There's some news to cover from this past week including from the most recent PPA event which was held in Mesa Arizona viewership is increasing for these tournaments which I saw as high as 7 200 live viewers and 84 000 total viewers so far a very positive sign for professional pickleball there are some upsets that occurred and some new faces.

On the podium the biggest upset of the weekend had to have come from JW Johnson and Georgia Johnson the brothers sister Duo who knocked off the heavy favorites Ben Johns and Annalee Waters Waters and Johns hadn't dropped even one game yet so far in 2023 But ultimately fell to the Johnson siblings in three games during this quarterfinals round they.

Lost 4 11 11 8 and 11 9. this wasn't a total surprise considering the Johnsons are a top mix Duo but with how dominant the John's Waters team has looked a majority of people most likely had them winning this tournament the Johnsons were really able to successfully utilize their hand speed in winning a lot of the hands battles in this match.

Okay there it is Georgia Johnson back to back for Georgia Johnson there's the pattern you were talking about the Johnsons made it all the way to Championship Sunday but ultimately.

Lost a tight five-game match against Newman and bright and another upset occurred in the men's singles draw in which Federico stacksru took down Ben John's in the semis the match went to three games and the last game was extremely close saxard even challenged his own outcall late in the match as the score was tied 10-10 it.

Ended up being out on video replay anyways but good to see the sportsmanship with how critical this call was this wasn't the biggest upset considering how well stacksford has been playing as of late but Ben Johns was definitely still the favorite heading into this match statue dominated the championship match against Jade devilier.

And won his first gold medal so far in 2023 and he had this interesting post-game tidbit during the post-game interview Tivoli New to pickleball and you and J shared a lot at the end of game two during that challenge what is the camaraderie like amongst the pros on tour uh wait like we were friends oh yeah.

Yeah yeah we're there's a lot of friends uh probably there's little groups but you know it's like it's like high school you know there's a there's the popular kids the the other kids and yeah it's just like I am as the year goes on it'll be interesting to see if Ben Johns continues to play all the singles drills and rightfully so as he is still the.

Favorite to win but with how draining these days can be and then still having to play the next three days it's Gotta Wear you down especially as the year goes on we saw this last year with players towards the end of the year which fatigue became a big factor JW Johnson didn't play singles this tournament and seemed to be more fresh.

Heading into doubles day eventually players will have to weigh the risk Award of playing singles considering how it's significantly less money and the competition has been increasing with all the recent X tennis players converting over still it would be really tough being John's and sitting out knowing your odds of winning is the highest in.

The field in other news we had Annalee Waters sign a deal to resign with paddle Tech Emily Waters States I'm so excited to continue my relationship on and off the court with paddle Tech they have become like family to me I cannot wait to debut my signature paddle line with paddle Tech interesting Selkirk didn't snag a deal with her with how many top.

Pros they are signing all jokes aside it seems like it's been a while since BattleTech has come out with any new type of paddle but apparently they have something in the works which paddle Tech expects to launch a new line early in quarter two of this year able to resign the world's best female player is huge for this company and it'll be.

Interesting to see what type of paddles they release there's been some chatter about paddles not only having a grip problem but also having a deflection problem there were two tweets that brought this topic up to light which annaleigh waters tweeted first paddles were illegally having too much grit now they're legally having too much.

Deflection paddle testing needs to be implemented with not just grit but deflection as well then Christian Alshon tweeted I'm relatively new to the sport of pickleball but I have also noticed insane differences among paddles it's crazy how plausible it is to have an illegal advantage in professional pickable and not get caught who's got a.

Solution so you might be asking what is deflection and according to this article from a deflection test measures if there is a trampoline effect trampoline effects refer to elasticity rather than rigidity the pickleball paddle must be rigid in form I found a video from five years ago of usapa pickleball performing one of these.

Tests I'm not going to get into the specifics of how the test works but I'll link it in the description if you're interested essentially this is the testing of the pop of the paddle which is a very important metric for paddle performance and we had the whole grit controversy with paddles some players were using paddles that had grit levels.

Over the legal limit the companies would get their paddles approved with grit levels within limit then the grit on the paddles changed to an illegal limit either knowingly or unknowingly I say unknowingly because a lot of the paddle companies Outsource their production to China which the quality control can't be easily monitored it's also possible.

Paddle companies change their grit levels knowingly to give their signed players as much of an advantage as possible the test for grit can be done pretty much anywhere which makes it relatively easy to to perform at tournament sites although people do question the validity and the accuracy of those tests and the possible problem.

With testing for deflection is the practicality of this machine and if it's even possible to bring to tournaments paddle companies and players could theoretically design a paddle that meets the deflection requirements and get it approved then adjust the amount of deflection or pop thereafter I'm not saying this is happening but.

Theoretically this is definitely plausible I think the question that needs to be answered is are the professional pickleball tours able to perform on-field tests for deflection if the answer is no then it's definitely possible for players to skirt around the rules so that's going to wrap up some of the news and stories from this past week.

I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what your thoughts on some of these storylines are remember to hit the Subscribe button and to give this video a like thank you all for watching
The first PPA Grand Slam event was held in Mesa, Arizona. A number of upsets occurred and some new faces on the podium. There’s some interesting paddle discussions regarding the deflection process which some prominent players are shedding light on this topic. We explore some of the questions surrounding this. Paddletek also re-signed the #1 Womens player, Anna Leigh Waters.

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