Hey guys so uh we're gonna show you a little game that we use to improve our work in the transition zone so i'm gonna start uh being at the the kitchen line and i'm gonna be the feeder feeding semi-aggressive to tyson who's gonna be starting in the transition zone um we're gonna be playing games to seven since i start with a pretty good advantage.

Already being up here we're gonna go ahead and spot him three points right out of the get-go for lower levels uh would do one semi-aggressive feed the moment they get it over or feel like it's the right time to come in they can go ahead and close get to the kitchen line and play the point out at the higher levels we want.

To wait till two of these blocks or half volley resets land in the kitchen after the second one lands in the kitchen that's your license for the point to be live and go from there okay i like it let's do it so gain to seven rally scoring game to seven so again because i start with the advantage okay it's gonna be uh zero three okay and then uh we're.

Gonna go higher level here okay higher level higher level make two yep absolutely have to make two in the kitchen okay a little long there's one okay the point for you point here we go here we go uh one three there's one.

And two we're live yep probably not the ball for me to be able to lower low bad bad decision making okay two three there's one and we're live three all here we go there's one.

And live oh too good okay three four nice point there's one there's two oh okay good work here we go there's one and we're live.

Good stuff so we would play that guys we'd play that out to seven we ended up on uh i think it was four five or five all but uh would play that to seven and just remember because the person at the kitchen line starts with an advantage um they spot the other person three points to start to recap the game that we did um i.

Started at the kitchen line tyson started in transition we're playing a game to seven i'm going to start with the feed really important to have the feed semi-aggressive if i'm just absolutely hitting it as hard as i can tyson's not going to get much out of the game um if i'm passive yeah somewhat cooperative.

But trying to put it down at his feet um whether it's out of the air off the bounce something to help him work on that either half volley or that block right out of the gate for higher levels and that's what we demonstrated we want to get two to land in the kitchen before the point is live um for lower levels really just the.

Moment you play when you feel this pretty good or non-attackable that's your license to go ahead and start gaining some space forward and just play out the point from there i think i think some of the big takeaways there are don't be afraid to scramble uh don't be afraid to trust your height uh know that you can win a lot of points just by.

Playing defense you know i've i would say lower levels the the percentage of points being won by unforced compared to forrest probably 80 20 80 of the time unfortunately taking place versus 20 of the time four stairs higher level maybe 60 40. so that just comes to show that putting balls in play you know having high pickleball iq being a good.

Scrambler goes a long ways yeah if you look at some of the points that we played look at how many balls tyson was able to get back when he was very much on defense and i had the ball up here well in green and and hitting it as hard as i could and yet he was still able to get the ball back and he waited for his moment to be more selective with the.

Time to come forward
Making shots in the transition zone is crucial to high level pickleball. This game from Pro Player Tyson McGuffin gives you practice with blocks and resets in the transition zone so you can make it to the net and win the point!

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