to.

Zayn and I was like yeah I'm gonna do it in my head though I was like yeah you can stay in for like two minutes I'm gonna stay here for five and to me the way that Zane puts it it's just it's just his delivery it always sounds like almost like a challenge like he's he's almost like patronizing you in a little way because you know Zayn.

Always jokes about how little he is or like how he's weak or something like that so when he's when he comes off with that as his personal brand and he and he looks at you he's like yeah you can do anything for two minutes I'm gonna stay in for five it's like okay no he didn't go in the third time I.

Thought he was about to go into the third time and I was like I'm not going in for a third yeah for a third time I reached my limit yeah but it was it was a really good time I'm looking forward to it there's not a known release date yet the thing with documentaries is they take a long time we had six and a.

Half terabytes of footage from this documentary and it's I'm the only one editing it so it's gonna it's gonna take a minute to go through all of that but uh hopefully not too long in the future all of you guys will see this okay well obviously you've worked with Zayn before this is my first time working with Zane and he is as funny as I guess people say.

Or as he makes yeah very personable my favorite part I don't know if I should spoil it I should just keep for the dock but all right now don't spoil it don't spoil it that's all I think it is don't spoil it yeah let's save it yeah you mean when he okay so I just when he came back after he left for the first interview and he came back the.

Second night yeah we'll save that we'll save that one oh yeah yeah all right well we'll debate if that should go public at some point or not okay well well the second most funniest thing was after um we went to his place uh you know to catch him doing some mundane stuff he said okay guys I need to take a business.

Call this may not be good but when we got there he's like yeah it's not gonna be boring you shouldn't record it but then he pointed to me as a will you should record this and I was like oh okay so he hops on a call with his business peoples and then he's like Chris come here come here come here you record this and he was like Hey guys.

Like hey guys so I'm here with Chris Olson some you know 3.5 player at best guy and I die when he said that well I I think I think he said something first to the effect of I'm here with pickleball will he makes some great YouTube content and then also here with that pickleball Studio guy you guys maybe know Emmy's 3.5 at best.

You can't escape the whole entire trip it was great even okay it's not for my soul the whole trip Zane was doing this he introduces me to his personal trainer as a 3-5 DJ young calls me a three five all these Pros called me three five the whole trip and I'm like I can't escape it I don't think he even introduced uh you to DJ S35 I think DJ I think he just.

Knew yeah DJ just came by oh yeah I know you you're that three five guy I can't I can't escape I we'll just run with it yeah it's whatever at this point I'm telling you we should get merch we should do that 3.5 at best if you guys think 3.5 of best merge would be uh fun let us know we're we're actually debating doing like.

A little limited run on it we have some ideas so you just let us know and then maybe we'll make that happen yes but yeah that's the doc uh I think it'll be exciting something new for pickleball I think people will enjoy there will be teasers on Instagram I'll keep people updated probably post some behind the scenes stuff so if you want that uh you.

Can follow me at the pickleball Studio on Instagram but let's talk about MLP now yes MLP in Columbus Ohio oh my goodness new venue yep your first time there Chris I loved it you loved it I'm I'm like so did I hype it up because remember last time I came from MLP you hyped it up enough oh really wow almost I mean or I even if.

You did I don't think you could understand it without going to one right because if you haven't been to one your only Gage is an app or PPA which those are fun I always have a great time there yes but it is not even anywhere close to the energy that an MLP brings if you guys have watched it online I was debating with some people they were like.

It's so boring it's not even cool you see some like low tier Pros mixed with some high tier pros and the game's not that exciting I'm telling you right now if you are at that venue there is absolutely no pickleball on Earth right now that is even half maybe even a quarter as exciting as Major League pickleball is the best High.

Praise coming from you no it's it's insane it makes the PPA gold medal matches or app gold medal matches feel like you're watching golf or a news Fest it's just not sure even even the matchups at MLP that on paper the teams maybe aren't one of the more exciting ones right people are screaming their lungs out people are chirping at each.

Other they're like talking trash it yeah the adrenaline gets pumped up like to I don't know like probably two unhealthy levels of adrenaline or something and so with all that adrenaline pumping you see some crazy shots and some crazy I mean I mean we all saw Mary the Mary the birth of the Mary if you have not seen the Mary go to Instagram go to the the dinks.

Page go to mlp's page it's somewhere on there is the most insane insane shot I've ever seen she does a two-handed backhand behind her head and like squares it on the paddle they end up losing the point but she got her shot over it was Julian Arnold that messed up he missed it took away her highlight yeah I messaged me I was like Mary you.

Got to drop Julie he's holding you back no but but the very was crazy it was it was just now that I think about it though it's essentially a scorpion shot that people do I guess behind their head but it's above their head but she just went completely behind her head well and it's crazy because she's like if you see the picture of her she's like smiling.

And it's just like right behind I don't know it's the most insane shot I've ever seen just another Tuesday for Mary brasia and it's a DJ smacking the ball it's like I don't know it's crazy what an insane reflex shot yeah but stuff like that you see a lot of insane points there and you know maybe MLP doesn't translate perfectly to the streams yet I.

Personally haven't watched a ton of MLP stream on stream yet but I'm just saying if you can go to an MLP event you're never gonna want to go to one of the other ones it's not even close yeah no for real the hype was real and also we gotta give a special shout outs to Caitlyn Kerr AKA pickleball chick she's one of the new uh co-owners of a new.

Team MLP team with uh Kim klysters and I think the the third partner his name is Cali okay if um if I'm right correct me if I'm wrong but she was the MC or the announcer and for four days straight brought the hype like the energy and I was just like oh my gosh her voice must be shot no her voice was after day one.

Her voice was gone second day so I couldn't tell on day one until you talked to her right you're like oh my gosh your voice is really messed up yeah and then I think the second day you could tell okay even on the mic your voice is messed up but but still bringing the hype like running around jumping dancing throwing out uh yeah.

Getting the crowd into it like oh my gosh I don't know how she did it she was definitely dead by the end for sure you could tell the life was was drained from her yeah she gave all of her energy and just dispersed it into the crowd yeah so big shout out to her and she also played pickleball yeah or yeah she got she got you got some wreck games in with with.

Kim feisters tennis tennis Legend former number one yes in the world for singles and doubles yep uh it's a lot of fun that was funny so so you played with Kyle that pickleball guy yeah I shot us also to Kyle um no free shout outs on the Pod wall yeah for Kyle Kyle we'll send you an invoice yeah yeah.

Okay so you played against Kailyn and Kim what was your thoughts playing against Kim klysters I mean it's probably what you would expect where she's her ground strokes overheads volleys are all really good and her dinking actually wasn't bad uh because this was either her first time playing or one of her few because she didn't.

Really understand how scoring worked we were doing rally scoring so maybe that could have been her first time doing rally scoring but uh she wasn't bad uh the ground struck's really good overheads don't give her an overhead I found her one thousand yeah why would you give her an overhead that was insane you can actually watch some of this I.

Actually just I recorded some of it and I made a little highlight reel it's on my YouTube channel so you can go check it out you can watch Chris get destroyed hey whoa whoa whoa I won't spoil anything I was gonna spoil something but yeah it was a lot of fun uh the the biggest thing that I just thought was hilarious is she lobbed incessantly yes.

But they weren't and they weren't bad lobs but they also weren't good lobs so it was it was one you could hit a clear overhead on but maybe not like the best winner you've ever had so it's just funny to me because in tennis if you're that close to the net it's such instinct to lob the person back right you can do that in pickleball but you have to be.

Really good at it off the line it's probably because I don't know it's just what she's used to she's used that stroke I'm sure she hasn't practiced a third shot drop or you know yeah or not I mean everything was a drive but but that doesn't mean her touch was bad there's a few times where she got you guys back yeah and then you hit a.

Volunteer and then she dropped it yeah she got you guys running yeah no she was definitely good but you know as you'd expect for someone who played oh ridiculously high level tennis or questions if you know King pleasure is any good no she's good or and if she played like she'd be a beast and rightfully so I would say she was.

Probably around is tough probably 40 ish and if she played more she would oh she's very fast so fast easily but it's just like small things about the game yeah little nuances yeah little nuances that she still has to pick up but yeah if she keeps playing I mean she seemed to really enjoy it she was super nice.

Um he's got to play against around with her yeah no or here's one you know she's super cool and here's the thing like so I'm obviously I come from tennis I'm a big tennis fan even a big tennis fan still even back in the day when I watched Kim play I wasn't like not to say I wasn't I wasn't a huge fan of Kim like I I didn't.

Not that I disliked or anything I I just didn't really follow her and so when I met her I was like okay I'm not going to be fangirling over Kim klysters you know it's really cool that she's here and awesome she came up to me she talked to me shook my hands hey what's up will whatever and actually shook my hand literally I got goosebumps that was.

Crazy I was like whoa so you are a fan girl yeah I guess so I was like okay so because I remember you know it's like you know in those cartoons or shows or whatnot like some pleb meets their hero or their Idol or a celebrity and they they foam at the mouth and yeah and I used to watch that I was like that's so silly why would you.

Ever do that and then just meeting Kim and then my God Goosebumps okay I can see now if I was like a fan a big fan of Cam I probably would have just yeah dropped at the floor unconscious oh my God well I'm glad you didn't drop to the floor unconscious but really quick we will derail this so you didn't drop to.

The floor unconscious but you did try and give me a fist bump and dislocate yourself oh no you need to tell them about this I totally forgot them okay so so we finished playing some wreck games and will goes to give me a fist bump so I lightly tap his fist I'm just like hardly even a fist bump and all of a.

Sudden he just goes oh oh and he's like on the table starts swearing or whatever and I'm like dude what happened he had been playing in Crocs which I told him was a bad idea so I was like did this dude just pop his Achilles like standing here with my fist bump really push him over the edge and then he hops on the table and he hasn't told me what's going.

On yet I maybe think he's messing with me but he looks like he's in pain hops on the table the shoulder pops and then it's like I'm good I was in an exclusionally like large amounts of paint and this happens every once in a while so I suffer from what's called a I think it's called a high Lux or a sublux on my left shoulder.

And basically what happens is if I don't engage the muscles in my shoulders or I contort it in a weird way or hyper extend it it can easily pop out of place right and I and basically what happened was after you fist bump me because you're walking past me and I was my chest was facing the other way as you're walking past I'm trying to turn my torso.

But I didn't feel like turning my torso I tried to like I guess extend my shoulder and also fist bump you and give you the paddle back and then for whatever reason that quick little fist bump was a quick enough jerk and it popped my shoulder and then I was like oh and then immediately I had to jump on the table to try and like pop back into.

Place and this this happens maybe twice a year and what happened was when eons ago you know when I was a young lad I went on a snowboarding trip and uh at that time I was not a great snowball I didn't have really good speed control so I only knew how to go fast and then I wiped out and I braced myself and I braced myself like something happened.

And I popped my shoulder but at the time it popped right back in but ever since then it hasn't been the same I'm supposed to do I guess consistent like physical therapy or what not to strengthen the muscles around here or I guess you can get surgery but I was like no I'm not getting surgery and so now yeah every once in a while it happens.

And that would just have to been one of the less opportune times that it happened I was I was like holy cow he really messed him so I was super worried so I'm glad that it only took I don't know this whole thing happened in about a 10 to 15 second span of time so it wasn't that long but yeah it wouldn't stop your friend doesn't excruciating.

Pain you're like what do I do well here's the thing so if you ever God forbid that this happens to you or somebody that you know but if you pop your shoulder in for whatever reason it has a tough time I guess locking back into place the best thing for you to do is to go to a table or something high and lie down on the table like chest on.

The table and have the the shoulder or have the arm dangling downwards and then just off the table off the table right and that's what I did and just kind of breathe slowly and start to loosen yourself up in your in your in your muscles and the shoulder will go back into place I had to I know this because it happened to my brother and he.

Couldn't get it back in it was like over an hour so I took him to the emergency room and he was just in pain like the whole time I felt so bad for him and uh yeah just hope that it doesn't happen yeah that's you or anybody else that's completely insane glad glad you're okay but it was uh quite the experience on my end that's.

For sure yeah I think uh that incident definitely showed Chris my age yes now I don't believe you're 19 anymore that wouldn't happen to any 19 year old I know who else thought I was 19. oh the from of guys yeah the promise guys the promise guys so of at the event we met uh the guys from promise yep if you don't know from it is a tennis and.

Pickleball distributor um and uh yeah we got some Rec games in with them and uh you know it was a lot of fun after we schooled them a few times oh yeah you know we scored them real good yeah it was 11-5 every single time we'll also beat them in Crocs yeah they to be fair though they his partner of.

The day will beat him in Crocs had quite a few drinks yes so and he's he's quite new pickleball player he's a good tennis player yeah you can tell he'll be good at pickleball if he keeps playing right um but yeah the whole MLP event was just so different I mean when everyone talks about energy and they keep saying.

Electric like it's there's nothing else like it it is probably the most correct marketing I've seen in pickleball which is full of Boss marketing it it just to me it's what the PPA wants to be or what they try to sell themselves as is like oh you get to watch the pros and it's super exciting I'm not saying watching those Pros isn't exciting there are I've.

Seen matches where it's exciting but I'm telling you the amount of clapping cheering and energy that happens in one of those gold medal matches isn't it's just not even close right I mean think when the the games were close and tight how tense the room you could like feel everyone's tension oh yeah people are standing up you know out of there.

Being in the bleachers right they're clapping so oh speaking of clapping yeah you gotta tell the story okay so um at this point we might as well just make her make her a member of the podcast all right yeah shout outs too obviously you know the legend that is Julie Johnson's class the first day we saw her there she saw.

Us with all of our camera equipment and she came up to us you know she really I think she saw us first she came upstairs oh you guys are making a documentary about me awesome yeah this is my good side yeah it was so funny okay but the story is is that so my girlfriend comes to MLP she's never been to MLP before only been to a few PPA events.

Um and I think she had a good time but she was sitting up in the VIP section which is in the like it was like a story up on a balcony above the other seating yeah both yeah I feel like it was at least like I felt like it was almost like two stories but anyways it was very high up and this is what the final day yeah all.

Right so it's the finals it's loud as it's the loudest day it is the loudest day and I'm busy you know recording the event or whatnot and I get a text from my girlfriend and she's obviously never met Julie Johnson before but she takes a photo of this lady and was like this is this Julie Johnson because whoever it is she has a really loud clap and I looked.

At the photo and I zoomed I said yep that's Julie Johnson I just thought it was so funny that even like a balcony up yes you know very loud room again we're not talking about your regular event where you could single out one person's clap because not that many people are clapping the whole room is clapping yes and her clap was still so loud that.

Someone hit Will's girlfriend who didn't even know who Julie was yes or she knows the story I mean she knew with the story about Julian but she doesn't know like what Julie Johnson looks like yeah so I thought that was hilarious no that is super funny and this just continues to reaffirm the legend of this but yeah I I mean I don't know how to.

Explain it to people at the dream Breakers are super exciting it's very fun the team Dynamic is great uh even I don't know what it is even you know what it is the extra thing you're missing it's the alcohol but I don't think there was that much there I mean I don't think I'm sure people will bring some of their well okay in the Vib section I guess.

There there was some up there which I'm sure that helps yeah but it's not like the whole crowd is drunk no probably not even a quarter we're having drinks right so you know obviously that I'm sure some of the chirping oh for sure came from a little bit of alcohol but that's why it's funny I don't know it's you guys just gotta go go and experience it but.

Now what I also want to talk about is Rally scoring yeah so we've talked about this on the podcast before and last time we chatted I I was basically just neutral it was kind of like yeah I'm not opposed to it like if it went to it it'd probably be weird but I'd still play the game it would be fine we got to play quite a few games MLP style scoring uh.

At the venue and I'm a fan I'm just telling you guys right now and until you play it you until you play 10 games with people you actually like playing with and you played exactly how MLP does it first to 21 at 20 you have to win on your serve so you have to win side out scoring and then they can score.

Like let's say it's uh 2014. if you make an error they get a point now it's 15 20 and then they freeze at 18. I know everyone has very mixed opinions about the freezing and it feels random and yada yada yada but I'm telling you right now I had just as much fun if not more fun playing that style of rally scoring than side out scoring because.

Every single point feels like it matters I feel like in rally scoring when you're just playing wreck or something it can feel very much mundane not quite mundane but you get to a point where you go okay I'm serving I can screw around and it doesn't really matter I'm not going to lose a point you have to be so focused when you play.

Rally scoring and it just feels like a a new a new level of focus I don't know I I thoroughly enjoy it and I think if pickleball switched to it it would not be anywhere near as bad as the rally scoring rally score haters make it out to be I understand it still changes the the dynamic of course I'm not saying it.

Wouldn't but I really think most people who hate it haven't tried it oh for sure for sure I mean we played the first I think one of the first game was me and Ben from zero zero two and then you and AJ yeah zero zero two and I think we're up at like 2014 20 okay we got this and then you guys came back I think you beat us.

That game yeah I mean it it's really interesting so everyone when they talk about rally scoring they say you can't have any comebacks and yes come back rally scoring in the traditional sense where there's there's no side outscoring yeah yes that's probably quite possible but if you do it the way MLP does it which you.

Could argue is artificially making the games closer because of that it's true I mean you totally make that argument I think that's valid but the games do end up being close tons of the matches at MLP with the pros were close the ones we played were close even when we're playing Kim clysters Caitlyn and me and Kyle like on paper me and Kyle are.

Probably a noticeably better team yes since Kim hasn't played games are still pretty close yeah you know what I mean and you know Kyle's gooping around a little bit I'm sure if Kyle played all out the game probably wouldn't have been that close but all of that to say it's it's still very fun you still get the joy of what side out scoring brings you.

Still get the comebacks and you introduce that you have to have a new level of focus you can't just lose focus for a little bit and then go oh okay they got two points in the last six side outs I guess I should focus back up and let's go you just have to be on the whole time yeah so I don't know I I really don't think it's that bad what.

About you no I don't think it's that bad either I mean after the first MLP when I played it a few times at Newport yeah I was like oh okay I could I could get behind this and then after playing with you uh I think when this uh MLP I think I hit the 10 games the 10 total games that you said like if you played ten yeah games of people you like to play.

With or whatnot then you can really formulate um a strong opinion yeah either against it or for it and uh as it is right now for the MMP style I'm for it although I still would like to see some tweaks to it I don't know what they would be but yeah no I really enjoy it I could definitely see it still being tweaked.

It's probably not perfect but right I just think it's so much better better than what everyone thinks and I what I believe is part of the problem is most people's rally scoring experience is either a tournament where there's limited amounts of time or courts that are really busy and then they call rally scoring to speed it up so people can.

Cycle right so it's so the whole goal is just to make it faster right so there's a negative connotation involved with most people's experience with rally scoring exactly where I think if people play the MLP style I don't think it'd be that bad and what I think is really interesting about it is because of how you do it everyone stays on their side.

Right yeah if I'm a left side player which I'm not but if I was a left-sided player I can stay on the left the whole time I don't have to stack and then add the end change when you switch at 11 you can swap your positions if you want you can also do that on a timeout so if you're thinking wow this it's just not working I want to be on the other side.

Permanently as a team you can make that swap you could still stack you can still stand yeah but now you're not forced to if you're a lefty righty combo you just get to stay in that position the whole game if you want to not worry about stacking right I will say that keeping track of scores way easier when rally oh yeah yeah yeah you know who's serving.

You know who's receiving yeah there's almost there's very little like chance for confusion and it is confusing at first I think because you're not used to it right you're not used to everyone scoring a point when someone makes a mistake um stuff like that but and it's also weird so if I'm serving first against.

You right and I hit it in the net now you're going to be serving from the left side first I think that was a little weird Demand right because you're used to serving from the right but you get used to it really quick it's all very negligible in my opinion and I think for MLP it's essentially perfect because it it.

Makes the matches so much more engaging how how exciting is it to watch Ben John's pickle someone it's not I don't know I'm always rooting for the pickles I like to see it I'm not gonna lie I mean seeing a pickle is you know fine or whatever but it's just not exciting seeing 11 yeah yeah yeah no especially at a I suppose a pro event yeah it is.

It's not as cool it just feels kind of mundane so I don't know I I would be curious uh you viewers if you get to go try it I'm sure it will be pulling teeth to convince anyone but look up how MLP does it again it's not that hard basically pick your side score every time someone messes up or hits a winner uh change ends at 11. change ends at 11.

Freeze at 20. and then you have to win on your serve and then freeze at 18. and then if the other team gets to 18 while you're at 20 they freeze and they have to start winning points on their serve for the rest of the game so I don't know give it a shot let us know what you think I'm sure someone is gonna say I'm an idiot for this but you know what.

Until you've experienced it right we'll see well other I guess exciting news in the MLP World there was a new uh owner that was announced yes just recently would you like to Kevin Durant yeah welcome to pickleball it was Kevin Durant and somebody else he had a partner all right I didn't see who the partner was yeah but Noel doesn't know.

Who the other person is but Kevin Durant is the one that you all know and probably care about oh my gosh we're getting burned yeah I'm sure that it's gonna be someone really famous then people are gonna say where it is I just know it's from his uh 35 Ventures which I am somewhat familiar with yeah it was just because my.

Girlfriend's in the Venture space that she kind of knows right which is pretty cool what'd you think about that I mean who else could they announce I mean we just well I mean how who else did we think it was gonna be after Tom Brady LeBron James yeah they just keep keep bringing in some Heavy Hitters it definitely definitely makes the future.

Of MLP feel guaranteed how can you have this many high-level investors coming into the game and right not succeed okay well I just want to say like I mean obviously it's it's huge for pickleball in general huge for MLP um but also for the fans and The Spectators I think it's going to do.

Um something that I guess we weren't expecting or at least something better just because now we'll have 16 teams for next year yeah and we'll probably go about this more in detail in I would say a potential another pod but because the way that NLP is set up now I think it's actually kind of confusing for the viewers to see how the bracket works or.

How pools definitely work out because they can explain that better they could definitely explain that better because even I don't know it and I was going to delve deeper into it and maybe make a video or something about to explain but because they're changing in for next year I almost feel it is not not this was the last event of the year so why.

Even explain it right exactly so but essentially uh the way that it's set up now is that there are different pools and you play around Robin within your pools and then depending on your record then you get put into essentially a four team bracket and then that 14 bracket is single elimination you play to get to the finals essentially and so with I.

Mean I we know that they're going to change it for next year but with 16 teams now you have even amount of pools you can have a more I guess even bracket at the end of the day and I think it'll just be easier to follow yeah yeah would you agree with that yeah I mean I would I would say so I I think it'll be kind of interesting to see how the whole.

Thing goes again we really need something that you know maybe it's better social media presence for the team stuff like the doc just things to get people to care more about the teams because there were a lot of fans I will also say of certain teams like blqk part AIDS parties ranchers mad drops people had signs they were holding.

Them up they had like cowbells they were shaking so there are people who are specific fans of of teams and obviously me knowing uh people from the ranchers and boqk was easy to root for but I think there could still be a much better job of like getting people to care about the teams you know like traditional sports.

Teams right exactly I mean that's going to take time stories need to be told and it is kind of interesting I I'm just curious because there's only you know been what three was it three three MLP events major MLP of this year four three I think three yes I'm not sure and then the previous year there was I guess one.

One or two but people are fans of Bill qk and and ranchers and I'm just curious are they fans because of the individual players on that team or because they've won right what makes it's probably a combination of everything right because it's not right now the teams aren't region locked so if you come into the.

Sport if you come into MLP who do you root for yeah right so it's hard to say you probably have a person it probably initially starts with I like a guy on this team or a guy or two then you kind of get to know the other ones and you go yeah this is like I like these guys right I will say watching boqk they're the hypers for sure I mean they had such.

Good energy and chemistry with each other granted you know I had them miked up so I could hear a lot of what they were saying but somebody was not answering very kind to Chris no one's kind of Chris I I am I'm the I'm the living uh version of Everybody Hates Chris the TV show yeah oh no we all love you so that's a lie.

Sometimes sometimes not on the court though yeah not on the card I had no passing shots about you every time but what were we even saying oh blqk and yeah the team games yeah I just think you know they had really good energy and chemistry where some of the teams yeah the guys were just sitting down on the bench they weren't really hyping their.

Team up and you know Zayn was probably right where he said obviously you want to have good players you you can't be a bad team and have amazing energy but he thinks MLP is more about energy than it is about just pure raw gameplay after this event I would I would have to agree yeah there were several times where blqk was down and they just had a sick.

Comeback and I'm not saying it strictly because of energy but when you start getting hyped up and you hit some great shots yeah when that adrenaline starts pumping through your body I think that definitely makes a a flip yes for sure I mean did you did you feel the energy for the dream breaker what was I just want to know.

What was your first Dream breaker experience like what did you think about it it was was it amazing or I mean just dream Breakers in general for the event yeah uh I think the first one I saw was the bus versus Florida smash I think it was the bus versus someone and it's super exciting to watch I mean I think there are some match-ups where you kind.

Of know okay this person was a throwaway and then the other three matter a little bit more but it's really exciting one because you know singles I think it's watched but this makes singles a more entertaining format you know there's a lot on the line yeah and now you have three of your teammates on the court screaming when you're doing well I I one.

Of my favorite ones was madrops versus the ranchers and Julian Arnold gets on the court against James ignatowicz and I was closer to uh Julian and he just I mean loud enough for me to hear but not loud enough for James to hear he just goes you're gonna own this kid and he did he's smoking breaker like yeah holy cow he got smoked I'm sorry James you.

Weren't a machine this time I'm sorry I'm not sorry oh my gosh dream breaker super exciting I think there you know are some matchups that probably make dream breaker a little less exciting but overall it's just this it's really just the energy man yeah I absolutely don't think the dream breaker is essentially perfect.

Yeah I mean I think the dream breaker of all things is probably the part of it that gets the most criticism right I think people are would be most okay with that making adjustments yeah I I still like choosing a lineup for I guess the dream breaker and playing singles and you know potentially seeing some you know guys versus girls or potential.

Different matchups but I guess my my idea for a potential dream breaker is instead of going up in points you you go down in points so let me explain so let's imagine each each player right on your team so you have a team of four each player one real quick yeah because there's probably a lot of people who actually don't understand the dream.

Breaker yeah yeah yeah so I'll just go through that real quick so first of all you only get to a dream breaker if you go two and two against the other team so it always starts out with women's doubles then men's doubles then one mixed game and then the second mixed game so if you know you want to and they want to now you have to play a dream.

Breaker to decide who wins that match so that's how you get to the dream breaker and then once you're in the dream breaker all four of your players will play singles and you stay in the same lineup so let's say will and I got paired up against each other first we will we're the only two that are going to play each.

Other I'm not gonna play anyone else on his team and you play Four Points and then after four points you rotate in the next two people so if we had like Kyle and Shea after us right they would play cycle to the next two cycles next two and then back to us yes if the the game isn't over or whatever so you play Four and then move on and you again play to.

21 same uh rules as regular rally scoring MLP style right exactly and so because you know that you're gonna rotate the same four each and every single time you typically have to put your best singles players in like position one or two because because of how the math works out they always hit the court typically at least twice per.

Dream breaker and you want your strongest singles players to play there and so you typically get the same kind of people going up against each other now the way that I think about it is if you gave every single player on your team we'll call it live so you have four lives okay and you play each other once they lose all their four.

Lives they're out but if the other person still has a life you know and and that rally they didn't lose a point they keep on staying on so technically you could have one person go on the court and Crush everybody else on the other team and nobody you know and you'd win and you'd have one person playing so there's a little bit of more strategy to.

Picking up your lineup in your matchups because now you can pick out you know who's your starter who is your potential anchor do you want your strongest single player to be your anchor or to be the uh I guess the starter and then um you know depending on who goes first or who's the home team or away team they can choose their lineup first and then.

There could be a point in time where you can change up your lineup to try and counter the other team and I think that would make it pretty exciting I don't know how that would work on the scoreboards or scoring wise yeah yeah but you know that should be something that we should try out it would be kind of interesting yeah that we could have.

Like a little exhibition of it I think that I think it would be sick to see when we talked about it before but you have one guy last guy on the team one life takes down a whole lineup right that the odds of that are so slow but it would be the most hype thing ever it would be the most epic thing um yeah like like ever or you could have.

Your two strongest starting and they would just knock out the team and your weak players just never you know had had a chance um or you know or you you know they're they're weak singles players and so and I can see why they do it you know the way they do now with the four rotations because they're trying to encourage.

Everyone on the team playing which brings you know a level of energy and team support and what yeah but I don't know I do think uh dream breaker could probably use some tweaking I don't think I'm necessarily upset with how it is but there's always room for a little bit of improvement yeah and I think MLP is doing that I think what's cool about MP.

Is that they are willing to because because it's so new they're willing to experiment yeah with the format and um you know moving forward we heard that they're going to be experimenting with the format for next year and so I need more details on it maybe you can shed some light into it Chris or maybe you can share your thoughts on what the.

Format is going to be in 2023 obviously we're both not as I guess um knowledgeable on what they're changing but just from initial reading some of the articles I don't know essentially how it's going to work is MLP next year right now it's Friday Saturday Sunday and it's all team event every day so Friday is pool play Saturday is pool.

Play and then Sunday is the bracket uh with the the remaining four teams and what it sounds like it's going to be next steer is it'll be a Thursday through Sunday tournament and it will be something I'm making up this order this could be wrong but essentially something and maybe maybe even Wednesday maybe they have to once I don't know but.

Basically there's you're gonna play singles okay you're gonna play men's women's and mixed so it's like a regular tournament where you can just win a lot of money for playing a regular tournament basically I've heard the prize money is absolutely ludicrous uh for this and then the only I guess real stipulation is you can't play there's.

Six events next year you can't play with the same partner in each one you have to use a new partner or whatever and then Sunday is the only day that's going to be a team event but is the team the Highlight is it still the highlight of MLP or is it kind of now secondary or Fallen by the wayside is the prize pool less for teams no I don't think I don't.

Think it's less this is where I haven't read quite enough about the details to get it all right I know it's people keep talking about it being treated like a regular season because I I think there's something about the regular events that do either matter for the team event or they matter for like a total sum of points for each person I really need to.

Do some more some more research on this one we just need to get Steve Kuhn on the Pod basically and ask him yeah and then he can just give us all the information right we'll make it happen we'll make it happen for you listeners but yeah I mean I think the the whole thing it's just an amazing time we were also.

Saying they did have some temp Courts for pros to warm up on and then uh some of the days you know when the pros obviously weren't using them people were just playing wreck on them we were saying what would make MLP super amazing is if they had a venue where there's 10 or 15 courts that you could play on As Rec and then.

If you want to go play wreck go play wreck you want to go watch some matches go do that because you and I did that several times where we had a break and it was you know yeah it was nice we just wanted to go play and then you hear the room erupting way over there you're like okay let's go watch it let's go watch let's stop playing you go watch that.

Super exciting then once it finishes you go play some more yeah there were only essentially four or five courts that you could use so there was often uh quite a line to get to play or you just have to wait a really long time for a court but I think if they could have venues where there's more it would be amazing yeah because that's not how it is at app or.

PPA events because you know the pros are there they're playing and typically if you're going you're also competing in some sort of division or event yeah but you sometimes don't go watch the pros because you're trying to prep for your own matches yep um so it's kind of nice just to kind of play wreck have some fun and if you want.

To you can go watch the pros without feeling the stress or the pressure to kind of prep for your next for your own stuff yeah for your own stuff right and uh I think that also brings a different vibe and energy and I think that's the reason why MLP is kind of in its own tier more exciting uh there's it's more electrifying more energy.

Because more people are essential even though there's less people attending I would see the MLP or like in attendance that is more electrifying and more energy the audience is more like dense yeah right exactly it's more densely packed because not everybody is worried about playing in their own tournament yeah they are going they're specifically.

To watch and to consume a high level pickleball yeah I've probably never seen the only thing that maybe comes close to is packed as this MLP was in terms of the stands is the pro-ams that the PPA has done where those crowds they look pretty packed I don't know how many people are there but I it's maybe safe to assume more at those pbas just.

Because you naturally have a lot more people at those events right you if you have a tournament with 800 to a thousand people yeah we definitely didn't have 800 to a thousand people this MLP but man when you trying to find a seat was hard yeah you had people were standing behind bleachers on top of other chairs people were it was hard to film The the.

Last day yeah the last day was tough yeah it was it was really hard to find a good spot to film yeah but like just like the Pro-Am events just like you said because those are separate events those are like exhibition matches where people who go to that they are attending specifically to spectate to spectate that and so that's why so you know.

They're not going there to to essentially play or compete and then oh maybe I'll spectate here so of course they're they're going to the spectate they're going to see a show they're going to be tripping they're gonna be hollering they're gonna be loud and they're going to be into it you know and I think that's what MLP is yeah uh the.

Chirping is hilarious hearing Rafa tell Travis I don't even know if Travis could hear him but he was yelling pretty loud it's just like that's not a tennis racket it doesn't have strings you can't do that here better take that back to the tennis court just lots of funny stuff that was super amusing to hear oh I know it's so.

Amusing to hear I mean you heard a lot more just because you know you were on the headphones with the mics yeah near them or whatnot but man well Johnny Goldberg you could hear him anywhere oh yeah Johnny go over oh man he's got to be Master chirper Sharp King yeah he he does it no he does it in a good way where uh I think he.

Kind of waits for the oohs and the Oz to die down and then he chirps it so everything did you hear him when he got interviewed on the mic no wait against you who interviewed like I think Caitlyn okay so she basically I can't remember what the questions she was asking it was about the chirping okay and he said something to the effective yeah you know.

I'm just here for a really good time pickleball like I don't say anything mean I'm really quiet keep to myself because he's the loudest one in the room hilarious in the final he chirped at Zane I think and said something to the effect of oh you better hit the gym like he maybe missed an overhead or something that's really funny uh I'm pretty sure.

Most of them are I guess friends for the most part yeah they're definitely friends because there was a point where Zayn hit some shot and he like walked over to Johnny and they like oh okay so I'm sure it's all in good fun oh that's all he did I would have assumed Zane would have crushed it and went up to Johnny and went and was just like.

Flexing on him I I would like to know I mean I'm assuming it's it's all friendly no one seemed angry but some if you didn't know any of these people you didn't know Johnny you would probably think wow this guy's a jerk oh he just sounds aggressive you know I I guess maybe but to me I don't know I always give people.

A pass at sporting events because that's what sports yeah I don't think he's a jerk I'm just saying if you walked in right and you started hearing during this you would probably think wow this guy is not nice wait did they have it like I felt like just maybe it wasn't him I thought he had a a stroller on him was that a baby.

Oh yeah okay yeah so he was chirping in there with his baby teach him at a young age at a young age had a serpent Zane you're doing it right so then when she gets over doing it right I guess I don't know if it's a she I don't know why it's him to she the baby whenever the baby grows up can play Zayn and know how to chirp at Zane.

608 chirping yeah but yeah I think that's most of the stuff do you have anything else you kind of want to recap from the event uh the only other thing is um I guess playing on we got to play on uh Championship Court Championship Court which is pretty cool and grandstand I was like Chris before we leave we have.

To play on the court and we were on the stream for a short just just probably like 10 seconds 10 seconds 10 seconds but there's so much room how did it feel playing on his I mean have you ever played on a pickleball court with like that like a dedicated pickleball court with that much I mean I've definitely played at lifetime which has.

Quite a bit of space we have one facility here that it's pretty generous with the space but holy cow when you're on Championship Court no wonder these Pros have such an easy time returning some of these shots they have infinite running space when you angle one of these overheads you run 15 feet to the barrier.

And try to get that ball if you want you hit an ATP and basically hit the other corner of their Court this is true it felt really cool you have so much more space in the back to run into the ball which I think makes returning serves much easier yeah more momentum except for that one where Zane complete Ace desk ah that was rough for him I didn't.

See that I was filming Zayn's reaction oh I think I got it on film we'll see but all right I heard it was good again it was good I heard people immediately talking about it and I was sitting there going what happened all I saw was Zayn toss the serve up in the ball it was the only I think it was the only clean Ace I've ever seen hey we'll take it yeah.

We'll add MLP At MLP At MLP but yeah I'll play on Main Court I did get to we played some Rec games we got to play with uh Graham D'Amico which we actually didn't know who it was before but he's one of the the owners of Florida smash which is pretty cool and after we played he asked me to play in his minor league pickleball team and I was like that's a.

Thing and you know what happened I'm playing with him too so it's me me and will against Graham and Kyle yes now to be fair I was not exactly having the greatest pickleball day of my life I was in work mode and we were also filmed for like seven hours prior yeah yeah I was my brain was in work mode the whole time even when I'm on the pickleball court.

I'm thinking about what should I be filming he's constantly looking at his watch to see if Zayn texted him so he can grab like the next interview or something yeah so I never felt like I really got to relax but anyways I mean that probably wasn't most of the reason I played I just played bad but he goes well you should be on my minor.

League pickleball team and I'm sitting there going bro I'm right here just because you're three five FS he knew it I was like dang hey Jay he just asked his my co-host but not Chris pickleball studio will sponsor a team come on let's go but no that was it was cool no it was cool but I think both of us were like.

Minor league pickable that's a thing I I knew about it you didn't I didn't know about it but now that we talk about it um Leslie Zane's trainer who we met in Austin when she was doing a session with Zane did mention it and I guess I just didn't think nothing of it but yeah it's a thing and I don't know what it's going to turn into I asked him more about it.

And I asked Graham more about it and he said yeah uh me and the other owners and Steve [__] we're not sure what we're gonna do with it but we don't know if it's going to become kind of like like the D-League to the NBA you know um or if it's going to be kind of extra teams that can kind of move into um the top 16 and then if the teams in.

The current MLP like season do poorly they get moved down to the minor league team and some minor league teams move up or if they do it kind of like they do in F1 but I thought it was very fascinating but yeah and for people who don't know there's two versions of it so there's duper 20 and duper 22 and that means that the combined total of your 14.

Teammates cannot exceed 20 on duper or 22 right on duper so there's two separate leagues uh basically number 22 is obviously the uh I well guess what you would call the lower end Pros just outside of major league and then duper 20 is more built for amateurs essentially trying to get into the whole thing so right I think the progression.

Would probably be you get into duper 20 you feed into duper 22 and then you feed into Major League major league right I think Major League what's there's there has to be like a minimum I think I think there is I don't know what it is though I would assume it's like 24. 25 no no definitely no definitely not because you think some of the best teams were a.

Duper of 24. really like blqk okay ranchers so it's definitely I don't think it's a minimum you might need as an individual okay a minimum duper maybe I thought I heard that somewhere but I don't know that for a fact okay all right well it'll be interesting but they'll be streaming they'll be playing it in Austin Dripping Springs Dream Land.

And end of this month October 28th what's interesting is for these duper events you don't have to have two females and two males you could do four females you could do three males one few you can do whatever combination of people you want so I thought it was kind of interesting uh that they did it that way and then do you want to tell them.

Your favorite part about it oh gosh oh you know what it is I know you know so I I read after Graham asked me and I agreed to do it because I thought it'd be cool just to meet some other players and then we also get this is how you get drafted into Major League pickleball you had to be hand selected for this there's people like me me over here who would.

Have went if I was Cherry Picked from the tree I just I don't think I'm that good but all right Graham if you want if you want a good player on your team I'll send you my number okay anyways so um I was reading some of the details at least I I found out that there's duper 20 and duper 22. yep and I I I read in.

Some of the details that if you go into a dream breaker or you're playing the duper 22 League which is what I'm I'm playing in no you're playing in 20. that's what I meant you said 22. okay I'm sorry 20. okay I'm going 20. the dream breaker is played with skinny singles like what the heck yeah I understand that choice why but duper 22.

Plays like if they go into a dream break they play the fools the full singles court and I just think if you're gonna feed people into if if the idea is potentially to feed people up into Major League just do singles I understand that they probably think less amateurs play singles and maybe it's not as exciting.

But skinny singles that is not exciting to me at all I know you pretty much take away you essentially take away my potentially my best event like my best my best traits you basically you take away my worst disadvantage which because I'm short I don't have reach for singles don't let the other teams know this it's okay it doesn't matter I'm still gonna.

Beat them anyways okay I can't wait to see this around I get stuffed it's skinny singles and you just get every time it Cycles to you okay no I'm not that great it's skinny single but all right you take away my best I mean you take away my greatest disadvantage but you also take away my best advantages as a singles player I.

Guess I feel like I have pretty good movement I feel like a pretty good crash I'm sure everybody else thinks that same way too but I personally feel that you know I'm a problem yeah slab them just get them to that back of the basement finish it drop it it's so I was like oh my gosh can can I get into duper 22 somehow I don't think I do are strong.

Like like good enough I don't think any team would want to draft your duper no no no no no based on my dude no team we're doing a driving and then also I found out that anik and Emrick the mighty minnesotans who pickled Thomas Wilson and DJ young in the Chicago ABP we just recently played them and I found that they're playing in the duper 22 and.

I we just recently play them and get small to smoke you want to play teams like that I don't know and I was like okay I'm glad and I'm in duber 20. I don't want to play against all other people like on again duper 22 and just could absolutely destroyed I mean stomped I think even yeah I just it would be nuts yeah it's gonna be.

Exciting to see that I wish I could be there in person for this one because I think it would be really fun to watch yeah they are going to stream play and then true yeah I guess I'll have to hopefully I'll get to see on economic on stream and hopefully you on stream because I've been making a whole lot of Instagram stories oh I already do gosh.

Hopefully I don't do but no I'm already here oh man every drop into the net every album yeah all right all right I'm making a compilation baby okay everybody can watch and see how bad I actually really I'm gonna screen record the whole thing so I can immediately stop and when I have a clip get it ready I just add it to a montage I'll be ready I come back.

To my phone there's a bunch of requests for her collabs and tags on social media collab each of the posts I'll text them all to you just blow your phone up all right well that's it for MLP honestly it was a good time I honestly had a great time just I guess traveling to Austin which you're doing parts of the doc was in meeting Zane meeting some of the.

Other pros and then yeah man going to MLP this MLP was definitely different from Newport the experience was was different still still good still amazing and all seeing all the pros and then also the pros that just I guess you know support us and watch us yeah that was really that's good Michelle that was crazy Michelle.

Esquivel like yeah Eric Lang um I can't remember who all else but like a bunch of you I mean even just you guys who listen to the podcast that for real aren't Pros like a bunch of you came up to us and said how much you enjoyed the podcast we really enjoy hearing it it's you know good motivation to yeah and they really do listen I mean.

AJ Kohler came back to me and he was like yeah hey how do I know you are you pickleball will and then I was like yeah and I was like oh who are you and he was like good job this time yeah good job they didn't mess it up this I I think it's really cool to kind of kind of see how it's spreading and you know we like interacting with the.

Fans and the people like if you ever see us come say hi we don't we don't bite unless we're in the middle of a shot or something we're clearly busy but just come say hi I probably still won't buy it I'd probably stop recording my shots to say hi yeah all right man that's it man until next time yep later see ya foreign.

Time stamps:

0:56 – 14mm Hyperion Update
9:21 – We are making a mini documentary
16:42 – Chris’ MLP experience
32:27 – Rally Scoring is Really Good
39:22 – New MLP Owner
50:32 – New MLP format for 2023
56:06 – Johnny Goldberg is the chirp king
59:57 – Will is drafted for Minor League Pickleball


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