Hey everyone it's gage here with pickleball effect i'm super excited about the paddle that we're gonna be showing you in this video today um i've got the supernova pro from prolight this is part of their new lx series that they recently dropped for those of you who don't know prolight is literally one of the og pickleball.

Brands like if you were playing 10 plus years ago chances are you were probably playing with a pro light i played for my first time 10 or so years ago and my first paddle was a pro light it was very common very popular back in the day some of you newer players maybe aren't.

Quite as familiar with prolight haven't seen it around quite as much as some of these other big name brands however with this new line that they just recently launched with their lx series they're really hoping to make a big splash in the competitive pickleball scene today so there's going to be two.

Things about this new prolight lx series that's really gonna make the paddles unique and kind of stand out first of all it's the surface so these paddles actually have three layers of carbon fiber on both sides of the core which is definitely unique one cool thing about the surface is that it's actually interwoven with gold.

Fibers or silver depending on the version of the paddle you choose and it's tightly woven so it gives it kind of a cool shiny look and then another thing that's really unique and i'm excited to test this out is that apparently the longer you play with this paddle because of the surface material and the way it's built.

It's actually supposed to gain more spin and traction over time as you wear out the fibers it's supposed to make it a little bit rougher which should give you a little bit more spin and a little bit more shape that's super unique it's not something i've heard about from any other paddle brand so i'm really excited to see if.

That's a real thing and how that really works uh so yeah let's go put it on the court and see what we're able to do with it after drilling and playing with this paddle for over two weeks here's my review of its performance i'm gonna categorize this paddle as a control paddle it didn't take long for me to.

Feel confident in my third shot drops and dinks whenever i made it up to the kitchen i was able to keep my dinks low and much less attackable usually with a 14 millimeter paddle you're gonna get a solid amount of pop while having to sacrifice a little bit of touch.

But that wasn't necessarily the case with this pedal it played like a control paddle and didn't have much pop which ended up giving the paddle a combination of high maneuverability and control that's that's not super common although i could control the ball well with it i wasn't a fan of how it felt.

Off the face it had kind of a flimsy hard feel to it that wasn't super satisfying to me honestly though i was hitting good drops and dinks i had a harder time relying on my resets it wasn't that i couldn't slow the ball down with it it just wasn't very.

Forgiving as long as i hit the center of the paddle i could reset all day with it but if i hit anywhere near the edge of the paddle the ball sort of died and dumped into the net pretty often which i wasn't uh crazy about as i mentioned above the supernova pro does not have the most.

Power which is always a negative when it comes to attacking especially from the mid quarter baseline i ended up adding three pieces of lead tape to the head to generate the power i needed however it does have a few features that can help make up for that power and strengthen your attacks in other ways.

Because of the thin and short shape this paddle is quicker in your hands i had more confidence in hand battle exchanges than i usually do because of that quick paddles are also a huge advantage when it comes to flick and roll volley attacks which is becoming a super important crucial shot in today's game.

As pickleball continually becomes more offensive talking about the spin of the paddle i know it's supposed to get better with spin over time but out of the box it was on the lower to medium spin range and i didn't notice any change during the two weeks i played with it maybe if i consistently played with it.

For a month or so i would see the difference there as for my recommendation i think this paddle is best suited for someone who wants more control and plays a patient or defensive play style it has a nice combination of control and maneuverability.

However it has a tighter sweet spot and it doesn't respond well when trying to add power though it performed well enhanced battles talking about the feel of the paddle with it costing as much as it does i would have liked for it to have a more quality feel pro-lite does offer the lx.

Series in multiple shapes the supernova pro shape that i just reviewed is one of their control focus shapes they have a rebel pro and rebel pro lxt that offer a little bit more power compared to the supernova so that's everything i have for you guys today thanks for watching and i really hope it helps.

PROLITE is literally the OG performance paddle brand but they’ve declined in popularity over the years as more brands have entered the market. With their brand new LX Series they are looking to make a big splash back into the competitive pickleball space.

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04:25 – My Recommendation

This paddle is available at Fromuth Pickleball, https://fromuthpickleball.com/manufacturer/198/prolite?rfsn=5939069.07b17a&category=-118- />
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