Welcome back pickleball becoming more and more popular around the country and right here in Central Texas k-view's Malia masamoto was out at the professional pickleball showdown in Lakeway this morning she got to talk to some pros pickleball is becoming so popular that it earned the title of America's fastest.

Growing sport last year and a year later it's still thriving Austin is actually home to 12 of the world's top pickleball Pros Austin is a big pickleball Hub people love the sport here we actually have the most Pros top Pros in any other city in America the tournament goes on for four days ending in the finals on Sunday with a chance to.

Win the title and over two hundred thousand dollars in prize money across all pro divisions pickleball Pro Conor Garnett travels around competing in these professional pickleball Association tournaments I is tennis purist and then started playing a little more saw the Nuance saw some people beating me pretty badly and I got hooked.

I was a little bit upset I was like I gotta figure this out and been hooked ever since and his strategy when no no not a not a big strategy I think singles is a little bit more just starting off strong and just really making sure you're not trying to overdo anything so just looking to go out there and have some fun but this weekend's.

Tournament is not only all about the pros even if you can't play like a pro you can still come out and watch the event or you can do the recreational activities that start in the evening of the tournaments PPA expects to see around 5 000 fans coming to watch over the course of the weekend we almost always sell out on Saturday and Sunday.

Attendees-wise on Center Court so it's really showing how pickleball is growing even faster than the community can keep up the PPA tour attracts pickleball Talent from all over the world but this weekend's Austin tournament gets to Showcase some of the talent we have right here at home so it's really a hotbed for a lot of young new talents.

And a lot of amateurs a lot of young players here as well we get to see some of the younger demographics really getting into the sport here in Texas but whatever skill level you find yourself at anyone can take a swing in Lakeway I'm Malia massimoto
Professional pickleball players come from around the world to compete this weekend in the ONIX Austin Showdown hosted by the PPA Tour.

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