Welcome back to the Guaranteed Rate PPA championships from Las Vegas Nevada they have turned the darling Tennis Center into a pickleball Paradise to gamble with you warm-ups underway gold medal matches beginning with the mixed doubles dear sign we've got Catherine parento in the pink we're part of the J.W Johnson and on the far.

Side Annalee Waters 15 year old Phenom the best pickleball players in the world and the man who's considered the code of this sport Ben Johns left side on the top portion of your screen as we get set to go they have won eight of nine events this year eight of nine Jan Mike pretty dominant Ben Johns Anna Lee Waters heading into this one.

Extremely dominant we can consider in this tournament three event finals other team in two it's pretty impressive ladies and gentlemen Natalie Waters will be going for her fifth Triple Crown of the season start off strong in the mixed doubles Ben Johns going for the Triple Crown as.

Well as they have been doing throughout this event ceremonial a pink pickleball October breast cancer awareness month and they play one point to raise awareness and then the match will get underway one lucky fan gets a souvenir that pink.

Pickleball you'll see that before every single match today players are ready to get going it's best of five games games to 11 win by two each team gets two timeouts per game timeouts one minute try to stop that momentum if the other team gets on the Run that's Catherine apparento sir first.

There for Ben John so they will now get two serves so you start with one serve and then from there on out it is two your other Reserves come on let's go right and picked it up all there nice clothes each player per side gets 100. that'll be Ben Johns.

Second serve one zero two point two zero two side out the parento and Johnson you grew up Jen Mike playing both tennis and pickleball both Sports have some very unique scoring and rules so how.

Difficult was it to which sport did you learn first and how tough was it to adapt to the other one I started tennis first so had to adapt my name to pickleball and and get used to using obviously a paddle I played two-handed both sides in tennis so in pickleball one-handed both sides is how it needed to go so it didn't uh I.

Was trying to be a pro tennis player so I didn't want the pickleball to sort of ruin my Strokes for tennis oh football there on that Ernie so that rectangle right by the net they call it the kitchen it is the no volley Zone you are not allowed to hit the ball excuse me uh yes the ball we'll still call it the ball right pickleball I.

Think so within that area foreign these shots right here surprised to see that fault there we didn't see any yesterday Steve Claire's extremely unaware of where they are in the court see that one Referee on the right hand side that's what he's looking for.

Feet go inside the kitchen we're in Las Vegas some of the best restaurants in the world renowned chefs but here's the northern Tennis Center you must stay out of the kitchen nice move there the waters could put away players also Jan am I calling their own.

Lines so you don't have linesman here each side uh will be able to ask for a video challenge one per game if they have a timeout remaining side out nice step in that return there zero four one second.

Zero four two I like this picture in picture we got the replay with the live action that's a pretty neat little feature yeah parento and Johnson on the board they will not get killed in this game a little time with that overhead.

Sun was a factor yesterday certainly will be again today yeah excellent backhand water's backhand one of the best in the business with two hands on the backhand Ben goes with the one hand very powerful as well foreign.

Right down the middle Ben Johns point it was the cover boy on tennis magazine just a couple months ago as we get our first time out paddles down players off the court 7-1 lead in the first game of this final back in Vegas Steve West Virginia Michael gamble it is the mixed doubles final at the Guaranteed Rate PPA.

Championships Grand Slam event top seeds with a 7-1 lead in the first game best of five games serving 712 foreign yeah it's an excellent approach to start that point off so aggressive there water's at the net so quick forward.

Eight one two number one seeds just been more dominant at the net so far this game could be over in a hurry point and now game point excellent serve nice depth on it don't see very many missed returns at this level thank you just long so a side out they stay alive.

You hear us refer to these as games obviously we're on Tennis Channel most people used to set the best of five or three in pickleball set is a game foreign do you expect these players to all have fantastic quick hands really like watching Waters and John's the way they.

Move as well very sure-footed it's one of their best assets that I've come to enjoy these players are really smart by Ben Jones they're the sun directly in his eyes allowed that ball to bounce two times before hitting a forehand foreign they get the side out and another game.

Point opportunity on the paddle of Annalee Waters and then John's get it done oh just long side out two chain one both these teams playing with a lot of power we haven't seen very many dink rallies yet even that little angle put with some.

Good speed there sign out that was a quick side up Steve yep another opportunity to close out this first game nice drive there the rush jumps just a little bit right through the middle of waters and John's and the side out for morento and Johnson.

Longest rally in the National Park foreign makes those shots foreign on the pickleball ten three one rough enough it's pretty smooth ball so.

Being able to do so huge asset great setup Anna Lee go to J.W Johnson and Ben johns with the Finish First game to the top seeds 11-3 back with a look at our PPA mixed doubles Tour rankings and the top seeds one and two Annalee Waters the number one mixed doubles player in the world followed by Ben Johns see Riley Newman.

In men's doubles action today Jesse Irvin at four and Jay de villier we saw him yesterday in men's doubles action at number five so there's a reason why they've won eight of nine events this year Waters John's Duo absolutely dominating the pickleball court up a game zero zero two.

Foreign Johnson played a little bit better at the end of that first game started some good moves started to take control of some of the rallies but it's been difficult for them it's been overpowered a bit it's fast hands again.

Waters of John's looking to make a quick run here to start the second game off and that one denied Sia zero two one parento grew up in Montreal Canada introduced to tennis when she was just four years old top five players for her age group in Canada played Collegiate University of Arkansas.

For one year then transferred to Michigan State played for three years there was introduced to pickleball 2015. oh I'm sorry two two one six months after starting pickleball she was playing in the U.S open that's pretty impressive don't think.

About pickleball and that's why it's the fastest growing sport in America it's easy to learn and you can get good quickly a lot of people compare it to snowboarding after that first day when you're just on your butt the entire day second day you can do black diamonds.

Snowboarding you can do my knees already have enough trouble and it is Sean White just enough on that a lot of the sky is keeping that racket right out in front able to just kind of flick that pickleball a little extra.

Speed foreign just waiting like sharks it seems for the ball to just be popped up a little bit let's see you later on those set up there for Annalee Waters way off the court.

I like seeing the different tactics nice strategies try to catch your eye of your opponent very much a part of doubles and John's doing the same thing starting off Court it was an excellent angle well covered there Johnson point.

Side out three two one little Ernie action oh now we're warmed up Jen Mike absolutely parental and Johnson what aggressive defense they were able to pull off to the state in that rally that's the Ernie step outside take the ball in the air.

That was close once again players call their own lines here it's the honor System fine characteristic error there by J.W Johnson 5-2 lead it's a nice black pace and then feel from water as that backhand is so excellent foreign.

foreign winning that Exchange 361 I feel like parental has to step up her game just slightly it's good defense maybe a little more offense from her would be helpful.

smart play there right at Johnson with that shot four six two often the best place to go is right at your opponent in this game double pass action there and a side out for Waters and Johns six talk about the growth of this sport.

Half of the players on this court right now are teenagers JW Johnson just 19 Annalee Waters 15 years old it's no longer just your grandpa's game not just slow enough that he couldn't put that extra tops because that's what I was talking about a little bit earlier is so difficult to put that tops.

On the ball right to the body again this time from Johnson into John's nice play for cans five six one second Zone five six two yeah now it's not coming back big finish from Ben Johns if you talk about him throughout the day.

More Triple Crowns than any man in the history of pickleball approaching 60 PPA titles decorated pickleball player in the world 23 years old second serve coming up for Waters and Johns they've been stuck on six points for a while now.

Six five two one goes long there you go that forehand five six one oh little net for it look for JW Johnson foreign.

Johnson getting a little momentum going their way pretty locked in on the defense not playing some better offense as well yeah go take their first lead 7-6 all right time out on the court with.

Parental and Johnson looking to level it up at a game a piece the darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas Nevada it is a full day of gold medal matches J.W Johnson Catherine parento down a game but up 7-6 in the second best of five game mixed doubles final against the top seeds Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns.

Give that time out get a little bit of momentum for the top seeds not yet impressive stuff I told Johnson to turn this game around they were way down this little run wow.

all right another point now just couple away starting to controlling that a little bit better as well prento and Johnson could be costly side out penalty Waters foreign.

changes we've seen so far all four players so dialed in these four players will take on one another in singles action later today as well Anna Lee Waters playing torrento in the women's singles final Ben Johns JW Johnson last match of the day men's singles final.

Points two eight nine two second serve can they keep it going nice little movement water is just able to catch the attention of Johnson by that Ernie attempt that she made there all right couple away here a little bit too high paid for it there.

all right they got this side out another opportunity love to go up two games foreign a piece John's again able to just put a little bit of extra spin on that swing backhand.

Volley there such a nice shot he possesses yeah around the post winner want to see the wide view of that one and that sets up game point this one you saw coming we all knew he was going to hit it here but much you could do wow out the back of the line too still game point.

Defend off that attack from Waters with the Finish tight second game it goes to the top seeds and they are one game away from the championship is taking nice crowd at the darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas Nevada full day gold medal matches.

Guaranteed Rate PPA championships this a grand slam event on the PPA tour the world's very best the top seeds Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns a two games to love lead one more and they will raise the trophy foreign Mike what was the difference but I felt like parental and Johnson.

Started playing a little bit more offense and taking control of some of the rallies he did better at the net as well Russell Johnson in the first game I felt like made a few too many unforced errors that cost them a little bit we're talking about just a few shots here and there that can really make a.

Difference on these side outs getting those runs going I also saw parento start taking control a little bit better play a little less defense obviously you have to play some defense out there Waters of John's powerful team both of them one zero two hit the ball.

Like a Mack truck out there zero one one second cell zero one two just on top of that see right where he took that ball right at the feet.

Foreign Johnson stands for just win come back here oh the Ernie particularly good Ernie right there watch how he keeps that bracket paddle right out the front.

leaves himself exposed down the line zero three one once again starting off Court s to her position I used to really redefining the way pickleball is played I mean this is not how you played pickleball growing up turning from different spaces obviously.

Obviously the returner has to hit the ball over there but the partner can stand wherever they want give different looks I love the different strategies that the pros have created Point parental with a missed return there you don't see that very often constantly giving different looks to.

Opponents is a huge Factor you're guessing players obviously have a preferred side I always like playing the ad Court the left side of the Court there myself sign up sign out for the six seeds gotta start now did a great job last couple of rallies being a little bit even more offensive.

To change it up somehow to be over in a hurry great job there John's keeping parento in the back of the Court one more two oh great reflex from Ben Johns.

You could see Annalee Waters really had his back on that point he was caught out of position he had an intuition that they both have on them where their partner is is really impressive together at the net is so important I want to run into each other small Court.

Foreign to Stepping it up those reflexes foreign was trying to get his paddle out of the way there thought that one could have gone long.

Waters had enough of that white boy too foreign kind of grip do you use on the paddle I think everybody's probably a little bit different be curious to know what grips they're using actually.

Compare it I grab it like it would a tennis racket for the paddle you see that overhead there John's he's able to make it really dip on the court low bounce one three one second so four three two foreign.

Caught staring right down the middle parento finds the winner yeah it's an impressive again the paddle right out in front used the pace coming her way and she's starting to heat up for all here game three it is a must win for Parental and Johnson.

With the lobster a second so four four two finds the angle held that ball to the last second John's nice disguise another delivery there foreign.

Foreign had to look at that there it was an excellent lob to stay in the rally from Johnson there got the overhead he wanted foreign a little move there from Waters has worked a couple of times she didn't get the Ernie but just moving over there.

It's caught the attention of her opponents nice second so John's really Scoops those four hands and that'll drop in a little bit of luck he'll take it by four lead that might get something going there for Waters and John's five four two.

Sign out or not see how important how important it is for the player who is hitting the ball to continue to move with with their partner these two teams do it so well keep those feet moving always be ready foreign quick side out for the top seeds.

Foreign just likes to crush everything that's what I was thinking get me out of these dinks I'm gonna drive but she can't do yet one more year maybe a provisional license 642 I went for the line again.

Just missed on it four six one point five six one second serve it's a nice little correction on that last forehand after missing the previous one for Waters.

Went big again just too much JW Johnson there kept coming forward keeps those feet out of the kitchen foreign to and Johnson 76. all right time out called by the top seeds we're able to turn it around in.

The second game need to do it here in the third I'm on tennis channel one time out two timeout Guaranteed Rate PPA championships full day gold medal matches time in starting with the mixed doubles always one of the most entertaining gonna see a lot of Anna Lee Waters and.

Ben Johns today got two games to none lead trailing 7-6 now 8-6 in the third game as JW Johnson Catherine parento T Force game foreign from Jones is such an excellent weapon in the net so quickly off of that strong play from JW Johnson this game just too much ben Johns.

Enforcement back on each one of those shots doing the same thing there the side out love to get some of the speeds on the Ben Johns and JW Johnson put away oh both parental and Johnson really covering the court it's exceptionally well couldn't see this one coming though.

Appreciate the slide though seven two away foreign to and Johnson all that defense they're really paying off.

foreign much like volleyball or at least old school volleyball exactly.

That one Falls in quite a few of those somehow made it over it's the ball is so close to the net anyway that some of those are going to Trickle and two Waters and Johns can ride this momentum they've created.

That's in 10 all right first to 11 win by two need two more points to take the championship what a comeback timeout will stay on the court the action heating up Jen Mike that certainly is Parental thought that ball was going to drift long it was well inside the court another nice little comeback from Waters.

And Johns they'd love to close it out three third game three straight points on the second serve as well they can keep it going it's a long day for these two got doubles action coming up next Anna Lee's be playing with her mom Lee Waters against Hannah Bright Paris Todd and.

John's playing with his brother Colin Johns in men's doubles action today and then they're both in the singles funds looking for Triple Crowns will be the fifth of the year for Anna Lee Waters Ben John's more Triple Crowns than anyone in the history of the sport annalize serving 10 all two.

And now the championship point for the top seeds timeout didn't seem to help there foreign 10-1 Championship points saved already winner really just looking for that opportunity to do exactly that get around it.

11 a piece the trick is to temper that offensive foreign good reach into that kitchen as well foreign eleven two all right another championship point for.

Waters and Johns that's too saved side out parental Johnson foreign anything that's over the net at all we need to get through it Point 12 all.

Must win by two he already back in and Ben Johns gets the side out 12.1 yeah there you go come from two big one there.

Championship Point number three 13-12-2 13 12 2. and it's another title for Annalee Waters and Ben Johns their ninth of the season the top seeds are your Guaranteed Rate PBA championships winners impressive comeback in that third game really just turning on the consistency.

Jaws with such excellent volleys at the net able to put a few of those away Waters in Waters it's one one done the two more to go back with an interview with the winners when we return the Las Vegas gold medal Sunday one match down Annalee Waters and Ben.

Johns they are the Champions the Triple Crown is alive Anna Lee will be back on court next for the women's doubles final with her mom Lee taking on Anna bright Paris Todd Ben Jones will see him in the men's doubles final after that and both of them in the singles finals let's send it down to Hannah johns with the champions.

well that's right welcome everyone to Center Court here I've got Ben Johns Anna Lee Waters they just clasped their first title of the day guys what a match and what a game three to finish that one off how did you close that out I mean I think we came out a little slow in the third game it was really close.

And then we went down 10-7 we were just talking about it and I think I did something really stupid we got the side out fortunately and then from there on it was really close again we got to 10 10 and finished out at 1412 so I'm super happy about that well guys this is only final one of three you both have to compete in today how important was it to.

Close out this one as quickly as you could uh it's definitely helpful it could be uh up to 15 games today but this shortened it slightly uh so yeah that's definitely a focus and then I gotta stretch and hydrate and get ready for the next one so uh yeah we got a long way to go well Anna Lee your favorite division used to be singles but.

You disclosed to me yesterday that it might just be mixed doubles now why because I get to play with Ben Johns I mean it's so fun last year you know I was playing mixed doubles and I got to play against him and I was like you know when can I play with Ben so this year I finally got to play with him and we're doing really good so far and I love.

Playing with him well you guys have been creating magic today and all year long congratulations again we're going to bring Connor Pardo from the PBA Tour on court now to present your trophy Connor better Natalie on behalf of the PPA tour and our title sponsors Guaranteed Rate we present you here with the trophy.

Congratulations let's give them a big round of applause everybody congratulations again guys that is a big trophy and they may have two more of those to take home Jan Mike that's a lot of Hardware to carry.

Absolutely they have well deserved free bag check listener those are large and in charge congratulations mixed doubles title winners Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns we will see Anna Lee back on court next we're gonna get her second title of the day in the women's doubles final championship Sunday rolling on live on.

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