I like the hair I think it's like kind of an all-air mattress it's like a lot of good hair going on yeah thank you David here we go they're clear coming clutch seriously foreign.

Beautiful yeah yeah all right here we go all right here we go a little bit um foreign around just like hot.

I might not want to leave those ones time in and zip code foreign thank you zero nine one foreign turn it up where are they are they right over here.

Today zero zero one zero zero zero zero one foreign foreign.

All right oh my God thank you sir are you doing cheers temperature.

Thank you thank you thank you nine zero one foreign
This was the 1st round of the Pro Men’s Doubles bracket at the DC PPA on Center Court. Daniel McNally (Paddletek) and David McNally (CRBN) attempted to execute a highly aggressive game plan that backfired. Jay and Tyson played close to flawlessly and showed why they are some of the top pros on the PPA tour. Thank you to them for their professionalism and respect on the court.

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