Hey guys it's Kip from Famous by Friday pickleball got a brand new paddle to review the new Pro canix black Ace Ovation paddle very excited to get this in there's been so much pre-release advertising from Pro canix that you really knew it was coming you knew.

It was going to be something special also Megan dizon's been playing with this paddle so I had so much exposure to this even before it was finally released so very excited to get this in very excited to get out through the courts and hit with it it's a little bit different than um Pro canix paddles of the past it has a single piece Toray.

Carbon cover that is heat molded to the polypropylene core now prokynix believes that will give plenty of power more than their paddles in the past and also it's textured so it should give just great amounts of spin should be so much fun to hit it is narrow it's 10 millimeters wide just like all pro kinik's paddles of the.

Past so it's going to be a little bit harsh it's going to be a little you know the feedback's going to be a little harsh when you get it off center but with all pro canix paddles they have these it's called kinetic technology has these micro tungsten beads all around the.

Perimeter which take away the harshness take away the vibration and you actually can hear those in there they move around but with the pro canix black Ace they believe it's going to be so powerful that they also put some of those micro tungsten beads into the handle to reduce that vibration even more.

Pro kinnick says this reduces the vibration 43 that's a lot so even though it's thin even though it may be a bit of a power paddle and it might have some harshness to it with the kinetic technology it should take a lot of that away too so you really don't feel it as much.

I chose the Ovation version over the pro version there's two different ones the pro versions more of these standard size kind of rectangle paddle the ovation's a little bit longer it comes in at 16.1 inches by 7.7 inches wide I'm used to playing with elongated paddle so I'm used to The Sweet Spot being a little bit higher on the face I.

Thought this wouldn't be that much of an adjustment for me I'm just it's so excited to get out and hit this it's got a nice 5.4 inch long handle so it's perfect for two-handed play if that's what you like to do as well so headed out to the courts right now I hope you're headed out there as well very excited to get out and hit.

This the new Pro canix black Ace Ovation very excited all right guys I'll be back thank you foreign oh my goodness it flexes a little.

It's got my work cut out for me here I'm still picks foreign foreign foreign hey guys back just spent the last couple of weeks with the new Pro canix black.

Ace Ovation paddle man is it fun to hit it was so much fun to hit I had played with Pro kinnick's paddles in the past and really felt like once you got away from the non-volley zone they struggle a little bit up at the non-volley zone you could dig all day.

With them they were nice they were soft you really could you know put the ball pretty much wherever you want to but as you got away from the non-volley zone They lacked a little depth they lacked a little you know just a little power and defensively they suffered a little bit Pro kinik said that this paddle was going to have more power.

So I was very excited to get out and hit this and see what it would do if if the paddle still could do the things around the net that the other prochynics paddles could do and then you add a little bit power without taking away from any of that it was going to be gold so very excited got out there hit this the first few.

Times really really really had a lot of fun it's not a power paddle but it does have more depth it does have more push it's it you're not going to get Flyers off of it it really just has nice solid depth so that also means that defensively and as as you've heard me say before I'm a.

Defensive player that goes to turn into the offense this paddle if you're down digging balls at your feet and trying to get them back over this does it's really solid and really doesn't get pushed around at all and you wouldn't expect that from a thinner paddle necessarily but it does a great job at that it has nice power your serves are deep your.

Returns are deep a lot of fun to hit now accuracy control it's there but as with all thin paddles it's not perfect as we know if you go to a 16 millimeter paddle or a 19 millimeter paddle you're gonna it's so it's so solid you're gonna be all Park that ball on a dime.

Thinner paddles struggle with that a little bit because there's a little bit of flex a little bit of turn but honestly the accuracy is there you can hit the ball where you want to and it's got enough pop that it kind of gets the ball there as well it's really nice it's adequate power.

Adequate control very good paddle where this paddle really shines is with spin I am not a spin Enthusiast at all but this pedal almost encourages you to to become one top spins back spins sites whatever it distort a carbon surface that's textured really grabs the ball and really turns it you can you can really spin this ball so that helps you.

With the power you can hit a Top Spin you can hit a little bit hard but the Top Spin is going to make it land in it also helps with your control because you're spinning a little bit you're controlling it you're almost throwing it at Targets that's nice as well it really shines in that area it's quick as you'd expect from an edgeless thin paddle if.

You get into a firefight you're going to be able to hang in there no no problem you really move this battle around like I said before defensive it is just if you can get that paddle down and get it get it going you're going to get the ball back over the net and you're going to be able to jump in there really quick because once again it's a thin paddle.

And you can really get there it is it's really a lot of fun to hit the looks are just outstanding the feedback is is really really nice you know when you've hit it out of The Sweet Spot It really tells you instantly you can feel it you know you know that you've hit a ball poorly and you know what to expect from that now that leads.

Me to the only negative I can really come up with and that is it does have a smaller sweet spot that may be due to the shape of this panel it may be due to we've seen that a little bit with edgeless paddles that are you know they just you've got to hit them in kind of an area and it demands you hit that.

In kind of this area right here you can actually hear it and that's what it sounds like when you hit the ball it does have a smallish sweet spot but it's not tiny it but it is small and you you better hit it in this area but that's really the only negative I can come up with about this paddle as you can see I did put weights on it not.

For more power but to kind of keep it a little more stable because once again I am a defensive player I don't want it to turn or Flex at all I wanted just to be a little much solid that Ted it came in at 8.1 ounces I put it up to 8.3 not a huge swing but it does help keep it a little more solid a little more stable this paddle.

Is a lot of fun to hit just so much fun nice just to hear if if you guys have hit it uh if you liked it what you found as well this paddle does come in at 220 us but it's sold out so the price doesn't really seem to affect it a whole lot and as we've seen the paddles are becoming more more expensive.

So I know there's a lot of these battles out there running around because it's sold out so I'm really anxious to hear if you've tried it and what you think of it it's a cool paddle I know I end this with with could this paddle go in my bag or would this paddle go in my bag I'm going to spend a little more time.

With it but it's a definite maybe it does things really well I really like it a lot so guys please hit like please hit subscribe I'll be back with more content coming up let me know what you think black Ace Ovation from Pro canix it's a lot of fun.

I can play with this battle Yeah
ProKennex Black Ace Pickleball Paddle Review by Famous By Friday Pickleball