So just as I finally uploaded the entire summary of the billionaire Tour Wars three hours go by and the biggest news of The Saga drops well major league pickerball and ppa's Vibe decided to merge together under Major League pickleball's brand instead of 16 teams now there will be 24 teams that exist under Major League pickleball 48 women.

And 48 men all competing for 2 million dollars in next year's six events the PPA players will be allowed to participate so that's an immediate upgrade in terms of quality of top and talent you might be asking yourself why did these billionaires come to a resolution seemingly out of nowhere the previous video mentioned how heated the.

Original meeting was between Dundon and and it seemed like Dundon and had no intentions of combining just a few weeks prior I mean Dundon and PPA held events all throughout the year during mlp's events to presumably try and take away viewership from Major League pickerball PPA tried to create a competitor to Major League pickleball.

With the recently announced Team league Vibe and they also signed two of Major League pickles prize player is JW Johnson and Dylan Fraser so what exactly changed the past week or so the official joint statement from the PPA and MLP reads as follows we are proud to announce that major league pickleball and the PPA tours Vibe pickleball League.

Have agreed to a strategic merger to unify the sport of pickleball as a global co-ed team-based League featuring the greatest players biggest events and Visionary owners this league will continue to live under the major league pickable brand name and format pickleball is the fastest growing Sport and most popular participatory sport in.

America and soon the world MLP and the PPA have independently fostered this growth by supporting world-class players driving powerful marketing and creating unbelievable live experiences coming together as one team League allows us to build much bigger events offer more prize money enhance Player Development pursue larger media and sponsorship.

Deals and most importantly grow the game we all love my question is which League had the leverage in this situation I can understand both sides of their perspective in the case of vibe having the leverage they recently signed the two best players away from Major League pickleball still have all the top pickleball players in the sports signed.

A three-year contract and recently getting a huge name like Mark Cuban on board but I could also see this perspective in which major league pickleball had the leverage which they had the brand name they have brand awareness they already have all the infrastructure and amazing production quality and then plenty of capital with.

The influx of celebrity and Wealthy team owners but I also think there's a third possible case scenario where both sides are greeted it isn't in the best interest to fracture the pickleball landscape even further but this required huge egos to be checked players were starting to be able to leverage themselves too much and it's costing.

These tours too much money if it kept going this route so the best thing to do in this instance is to combine leagues before it got too costly for these tours and this is just another theory but my guess is the leading factor in negotiations was initiated by Mark Cuban Dundon and Cuban have a long history together this is an article from 2018.

Describing the relationship dundan says he played basketball with Cuban at least twice a week and has kept in touch with him ever since in fact Cuban was the reason dundon's wife moved to Dallas when they were dating I told Mark that she needs a job at that time she was working for Yahoo in Silicon Valley dungeon recalls it all worked out in the.

End because of this relationship Cuban was the first team owner in Vibe this occurred about a week or so before the breaking news of the two leagues merging so timing might be coincidental or Cuban might have realized hey if cooler heads can Prevail it's in everyone's best interest to join together under one League instead of fracturing pickleball.

Even more this required two huge egos to come to terms with each other and that's exactly what happened who knows exactly how this meeting unfolded but both parties seem very happy and feel it's mutually beneficial to combine to grow the sport of professional pickleball foreign
Major League Pickleball and the PPA agree to merge their respective team based tours under the Major League Pickleball Format. This just after PPA created their own league “Vibe” and signed two of the top MLP players. 24 Teams Total, 48 Women and 48 Men will compete in 6 events next year for the prize total equaling $2,000,000.