Hi everyone Clifford here I'm gonna take a few minutes to talk to you about the new four Drive battle I've been using it like for two weeks now so I'm gonna give you my opinion don't go anywhere the battle comes at 8.5 ounces the length 16.4 inches the width 7.4 19 millimeter the thickness of the paddle the core they use three layer on.

The core they use two PP 6.5 and one Kevlar six the surface is carbon fiber repent the handle length is 5 inches and the grip size it's for one and eight I know what you're saying okay so when I get the paddle I thought the paddle was another diadem okay so when I tried I take it to the court is not like the diadem the butter is very similar to.

Dieting but it's very different what I like about the puddle is the design okay so this is the first time I see like a white paddle okay so when I say it I say okay I have to try it and when I touch the face that's very gritty I say okay that's mean I'm gonna generate a lot of spin with the bottle but I was worried because when I tried.

The item one of the things I didn't like about it even I like the dieting it was his lack of power so I was worried about this one so when I take it to the to the court and I drive my first ball so the power of this pattern is just crazy first of all this is the best thing about this this paddle is the.

Power another thing I like about the paddle is the spin okay even I'm kind of a little bit worried about the spin because it seemed like the paddle is paint okay the face is paint so I don't know how much longer the the grip gonna stay in the bottle but I've been playing with the paddle like for two weeks now and I still can generate a lot of spin.

With the paddle This is why I wanted to take my time okay to use it before I give my review on it so the control the control is phenomenal okay when you have like a very powerful paddle that is very fast but usually those paddle they don't have like enough control okay you cannot control the ball you tend to pop up the ball when you're dank in okay when you.

Returning sometime even when you're driving but it's not the case with that paddle so when I take it to the kitchen to start thinking it's just like crazy I can go I can take 200 400 time with the paddle I'm gonna keep it short low with control okay I was very pleased with the control I had in this battle the grip the grip is like five inches and it's.

Pretty good it's pretty good of course I put like two of the grip on it okay this is how I like it again blocking is great with that paddle okay but you know when you're playing high level like blocking is very important because you're gonna have some players that's really good at driving the boat they're gonna drive the ball low with tall spin on it okay so.

You have to be able like to block the ball then not pop up the ball because if you pop it up they're gonna smash it at your feet but it's not the case I'm a ball like it doesn't matter hard to drive the ball at me I'm gonna control it with my ball like block dip and there's no way they can drive it again and they have like to thank it.

When you have the paddle in your hand you can fill the paddle is very solid the paddle is not a cheap paddle I know is let's say he's more on the expensive side because the palette is 199 but when you have the paddle in your hand you can feel the puddle is well built so you have like a quality project on your hand since I've been using like the Jeweler.

Okay the jeweler make it very easy for you to reset the ball but with the four drive it's not that easy so for me I had to adjust just a little bit so what I had to do is just like when I'm resetting usually with the Jeweler I just let the ball had the first of my father they're just gonna go over the net but with the poor.

Drive I have to give it just a little bit of push okay this is the only thing I would say about the reset on the poor drive and other than that I think this is like a very very good puddle and I'm gonna keep using it and yeah and and if anything change I'll let you know guys so my final thought about the paddle okay if you are looking for.

Speed control and spin at the same time I think this is your paddle okay so it's not like the diadem it has the control of the diadem okay but doesn't have like the softness of the diadem okay got more power okay it allows you to control the ball better at the kitchen okay and you're.

Resetting you have to like push it a little bit and that's it I think this is a good pattern if you can get it you should try it at least I hope you like the video if you do please don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time
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