All right please hello welcome back to qpt beenleigh this is Dylan kimlin you are currently watching the open mixed gold medal match I'll just catch a score there by official Rama Murphy it's currently all dressed up because.

We've just come from the events night zero one one so team on the left in the blue a lovely couple tan and Leona beautiful shot there by David and on the right in the black we have David and Jane zero one two I was having a chat to.

Uh the scoring desk before I came up for this match and these guys actually versed each other leading into the uh in the round robin series David seems to be on Fire Within those drives a good bit of cross thinking action here Leona and Jane were once.

Uh women's Partners back in the day so I'm sure they know each other's strengths and weaknesses all too well but yeah as I was saying I was talking to the scoring desk and Leona and tan won the last matchup this tournament is David poaches the balls smashes it down the.

Line that is a beautiful shot two zero two three serve so one thing we'll probably see from this game is uh Tom and Leona love that explosive fiery playstyle definitely the badminton play coming into effect break over there by time well done.

Where's David and Jane are a little bit more um I don't word it a little bit more calm David obviously has some crazy driving action but they're not afraid to slow it down and Dink as well so be nice to see how both teams.

Take this going forward so this match will be investor three uh first to 11 win by two balls rolled onto the other court so that's the bronze middle match over there we got the victorians reversing um Brendan and Beck Stan serves that into the net there good that we got a little bit of a crowd.

221 a lot of a lot of the players were exhausted and went home it's a great drive there by David a lot of the players went home after the events or some of them are still there partying be interesting to see how many of them turn up for the singles.

Events tomorrow that's a beautiful shot straight down the middle 41 temperatures definitely dropped if you're watching any of the previous streams I did mention that the it has been a very hot day today there's a hole in David's battle.

Apparently as I've just slipped through crowd Avenue giggle here the uh 522 Richardson surf but yeah the the heat has definitely dropped it's probably a good time there for David to slow it down he's obviously feeling it.

David's one of those confidence players if he's feeling good with his drive he will continuously attack oh that's a wonderful pickup and that is in oh and Richardson with a flick to keep in the game continues to attack.

Can be serve 252. Tom still using the spin serve still currently legal here in Australia that will change wonderful wonderful placement there by Leona however rubery and Richardson managed to creep up.

We find ourselves in a dinking rally there's a wonderful rally both teams played so well there three five two time to serve foreign enough to get out of the way I think it would have bounced in any way to be honest outside away.

Which doesn't deserved oh David normally licks his lips of those ones 532 Ruby to serve so I haven't seen any alarming or obvious play Styles just for just so far from the teams I have noticed David is using a lot of his backhand.

I don't know whether that's a deliberate employee from town and land or if it's just happening to be the case 352 lyanna deserve wow I think Tom just hit about three chicken wing shots in a row and it worked out four or five.

Thank you for viewers at home just wondering what just happened um tell and Leona have double checked if they were on the right side of the Court players are well within their right to do that as we have a wonderful shootout happening Richardson.

Gets one up there on time but as a result Donna Leona have swapped to the other serving side David deserve here comes the drive and again the owner has managed to hold on tight there's that backhand yeah I'd be curious to see whether this is a common common thing here maybe this.

Is what time and Leon are aiming for 542. that sounded like it hit the handle four five one uh for viewers at home as a very good shot there by David targeting the top left shoulder tan is right-handed the idea is you want to get in the player's head whether they think it's.

Going out whether they think they could hit the ball with that aside out 541 typically teams try to avoid volleying against Han and Leona because they're reaction speed is nuts and they have lightning fast hands but.

David and Jane seem to be taking it to him currently any attempt there by time unfortunate time definitely one of the leading players to uh have successful earnings not only in the qpt but just across tournaments in Australia once again if we can get analytics going.

And it's definitely a statistic I would love to see and that's gone into the crowd Jen's throwing a pencil away safety glasses 462. oh good discipline Leanna definitely looks like she was considering it.

Pulled a battle out 5 16. time to save the wind has definitely dropped a little bit earlier today though I spoke to several players at the events award events ceremony that we just had and that has just gone along there by Leona.

And some of the players were saying it was some of the windiest conditions I've ever played in but it is definitely dropped now it's actually quite still oh it's a beautiful shot there by David wonderful backhand role resulting in a timeout and the team here.

Not too sure what the score is on the other court there looks like they're also having a timeout there's Brendan and Beck seem to have service currently so I will be streaming the singles tomorrow it's a new viewers at home maybe you're watching on the couch.

Fun way to spend the Saturday but uh you might have a family or a friend family member or a friend showing you the wonderful sport of pickleball typically we play it in doubles here in Australia anyway um but singles is it's definitely a method to play in and some people.

Prefer it 851 rubery to surf but following on from that I will be doing the singles matches be very interesting to see if it says um warm and windy as it was today and that is clip town in the chin pickleball is a non-contact sport apparently time has already cop two.

Pulls uh balls above his shoulder thus far it is a gold medal match though All is fair now that there's a little bit of etiquette for the players at home that may have just seen what David did so typically if there's.

I'll continue on the training tour in a bit wonderful hands there good shootout so typically what happens if there's two balls if there's a potential new ball in play or if you get us another ball on the side you let the other players know if you've swapped balls because wherever he smells a little bit.

Short there and the reason for that is a new ball plays incredibly different to a old ball and if you change the ball up without telling your opposition it's actually quite rude so it was really nice little bit of a sportsmanship there by David great pickups here by Leona.

They're on the ropes and they pull themselves out of it unfortunately not wonderful pressure by Richardson and rubery wonderful athleticism there even better placement done five one match point that's called out.

I will say David has had plenty of forehand drives since I mentioned the back end earlier on in the game typically if someone has a powerful forehead you want to avoid it there you go that's bread and butter time and Leona speed the ball up in a low position cause the pop-up finish.

I've said for a very long time that Leona has the hardest Smash in Australian pickleball that's a wonderful shot there by David just skimmed it in second save to empty six then two once again solid discipline.

It's a couple of balls now there for David Seven Ten two that's just gone long once again match point 10 7. oh the shootout Ruby Richardson get the first game the players will have a brief Hiatus and.

Then swap sides one of the shot there by Aaron if you can see the other game going on up the top of Jen and Sunder having a good giggle in the middle of the Court so the venue we're playing at mainly had a that's a wonderful view this window if.

You're watching this later on maybe very wary where you're going to be touching your toes from here on out uh the venue we're currently playing at um got a little bit of accolades during the zero zero two a little bit of accolades during the Queensland Awards night with Wesley Vine taking the.

Queensland men's player of the year Wesley does represent the club of beenleigh zero zero one Leona deserve Relentless there by David Leona did well though scruffy player to keep alive but uh unfortunately couldn't keep it up you will get good.

Views here from our current side once again great shot there by David I say David is getting a majority of the balls here it's the interesting side note but from this particular view for viewers at home you'll be able to see the crazy amount of spin that time gets on his serve.

I just had a brief Interruption there by official Rabbi Murphy pretty much everyone in the Australian scene does not argue with Jen and for good reason she knows her stuff second server zero zero two thank you.

Yeah David is definitely feeling himself ripping those drives zero zero one learner to serve it's just fallen in one zero one nice long serve there well there's a net roll there's two of them in that little rally one zero two.

That is a confident shot there by David vertebrate causes a pop-up Richardson finished it off well bled oh wow David is definitely feeling himself right now multiple attacks on the ball one more one nay's number for any beenleigh locals.

Here didn't last long one I get a little bit frustrated with herself here three one two Shredder paint in it cold out one three one two three one.

The Spectators on the side I can hear him where I'm sitting they all look like they should have a beer in their hand that's really well played there by David as I said earlier Tarn is a renowned for attempting enes David obviously saw that was going to happen and.

Easy way to stop someone earning is whack the ball at them while they're in transition to get in position for the Ernie very hard to hit the ball when in that position Richardson Joseph oh how did he get that there's that famous Leona smash.

I'm still trying to figure out how David managed to return the ball he's done two of them this series backhand flick awesome to say that's a net bounce worked out well in the end 42t that's Relentless pressure there by time.

And Leona bread and butter for them two for one nice long return server there turn unfortunately doing a baby wobble couldn't keep balance we've all been there especially me I've got a rather large head so I find myself falling into the.

Kitchen quite a bit there was a much more balanced shot from Team Hyun time to serve three four two look at the spin on this serve interestingly as that goes along looks like tan isn't doing the spin surf here we go.

Look at that angle crazy David returns with ease and as a result we get a side away 441 Ruby deserve is that Annie now as we're all there by Richardson put them in an uncomfortable spot that's the entire goal pickleball doing your best to make your oppositions.

As that goes long opposition should feel that they can't return a ball and a method that they'd like to foreign was Exquisite by David button did very well to get it back four five one the feedback from the players I've had.

Was it just it was a very well run tournament so as I always do I would like to give credit to the tournament organizers the officials we have a timeout but also to the players with a lot of players here that have traveled as I mentioned earlier we've got.

Team Victoria up on the bronze medal match currently we have players from all across the state have come down today and the weather now is absolutely beautiful thankfully no rain players are returning to the court.

So for this event for viewers at home we are using the x40s they're Franklin's that's they're very commonly used here in Australia we do occasionally use other balls as I'm watching Aaron unfortunately just miss a uh ATP six five one lay under the surf uh it's a wonderful transition there by.

Todd that's about his own point great shots Relentless pressure there by Richardson but they managed to pull through well done Tana Leona's transitions have dramatically improved since the first game.

Especially considering how lethal David and Jane can be when they uh get a drive opportunity five seven one oh look at that return right in the corner perfect some of the quickest hands in Australian pickleball right now on display.

Wonderful shootout there six seven one close game there's that driver that David is renowned for I have a timeout via Tana Liana seven seven so this tournament the players have had two timeouts or the players are.

Allocated two timeouts per match per game and due to the heat today everyone took the advantage or everyone took the opportunity to take timeouts plenty of water consumed today I recall an event we had here a couple of years ago we had several people with heat stroke.

And uh there's Queensland heat can definitely definitely take the best of us that's a territorian saying that too 771 Richardson to serve straight away he's firing up oh wow.

What a shot both teams finding form Midway through the second match seven seven two tan Leona definitely bringing the energy whereas on the other side of the Court David and Jane are very calm and collected people.

David is routinely known as The Iceman here in Southeast Queensland region beautiful shark my time open the Gap plays perfectly yeah frequently known as The Iceman because he's so cool eight seven two Leona and tana have a slight lead here.

Wonderful reset oh wow there's several wonderful resets there by team Hyun fortunately I hit it a bit too long 781 Richardson to serve that's well applied very patient play there.

All right everyone once again this game's going to 11. we're up to game two David and Jane got called in no man's land there about a meter ahead of the uh Baseline very hard to return a drive or smash from that location so do we.

This is shaping to be a thrilling finish here eight eight times drive just a little bit short there 802. Leona's resets this game have been absolutely phenomenal she's been getting pelted up.

I don't want oh hi it's a time out there time Atlanta for that particular shot Tom usually relishes them as I said earlier him and Leona have a very solid.

Smash game the kind of players you would not want to verse in beach volleyball I can tell you that it's absolutely flatten the bowl had a chat to the first aid team here earlier on today seems that we had no injuries no major ones anyway always what we want to hear.

As a players are returning to court official Rama Murphy getting a position come two of the gold medal match well you love to see it very patient play there by Leona typically she's the one that fires first but patients one in the end.

982 and a little side away important period of play here and I'm on see what Leona and tan can do with the opportunity oh that is uncharacteristic of David typically very patient tight game 991.

We have a timeout here by Richardson and Ruby very solid time to use a timeout momentum building here for Town and lyanna we have frequently spoken about the advantageous use of timeouts throughout our former qpt streams and the reason that Ruby and Richardson have done a timeout right now is because.

It's match point they want to kill momentum for time and Leona on the right timeouts typically short breather have a drink kill momentum get back into it match point that's the game.

I definitely think that match there was one on Leona's resetting absolutely beautiful play and also David had plenty of forehand drive opportunities which if you play against David you know they're lethal when you try and avoid it but China Leanna Rose The Challenge they clearly wanted that.

So we have one game a piece go into a game three now for those that haven't played in a tournament situation here in Australia well here in Queensland annoy for the qpt series essentially the game will go to 11 win by two however the first team to get to six both teams.

Will stop sides on the court and for those that don't play Pickleball then maybe watching and wonder why is that the case essentially it's this is the final Dash final opportunity to win a gold and as I said earlier wind has been playing apart throughout this event.

Want both teams to have an opportunity to score on both sides of the Court players just having a chat to Jen right now a bit of a Brisbane pickleball Club representation for this match all four players doing plenty throughout that segment both town and Leona spent a bunch of time.

Out at McGregor David and Jane uh frequently spotted just throughout multiple venues Within the bpc catchment both teams are also frequently cited here at the beenleigh location that we're currently playing at so I can't really say that there's a Home Advantage because both play both.

Teams play here quite a bit is a wonderful chord to be playing on wonderful show called we have to give plenty of thanks for Gordon for tearing up the uh grandstands if we can see the crowd sitting on on the right there they're having a good old chat um.

Throughout the day we had uh gazebos players were enjoying the shade on the Cool Breeze and uh yeah well done to the paq team and whomever assisted with the grandstands because they look great so is there a two game three gold medal.

Match final match of the qpt mixed opens event and it's starting with the sideway be very curious to see how this match plays out both teams have had a good look at each other now they know what's worked as they're both taking the game and immediately we can see Tom and Leona.

Playing a little bit more towards Jane zero zero two relentless when David together those opportunities he does not slow down First Blood goes to Richardson and Ruby one zero two zero one month zero one two.

I don't even know what happened there the ball just has like a googly or a Roman and the ball is just kicked off in a completely unexpected Direction yeah we've had it slide away and we'll continue on with things that normally make sense like a town smash one zero two.

Oh it's a wonderful shot there by David Leona has been under immense pressure thus far to start the game and it's definitely working for Richardson and Ruby two zero two rubbery to serve I think that's the first lob we've seen this game intentional lob anyway throughout the series Richardson mixing.

Things up zero two one one two one Thai game two two we find ourselves in the gold medal match up there over mixed event this is when pressure starts to kick in both teams playing some very good pickleball here.

Whoever can hold their nerve will walk home with a metal oh I mean most team will be walking home with a metal but one will be slightly more shinier than the other two two which is in the safe thank you David's just had a bit of a tumble there uh we would not want this game by an.

Injury wonderful sportsmanship there by Tyler Leona immediately checked on David three two two I did mention the heat earlier today that might be having an effect here especially when the body starts to seize up we've had our first foot fold of the.

Match ton of stepped into the kitchen or hitting the ball on the full four two two and foot folds I did mention nerves and pressure earlier foot folds are definitely a symptom of that 522 Richardson robbery building a.

Healthy lead here 622. so here the players will swap we've also had a timeout called so I'm not too sure whether they will take that time or not seems like the players are Stan's just having a conversation here with the official Runner Murphy regarding the footfall.

Like I said earlier most people don't argue with Jen the town's just checking how close he was I've just overheard Leona saying that they still have two timeouts so that there was not a timeout use it was just the rotation period come on.

I'd slide away two six now I haven't been down on the chords to actually see which side is favored via the wind 261 from my understanding the wind is actually a cross Breeze blowing from currently where official Roman Murphy is to the other side so really there shouldn't be an.

Advantageous location on the court 361. come down Atlanta build some momentum that is a beautiful return there beautiful pickup most people would struggle to return that team hyana doing well Kim Richardson and robbery maintain.

Their lead oh what a return but across stinky Nation and that has just gone long one thing I have to give totally owner is they have been very disciplined with their out balls I've scored multiple points because of it speaking of our balls.

Richardson returns a favor and lets it go Ruby deserve six five one multiple Dent crawls here that's a failed LOB some would say that is quite fortunate for Town and Leona there as that lob did not go to plan 652 which is under serve.

Targeting their forehead once more for instance would typically win most of those battles seven five two five seven one game three gold medal match pressure mounting will the players rise with a second servant Leanna deserve if you're.

Just tuning in on the right side we have Team here in the blue as they Advance down to the field Tom with a beautiful smash there on the left side or the further north side of the Court yeah Richardson and Ruby in the darker clothes.

672 players just confirming who is serving the ball 672 it's wonderful business tan poached a little bit too hard there and David has acknowledged that a wonderful shot.

761 see if tan sets up for an Ernie here to go to when he's playing down the side no instead they just Target Jane's forehand there and jammed her up a little bit 762. oh well played David you thought about it.

We've got a timeout from Tana Leona things we've seen this match and if you have seen particular playstyles at home please post a comment on things you think have worked for both teams I've definitely seen a lot of forehands go to David Richardson.

Whether he's poaching a little bit more and covering a bit more Court I'm not too sure but he seems to be getting a lot of the ball I was telling the owner played a little bit more balance they're both getting plenty of it 872 we're ready to serve.

Game three gold medal match tensions are high oh very close there Leon has just mentioned the pressure there if you can hear it six eight one a bit flat there on the recovery David's Drive is a little bit higher too but he'll take it.

Patient strike there by turn a little bit unbalanced when he struck that 861 Richardson rubery find themselves in an ideal position s just hit that in a little bit of an awkward angle resulting in the out Richardson robbery have a very healthy lead right now and a net bounce.

We'll definitely favor them there 10-6 Match Point Richardson rubery currently holding the lead for the gold medal match final match here of the Queensland pickleball tour so what the tour is for the players at home that are unto uh not too sure essentially.

Majority of the players in this particular event today had to win a Golden Ticket throughout various events across the state throughout the year and then that grants them the opportunity to play in this event it's more or less the best of the best as a result we've seen some top-notch.

Pickleball throughout the day 10-6-2 Match Point Richard Simba serve thank you come on here we go six ten one what can Leona and tan do with the opportunity that they've been given there's a beautiful strike there by David.

Very hard to recover a shot like that full Pelt down at the ankles six and two there's a wonderful return Richardson's returns have been fantastic this game 1061 match point and that's it Ruby and Richardson have taken the gold.

Medal match the silver will go to town Atlanta thank you to Jen Rama Murphy for being the official for this match for the viewers at home this will do us for tonight we are going to wind it up it is getting quite late here uh but we will be on tomorrow we've got.

Singles I'll be doing my best to cover the finals for that as well for viewers at home that might not necessarily be able to watch now we also are streaming this on the pickleball Association Australia YouTube channel so if you want to watch later on all of.

The matches will be there also once again thank you for tuning in today my name is Dylan kimlin and we are signing up for today
Queensland Pickleball Tour – Final – Beenleigh
Open Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match
Jane Ruberry & David Richardson vs Leona Huynh & Thanh Huynh
November 2022