Welcome back to beautiful Las Vegas Nevada check out that pink pickleball upper right middle right that is they have set up this darling Tennis Center beautifully for a full day of gold medal matches looking for some gold medals Jan Mike because we saw a big silver trophy for the champions in our last match the mixed doubles winners Anna Lee Waters.

And Ben Johns they are both still alive the Triple Crown Anna Lee Carson on the left playing this final the women's doubles final with her mom Lee and then on the other side the team that took out the top seeds yesterday Paris Todd and Anna bright that was quite the match happy belated birthday to Anna bright it was her.

Birthday yesterday she's Far Side top right Harris Todd near with the braided ponytail and uh looking forward to this women's doubles final is uh Todd and bright looks to take out the waters yeah I'm very much looking forward to this it's so fun to see a mother and daughter.

On court playing together the Lee Waters is a little bit bothered by the sun yesterday when she'll have to make some adjustments so those lobs can be pretty difficult on one side of the Court on the day where it can't be tricky in the sun there.

Yeah we talked about this yesterday I mean it is extremely rare that mother daughter father son can play at this level in any sport on the same court the same field at the same time that's what's great about pickleball is that you could be 80 years old and play at the same level with an 18 year old and at this level Lee Waters.

Nanolee waters are some of the best in the game right now talk about Ken Griffey Jr Ken Griffey Senior being able to play a baseball game together Gordy Howe who played for decades and decades Iron Man in hockey was able to play a season with his sons in the NHL but that's about it and you do not see this at any level.

In any sport but we've got it on the PPA tour and Anna Lee has been dominating looking for her fifth Triple Crown of the season winning all three disciplines it's a busy day for her so to see her right back on the court doesn't need a big break after winning the gold medal in mixed doubles how.

About Anna bright going straight in Paris Todd there gonna pull off the upset they took out the top seeds yesterday defending champ Jesse Irvin what stood out to you about the team of Paris Todd and Anna bright yesterday but first of all look at those quick reflexes they're working on there they.

Had a lot of that in their match yesterday to put some good defense as well and then took control of some of the rallies that were so important very close match that one was yesterday getting through against the top seeds take a look at the drop that was kovalev and Smith that they took out during the semifinals.

And it was Waters and Waters that beat the defending champ Jesse Irvin and Lindsey Newman five scenes taking on the two seats packed house here at the darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas they have turned tennis courts into pickleball courts for the week American Breast Cancer Foundation course October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States so before every single one of these gold medal matches will be playing one point with a pink pickleball raise awareness for breast cancer annalize got the pink toed shoes on today I'm pretty impressed that she's just.

Right back out on the court after just playing three games entire match tell me about the physicality of pickleball well not just not just physical but it's mental to get I'm back out there and have to be refocused again with a totally different type of a match here in the doubles where she's going to be a.

Lot more dominant so I don't think he's gonna have to do probably more of more playing in this in this women's doubles were yesterday we saw her really being the dominant player on the court mom sort of taking up a little bit more of a defensive posture often okay we're ready ladies.

Well think about the fact that you're gonna do 15 games played three events that's a lot and the breast cancer awareness point the quick one very quick somebody gets a souvenir and we get going in our women's doubles funnel.

Front row let him hear you ladies and gentlemen all right Harris Todd starting with the serve that's Paris Todd with the ball he's three out of five games foreign just goes long as Santa bright went for the Ernie winner early on in this one.

Point watch that back kid to be a big key in this match one zero one nice little poach from Lee there didn't connect but it was the right move right in the right spot one zero two Lee Waters played college tennis South Carolina 1997 to 2001.

Then became a lawyer gave it all up to be a PPA tour champion we live in Delray Beach questions one one one figure Todd bright are going to take a lot of the traffic toward Lee at the net if they can.

She can more than hold her own smart tactic to try to avoid the Firepower of Italy side out for the waters comparison yes Lee Waters the lawyer for about 14 15 years in Colombia she played tennis at South Carolina her husband Stephen played golf.

Now their daughter best in the world to pickleball exchange there yeah goes to Todd bright what a fun thing to do travel around and one one two play an awesome Sport with your daughter.

Thank you all right don't get too many free points off of those returns and taking what you can get it split the difference right up in the middle smart play most of these pickleball Pros that you.

See are former 3-1-1 tennis players and a bright from Boca Raton Florida played at Cal Berkeley foreign.

Out to an early lead over the waters Lee and Anna Lee time in 4-1-1 oh that was sweet swing volley excellent move drive that inside out thank you I can't a break going lights out 6-1 lead stained salt out of those.

Overheads to quite a few to get the job done quick start for the five seeds games to 11 win by two seven one two Todd bright Abel just field slightly more offensive so far at the net foreign.

Waters can make a run here oh what a point well Lee Waters doing some really good work in that Crowley Annalee got a little too far over the court open finally beautiful volley that was see the tennis skills coming out in Todd and bright.

So the volley's pretty similar the way that they hit their volleys are absolutely that racket head up we've seen a couple different kinds of volleys and pickleball some of the more tennis types of ollies keeping the wrist up sort of creating some under spin on it sort of driving it through the court and we've seen some of those Top Spin.

Volleys more like that one eight one those Top Supplies can be really helpful if you're trying to get the ball to just barely come up over the net especially when you're closer sure what Lee is asking the referee about.

point I saw Lee get a little testy yesterday when they were lobbing her into the sun at the time complaining about somebody shouting in the crowd yesterday had to deal with the public address announcer during some points.

Yeah that's uh that's a bit of a surprise that they do the public announcements over the play players didn't react so must be used to it it's a point for the waters but Lee Waters at that last overhead on the side out with authority and get something going here.

Todd Brent have just been excellent at the net their volleys very precise foreign nine three one second third another nice put away.

Overhead smash nine three two yourself yeah set that up well game point now for Todd and bright ten three two and too much for Paris Todd and Anna bright dominating the first game in the women's doubles final welcome back to the guaranteed raid PBA.

Championships gold medal Sunday sun is out the stands are packed at the darling Tennis Center just off strips and the five seats Paris Todd Anna bright looking to squash the Triple Crown dreams of Anna Lee Waters take.

Just excellent volleys throughout that game you wonder if Waters and Waters might want to hit a few more lobs try to push try and bright off the net a little bit get them out of their comfort zone a few more drops get into some dink exchanges a little maybe a little bit more let's see if they can just try to.

Throw the Rhythm off a little game two time in zero zero two okay foreign It's Tricky I think that Italy feels like she has to be so offensive she's made some unfortunate errors we didn't really Sun none of that in the mixed.

interesting Dynamic and certainly Ben John's you heard from Annalee how excited she is just to be on the same court as the greatest pickleball player to ever play and in this setting I mean she is arguably the greatest player on the court.

Last long first point of the second game to Todd and bright that seems there's often the doubles there's often a dominant player once he controlled more of the rallies looking to make the moves partner sort of will defend and obviously look to be offensive when possible with Todd bright I'm not really seeing.

Them they're about about even both taking opportunities both Taking Chances hasn't been as much poaching from them no real weaknesses that I'm seeing though man a bright just stepped off the tennis court played spring 2021 for the Cal Bears LED them in singles wins that year 96 career singles wins played in 75.

Consecutive dual matches she was a baller foreign County Breakers and world team tennis only took a pickleball about a year ago.

Pretty impressive how quickly they've been able to rise certainly would have been more difficult to rise that quickly the tennis rankings they would have had to move to the pro tour zero one one thank you.

Yeah Lee just left that ball a little too high that ball got what it deserved nice zero one two overhead sign up favorite move Jan Mike let's switch up coming to net players have a preferred side they figure out the quickest way to get.

There and also maybe distract their opponents a little bit foreign zero two points two zero two here in the second game both teams wearing matching outfits Paris Todd brand new sponsorship with the aloe yoga brand.

Oh my God and as this sport continues to grow and you're seeing it on national TV a lot more sponsorship opportunities I'm loving the gear from all the players don't often see them all matches it's very cool.

Love that point Harris is fired up four zero two inside out nice positivity there from an elite I wonder who's stealing more pressure obviously Anna Lee's got the Triple Crown but.

She already has the mixed doubles singles is on her own so Lee's gotta feel like she's needing to help her daughter get one step closer yeah I think a lot of the balls are coming the way of Lee so she's definitely has to step up her game and find a way to make a few more things happen.

Court out there starting to get some things rolling four two okay slide out for Todd and bright four two one second sir a message to served.

Freebie side out quick side out there slight laps and concentration from Todd and bright see if it costs them anything two four one Point like three straight errors three four one foreign.

side out with the 4-3 lead good yeah four three one go second observe this communication.

Through the middle solves the riddle again leave it's a good defense nice hands they're found the spot four three two points just enough under spin on that shot to make it difficult on the forehand there I love Italy's positivity.

Really pays off for her I think there's the power of Handley Waters four five one foreign right in front of the Baseline excellent placement four five two oh did they call that out here.

All right the referee says the ball was in Annalee did not make the call let's take another look Lee called it out and that looked into me what do you think Jan Mike yeah it's tough moving so quickly through the corn it looked like it caught some of the line perhaps we're gonna get a video challenge here.

Called it good and we'll take a quick commercial and on the other side let you know welcome back first video challenge of the day love this Jan Michael it was called out by Lee Waters the referee overruled it said ball was good they're able to make a challenge if the challenge is upheld you keep your time.

Out if it's overturned you lose a timeout a little drama here on the PBA tour so I guess for me who who's actually throwing down the challenge if the referee overruled it is it uh lee Waters with the challenge yes correct okay another look at the point Smashbox that angle looks good to me.

It's a little awaiting official word we are about to get it the Jeopardy music yeah what a music would you want it's perfect it's got Celebrity Jeopardy we've got PPA Jeopardy.

After video review the referees call the ball being in stands it is tied out the score will be five four one waters are charged one time out all right so the call stands the referee called that ball in okay five four one okay time in.

Four I'm sorry we're gonna just making sure he has the score correct power that ball was set up for her I Rush that overhead okay now.

So for the little dink exchanges I feel like have favored Waters and Waters and they keep keep the pickleball low enough been to their advantage well that goes long four five two yeah boy a little better on that one.

Mainly you can actually drive a full swing on that volley five five two five all side out five five one oh my God under spin return there.

Drawing the error such a great play to return that way Anna Lee and Lee obviously been partners for a long time this is a new partnership with the Anna bright Paris Todd's been working out well foreign foreign.

medal and Cincinnati with Jesse Irvin five on the way to that title Jason there letting that ball go Hannah won the Eddie herd doubles title back in the day and the little mo national championship.

Those are tough tournaments to win oh yeah I mean she was one of the top recruits impressive this is pretty cool about pickleball is I was talking to Taylor Townsend in the green room before we started broadcasting today and she was saying.

Now that this sport is gaining popularity and gaining a platform these new players have an opportunity to really shape the sport turn it into whatever they want very much so foreign defense By the Waters Harris can't put it away incredible hands both Waters there.

We're head hunting a little bit there well done and a Timeout on the court Todd bright up a game of 8-7 in the second in seconds back in Las Vegas you can see they've got a hotel named Paris they've got the Eiffel Tower we've got a Paris.

On the PPA tour as well and she is a budding Superstar Harris Todd teaming up with Anna bright up a game of 8-7 in the second looking to win this gold medal match in women's doubles Annalee Waters going for the Triple Crown herself the question is Jan Mike does Paris stay at Paris during this event that's a very.

Good question that's a very specific questions I would I don't know how to get to the bottom sure they put the players in a nice spot it's been a great place to choose from foreign exchange favoring the waters I think it's really changed the rhythm of this second game.

Didn't see as much of that in the first what I was looking for here it seems to have worked out a little bit yes foreign there from Todd and bright to get through that rally.

192 . boy to the waters and now a game point at 10 8. all right game point for the waters serving at 10-8-2 let's see if Todd and bright were able to disrupt.

Momentum a little bit of the waters can get a side out observe thank you and there is game two to the waters it is down to a best of three for the championship in women's doubles we've been beautiful Las Vegas Nevada.

The darling Tennis Center second championship of the day Lee and Anna Lee Waters but we've got a Lee we've got an Anna Lee and we've got an Anna all on the same court right now and we've got a tied up Championship one game of Peace Todd serving to start the Third what was the difference for the waters.

To take that second game well I really feel like it was keeping the ball a little bit lower those those dink exchanges they did very well with those sort of playing it on their own terms on these terms especially think that maybe analy is the most powerful player on the court Todd bright excellent volleyers.

Really just dominated too much at the net in the first game the waters kept the ball a little bit lower sort of forced a few more of those dinky exchanges able to play more on Lee's terms those sort of Drive exchanges at the net I do think that they favor overall Todd and bright.

Zero one two two of them complement each other very nicely turn right up the line there good depth on it quick side out Todd right and a bright serving first Lee waters are finished really water's got a good forehand and a.

Good overhead one zero two above the net she's been dealing with it very nicely foreign there it is again backhand side zero one one foreign very patient especially in those short.

Exchanges close to the net close to the kitchen fan I'm sure you follow the kitchen on Instagram a pickleball Community 25 000 followers largest pickleball community in the world they say you're one of the sponsors here what a great Community it is very.

Welcoming community lots of great groups playing together all over the U.S and further sign up and posted Unwritten pickleball rule number one whenever you hit the ball and make an error immediately look at your panel desperately hoping everyone will think it was the problem.

With the new paddle technology it's less and less the case the old Dillard paddles that I started with you can do that quite often in fact we used to take on our court back at home to take the smash ball paddles that you play Beach smash ball with.

Smash ball what is that there's a little this little softball you just play the beach you know the paddle ball okay but not nice enough and you those paddles could hit the pickleball so fast it was ridiculous you couldn't really keep it in the court but you could hit it faster you could ever believe and if it was either a frozen.

Rope type of a shot or would hit the back back fence paddle technology just didn't exist back then until prolight came out with some fiberglass paddles pro light really dominated for a long time now there's various paddle companies with.

All these fantastic new paddles that have come out different weights different surfaces they put on there foreign Sports I mean we've got pickleball here there's paddle tennis there's padell which is huge in Europe true one of the fastest growing Sports there.

Yep I'm sure they hope that's an Olympic sport the PPA trying to make pickleball an Olympic sport once you get the celebrities all these big names getting involved in pickleball in the United States whether it's Michael Phelps or Leonardo DiCaprio or Doug Allen or Lebron James.

Or James Blake or Larry David Jamie Foxx Larry David huh Larry David loves the pickle plays a Riviera Country Club that's awesome Curb Your pickleball enthusiasts right don't be too enthusiastic what these players very enthusiastic you.

Would not be happy your way extraordinary Exchange and forcing the shorter little dink rally there let's go two two two two one.

Give me no second turn see both teams really battling for some momentum here in this third game it's nice defending in these returns so far I know another quick side out yeah does any change-ups on her serve she's.

Gonna throw a couple of lobs in so good two two foreign nice communication at the net between Todd and bright they got to be quick on their feet there might not play even in the end from from Lee Waters there with the lob it's not a.

Bad idea fine okay getting a little tight Exchange close to the net right in front of the kitchen there favoring the waters.

The girls three two two okay kind of right trying to take over that point and we've got a Timeout on the court back after this big day on Tennis Channel continues.

The women's double final PPA tour we had tennis overnight pickleball action during the day Taylor Fritz coming through with the win over Francis tiafo fantastic All American final there in Tokyo I love seeing it both of them playing such high level tennis.

Throughout the year Francis really stepping it up of course he's the top 20 now Taylor Fritz gonna make his top 10 debut the goal of his this year djokovic's picking up a title as well today his 90th overall our great cheek of a beatish fiantic big.

Win over the world number one back on her game last couple of tournaments stepped it up three Lisa Martin's also getting a title today over Alize Cornet it's Championship Sunday on Tennis Channel we are handing them all out we.

Have opportunities for Triple Crowns here in Las Vegas I'm just gonna take this third game between Todd bright and the waters awfully close beginning of this a lot more good defending than winning points on served clearly.

Haven't moved much oh right off of Lee Waters 4-3 lead part of those quick exchanges is getting hit once in a while by the ball stings just a little bit but that's about it some Colin Jones get hit in the face yesterday right in the nose.

Yeah that's uh try to avoid going for their head if you can foreign Lendl plays pickleball there's a lot of golf clearly thinking that because all the time to hit Mac yeah it's just like he's coming for heads yeah.

it's close exchanges I don't know I think he'd enjoy it foreign three quick points Todd and bright 6-3 lead.

One left three six one couple of over kicked overcooked volleys there yeah down there right into the body let's go let's go come on come on Smart play nothing personal eating a little bit there.

we go I saw those dry volleys where I think the top right do have an advantage overall or points like that have favored them another good one for lead.

Seven four one okay that was gonna be bye-bye on that two-hander not much can go wrong with that two-headed back here Natalie Waters great fundamentals on that shot.

this game's super close early on bright the last few minutes been able to step it up do you think that stops the Run for a one point here's Todd got her first big win.

Against Annalee Waters PDA event thank you broadcast here on Tennis Channel receiving team 681 and a timeout stay with you we were talking earlier we think one time out per game not two yeah I mean.

This this sport is evolving everything's kind of changing there's different leagues there's different I think I think the two-time outs makes sense maybe in this situation where it's three out of five this is a lot of time on court so get it get a even just a drink of water.

And you know these these side outs this this third game has gone on pretty long now so it's nice to have a little extra time I think I feel like in the two out of three one time out make might make a little bit more sense um it's a little bit quicker not less time on the court.

Obviously as you said Steve these rules can change and will probably change over over time what are the rules that's changed that I don't really understand why it was changed is he used to be able to take a step in the court when you served that that was the rule as I knew it from from a kid you know I've been playing this sport since I was I think.

About 11 or 12 years old um and you used to be able to take that step into the court on the serve I don't know how it probably could serve a little bit harder by doing that but you'd Miss more serves too and it you can't serve a volley so there's no real advantage to to being able to do that there's another one.

The only Waters with their hand up I don't know why it was a good law n go right back to that come on page lifted the body a little bit tough to volley oh the drop winner just trickles over.

The net the water's responding with a run of their own now nine eight one so two points away from snagging this third game they were down eight four it's very interesting you're just back the topic of the of the timeouts and.

Do make a difference they do stop the run that seemed to happen in pickleball good little sit down disrupt the mental Clarity of your opponents if you can so it's not just grabbing some water or grabbing info from from the coach tactic which can be used so it's probably people players themselves.

Probably debate and say well we like the two because it just it adds a little bit more like a strategy into into these games okay we've also got the coaching aspect right that's the thing that's big debate and tennis terms should there be coaching should there not well it seems to evolve they're keeping it.

On the tennis courts Works real well here in pickleball I don't love it in tennis but seems like it's here to stay a little different where the the coach is not on the bench with you so they can talk to you from the stands right which is a whole other topic which I don't love.

For pickleball it makes a lot of sense and they've started with it so just no issue my game point now for the waters what a comeback this is in this game huge momentum swings there's been a couple of them you can't be kidding me and Lee Waters with the put away how.

About that from eight four down they reel it off to take game three and a two games to one lead seconds Lee Waters and her daughter Anna Lee Waters with a two games to one lead here in the women's doubles final guaranteed right PPA championships at.

The Darlington Center in Las Vegas Nevada Steve Wiseman Jen Michael gamble on the call five gold medal matches today mixed doubles Champions Ben Johns and Anna Lee Waters both with triple crown dreams Anna Lee now one game away from taking her second title of the day one more opportunity still to come they're a pretty impressive turnaround.

From Waters and Waters is really controlling things at the net I've seen a lot of those little dinks getting into into those exchanges close to the kitchen has really helped them out talk right started out excellent great volleys Dynamic play recently made a few too many errors that.

Cost them that one in the net but sending actually quite a few balls long from the volleys in that last game a little turnaround they were ahead for some time the water is so consistent like seeing them change up the strategies three out of five opportunities really.

Give you the time to make some adjustments on your game questions yeah split the difference there right up the middle being that Todd and bright don't really have a dominant player Steve it's sort of interesting is both of them are taking command of the points but that.

Middle shot I think is really available for Waters and Waters where it is an elite that often will take charge in these points though ask for Lee to step up her game in that second one and she certainly did that he's played very well last couple games they need to get back to those exchanges.

Just like that last one where their ball isn't dipping as much and use their power nice technique on those volleys all right nice work from Lee there 2-0 lead out to a quick start yes two zero two.

Foreign flick a little Top Spin volley there swing volley and John's coming up next zero two one with his brother Colin in the men's doubles final s.

Foreign getting out of that dink drop Exchange baby talk Brett may need to take a few chances like that water seems so locked in two two one second serve.

Two two another one of those exchanges that normally favors Todd and bright about those power drives challenge here no challenge thrown down didn't like the call I want to go there for it looks like it just missed.

That's close not a challenge oh my God that is some amazing control yes enough spin to bring it in timeout as expected down 5-2 here in the fourth game back to the Guaranteed Rate PPA championships look at all those sponsors.

All that money being poured into pickleball loves to see it women's doubles championship the gold medal match Who's Gonna Take It the waters of 8-4 in game three the water drilled off seven straight.

If you didn't believe me yesterday but there's runs in this game to bring that back we've seen some really nice I completely believed you now but it's all about the side out here three six one foreign.

Big forehand from Annalee there foreign Waters now back within one year in game four timeout receiving team five six two another timeout see this is what I'm talking about.

One one per game for her side I wouldn't have seen I'm seeing you're not a fan of the two I I don't know I'm sort of on the fence like they're only a minute long they're clearly great strategy on when to use them stop teams advances their opposing team of course.

no I don't even think Anna wants a timeout she's ready to go okay ready to go and it doubles I feel like to me he played a lot of doubles in tennis you're talking throughout the entire match you're strategizing every Point very.

True absolutely played a lot of doubles in pickleball it's uh it takes some strategy and you are communicating quite a bit but if you could just make your opponents think a little bit timeouts seem to be working absolutely no there I mean use them if you got them use the challenges use it all.

Plus it's hot there in Vegas go grab a drink of water this is hard oh gets a little lucky it'll work six apiece my enemy's really sort of stepped it up on her drives the ball even harder taking some more forehand Cuts it's paid off.

Yeah oh going costly missed there uh drivers seven six two five Street points for the waters Paris hasn't missed many of those better on that one I haven't ever so important side out foreign.

Foreign foreign getting to the business end of this fourth game not the grip.

that's good stuff there from Lee Waters he's good return started all off the waters has been the difference in these last three games yeah she is absolutely stepped up her level see or some strategizing there.

782 all right I need a piece pressure's on Todd right here get a fifth game or will we get a champion foreign.

Big point for the waters type of rally that normally goes to Todd and bright second serve D going to Todd and bright 9-8 and a timeout for the waters if it's a regroup they know they're just three points away from that big trophy Totten bright two-way forcing a decider.

Jan Michael this is pretty important time out here have a little chat top right hanging out there yeah right if my parents thought I'm listening in okay over there also taking some shade which is probably smart.

it seems so close during the timeout yeah they decided not to retreat to their corner a lot of strategy going on between mom and daughter there men's doubles final is next the top seeds Ben Johns and Colin Johns.

Taking on Riley Newman and Matt Wright looking forward to that one one versus two could be very soon could be a half hour away this match prepared to go the distance the waters have an answer they come from behind a couple of times already these.

Games the side out the shot you just cannot afford to give an elite she had any choice though eight nine one okay.

Waters again it's not all and you wonder if that loudspeaker bothered and Todd and bright at all what a terrible moment for that to happen your players are used to it man it's bizarre what a shot three in a row we'll get a timeout as Championship.

Point arrives for the waters how about this they've been able to make comebacks in the last two games eight four down in the third 6-2 down in the fourth mom and daughter fired up as the Triple Crown dreams for the 15 year old very close to getting two-thirds of the way I love how closely our teachers.

Intensity is 15 seconds you can feel it oh yeah they seem to have a fantastic relationship yep a little more Championship point and that's it still waters run deep in Vegas.

Annalee and your women's doubles Champions at the Guaranteed Rate PBA championships and the Triple Crown stays alive for the 15 year old phenom focus and the intensity from the waters really got it done changed up their game Lee Waters stepped up her game awesome stuff.

Two gold medals for Anna Lee already another championship for the mom and daughter what a comeback from those two we will hear from them when we return on Tennis Channel well welcome back to Vegas big day gold medal Sunday two titles and you see one name has been a winner in both that's Anna Lee Waters now a mixed doubles.

Champion and a women's doubles Champion she will go for the Triple Crown in women's singles later today but first we send it down to Hannah Johns who's got Lee and Annalee well welcome back to Center Court everyone I've got our second set of Champions here on Championship Sunday Lee Waters Anna Lee Waters guys that was.

Such a well played match across the board the best match of the day so far that's a team up you haven't seen so very much on tour up until now but they played just phenomenal talk about what you discussed before this match it's always hard to play a team we've never played before especially in the finals and in that first game they came out on.

Fire they didn't miss anything anytime we had a shot they had something better uh the whole match actually they really didn't make many unforced errors and um hats off to them we really had to earn that well Lee you guys went down by a significant margin in game three you were showing some frustration how did.

You dig yourself out of that and come back to win that game yeah I know we're never out of a game and I know that a lot of times it's because we quit moving our feet we lose focus a little bit so we called a timeout and we just kind of Pumped each other up with some some familiar talk that we give each other when we're down and uh talk through the.

Game plan again and came back really strong well two of three titles down for you Anna Lee today just one more left to play but it's hot out here it's brutal conditions on court the sun's directly overhead talk about how you prepare for these elements well I am from Florida so I train in this every day which I think definitely gives me an advantage last.

Tournament at Peachtree it was the same thing I think it might not be as hot as it was in Atlanta so I'm super excited for the singles always positive we're here with Italy we're gonna bring Connor frano on court now to present you your trophy for the second time Connor Annalee and Lee on behalf of the PPA.

Tour and our title sponsor guarantee rate we present you with the championship trophy and congratulations you guys played great let's give him a round of applause everybody another big trophy for Annalee Waters she's got two of those filled up with something special she may have three of those by the end of the.

Day the mom and daughter champions in Las Vegas what a match they played Anna Lee gonna give us some food and then get ready to play a women's singles final as well because she get her fifth Triple Crown of the season this is absolutely incredible scenes and coming up next we've got the men's.

Doubles final Ben Johnson his quest for a Triple Crown continues won the mixed doubles title earlier today with Anna Lee now plays with his brother Colin making on the two seeds Riley Newman and Matt Wright are third gold medal match of the day a smooch for mom and daughter after this
Watch as Anna Bright and Parris Todd take on Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters for the 2022 PPA Championships Gold Medal