On the far side but one game to 15. let's play Pickleball one zero two I am Dave Fleming thrilled to have Cameron Blackwood with me point looks like John Isner needs to wake up just a little bit he's been sitting there for a bit yeah big.

Advantage for query and sock here side out I've been surprised by how low sampler can get down and get back up with how tall he is but he's really agile zero two one all right we're gonna play regular scoring here folks second serve.

Zero two two side out and Donald Young able to throw it down at socks feet so two zero one it is amazing that Sam query is four inches shorter than another player on the court but he is second serve and that man is is.

Like to see if they keep this stack here having Donald Young on the left I think I might like him on the right he is a lefty there and I think that Sam Corey can cover the court so incredibly well on that left-hand side especially with all the Ernies he was hitting in the previous match yeah it's interesting they chose to start this way.

So there's there's something about that that they like here we go zero two one and John Isner comes flying in and queries like seriously off the net all right so they are gonna stack Jack sock to isner's left second sir oh second sir.

Isn't there just can't quite rally that one two two side out I'm just so impressed by these guys just from yesterday and then playing today how much they've softened up their hands up at the kitchen line they're looking for those different patterns and movements looking to maybe suck some.

Players in then to hit behind them so yes they have court awareness but they now have pickleball court awareness yeah it looks very good I mean you've got four terrific American tennis stars here and looking very comfortable on a pickleball court and there's a huge rip from that forehand that Lefty and what I love about this is.

They're used to seeing these drives but from the Baseline now they're seeing a Donald Young wind up hitting a drive at them from maybe just 15 feet away coming full force so it's a very different look for these guys like we said paddle and they don't have strings anymore so a lot of just slaps and wrists is what they're gonna have to make that transition and.

There's the shot from that man John is there that was so devastating last night in the exhibition just making everything this time they make no thirds on there tricep ball comes back to Donald Trump second sir and that's what Donald Junk's just gonna have to change moving forward in the piccolo world having query all the way.

Off the court you're out of position and hitting a speed up ball I'd rather that just be a nice reset bond to the kitchen let's get we'll set back up restart the point you saw Jack sock take one just under the chin but have the paddle ready on the prior point so down a couple our sock and Isner.

Second serve three missed thirds in a row not that I'm counting what neither is he Point Owen Cleary looks so good with that in the battle against the pickleball Pro Cameron over there again.

I don't know about you Dave but do you think that there's more pressure for all these four men on the court with the Tennis Pros versus them playing pickleball Pro oh they had nothing to lose when they were playing the the pickleball Pros now bragging writes and they are major are right here.

There's a lot less Smiles than laughing right now yeah this is intensity we're on Tennis Channel all their buddies are watching point Sam Aquarius Walton across that kitchen line just behind it making his presence felt oh second serve.

And there's the problem with the two backhands in the middle hey Camp it is not something it's on the left-handed side usually takes that middle Ball but when it's your backhand side it's a little trickier five three two all right.

Wow huge rip from query but uh goes deep oozing Oz from the crowd on that swing that drop from Isner is gonna set up Jack sock this entire match or anyone he's playing with really absolute filth great read by sock to come flying over so you can shake and bake a drive or a drop foreign.

Did not hit this Ernie hard at all and Isner was there with an open court couldn't make it point and that's just still the tennis in him of keeping it really flat versus letting that wrist go ahead and bend down snap towards their feet get that point.

And that is an absolute gem from Jack stock who is trying to bait a ball on that side so he gets the forehand and absolutely catches queries going for the Ernie what a shot five six one foreign ER catches query up high.

But I like this look having Young on the right inquiry on the left six five one but same thing that happened in the last match where we had query that was missing that slide on the right-handed side it's gonna have to make that adjustment on this left side point and Isner comes in and drops and charges well done by the big.

Man the Georgia tennis star and there's query scores sock who comes flying in after a gorgeous third again from Isner isn't it isn't her in stock looking very good and I wouldn't be surprised if sock is putting together his pickleball schedule for next year as we speak even.

While he's playing he should for sure oh second sir that ball hit him too but uh eight five two very honest player that John Isner oh boy that crush is my soul I know that that one hurts and the young family just a little more.

Upside down and that's what he had made the adjustment last night John Isner was missing those short made the adjustment and was hitting those incredible drops so look for to make that adjustment just finish that drop with a little bit more reach out there and it's right over the net.

Again one game to 15 here we will not switch again we are staying on the end we're on side out I like what Isner did they're taking time away from the opponents when you're taking out of the air at the kitchen line you have you create a lot more error on the other side and a lot of.

Free points on yours the big man is there oh and sock is waiting to rip beforehand but when your arms are that long at 6 10 you're you just didn't make it cover this entire court yeah just get that out of there don't reach on the backhand call is out point.

And now Isner and socks stretching it out a little bit we're down early and now have a five-point lead foreign and that is a foot fault Mr query a very formal announcement of the fault there I don't think they've ever said that's a.

Football Mr Fleming to me or have you gotten to miss Blackwood I have not okay love something a little bit more cordial yes you guys have 11 you'll be over here coming to you here's a look at the foot fault eleven five two just maybe the back edge of the Hill it looks like that's what it.

Looks like oh my boy and Big John Isner with the gorgeous drop and then he just chased it all the way there he planned it from the drop he knew exactly what he was doing he just strolled right up said you know what I'm gonna drop it and I'm gonna Ernie and I'm gonna you're gonna watch me do it.

This entire way up there and then I'm gonna wave to the crowd on my way back to serve feeling it was out so again one game and they're just confirming a call that bounced an inch from the video board one game to 15 here and then we'll have a team match for you to close out this.

Session boy I like that he really I don't know if you realize it or not but in the previous match he was getting passed so much down the line made the adjustment saw Isner a little bit in decided to take a rip worked out seven twelve two.

Side out Smiles all around after that so Sak is loving this and that's what's so difficult in the transition from tennis to pickleball is you know you don't have strings but you still slice it as if you do versus just a nice drop over sock went halfway.

Then aborted the mission but it's that movement from sock that is a absolutely he's a menace man he's reading this game as if he's been playing for years oh boy even in that yes it didn't come over but he already saw that it was going to be low anyways.

If it were to dribble over went ahead and rushed the net so here we go match point for cisner oh and that's going to be a problem and it is indeed and Jack sock s is having quite a night he wins it with his buddy John Isner and
Four well known tennis players played Mens doubles in the bubly sparkling water tournament in Las Vegas. This a fun match to watch.