okay Kendall we're on to our last and final drill that we're going to work on today this one's probably one of my favorite it's a standby where we're going to be working on our dinking up at the kitchen line okay as with all of these drills we want to be very deliberate with what we're working on so.

It's a matter of kind of picking and choosing you know this is what this is my goal for this round of the drill so we're going to be dinking Cross Court on our backhand side and there's a couple of things we can be working on here footwork would be one goal but possibly you're going to be working on moving around the ball another goal could be.

I'm going to be working on consistency this time so what I want is for you to kind of pick something that is your target for this drill it could be you know I'm just going to be consistent it could be I'm going to look for opportunities to be aggressive right and so each time you do this drill you're trying to pick another another.

Focus so that you have a very clear goal of what it is you're working on so for me right now when I'm going cross-court with you my goal is to make choices between the dinks that I'm hitting so deliberate dinking right if if the ball bounces I'm more likely gonna push the ball where I want to place it if I can get it out of the air I want to be a.

Little more aggressive so that's my goal for this drill your goal could be something different your goal could just be I want to keep it going as long as I can or I want to move my feet so let's go ahead and try it um we'll start off here just by a little warm up with our Cross Court dinking.

Nice yes great get stay in the point s good good nice job one more warm up and again my goal if I can get out of the air is I'm trying to be aggressive yep yep gotta put it away gotta put it.

Away all right what do you think what would be something you would want to work on deciding between uh backhand or forehand okay good so a little bit of that something I'm working on I like it and then trying to take more out of the air trying to take more out of the air as well perfect so we're gonna do rally.

Scoring okay every rally is going to be a point for someone we're gonna go to 11 just like we would a regular game um as we do this though if you realize like I need to take a second to process you know a point or what I'm not doing correctly this is the time to do that okay so here we go zero zero yes perfect right you saw that.

Opportunity be aggressive get up on that line nice job zero one foreign one and you're right I would like to see a little bit more footwork where you actually move around that ball okay okay one one no worries we'll do that one again we want to get.

The serve and the return going before we start counting the rally one one good oh nice job one two I thought it was a goner laughs there it is nice work ah I got nice I like the one you you ran around though that was really good don't.

Be afraid to hold it on that forehand a second longer like if I run around and I open up to my forehand I don't have to rush back into the middle right away I can stay here because I'm hoping that on that second one I'm going to be able to come in and add a little bit more pressure okay okay two two.

No worries three two so that was a good example of where I started to really pressure you yes with my forehand here okay right um because I I held off onto this side long enough that I was able to get more and more out of the air right four two yeah.

There it is that's the one you're looking for really nice work holding off keeping that pressure pushing forward four three we'll go to seven I thought I had I saw my life flashing oh four four and that's a great chance even for me to think about why did I miss that ball right I'm gonna take a.

Second and reflect rather than just jumping right back into the drill and honestly I feel like I probably jumped up I stood up too soon I didn't hold it long enough next time I'm going to try to stay down in the point a little longer four four nice work four five I gotta cover that middle.

But thank you for giving me that backhand to try again five five I stayed in that one a little better oh nice work six five here we go stay up at that kitchen line don't back up too much oh yeah and a little bit of a scooting back right making that choice a little.

Sooner seven five that was good so what did you think your goal was to try to take make bet make quicker choices between the forehand and the backhand I took more forehands than I am used to I tend to get dependent here and get in kind of a rut so I can see where the forehand gives you a little bit more placement good options than the backhand.

Right so I like that you recognize that at the end of the drill to take a moment and actually think through like what was being successful what was I trying to do right A lot of times we just go out and we just practice we just play and we don't really reflect on what the little tiny changes that we're trying to work on so the next time we do this.

Right you can either pick something different you want to work on or probably what I would like is for you to pick up pick the same thing you're still trying to work on opening up that cord a little bit more just trying to increase your success okay good and then as always we can do it from every direction awesome good.

Nice job thanks foreign
Focus on Consistency and Footwork when dinking with pro player Susannah Barr’s favorite dinking drill!

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