If you guys came here for paddles then just bear with me I do have an important PSA regarding paddles but first I need to get a few things off my chest hey what's going on everybody happy New Years you are probably thinking will you're wrong New Year's was like three weeks ago well I'm here to tell you that you're right but also you're wrong.

Because it's actually Lunar New Year's right now year of the Lucky Rabbit so I just wanted to make this video to discuss the past present and future of pickleball will for those of you that don't know that's me yes this guy right here the one and only Okay I lied there's probably hundreds of individuals out there by the name of will that also.

Fancy pickleball hey my name is Will quiet you no one asked you punk ass probably can't even hit a third shot drop that's right keep walking I'm not that mean guys I'm really not that mean so I just want to say when I.

First started this channel my mission was and still is to spread and share my joy of pickleball with you this sport this game with the silly name has given me so many memories and and laughs and smiles for these past three years and I am beyond grateful like I really am 2019 up until now was pretty rough for me financially.

Emotionally mentally like physically as I'm sure it was for many of you and shoot to be quite honest I was probably one of the more fortunate ones but pickleball really got me through those times as as cliche and corny as that sounds it's the truth and I just want to give some of that back to you guys back to the community because I really love.

Pick a ball and I love the community I love like the people I've met you know I love what it's provided and given me so if you've watched any of my videos and you've gotten value out of it if if it's made you laugh or chuckle that's great because that means that I'm delivering on my mission in the past I wasn't sure what I was gonna really do with this.

Channel I thought you know maybe I would just record some of my matches and maybe do a few tutorials here and there and post it and call it a day but one thing led to another and here we are in the present my channel is growing like slowly but surely and I have a great podcast with Chris Olson from the pickleball studio.

Um he's probably one of my really good friends now and I've met him less than a year ago and I probably talked to him like every day probably probably more than I should obviously at Zane's level like you're trying to draw as much Peak Performance out of your equipment as possible and it's surprising that spin was the number one thing because I would.

Have thought that USANA Pro XR that your reload speed must have been really high on the priority list well it actually isn't using a a pro XR uh don't worry that's the next most interesting thing look it'd be so funny right now because look in my opinion products are is the most interesting Paddle Company that nobody cares about.

You see them everywhere I've never ever seen this damn I didn't know this is a roast out in the wild there's actually a vote going on right now uh for best podcasts and also other superlatives for like best content creator whatnot and the pickleball Studio podcast is on that list so I'll put a link in the description down below.

And you should definitely go vote for us if you support me or Chris or the podcast and when I look back on this past year and the things that I've done that he's done that we've done together it still amazes me because you know everybody is going through something that they don't really talk about and sometimes I feel like I'm really going.

Through it and I'm gonna be quite honest with you guys it's a miracle that I get videos out at least that's what it feels like sometimes I feel like it's an absolute miracle that I'm able to to write record shoot edit and publish some of the videos making videos and content in general is is hard and I know it doesn't have to be and it comes easier.

For some people but for me it's actually pretty tough and I just want to give a shout out to all the people out there that I I don't want to use the word push me but have inspired me to just keep going and making these videos You Know Who You Are Forever grateful for your support positivity belief and patience I also.

Want to give another shout out to anybody else out there who is making pickleball related content like whether how small or how big you are I really believe that we are the ones that are taking pickleball to the next level like we have a big part to playing it as well speaking of Next Level that leads me to my announcement and the future of.

Pickleball will obviously I'm doing a lot of paddle reviews right now and I will continue to do them while trying to be as unbiased as humanly as possible which is pretty biased because I'm human you know or am I I want you guys watching these videos to understand that although I'm trying to balance out the positives and the negatives ultimately.

I'm getting paid by the views that these videos get and the affiliate marketing links and codes that I'm providing to you this thought is always just swirling in the back of my mind and can sway me whether I know it or not in reviewing certain paddles or saying certain things about a certain paddle now like I mentioned before I'm gonna do my best to.

Try and hit you with the pros and the cons But ultimately I want you to view these videos with the lens that I just gave you because ultimately this is how I get paid and I just want to be as transparent parent about that as possible phew great now that that's off my chest here are some upcoming paddles that I plan on doing reviews on or.

Potential comparisons on if some of these interest you more than the others definitely let me know in the comments below I hope these paddle reviews it will enable me to do and explore different types of content that I have ideas about so we shall see where the year takes us please like comment and subscribe till next time play better I'm.

#pickleball #paddle
Just a quick channel update on what to expect in the future as well as a little story on my journey and appreciation post.

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