Maroon 5 yes let's check in with her because the pickleball craze continues and now Sacramento has its first open tournament Lori Wallace heard the prize money and then ran over there to sign up seriously I wish I knew how to play because the prize money is pretty nice we'll talk about that in just a minute but we are at Johnson Ranch pickleball.

Complex it is beautiful here these courts are brand new and this tournament is just kicking off this morning it goes through the 25th I have Samantha here with the club to talk a little bit about how cool this is to have this happening right here in Sacramento ridiculously cool first time in Northern California to have the app tour we are ridiculously.

Excited Super you have all levels here I was asking about ages all ages too so you have some really talented kids out here all the way up to seniors we sure do all ages are represented that's what makes pickleball so special anyone and everyone can play this awesome sport so okay so Dustin is one that plays the sport former tennis player now more of a.

Pickleball guy how did you get into this Dustin so actually clients of mine I'm a financial advisor so client's mind said hey if you love pickleball or tennis you'll love this sport called pickleball I said Pickle what checked it out and have loved it ever since and it's been an absolute honor to be able to play with really all ages like I said at the.

Same time too so it's been like switching from those two sports there's a lot of different strategies that we can use here and so we can kind of rely on some of the tennis skills but we have to develop some new ones like hitting it to people's feet and kind of building a point across the the course of the match.

And so we hit someone's feet we walk try to get them to have a high ball and then we kind of put it away from there rather than just kind of bang bang and hit it past each other it's really fun to strategy wise okay so there's a lot of pickleballs speak out here like acronyms and things that I'm not real familiar with so what level are you at for the.

Common person like me who doesn't really know all the you know lingo so I'm at the professional level but the the levels go from basically a 20 to a 5-0 and then after that we basically enter the pro division from there too so when do you play I play on Saturday morning okay yep all right I'll be crossing my fingers for you now Terry here who's.

With the app the American pickleball Association pickleball professional see it's hard to learn all the lingo so quickly but this is a big group of people that all come out they're talented it and these courts are gorgeous yeah we're excited to be here um Johnson Ranch has been amazing so the app tour we are the largest sanctioned.

Tour in the sport we're the oldest tour in the sport and this is our 21st stop out of 26 stops on the the tour and we're excited to bring the app tour to a region that has never had a large Pro Tour in it and be here at Johnson Ranch and this court right here tell us what we're watching what level is this and what we're going to see throughout the.

Weekend yeah so right now this is 5-0 this is like your semi-pros this would be the equivalent of your minor league in Pro Sports and so these guys that are playing right now will hopefully one day be Pros all weekend you're gonna see awesome amateur play you're going to see Senior Pros you're going to have your open Pros your men's and women's doubles.

Men's and women's singles and you'll be here we'll be here all week and on this amazing Court okay can we talk about the prize money real quick yeah so we're paying out this is a tier two event for us we have two tiers we have tier one tier two this could be forty thousand dollars that's gonna be spread across all the pro divisions so men's women's.

Doubles you'll have mixed doubles mix Pro doubles and then you'll have men's and women's singles at both the open Pro and uh senior program that's pretty incredible now when we talked about kids being a part of this too what are some of the youngest player players so we have Hayden hadron patricklin uh he's 17 he'll be here this.

Weekend and then across the tour I mean we see kids as young as 12 and 13 playing in the Pro divisions that is so cool it is so fun to watch Terry thank you so much you guys I will send it back to you this goes through the 25th a lot of really talented athletic people out here playing some pickleball I'll send it back to you yeah yeah I mean they're.

They're playing like a different version of pickleball that we've been used to you know man right but that was the old point a pickleball was chill but that ain't chill no you can get Knocked Up all right thank you very much Lori
The inaugural APP Sacramento Open is taking place this weekend in Roseville, with some SERIOUS prize money on the line for pro pickleball players! Lori Wallace is at Johnson Ranch Sports Club, checking out the action!