This is James ignatowich if you haven't heard about him yet you probably will soon James is a former D1 tennis player for Vanderbilt University and 11 months ago he decided to quit tennis and play Pickleball full time in that time James has achieved 9th in the world for singles 20th for mixed doubles and 32nd for men's doubles I've talked to a.

Number of Pros on tour and many of them believe James will be the number one player in the world in just a few years will myself and Kyle traveled to Nashville to make some content with James and Selkirk a few months ago that's a video no it's not and while we were there I got to play a few games with James I've played a number of pros.

At this point and none of them felt nearly as bad as playing against James his speed power and accuracy were not like anything else I've played against he also likes to think he has jokes I think it's uh gonna be important for me to the truth is just go at Chris a lot I mean I've played with both of them and it's pretty clear that will is the.

Better player and that's not even a joke that's the truth and I've seen Chris play and it's pretty uh it's tough to watch I mean you see him you see him standing like that he just kind of looks like a guy that shouldn't really be playing a sport in any capacity and it's not good for the game that.

You've got a guy like that that's even representing pickleball it's not that's not an athlete well maybe not good jokes James currently has a duper of 6.98 for singles and 6.47 for doubles in this video you're going to see will and I take on James in a 2V1 singles match and if you want to learn even more about James we did a podcast.

Episode with him that will be linked in the description down below hope you guys enjoy the video zero zero two yep horrible that's my God okay so that that right there is The.

Game Plan no matter where Chris is get it to him all right Frank do it I dare here we go let's go that's the spot zero zero one oh one zero one.

Oh no this is bad all right all we got to do is just get the ball and play and he'll miss two zero one no let's see look I said get it in play 202. foreign.

Dude Chris if you're a three five now what are you gonna be in 2023 201 foreign one two one no no no no that's not the guy.

What's up James wow 31. nope timeout timeout timeout I didn't know you had so much Swagger I don't it looks like the angle of my left toenail.

Is making it so that the Sun oh wow okay okay I need to adjust my shots by 4.3 inches all right now's the time the shades are coming off oh I'm locked in you're gonna film this Bud all right uh four two one.

Foreign thank you yep oh good shot here you go two five out oh three five no way what's up James where was he going three.

Five well no we're not talking about your rating oh three five oh no way yeah let's go buy three no we aim right for you pay him for my face unintentional oh all good all good six six three two.

Let's go oh all right all right three six one foreign okay wait a minute oh 10 seconds five four three two I'll wait till you're done two hours later all right four six one all right let's go Nice Shot five six one.

Nope jeez man the wind you're on the good side what's going in dude five six two yo we got I move 662. all right come on will all right let's go foreign six two.

Yeah it didn't have to be that good oh no oh no I can't be doing that my watch Buzz 962. all right come on well we're not losing sorry wait I gotta Focus I mean this guy's talking it's cheap 962. yeah.

Let's go well do or die right here uh 1062. oh no we'll come next time so there you guys go that was our 2V1 match against James ignatowicz if you're interested in learning more about him you can click the podcast episode that is linked down in the description thanks.

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