The PPA had an event this past weekend which included some professional tennis players like Sam query John Isner Donald Young and Jack sock this was a team-based event in which each of these players were captains and were each assigned to a team with some of the best PPA players right now in pickleball the captains were also competing against the.

Pros so we got to see how some of these professional tennis players fared against some of the professional pickleball players viewers got to see if their tennis skills would easily translate well to pickleball they were only playing doubles for this event which is a bit disappointing considering it would have been very interesting to.

See how well these professional tennis players fared against some of the top singles players in pickleball nonetheless who I was really interested to watch this weekend was Sam query who's recently retired from the ATP Tour after a pretty successful 16-year career so plenty of players with tennis backgrounds have had plenty success in.

Pickleball but no one even close to query's resume query stands at 6-6 which is massive for pickleball but his age is getting up there in which he's now 35. query just announced that he take a stab at professional pickleball in 2023 and he went on a podcast a few months ago and made this bold claim I feel like I feel like I'm ranking doesn't reflect.

That it just because I'm not playing all the events but everyone will know that I'm one of the 2011 people and are we talking singles doubles or both I I think most people I think I think doubles is what people care about in pickleball more than singles it's kind of split in tennis I feel like more people care about the singles.

Planning to play singles and doubles next year but I'm I guess I'm a little more focused on the doubles 20 top 20 doesn't get you a lot right so like you got to get to like top 10. I mean top 20 and three months top 10 in four months so let's analyze this performance against the world's number one men's doubles player and see if his.

Prediction is a real possibility but before we get into the action I wanted to give a quick shout out to 11 pickleball who is sponsoring this video the premiere pickleball apparel brand in the sport you can check out their apparel and designer shorts at the link in the description of this video use the code fifth for 10 off now back to the.

Matches this weekend query was partnered with Jack sock who really impressed me all weekend Jack stock was ranked as high as number eight in singles and number two and doubles on the ATP Tour and as far as I'm aware he isn't planning on converting the pickable anytime soon which is unfortunate because you could see how skilled he.

Really is in the beginning of this match on this point this is just a great example of some high level pickleball by sock who did this pretty much all weekend he leaves a dink a little too high and Ben is able to get a good forehand volley in a difficult place where sock isn't able to hit a reset he has the knowledge to go back towards the.

Baseline so he can protect even more of the court and he's able to save himself with this perfect reset while he's still moving backwards he realizes this is a ball he can move up on but he gets stuck in the transition zone which is arguably the toughest area to learn Ben has a forehand off the bounce and sock has to dig a relatively difficult shot and he.

Does it with ease he's able to hit a transition reset that lands perfectly in the non-volley zone and then Ben thinks he can speed this up quickly and try to catch him off guard but sock is immediately ready they don't end up winning this point but sock seems legit so the next point we're gonna be looking at here is when Ben Jones is serving Ben.

Goes for the third shot Drive fifth shot drop and sock thinks he has an incredible angle to hit a fast-paced dink but this puts Ben way off the court and opens up a possible ATP opportunity and then query immediately recognizes this and covers this part of the court and blocks the ATP at attempt by Ben just another high level pickleball play.

Already at the start of this match so one area in particular in which query and sock had a lot of success was when sock was hitting some nice hard forehand drives and query did a wonderful job of anticipating these volley returns and then finishing them with some power and on this point in particular you see a great drive by sock and query comes out.

Of nowhere to snipe this ball down the line here's a ton of ground to cover but with his length he's able to somehow reach this and then we have another high level pickleball Point here where Ben hits a tank with a bit of pace and angle on it sock deceptively Waits on this ball to where it's nearly on the ground and then hits an incredible ATP Matt.

Wright thought there was no way he even had an angle for this shot and didn't even move until it was too late and Sox somehow manages to hit this ball on the line so far I've only really showed you some positive aspects of their game but on this one the opposite occurs so socks way too far off the kitchen line here and possibly thinks right is going to.

Speed this ball up bright season opening because of where sock is positioned and this leads to a bad speed up decision by stock and this is where these tennis guys can get into trouble is up at the kitchen I mean the nuances of the non-volley zone is probably the biggest difference between tennis and pickleball so stock and query end up losing game 1.

12-10 but everyone was pretty surprised about how tight this game went so now in a game two score is four to one query hits a nice drop but is slow coming up to the kitchen and then has to hit a transition shot near his feet while in the transition zone he's unable to do so and this point is very similar to a point we went over earlier where sock.

Was able to hit a transition shot and on this one query is unable to make it so this is sometimes where length can actually be a detrimental factor in pickleball so the next Point here we're going over the score is six to two we have a query mistake leaving this ball up too high where Ben's able to attack this but query with his reach is able to.

Counter back and not give Ben an easy put away and this ball in particular is a a really difficult shot to have to reset back into their non-volley Zone and he hits a perfect dig so good play Here by query and then sock is able to finish this so the score is now 9-3 another great play Here by query who utilizes his length twice on this point.

Very bad speed up and it's way too obvious right at Ben's paddle Ben's able to counter this and this is a winner on 95 percent of players but query being six six is somehow able to get a paddle on this ball and put this ball back into the kitchen then he uses his length again recognizing the pace and angle on this ball from Ben Johns and it's a.

Perfect ATP where Matt Wright can't even get it they do end up losing game Two Eleven to four so not as close as game 1 but still able to come away with some impressive points in game two Matt Wright during the post-game interview claimed they were going about 75-80 I would say does that feel right Ben sure so take that for what you will but.

I think most people came away pretty impressed by the tennis players this weekend sock in particular looked highly impressive and extremely athletic they did most of the things tennis players do really well like overheads forehand drives putaways at the net one thing they didn't do that well was percentage of unforced Errors which can easily be.

Fixed with repetition so I don't think that's that big of a deal the other aspect which they didn't look very comfortable was at the kitchen we didn't see many dank battles due to tennis players tending to have quicker points and like to speed the ball up but with the limited amount of think battles we saw there were times where sock and.

Query left things way too high and got out of position too often they also lacked a bit of patience when speeding up so not surprising but this area of the game might take some time to become really high level I think if Ben Johns and Matt Wright wanted to win pretty handily they would have slowed the game down a lot and worked them at the.

Kitchen so query here is made the Bold claim of being a top 10 pickleball player in just three months in singles I could see this being a possible ability because it's very identical to tennis singles but being top 10 in doubles in three months is a bit of a stretch I didn't see enough here to justify that although it did seem like if he's able.

To utilize his height and length to his fullest Advantage he could do some damage throughout the next year he did well with some well-timed earnings and atps but I felt there's even more that he could do with his height as he becomes even more comfortable with the kitchen and with court positioning could it be a top 10 pickleball player in six.

Months let's say a year two years yeah I mean definitely a possibility is it a likely possibility I don't really know but all in all if any of these top tennis players decided to transition over they'd most likely be a top player in a relatively short amount of time at least that's my takeaway from this event and sock looks pretty natural out there.

If he's only played pickleball a few times that's honestly scary but what do you guys think were you impressed by the tennis players or thought they underperformed let me know in the comments below also if you have yet to subscribe please hit the Subscribe button and give this video a like I'll see you all in the next video.

Ben Johns and Matt Wright take on professional Tennis stars Sam Querrey and Jack Sock in this exhibition match at Mandalay Bay Resort.


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