Okay guys uh we're gonna have three different variations here of the game um first first two variations are gonna be for lower levels three five and below um so I would act as an attacker okay uh we're gonna play game to seven really scoring I'm gonna act as the attacker the whole time coach Kyle is going to act as the counter-attacker okay lower.

Levels here um I'm gonna dink four times in a row and then speed up I'm always gonna speed up after the fourth ink so so the first variation Kyle is gonna counter block okay and then we're gonna play the the game again but he's gonna counter punch so zero zero game to seven uh ready here we're gonna count the dinks out okay one.

Two three four I'm speeding up okay point is live play it out ah stand here a little early that was way early uh one to zero here we go one is there a one two three.

Four okay live very good I like it I like it I like it uh one to one one two three four block block I'm sorry don't you push your butt aside again.

One to one one two three four okay live okay here we go two to one two to one okay again two to one one two three four okay live.

Yeah very good
When you are under attack, knowing when to block and when to counterattack is an important skill to master. Practice both of these shots with this drill from pro player Tyson McGuffin!

Thanks for Watching Practice Your Resets & Counter-Attacks in Pickleball With This Drill from Tyson McGuffin! πŸ™Œ

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