Well it's good to have you on the booth Scott and now it is the ladies turn we've got Anna Lee Waters the top seed and she has been on a rampage in singles all year long Leia jansen's on the other side and Leia's gonna have to try and find ways to pressure Anna Lee Waters easier said than done yeah Leia's gonna have to go for some.

Big serves big forehands which she's more than capable of one of the other aspects of Leia's game that I really like is her uh her volley game she's yes very good full lunge full stretch volleying whereas Anna Lee is just fast all over the court if Anna Lee gets to the ball she makes it and she usually makes it.

With quality so there's a good look at 15 year old Annalee Waters okay we'll say she meant to do that I think she did I'm pretty sure she did and that's what I mean like Leia is very good full reach volume she's she's she can hit it with touch and she can hit it.

Firm again best three out of five for the Championships and uh that one trickles over for Jansen so Jansen now resides in the Austin Texas area really been working on her game we'll see if all of that can come together.

That's pretty right there very nice very nice Court coverage Leia knows just how much she can get to with one lunge and a reach and play that volley beautifully you will see Leia go through that before every punch just sort of centers her everybody has a little thing that they do to get ready to play the best.

Point Leia gets that Focus point and uh an important good start here for Leia Jansen sir back to Waters there's a question on whether this was in or not on the volley certainly looks in from the replay so Anna Lee waters on the board and Jensen.

Chose to stay back there we'll see if that continues the answer is no oh and uh before the shot from Jansen the ball had skidded wide off the tape you're hearing the voice of Sandy REITs our lead referee CeCe Dellinger is our second referee point that's uh annalize.

Second return Miss so she's uh giving away two two freebies early on and Leia will take as many as they're in the freebie bin here today it's a couple of tuna backhands that uh Jansen hasn't been able to get into so loves the freebies see if she can get the ball back quickly one three water serving.

That's just a gorgeous volley by Jansen yeah a nice combo from Jansen because the the approach shot on moving in uh was a high degree of difficulty as well she kept it she kept it in deep put herself in great position to put that volley away and Jansen again so hello Leia playing really well to start the day again we.

Talked about the weather now the the flag is barely moving so ideal conditions look at this point she's there and after all that Waters pushes it wide through the oohs and oz of the crowd as each ball is tracked down that is women's singles pickleball and followed by the receivers and at least seen.

Enough so not only is the 15 year old very talented she's smart strategically in using those time outs so she's going to take one after that Long Point great start for Leia Jansen here at the club Tournament of Champions it is Leia Jansen on fire Scott yeah she's come out uh just playing smart high percentage um big surfs big forehands and she's.

Covering the kitchen very well lollying well foreign it was quite a bit wide on on the replay from my angle so Waters gets the ball back after a timeout again chance and chose is to counter punch and that works so she doesn't come in catches waters on the Run.

Well that's a nice pass by Leia she didn't try to hit the outright winner but she got it below the level of the net which made it a tough volley foreign was there she was just too too stretched it was just too full of reach to hit a quality shot and the two-handed backhand stays wide.

So Waters gets to two point and you don't want to reach into the freebie bin and give them back to her so she does give one there three five and there's a big serve from Anna Lee Waters and a timeout is called on the Jensen side so what was just 5-1 is now five four so jansen's seen enough she'll.

Call timeout and try and slow down this roll water's feeling very comfortable now with being within one we'll see if she can keep this run going when we come back all right we are back and both ladies Scott have taken the time out early here yeah wisely so it's like there have been a.

Couple of little mini runs uh Leia jumped out to a quick 5-1 lead uh Emily Waters call timeout and what you do came back and scored three points of her own so a good time out on both parties point I think what happened there is that ball kissed off the tape and probably landed just on the outside of the line because it was one of those.

Where she had lots of options but when your head has like oh I think it might be wide can't execute a shot the way you would have wanted to so the brain betrayed Leia there and now pressure from Waters and suddenly she has the lead yeah I mean since since calling that time Matt Waters has just.

Hit quality shot after quality shot and she just keeps coming at Leia Jensen oh and now the net will be annalize friend and Compadre as well there and we are now 7-5 seven five that's a great deep ball from Jansen there that's a very well played uh half volley pickup Jansen had to back up.

Slightly and still put enough on that so that Waters didn't have time to hit the pass foreign that backhand slides wide so Jansen gets off of five where she had been parked for a minute and is within one goes for the big serve didn't quite make clean contact so that sails well deep so.

That's surface just a little too much air under it as does that forehand again altitude is different now these players have been playing for several days here so they should have that dialed in and the wind is not a big factor here and you just see the patient blunt force trauma that she can bring.

She's not trying to kill the ball especially in singles keep your opponent back and then find that open court Well Done by Ali Waters point and what a shot this is yeah the combination of of Annalee Waters quick feet and Court coverage with shot quality while.

On the run is just you know that combination is just a weapon so quickly Anna Lee Waters has a game point and that little two-handed role one of her favorites does sail a bit wide so after being down early Anna Lee Waters has stormed all the way back up four wasn't able to finish it there can.

Jansen put something together and another very deep serve gives it right back to Hanley Waters quickly you were forced to guess when you hit a return that short not only guess but put I mean Jansen put her paddle in the perfect place with the perfect angle to uh hit a nice a nice sharp angle to get it past Annalee so clutch down a game.

Point there unable to do anything with the third shot so Annalee Waters has a third shot to take game number one Jansen got away with it with a cute little drop volley because I don't I don't think Anna Lee was fooled she was there in time and uh annaly missed a rare a rare Miss on her two-handed.

Backhand yeah she wanted to finish this with a walk-off beauty that rolled Cross Court into the crowd and have everybody who and all didn't get that and uh Jansen can't make the third earlier in the match she had those going those have dried out another chance for Waters so if you're dancing you're like hey man.

She's had three or four chances that might be in her head I gotta go yeah I mean just Jansen just has to get a couple make this closer make it tighter and then just keep fighting when she's returning there's that freebie Ben boy it is uh overflowing right now you might see three in a in a tournament.

From Anna Lee Waters you got three in this particular game and the animated Annalee Waters just showing the Precision and then just a slight come on there not the big yell and that goes wide so it is the two-handed backhand roll that gets game number one for Anna Lee Waters great start for Leia Jansen but.

Young Emily Waters calls time out writes the ship and takes game number one welcome back to the club Tournament of Champions Anna Lee Waters takes game number one after being down early down 5-1 and called uh call the timeout and turned the momentum around yeah the 4-1 point was extraordinary it was.

Actually won by Leia Jansen both players flying all over the court and then after that it has been the Annalee water show and that is the show stopper right there what a forehand drive a forehand drive on the move that's what impresses me even more is that she's doing it while she's running to it she's not totally set.

that's one of those that looked like the return was just on the back of the line and again if you're not 100 focused on the shot you're likely to miss it now the depth of the return had a lot to do with that wow great guess and hands from Leia to make that into a fun point.

Leia made three extra volleys that I don't think people expected no after that stab that just floated over we're like okay this point is over and then whoa we're in a fire fight so uh make them hit one more ball wow now there is great anticipation from Annalee you see her split step and.

Explode to the Cross Court just too good and this has been the Anna Lee Waters highlight package live three beautiful winners to start game number two and Leia Jansen knows she only has one time out therefore she can't Challenge and chooses to use it now to stop this run.

Will the Highlight package continue we'll find out after this we are back at the club Tournament of Champions here in Brigham City Utah beautiful Court nestled in the mountains here and beautiful shots have been the start to this game number two and Leia Jansen had seen enough of the Wizardry of Anna Lee Waters calls time.

Out early see if that proves effective great return by Jansen and Anna Lee just controlled it down the line away from Jansen uh enough to win the point couldn't have asked for a better return there so Jansen desperately needed to get the ball back she does the hole is four.

Can she get something started Jensen's got a little bit of wind a little bit of Breeze at her back used it well there to get her approach shot she better Pro Shot landed very near the Baseline which made for a tough pass from Waters four so she got rid of that ugly Goose.

At can she put a couple together and that is a remarkable two-handed backhand on the run from Anna Lee Waters at full stretch Emilia Jensen looks to the heavens come on man I had down the line covered yeah like jansen's backhand just needed to be stuck more you can't give Emily Waters the chance to run it down because when.

She runs the ball down she hits she's just so good on the Run nice job there if Anna Lee going behind Leia Jansen here she was in full Sprint the other way foreign cross-court roll volley from Jansen that didn't quite get away from Waters enough and then Waters beat her on a two-shot.

Pass and that is the difference you need to set up your second ball some of the time and Waters has been doing that because she's been brought to a good position to pass with and her role continues seven one it's a great ball by Jansen little uh little drop shot from Annalee Waters.

They had a chance and easily Tracked Down I'm not sure if it was a drop shot or just indecision she didn't really commit to the drop shot Waters that is that is such a good return on a serve that hit on the line 7-1 point.

And when you're not hitting good returns because you're getting past you feel pressure to hit a deeper return and that creates mistakes we saw one there so Jansen needs to inject some juice into this match quickly and going to the freebie Bend is a good a good place to start yeah I mean one thing Jensen has done is she's hitting a.

Variety of serves to a variety of heights a variety of Paces a variety of depths foreign if you give a good opponent the same ball time after time they're going to hit quality returns time after time so change their eye level make them do something a little different and you.

Know it induced one error from Anna Lee so far yeah and got a shorter return there as well so it has multiple benefits that Molly from Annalee was very smooth that little not really drop volley but short short volley that stayed low because she was so so nice with the technique that her battle didn't do a.

Lot there's another missed return so uh Waters two points from taking game two rolls just wide so it is game point here in game two for Anna Lee Waters okay and that says no no no Leia here's the ball see how long you can keep it Leia extended game one quite a bit when she was down game point.

Foreign gets a Miss big hack at the two-hander there from Anna Lee water sails deep point so Leia set that up with a a serve good enough that Annalee couldn't just return and come in Annelise stayed back and so Leia had the opportunity to come in and pickleball singles you want to be able.

To dictate the pace and how you see Anna Lee coming in side out and on the comeback Trail that's a ball jansen's got to make so it's sails deep another shot for Waters to go up two games to none here in this best of five and she does just that with a beautiful forehand volley into the open court and.

Anna Lee Waters after being down 5-1 in game number one has really upped her level and is in complete control of this match well Jansen have an answer or will we see a sweep by Anna Lee Waters all right we're back Scott two games in the book what are you telling Jansen uh just go.

For her she needs to get more aggressive and just and just keep keep pressing uh and the least shot quality has been excellent so play a chance it just needs to needs to go for it just hit her best shots don't worry about the don't worry about the score go down you know if she's gonna go down you better go down.

Swinging and bring your best empty the tank there's a serve on the line to start with so great start that sails just deep inside out one thing one thing when I when I watched these two the way Annalee Waters bounces around and her footwork is just so solid um yeah that's something that a lot of.

People could could copy it's like if you could if you just keep it moving and you know the better you move the better position you're going to be in to hit your shots and Leia Jansen in great position there we saw her struggle with the two minute back in a little in game one that was a beauty right there so nice roll from Leia Jansen.

Thank you and after a very Lobby start to that point it is a blistering two-handed backhand from Waters that gets the ball back Leia it's a nice down the line approach but when that downline approaches to Annalee Waters backhand.

Just a delicate little volley there from Anna Lee Waters yeah she's dangerous on both sides and you know we talk about some players really favor one side or the other Italy Waters can hurt you on both sides that's why she's the top seed foreign again the pickleball Court's just 44 by 20. yet she finds all those little.

Openings within that space she hits with quite a bit of topspin and that topspin helps bring the ball down thank you Jensen chooses to have a dress rehearsal on the two-minute backhand returning it to Anna Lee that one.

Does not go where she intended as it goes well wide doesn't even get to the net so Jensen's seen enough of this so Waters again pressuring Jansen all over the court she's got a lead she's got a two-game lead jansen's got to Rally quickly welcome back to Brigham City Utah the home of the club Tournament of Champions.

The crowd is getting treated to a impressive display from young 15 year old Phenom Anna Lee Waters will that continue Jansen calls time out again short return and so many choices yeah but that that two-hand backhand from Waters is just too heavy you know by the time Leia was over there that is.

Just a tough shot and Waters got it nice and deep with plenty of spin on it and nice and deep with plenty of spin on it is what has been dialed up all day long and she is so precise with those passes that she's beating people clean by feet and there's only a few feet over there to even find and.

She's doing it that one catches the tape so it is go time but here's a great look at that forehand perfect footwork and just ripped and rolled that's how you win championships right there I'm sorry and you also win championships if Lady Luck's on your side here and uh that.

Kisses off the tape and lands just inside the line as well Jansen gets there but pulls it wide and sometimes when you're playing a great player and you're under pressure you try to make things too good that's what Jansen did there and another one of those just just a heavy ball off a family Waters paddle.

So you got to do something different with the return because just laying it back in there is causing all sorts of problems and you hear the crowd even yelling wow on some of these points it's just so well orchestrated each point yeah I appreciate the effort though from Jansen to chase that ball backwards and make.

Waters hit another ball you never know what's going to happen that's just deep and we are at match point for Anna Lee Waters and Lady Luck Precision big Pace two-handed backhand and it is the top seed who is in control welcome to the club Tournament of Champions here in beautiful Brigham City Utah Dave Fleming.

On the call here with fellow Senior Pro Scott Crandall and we are going to have quite a match in front of us we've got Ben Johns playing against Dylan Frazier here in the players you on where can I hit this drive to make let the wind help my shot it's right there so quick start for John's up to nothing hitting some big.

Serves and some big forehands there's a good look at Dylan Frazier sorry it's getting the score right away oh two that's a beautiful volley by John's catches Frazier lean in the other direction boy Frazier is using a new paddle he's just.

Started using the Selkirk lab002 paddle and it is longer it's got a little more pop he's getting that dialed in he really likes it for single so uh try to get a good look at that paddle here as he spins no one spins their paddle that's gonna go six million revolutions today Frazier gets a gift from John's on the.

Missed return returns and serves are so important in singles slide up so they're both both still kind of finding their way calibrating to the conditions just getting warmed up we haven't had a Long Point yet just missed wide by John's on the backhand.

I think it's important for Frazier to just sort of take this feeling out process and stay right in the match slide out so to me Dylan Fraser's strengths are his speed and his forehand and he's gonna you know if he can use those two things to his benefit today that'll that'll optimize his chances to compete.

With him nice job by Frasier there so gets the ball back one three right now you saw a lot of singles players will run around the backhand and try that inside out forehand too find a big angle if an angle is given to.

Them so it just came up short there and that's just too good from John's John's the two seed as you can see on your scoreboard Frazier the eight seed here right now beautiful deep return by Frasier let's.

See if he can like a pointer too there's that big forehand yeah so if your return is sitting there just meaty in the middle John's is forced to either guess or try and hold his position Frazier found the opening with ease tied up.

Frazier went with the two-handed backhand pass there that's a a new shot I've seen them using the the last few months so you will see kitchen play we call a cat and mouse and singles and basically you're trying to pull your opponent off the court wide and then hit the opening obviously in.

Singles don't have a partner there to help you if you are pulled out wide Scott yeah and if you're out of position it's you know the nice thing about pickleball if you can drop a ball slowly that lands in the kitchen it gives you time to recover and Dylan is so fast that he can hit a nice if he's in trouble he hits a nice.

Drop he's so fast he can get back into a neutral position and you know defend himself flying out so the wind direction right now looks like it's going from Dylan's left to right and bends right to left there's the big serve we talked about we.

Saw John's coming out with hammered that one gets a mistake and does it again so quickly up 6-2 is Ben Johnson game one again best of five Club Tournament of Champions Championship Saturday fall and going for the serve you're gonna have a Miss every once in a while but it's in the budget because you got.

Two freebies off of that and that's huge in singles and that ladies and gentlemen is called an Ernie when you jump the kitchen the kitchen is flat it does not have height so you can jump over it you just cannot start running through it or start or stop your jump within it John's executed that Ernie with perfection.

Point yeah and we talked about the Fraser forehand is big and we knew this would be a forehand battle and it's been the Ben John's forehand that has dictated play here so far and thanks Ben right on cue yeah the combination of Ben's serve and forehand uh so far I've been devastating.

He's playing the conditions perfectly so Ben Johns off and running here in game number one Frazier's called timeout will he have some answers for the serve and forehand of John's we'll find out right after this.

Welcome back everybody and uh Ben Johns is rolling we've got a couple of uh we have a recent college graduate in Ben Johns from Maryland he's a terrapin and a Missouri Tiger on the other side young Dylan Frazier is attending school right now and he's playing professional pickleball good for him let's see if he can get it rolling right now.

Just another devastating serve and you know we talked about the wind it is swirling it is a little bit to Ben John's back now as it uh comes basically across the court so he is really using the pace and my goodness there's another one so uh this is like a John Isner tennis serving Clinic.

We're seeing here from Ben Johns and you can see he's hit a couple leg courts that's how low over the net Ben is aiming and uh on the PPA tour let serve is replayed if it clears the kitchen is that one dead sign up so Frazier saves the game point there with a nice little flick.

Another beautiful job of trying to take away we talked about you can leave the ball in a safe place if you drop it in the kitchen but if it's too close to the sideline huge athleticism will thwart that idea game point number two absolute filth on the cross-court roll from Ben Johns look at it right there.

And he is cruising in game number one Ben Johns dominant big serves big forehands and a silky smooth cross-court roll gets him to a very quick 11-2 finish in game one will Dylan Frazier have answers we'll find out after this all right we are back Dave Fleming with Scott Crandall and Scott when you are just pounded by somebody 11-2 in a game.

One you get the break you go over to your chair what's what's going through Dylan's mind and you coach a lot of people what would you tell them I I would I would convince myself now I'm on the good side the side Ben was just on Dylan's now on that side let me use what what Ben did to me a big big deep serves and nice deep returns and just be.

Aggressive and use that that right side to right side wind uh you know Ben hits several cross-court shots it just got better as the wind pulled them so I would try I would just try to use Ben's strategy against him now now he's on Dylan's on this side hi there just comes up short there so we'll see if he can execute that we'll.

See if the John's missiles on the serve are landing within millimeters of the Baseline oh boy that's unfriendly there much better return from Frazier there so I'm looking if I'm looking at Ben on on this side his backhand going cross-court will have more sting on it.

Find out because the wind will just keep pushing it away from from Dylan and Dylan will have to chase harder uh when Ben is hitting in a broken angle and there's a great deep serve from Frazier so the serve is so critical in singles to get that point started in your favor it's a couple in transition that Frasier.

Has not been able to get that point going and get to a kitchen mono a mono battle yeah hitting hitting a soft drop in the wind is a little challenging you gotta find the find the feel on this court right now and again short return to where points go to die so John's had a lot of options.

There good look at Ben right there and a full stretch Frazier is able to keep that alive well done full stretch and hit a solid volley he uh it was firm and deep and Ben had made for a extremely tough passing shot slide up again just.

Really difficult for Frasier right now with where the returns are coming from John's deep in the corner John's originally from Maryland as I mentioned graduated and is now living in Austin Texas and again his serve is the story of the match so far spider.

so Frazier gets a Miss on a ball that Ben thought he should make let's see what happens here and that's beautifully played at the kitchen by Dylan Frazier yeah that's where we see Dylan's quickness right this quickness is a weapon and and that forehand and he confused both of those.

To finish that point three three so you mentioned him going to the two-handed backhand we talked about the new longer paddle so that's going to be a shot that as he continues to be comfortable not bad there but a little high and John's is able to put that into the Open Court.

Then when Ben has that much time to hit a forehand he's gonna he's gonna put you in a tough spot and make you you know make Dylan Molly which which he Dylan wasn't quite able to pull it off there point and there's another service winner just step into the line and pounding serves here you don't hear that a lot in pickleball but it's happening today and.

It is a weapon the temperature it's cooled off from what we had previously in the week and that speeds up the game the ball's a little harder boy that sails deep so uh nice Point played there by Fraser just down two here at 3-5.

Again this is game two of a best of five and there is a rocket of a forehand by Dylan Frazier yeah the the middle return Dylan got perfectly set and hit his his biggest weapon and he hit it so hard he broke the ball a little crack in the ball our referees Paul rassar lead referee second referee.

Ken Reynolds onisha Smith is our tracking referee and as I mentioned before we will have video Challenge and if we go to that Wendy Ras we'll be in the truck making that determination again you must have a timeout to use a video challenge that's a great point there Frazier made him hit one or two more balls with that.

Quickness she talked about Scott but too much John's on that one five four I know and again it is that forehand roll from Dylan Frazier gets him the ball back so can he tie this up slide out again that's so the Ben John's backhand.

Volley Cross Court is just running away from running away from Dylan and to Dylan's less preferred side so just a great volley from Ben good spot point and a delicate little Inside Out cross-court Pass from John's there didn't go for full power but placement over power often wins in pickleball.

Same shot and just absolute nastiness watch him hit this inside out and as you mentioned the wind's pulling that away Scott as well the wind just made a good shot great try it out good stick on the volley there so Frazier needs to try and hit serves that set up that.

Forehand uh John's has been doing a good job of keeping it away for the most part and what a tremendous get here by Dylan Frazier you are allowed to go around the post in pickleball but can't quite get back for the next one yeah Ben's allowed to defend it.

That's just not fair man come on there's a nice point after the after the fireworks of the prior point just a beautiful show of what the athleticism is required to play high level singles Dylan was quick enough to get to that but it just not a not a quality volley it sat up and that was pretty easy.

Pickings for Ben Johns seven four and Ben Johnson goes to the two-handed backhand and look at him thread that needle and you don't hear a lot of yelling and Yaz from him typically and we caught one there so this man is focused today and I'll send him an apology note card.

But here's that two-handed backhand rocket and the big reaction that's a great read by Dylan Frazier great read and great reload because he had to hit the next one too it was not exactly two and and Frazier flicked the wrist for the Cross Court winner yeah you hate to miss a serve again if.

You're going for your serve you're gonna have a few of those but after you make a great shot against a focused Ben Johns like to put some pressure on him it's like forehand sails well deep so let's see if Fraser can cut into the deficit it is three again we're playing best of five here we're in Brigham City Utah about an hour north of Salt Lake.

City referee climb up all right we'll take a quick break it is Ben Johns in front we'll be right back welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Scott Crandall and crowd is packed in they love their pickleball in Utah so Frazier down three here Scott he's tried to find.

What you called the Ben Johns formula have you seen it what do you think he needs to do to get back in this I I I've seen it in in bits that these uh these these have been relatively quick points it's first strike so it's like you got to go big on the serve and you gotta hit a quality return and you know they're not just making the third they're going.

For big passes so they're they're going for Big Shots early and often and there is a big shot it was early it has been often and it is a winner for John's there and he's been running around that backhand going cross-court using the wind and his Spin and pace and it has been effective nice job by Frazier there had John's.

Guessing yeah the quick hands and quick Feed The Frazier got him to the point there and that one John's pulls just a little too wide had one of his favorites we've seen that uh little forehand roll working they actually had the wind would hold that in too so he uh really over shot that one a little bit.

So I know I think that's probably why he hit it so hard he thought the wind would maybe do a little more 96. oh and the net says I see you Missouri Tiger I got you so uh Frazier gets the ball back here oh and Frazier got himself in a great position moving John's back and forth.

Yeah when they when when the two have gotten to the Cat and Mouse kitchen position I feel like Dylan is he's doing quite well in that situation he's not as far behind as some of these other points when Ben is just slapping forehands at him oh that's beautiful from Frazier another one of those where he got pulled way.

Wide and stayed in the point and then had John's guessing and he can have John's guessing because Dylan is there so early he has options and that's just that's his that's Dylan's quickness at work and there's pan John setting that up again with that rolling two.

Too much on it and then the wind says Okay I I got your back too I'm gonna push it even harder and then beautiful jump to finish it's been at nine for a little bit let's see if you can get to 10. what he can that's such a like difficult shot Ben is hitting that forehand pass.

As he's moving forward to control that keep it low do all those things that is very difficult to go yeah game point Ben John's just dictating play you'll see him just hold this and little flick and Frazier has a little quickness to get a paddle on it but not to put it back in.

Play so if there is a good side it seems to be it's the side that Ben Johns is on so far in this match so he's taken the first two Ken Frazier take game three or will this be a three game sweep for Ben Johns will be foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

thank you foreign.

daily totally don't miss me falling like Houston hey feeling like Whitney yeah I need a bag bro send it too quickly I'm making his dog like I'm in a big lease told them this was always in the plans I just did it cause they said I can't blowing girls when I'm down in France.

Labels I said how I build a brand told them put a check up in my hands but if you like I'm in a big loop foreign foreign.

good morning pickleball fans Dave Fleming here and welcome to mix doubles Saturday here on the PPA tour we are at the frisco Roundup in beautiful Frisco Texas just north of Dallas we're at this gorgeous lifetime facility and we are ready for some amazing mixed doubles action we will have two pools playing.

This morning and then we'll set up a bracket and three teams to watch we've got Leia Jansen and Tyson McGuffin we've got Jesse Irvin playing with new father Jay devilier and we've got Riley Newman playing with Catherine parento those are three to watch but we've got others that you're not going to want to miss today the other big news is we've got weather.

In the forecast folks so it is going to be championship Saturday night yes we're gonna be under the lights tonight in Frisco Texas so we'll be back with all of the action right after this a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I missed hit the ball a lot.

Um thank you foreign has more taste than only one more calorie than Michelob Ultra.

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Financial plans are on track can be a real challenge at Baird our financial advisors get it we'll partner with you to create a unique financial plan and coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to bring it all together so you have more time for what matters most too all right everybody we are ready let's.

Play Pickleball just deep from McGuffin there and let's set the stage for you here Dave Fleming with his fellow Senior Pro Rich Lopez will hear from him just in a second that is Camilla zelvetti taking some heat from Tyson McGuffin her partner is Brian Kerr.

Leia Jansen will be serving and Tyson McGuffin the most electrifying man in sports says bar stool Rich Lopez welcome to the booth on the PPA glad to have you brother hey brother it's always a pleasure to be here and I'm excited for today we got some great lineups going on and some awesome pickleballs we've seen.

And this is a team that loves to shake and bake Jensen has a great drive with that self-kirk paddle she's using and the guffin's footwork will get him in position to finish all day long again we have full play this morning one game to 15. and the win's a factor today yes sir yeah the wind's going to be a huge Factor we got 30 mile an hour wind.

Scenes like out there but uh it's gonna be great might not be 30. but it's swirling oh nice drive down the line there Mr Kerr welcome to Center Court yes one three one it's a good luck here Camilla zelvetti.

To serve and a nice shot by the silvetti split in the middle yeah that was really nice uh the serve was nice so we had to created a short return which allowed that to happen again one game to 15. in pool play top three and each pool.

Will advance to the bracket later today that's gonna fly deep and then the big news of the day of course rich is the weather tomorrow looks like a complete washout here in North Texas so we are going to play Championship Sunday on Saturday under the lights tonight really yes point.

Okay yeah well that's great it's awesome that they get it you know they see the forecast that's one thing I found out about moving to Texas you got to live by that weather yeah I tell you a little net love there so good start for the upstarts Kerr and silvetti here you know you you come to the come to the event and you're like.

Hey go play center against Tyson and Leia looking very solid here three five two oh we got an ATP tag there right yes that was an ATP tag I was kind of normally people usually kind of you know go diagonal with their forehand down he kind of jumped out there so kind of.

Opened up his body to the shot right we mentioned the wind will be a little bit of a factor sort of swirling around that one got caught in the jet stream and we're tied at five good ripped from salvetti there to set that up five five one Charlie Mueller on the call with our.

Head referee Don Stanford as the second referee appreciate all the referees that make our sport possible five five two all right what's occur finds both an angle and a height that was impressive nice hands get defense there.

Just didn't get it over the net five six one so the two-handed step back speed up is a tough ball to make off of all that low goes deep but it was going to get hammered if it came over what occur again that's three returns that he's caught in the wind that have sailed.

Deep seven six one again we'll switch sides at eight one game to 15. another long yeah a bunch of freebies when you look at the scoreboard it's eight six and four of those six are missed returns so Jansen and McGuffin have a narrow lead as we switch sides we'll be right back.

Together hey uh Katie could you pass me the creamer why don't you just come into the kitchen and get the creamer I can't I can't come in the kitchen sure you can no I really can't you can come into the kitchen as long as you don't hit the.

Ball out of the air all right that's why stay out of kitchens foreign welcome back everybody switch sides this is the first match Center pool play another rough Choice there that was not obviously not a big fast shot was coming.

There Rich huge wind-ups 20. nice attacks by Tyson after being down a bit it has been all mcguffins for the last several minutes foreign yeah they've settled in Dave really nice they've got the wind down you know just I think they're doing a great job now what we expected what.

Occur when he watches this one back it's gonna go man a little chicken babe left it in the oven too long there as he pushes the second of the bakes deep so zelveti and Curry need to go now so I know another taper yeah one of these step back low balls when two people are.

Standing they're ready to block that asking for trouble you know you're down you're feeling like you need to create trying to make something happen and unfortunately it just causes some more enforceators 13-6-2 yeah nice communication.

Yeah even though it's floating sometimes those are the worst because you both of you think well the other the other person's gonna cream this so we're fine and can't talk too much he pushes to think wide 6 13 too foreign.

Foreign we are at match point for McGuffin and Jansen 14 16. I know so the valley finishes down the middle and they will get to play some more here thank you sir so Kerr has looked good on his first ball and that's the next one.

There's the third the fifth whatever his second swing and the point just needs to find that transition ball could be a little nervous you know Senate Court first game of the day you're on Center Court playing the lion the Lioness over there yes yes Welcome to the Jungle what two bounces off the net produce the.

Winning shot so McGuffin and Jansen off to a very nice start here in pool play we'll be back with the next full action here it's mixed doubles day on the PPA tour our new Eevee rental Fleet is the absolute goat nice speaking of goats is that Tom Brady yeah he comes in to.

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foreign thank you welcome back everybody it is mixed.

Doubles Saturday a little change in the order here of what we usually do Dave Fleming with fellow Senior Pro Rich Thunder Lopez here in the booth uh Rich uh zilvetti and kerr are back what did you see from them and what do you think they need to do to put up a fight against one of the best teams in the world here well I'll tell you um.

Hopefully the nerves have settled in a little bit in this next match I would like to see the then be a little more patient right they're hitting a lot of the the tape of the net the step backs weren't working um Kerr's second and third shots you gotta get more consistent um.

I don't know Jesse you know they're gonna bring the power and uh there's gonna be a lot of shake and bacon going on so they gotta hope they can uh I would say get into the back hands you know try to be a little more patient and you know what get their shots in man they got to get them in um did the best they can I don't know man.

It's gonna be tough yeah they had some challenges with the just the returns in their match with Jansen and McGuffin and warming up on the court is Jesse Irvin and Jay davilier both of them will play in Championship Saturday night tonight so it is Championship Saturday night they both made their way there in women's and men's doubles respectively.

Jansen playing with Irvin and McGuffin will play with Sevilla davilia's story of the weekend is insane Thursday one o'clock had a kid in Wichita got on a plane at four played in the celebrity event which was epic on Thursday night won that with John Isner and Jesse as a three-person team and folks if you haven't seen the video of that it's on.

The PPA tour YouTube go check it out so much fun I had Tony Romo in the booth with me and Lee Waters the great Lee Waters and Tony is having an absolute blast so a lot of fun but Jay davilier comes roaring here from Wichita and plays great then makes the final yesterday in men's so he just told me as.

He walked out on the court his lovely wife is home baby's doing well young Leo is good to go so devillier can now really just settle in on on mixed doubles day and Jesse Irvin's playing fantastic right now she's had a variety of different female Partners throughout the year and it just seems that you just keep seeing that name Irvin going to the.

Right on the draws quarters semi Championship Sunday bronze here so zelvetti and Kerr back to back on Center let's see if they've done some of the things you're talking about rich here we go let's play Pickleball all right after the first point number one.

That's a skill in the sport isn't it it is it is it's a good leave a good read something I wish I was better foreign yeah he's just waiting for it and it was just a great shot by Jay oh so the one the car hit was going to go.

Into the fourth row and unfortunately the one they let go was four feet in so who's gonna get that squared away here oh they're playing one of the best teams with the best defense he returns and gets it out it's just amazing zero two one second serve Kurt trying to put some pressure with.

The drive and uh I would like to see him drop a little more you know the consistency isn't hasn't found it yet I like to see him get to the net a little bit so yeah it's better ball there but doesn't get down and obviously that differential is what puts your partner in trouble so 2-0.

For devillier and Irving I've seen that jet stream pushing balls in that direction well deep down and not with it it's harder to control you love a good Lop Rich we can talk about that after this guy can't shot there by Kerr got it to the feet 302.

But so that's what you want to do keep a honest over there correct yes Dad got to keep him honest on that backhand zero three one we saw zelvety cracking some groundies so you can bring that to the serve as well nice serve from her gets them on the board.

100 second serve another on a drive right there by Kerr so um I don't know I guess he's gonna keep shooting one three two yeah you've asked him to drop it but the flying Frenchman has seen that many times before.

Gets tagged foreign it's the right shot wrong execution from silvetti because she pulled him out and he's rallies back to the middle you want to pull them white again but gotta make it second serve what happened there rich uh Jay just you know got a little too.

Much into it I liked what zobedi did though she was directed with purpose right back to his backhand instead of giving him another forehand and then she came back with the direction to the forehand so shaking and bacon and off and flying are.

Irvin and davilia foreign goes for the Ernie and devillier just finds that little opening right there I thought she had it and then all of a sudden she didn't swing so I didn't know just was it out of there we're not quite long enough to get there so rich.

I'm gonna put you in the zelvetti and kerr Camp you woke up this morning you knew you were in a tough pool with some very good teams then they put you on Center and you're like okay scrapped it together with McGuffin and Jansen and then they said hey go back out there on Center and play Jesse Irvin and Jay davilier how do you.

How do you relax now we've seen Kerr Miss three or four drives in a row what would you tell them if you were coaching them I would tell them to go out there and just have fun and play some Rec play you know when you're playing wrecked or calm you're collected you're not really your head's not going crazy um I think they just gotta get back to.

The basics he just get some you know some great shots get a couple of points and let them make some mistakes the wind is an equalizer I think they'll be good okay let's see benefactor so they chose to call time out at seven when you know you get that freebie at eight sometimes the weight weight is sort of implying that trouble.

Is brewing but uh we will switch sides here in davilier and Irvin look really good here I do love the fact that the energy from silvetti and kerr they're smiling over there they obviously are getting a good experience now the scoreboard may not be a good experience but to play the best players in the world.

I mean you gotta love it right yes you just go watch it and learn from this you know obviously this match is falling over but they need to make some balls to put some pressure on Irvin and davilia and that right there is what I'm saying get some balls and use the win now that they switch sides as well I think they.

Should be letting some more balls go yeah so the win is definitely at the back of Irvin and davilia here second serve occurs oh for four on the big drives here and that is a killer when you're playing against a team that is more for experience than you your third percentage needs to be outrageously good.

Yeah I agree with you I like to play it again I like to see him drop some balls here the confidence all right there we go we got a third shot drop and we gotta drive after it see if we can keep it going yeah so you can drop and crash too as as Kerr did there so.

Okay drop let's play some dick and set up the best ATP lady in the country in the world I'd take Jesse against any other human being in the world on atps yeah she's phenomenal at it she takes great patience and just she just connects with it really well foreign formation and it works out what Jesse.

Irvin is staring Straight Ahead as both of them went over there it's you know hey she had a good look at that shot yeah she did and I think the results great shot mixed two Cavalier she got what she wanted there.

Um just didn't execute it but I like her again so they get the error there and foreign that's gone get a new ball and play we are at lifetime oh just long on this in Frisco brand new facility opened earlier this year what a gorgeous spot for typical ball here the frisco Roundup.

Cool play going on right now all over the facility coming off the tape just stays in for the villier yeah I'd like to see them work Jesse in a little more I know it's tough but I just think Jay's got too many balls right now what.

They're allowing Jay just to command the center right now and he's just right there filling his comfort zone I was so bad he's trying to hide under our hat after I really she has a lot of unexpected Pace yes um just when you're playing teams defend as well as they do you want to be a little too fine sometimes.

Foreign another opportunity so the at least the point construction has been better but we are at match point for Irvin and davilia a big rope coming here second served Jay thought he should have had that one right there he had the walk-off shake and bacon yeah caught the net.

Good leave from zelvetti so they will play on 14-1 second served you talked about it when we were discussing between games just that next ball and the transitionaries got to stay down for Kerr we have Matt's Point yes we do number.

Two number three number three two one and that will do it so zelvetti and Kerr face two monsters in a row and uh the more experienced team certainly shown through there but a good experience for kill for Kerr and zilvetti they'll play some more within.

Their pool Irving and devillier the new father looked fantastic we'll be back with more mixed doubles after this we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to the ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after.

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For it now that's different discover the bare difference foreign welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with fellow Senior Pro Rich Lopez and we're gonna just keep rolling teams out.

Here on to Center Court we've got two pools we've seen a couple of matches from pool B this is the other pool here and this is pool a action there are five teams in this pool or four teams in this pool five in the other one now on Center we have Riley bonart and her partner Matthew Mead facing.

A couple of pros from Utah we've got Megan design and Spencer Smith what do you expect to see from Spencer Smith and Megan is on here rich I expect to see some quickness some some driving going on Megan and her two-handed backhand I think is amazing she's um someone I've been watching lately and.

She's come on the scene really nice her game is just going to the next level I see and she did a great job the other night at the exhibition it was really fun watching the club yes Megan design and Spencer Smith actually got to play with Tony Romo before he went back to the booth they got to share the court with him Riley bohnert and the boner's.

Family from Louisville I know Grandma and Aunt Karen are watching at home so uh cheering on young Riley so we hope she plays well for all her fans yeah again when you get on Center we talked about with the prior two matches get comfortable and play your game the best you possibly can.

It is different though this is a different it's the same 44 by 20 rich but there are cameras there are people talking it is a different sport on Center yes sir I agree with you Dave and like I said they just got to come out just play like they know they can don't worry about the names you know let's just have fun and execute.

Say hi sayhan Hunter and Mike mcspadden are our referees and this is Megan design and that Ace of Spades paddle is going to be smoking the ball here she is from Utah as is Spencer Smith let's play Pickleball foreign that was a nice first point right there I thought they looked really comfortable.

In the battle there good dinking just that little extra Pace from design Spencer Smith had candy sitting there and did not destroy it Mead was ready zero one one is that yourself zero one two try it's hard to reset what you mean in your face you know but I like what she.

Was thinking there there one you have to have to give more back we usually use the pace sneaky Spencer Smith alliteration fun the ball bounced yeah so we had a inadvertent football call there from uh sayhan Hunter as well clearly bounced in the kitchen and hey we're all human let's just play.

Again that was beautiful what a beautiful roll and it's the foot speed to get there and not spaz and do too much Rich yes that's a great point foreign making sure we have the correct calls that did go walking through the 302 is.

Where we're at here foreign placement from me there yes that was really good play for Mead like a lot of spin on the cut backhand return from Spencer Smith to serve here zero three again one game to 15 we'll switch it eight we'll play swirling wind it's gonna be hard to.

Figure that out step out here great backhand right there inside which is a great spot four zero one point I like the design hit that about 65 percent but caught me moving sorry not sorry from design ER.

She's got a little nut love there but another great drive that ball was dipping well six quick ones for the Utah Duo Smith and Design smoking Four Hands back hands and getting it to jump off the tape for him my name is Catherine parental and I've been playing football for almost six.

Years I travel a lot to play in tournaments I'm always on planes and I see a lot of people when I travel I need to make sure that I stay healthy I need to support my immune system so that's the reason why I use the pureway C plus foreign.

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Hydrated throughout the whole day it's important to drink first thing in the morning if you wait until you play you're usually it's too late you start feeling dehydrated when it comes to hydration don't wait before it's too late foreign welcome back we are.

In play six zero one Spencer Smith and Design blasting away to a lead to start and that's one of those where if Mead's gonna go down the line it's got to be ready for the next ball Rich yes sir yes I agree with you Dave 100 on that since we hit that earlier in the match he went for it again I like it he went.

For it seven zero two you see they put design on the left side here so they can have that ball right there and we're gonna switch it eight zip Utah so rich when you're in a pool it's an interesting and different thing because.

You can lose and you still can get to the gold medal where in a draw on the PPA that is not an option so does your mentality change when you're playing in a pool and then you know there's a bracket obviously you have to earn your right to get there coming out of the pool but what do players maybe do a little differently.

You know pull play is different their mentality I you know I hear you saying it and I'm like thinking what would I do if I was in a pool play playing two of the top teams you know never give up always thinking about there's a chance I'm still in it right especially when I'm playing the top teams.

Um I'll talk to you a little more yeah Spencer Smith flying across he loves that one-handed backhand yeah I thought I knew we would see the quickness and the power this team is dynamic for it foreign blackjack with the Ace of Spades right there for Megan design good ball from Riley bone right there so.

Sometimes you just get rid of that ugly zero and then maybe get some confidence from the hair oh 10. foreign just wide and there we are there we go so a breadstick on the board one two and two foreign.

Nice ball from me there he catches design backing up and it's low these Spencer Smith backhand returns are one millimeter over the net as it crosses it's unbelievable so hard to get underneath that for Mead and stacking design on the left wow great get by Mead that was awesome to reset that back in the kitchen.

Unfortunately you can get the put away so the wind is at the backs of bohnert and well there but then it's just violent power thank you man just a two-handed flick from a low ball from design and that was gonna stay in that's a terrific pickleball right.

There what there's the jet stream we've seen throughout the day if you float a return up it's gonna stay at that same height longer than you expected thank you sir one of the few misses very solid so far today.

Spencers makes the hard ball and gets us just an absolute sitter and smokes it will be nice four feet deep hands designs like you hit my paddle dude she was as surprised as the rest of us just haven't been able to get into Rhythm here of Mead and boner obviously.

The quality on the other side plays a big role in that foreign yeah 12-2 sometimes hope enters your paddle yeah you heard her say so big what'd she mean by that rich I think she was just over swinging that one a little too much.

Foreign was in jail and the door was locked and her partner found the key there because she left the ball off phone and smoked it but uh not only does Smith get it back he hits a winner and gets him to match point okay.

And a potential Spencer Smith highlight reeled walk-off there does not come to fruition as tazan catches the net on the big two-handed swing foreign another shot to finish this one off for design and Smith foreign and Spencer Smith.

We saw the pace we saw the athleticism and they win very comfortably here on their first look on Center Court 15-2 to design and Spencer Smith will be back with more exciting full pickleball here from Frisco after this at Baird we offer a different more holistic approach to wealth management.

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Pickleball Club YouTube channel you can check out educational videos you can check out my Vlogs with my family or you can check out the McGuffin show subscribe today to the McGuffin pickleball Club foreign.

foreign Family Matters in Orlando pickleball to me is a lot of things I mean I've been so up and down with my emotions through pickleball through my.

Whole career Annalee is sometimes my coach I'm sometimes annalize coach but we always have that common goal of winning I feel like pickleball is helping people with mental health because it's a way for them just to like not think about anything and just go out and have fun you know helping each other emotionally and we're a true team we.

Don't argue we don't fight and I think that's why we've been so successful foreign doubles Champion Annalee Waters her mother Lee Waters brilliant brilliant pickleball.

From the mother-daughter combo congratulations that is as good as it gets I'm so happy I was here to uh all right welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Rich Thunder Lopez in the booth and we've got quite a match in front of us here now Rich we've got our first look.

At Catherine parento and Riley Newman we just saw a design and Spencer Smith looking fantastic if you're just tuning in we are in pool play first and then we will have a bracket of six the top three in each pool will advance and gonna have fireworks gonna have defense we're gonna have pancakes from Riley.

Newman what do you expect to see here rich I expect to see the highest level of pickleball I expect to see some amazing gets by parental who just keeps the ball alive like better than most I'm amazed and Riley moving as you know he can cover the whole Court making things happen I like to see how this their.

Abilities to reset go against this Powerhouse team that's going to be exciting to see to be honest so this is their last match in their pool of four let's play Pickleball yeah foreign shows us something he showed us in the last match sliding that little slicer.

Behind the guy in front that's a great ball to start nice Inside Out swing by Riley Newman going behind his own like that that was really nice sold middle went behind foreign Spencer keeping her on the left just like they did last match one two heads up with.

Parental straight ahead just absolutely annihilated that Dura best finisher of all players I mean on this court on an overhead I'll take I'll take design it's a great move by Ryan I knew man just to be clear for everything she just sits the ball harder on the ball that's up with that paddle it's crazy yeah I.

Agree 100 percent foreign ER yeah he's got options when he's got it right there sitting he holds it to the last second the problem they may have with design trying to figure out what ball do you want me to take here Spencer.

What I'm not carried over to their dead net Rich yes it did looks like true one you couldn't really see it but it didn't go right a little bit okay nice two-handed backhand right into the body of foreign great great job by Riley Newman there.

Once he's walking the line It Is Just Deadly three one two wait I think Spencer would like to have that one back what do you think yeah just a little late and got behind him on a ball but again it's that deception that Newman has in that two-hander foreign.

Gets tagged off the uh net always puts on just a great show obviously his game speaks for itself but he adds the flare second term interesting choice by Spencer to try to speed up off the bounce right there to Riley Newman's backhand and speed on that so.

That's usually a no-go Zone rich speaking of no-go zones yeah I mean her pace is not up for debate I mean that's as clean and hard-headed two-handed backhand volley as you will see for Riley Newman not to be able to touch it it's the pace we were talking about earlier now it's the refining the rest.

Of it to go with it is the key for it to continue to elevate and she certainly has in 2022. amazing get by Spencer almost he's got some of the quickest hands yes first volley off that drive so important parento just sticks it and creates an error just missed it.

Just wide it's a rare sight of him doing it backhand ATP foreign gets the ball back so I'm gonna try her now on the right side give him a different look Riley looks down maybe he thought the line created something there been a.

Little skitter sometimes that'll happen off the line foreign nice leave my design and Spencer there three four two foreign that was a weird one a shake and bake just aborted in the middle of it and it almost hit Spencer and Designs like oh.

Okay I don't know maybe he was thinking she was kind of interesting turn of event great reset wait so I think the conversation I gotta cover line and just cover the middle Spencer Smith knows that's the balls you could have had.

And we'll switch sides the building Factor here today calm down a bit as we've moved through the morning foreign paddle up there to deflect the ball that Riley hit he was who's been successful at that right shoulder twice and then was able to get the backhand down to the.

Feet really nice it's a mid game communication and adjustment of strategy so important saw it right there thank you hola what a point phenomenal defense from parento and Newman I mean that's the thing they can beat you with Pace with precision and then their D gets them back into so many.

Points backside and a blur and a blur literally for him to not get a paddle on that one as well I put the kitchen Dave Johnson just barking out the score I love it for those at home just really be paying attention to the reset Clinic we're seeing right now with parental and Riley.

Guys you're never out of a point get all right it's a good track down from design and then Smith's got to throw that ball into the kitchen it's got to be dropped there yeah he's mad at himself saying make it but I think Choice was also part of that.

From where I sit yeah I'm with you on that Dave I said I want to get my partner every time to recover after the Sprint to get the ball before that back foreign that's a big couple of stops there because what that differential is when you switch you know that would have been eight three if they don't get one there.

That's a big hole and maybe they can get two three who knows at home what you're also seeing too is a lot of first shot Drive fifth shot dropout foreign unable to do anything with their possession of the serve so Newman and parental looking for that.

Eighth point in the switch right here you're gonna be the left side player you got to take those balls that are coming to your partner good job by Design there leave a mark that's one of those where often you get your partner tag Megan got herself tagged there so she doesn't feel as bad but she will have the mark to show for.

It we're gonna switch sides and be right back one two three I really think you'd like the Magnesium perfect I'd be happy to get that shipped out to you today thanks Dorothy you too.

Come on does he do that every time every time welcome back everybody Dave Fleming Rich Lopez in the boothy about to serve eight three two switch sides that's a tough play for parental that was a great job great backup partner right there so hello.

Good patient Point nice leave for Smith and design it's go time though down six there you go I heard design say it my bad after all that fight to get up to the kitchen they were invited with the drop shot from now think down the line was was too high from design.

That was the Reed yeah it was a good read but it was all or nothing right Spencer went in and over zero thank you second time he's just trying to make things happen trying to create nine three two one leave one short earlier in the match that's not gonna happen twice no great.

Patience he reads itself foreign that's one of those players that hit 17 right there at the blackjack table you don't want to do that uh Ace of space bus on that one but uh it's been on point for most of the uh finishes so 11-3 Newman and parental what's been the difference.

Ah just the control of the point they just been able to execute and play their game they're controlling the points right now with their execution of resets dinking Riley speeds up the speed up he's doing he's having his way and he's creating the next shot um that's just what I'm seeing from my end here they just are right now.

Controlling each point doing what they want to do and making their opponents hit shots you know that they want you know the hard shots with the wind going out so so timeout called to try and stop this control balls on the ground and set themselves.

Up Smith and design sometimes just calling time out we'll get a third miss too and it happens right there yeah foreign does have the middle has anyone taught you the forehand always has the middle that is untrue.

Catherine frantos showed you why right there that's what they want gotta make it especially down eight right another three oh foreign they're just leaving the balls up just a little too high which allows Variety in print out to Speed it out.

Precision on decks you really see it when you get to see these players in person foreign again after a nice patient point when that resets again just get them right in there the other thing about parental and Newman never in a hurry.

Walker went back to the kitchen we were treated we leave one up questions Riley with the nice nice Lefty reset right in the kitchen he'll use the back side of the paddle the left side I'm sure he'll probably hit one off the end sometimes on purpose talented player he will play in.

Championships Saturday night tonight with Brandon French the local star against Jay davilia and Tyson fight off and so again if you're just joining us Championship Sunday is moved to tonight due to weather Great Expectations tomorrow that'll start at six Central yeah once I got left up you knew design.

Was coming with the two-hand hammer kissed it off got a tag to go with that hammer thank you hi fourteen one second third and Riley Newman there so uh Smith and design five fourteen two trying to cut this deficit.

The difference right from last game to this game the reset abilities with parental versus the other team they were popping up she resets it right into the kitchen it's just amazing right yeah to be able to take that much Pace off the ball and leave it in the not just get it back safe place second shot it closing out.

This match here just long she wanted that one yeah a little uh Inside Out Back Door walk off just pushed it deep second trying this service foreign there we go now we're gonna have show time the rest of this point.

And it was a big too many backhand from Catherine parento we had Riley Newman looking at the fans behind him in the middle of the point and putting on a show where Newman and parento they go undefeated in their pool so they will be one of the top seeds going into bracket play later today they've looked fantastic.

So we'll be back with more right after this not yet buddy foreign new people pickleball each shot has its own strategy.

Each player their own style whether you dink it dried it lob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you but we do keep score we recognize the winners podiums are earned you want an edge you work for Electro earn your Edge.

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Donate I sure can try welcome back everybody to the PPA tour Roundup started Thursday night with an epic celebrity event men's and women's doubles yesterday here at lifetime in Frisco amazing facility come check it out if you're in.

The area and it's mixed doubles day I'm with Rich Lopez and Rich we've got the local star Brandon French played very solid yesterday with Riley Newman he will play in the men's doubles final tonight just to be clear Championship Sunday is moved to under the lights Saturday night he's playing with Shelby Bates they had.

To buy because we have five teams in this pool their first match against McGuffin and Jansen and they just walked off the court dropped at 16-14 wow wow they're here to play they are here to play that's impressive I asked Brandon as they walked on did you have a match point he did not so apparently just trying to get work their way there.

But uh he is going to be Uber aggressive on the left side and then obviously we have seen new Daddy devillier and Jesse Irvin is playing the lights out pickleball right now well I'm gonna see how they handle the tomahawk yes let's play Pickleball Shelby Bates from.

Florida to serve okay French is talking already okay not a surprise not at all he will face the villier tonight as well in that final again this is cool play and then we're up too Bates came over for the two-hander trying to be a little aggressive there I.

Like it this team needs to play aggressive obviously coming in with a world of confidence you don't like to lose but that's quite a battle with two really good players McGuffin and Jansen match Jesse Irvin will stay there and hit Cross Court Dinks we'll have to light it up she's looking.

Like we're delaying Saturday night lights because I'm gonna make every ball over there here you want point they don't need any help right no they don't I don't think Jesse and Jay need help zero help needed certainly we'll gladly accept.

Paints the line and the step in front foreign right now down the line with one of those earlier Rich tried to bring it in between and Irvin was on the left side there so they're not going to unwind the stack second serve and there's violent finishes.

Yeah great move by Brandon to come over and poach that two three one foreign Jesse stayed on the left side that time yeah they seem like they don't want to unwind and they want to play this straight up risk that movement and.

Creating errors from the turn to coverage foreign and that's what pickleball is supposed to look like right there beautiful point a couple of tomahawks it is Tommy season coming from Brandon French great shot by Bates of moving because French is everywhere so to find your correct spot.

On the court she was the one that finished at that point oh he's so far over that she's like that was good hit me and then goes for the big sir oh what a kid my friend thank you.

Four four J seven great match tremendous handle from Bates you got to just throw it over make them hit another ball when you're good in a bad spot Brandon just couldn't get any of the resets down thank you.

I like the way they're playing it's not surprising the score that we saw from the back court 16-14 second serve four five two yeah again five four one French quickly says my fault it's coming way over to take the.

Third yeah thanks sir in front rope down the line that hits the outside of the line and stays in right now he's confident I think it's only their first time playing together correct first or second for sure.

Foreign yes he does he does the question is can fire level stay for entire match so far so good nice great Hands by Bates we set that ball hand cookie jar caught create play by Jesse she makes.

Everything look the same so she just held it there it looks like her Cross Court dank and then beautiful ball and the best ATP in the business right there French is even trying to come over and then we almost had a couple of folks charge into each other like on the hockey rank because the hockey season is.

Underway here glad they missed each other but beautiful job we'll switch sides and come back happy birthday Matt oh thanks Lucy oh wow and another one oh you shouldn't have I have one more surprise for you okay ah come on.

I love it babe welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Rich Lopez highly entertaining contest here rich yes it is uh we got a duck but they it was eight four now yeah French invades me to get back into.

This one here don't let that lead slip away too much French having a conversation with Jesse about it's darn right it was what nice read by French to jump the corner there anticipated the down the line shot by.

Jesse five eight two finished from the villier there so they get one eight five one it's a French chooses to go with the drop shot off after some theatrics with the Faking It Out might have been better off to hit it deep there 951.

Foreign nice crowd rolling in here for some great pickleball action here in North Texas warm day for October some of you I know are dealing with not warm temperatures certainly are here it stays in WoW and French says Jay come on what again.

Starting to slip away a little bit here French really extending himself and putting himself in precarious positions single backhand drives just the one just beautiful from devillier I'll call it that one was for Leo so that's a gorgeous shot all right so you've seen French bouncing around all.

Over the place the deficit has now grown to be 11-5 what are you telling these two because real even and then now we've had that pull away here for devillier and Irvin you know I would just tell them to uh Hey settle down don't overextend let's get back to what was working back to some Basics.

Um and what was working what did you see Rich that was getting them on the scoreboard well I I saw French hitting some really good shots to getting uh Jay's backhand getting um being really uh how can I say this consistent and getting to the ball down not giving them shots they can work the point with you know.

Tommy season not sure Frank snakes he made it yeah yeah so timeout work so seven point hole wait just asking if it hit him I mean French went for the full swing and Miss there but the ball went deep so the best thing it could have done.

A little momentum here a couple in a row trying to get that with the back side of the paddle he's flicking his wrist he's battled some wrists injuries taking time away from him to be able to beat him certainly his PPA coming out party we need a big hold here Brandon's thinking.

A lot of credit to Shelby Bates when someone is coming over that aggressive consistently knowing which ball you gotta take is not easy all right nope oh and davilio ran out of real estate on that beautiful angle from French sir.

Fall off the tape there foreign attack from Irvin sets up her partner that's what French needs a little more that complementary play foreign another just a ridiculous one-handed cross-court backhand that Irvin's looking Right Down the Line saw a good.

French Francis balls in yeah oh my god wow another one just on the outside of the line or painting both sides of the court and we are at match point that goes deep so Irvin and davilia is just so solid there was a lot of.

French everywhere I really like the way Shelby Bates plays the beginning complimenting what Brandon can do in a mix match but some of the best looking one-handed backhands you'll ever see from devillier and just the overall such a strong game from Jesse Irvin yeah I agree 100.

Um I thought Bates and Brandon played really well like you said perhaps the games they just struggled a little bit you know giving points away where Brandon was coming over she wasn't sure what she was gonna take not take and that's like you said sometimes very difficult yes so davilia and Irvin stop the local and they are looking good.

Here in pool play on mixed doubles day how do you get what you want Eric Weimar blind man wanted to climb Mount Everest my man crazy but he believed it was possible we're gonna do it and because he believed he became the first blind person ever to stand on top of the world Guaranteed Rate believes in your dreams that's why we treat everyone like we.

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foreign we owe great times to good friends to the glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow.

Survived the morning after to make our own tequila wasn't meant to leave our house since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your tequila our casa is your casa welcome back Dave Fleming with Rich.

Lopez here at the PPA Roundup Frisco Texas Lifetime beautiful new it's like a palace it's so nice here man it is really nice inside outside they've got everything the pickleball is fantastic and Richie noticed something in the last match we had where French and Bates came out hot and then struggled a little bit to finish and.

What did you see that Irvin and davilier were able to do right well you know that's what I was sharing was that the better teams make adjustments right or a great team to make adjustments throughout seeing French different style of play kind of caught them off guard a little bit then I saw them make the adjustments that they needed to make.

Which again you saw the second half of play just kind of separated and so you know that's one thing out there that I think is really awesome to see is when you see the level of play just they know they see it they read it and they're able to counter what's happening yeah you're not going to keep beating me the same way now you might beat me but.

You're not going to beat me the same way so we've got McGuffin and Jansen zero zero two tamanaha and Burr let's play Pickleball still in the pool play good start there for Sarah Burr one zero two set it up sorry Sarah I said good start I'll take that one.

Jansen ready to serve McGuffin and Burr thank you guys foreign man that's a good dig yeah also a great dig by Tyson he had that ball in his body what's a left-handed female do in mix that changes everything up rich she just changes everything because the.

Backhand's in a different spot for me you know so it creates a little confusion sometimes you're used to hitting certain shots at certain places and then all of a sudden you're like oh forehand's there yeah one two one wait a minute there's a mirror yeah what's going on so again those are the adjustments that.

You have to make walking into a match on the front side and then during as you talked about with parental Newman have done and then certainly what Irvin and davilia did in the last match against French unfortunate mistake there but you know by tamahana again can't help him.

Time and just a little confusion McGuffin couldn't quite get in a great hitting position completely I needed to get there a little quicker good hold for tamanaha and Burr there one three one foreign.

Tyson getting it up into the stream there a little bit boy shot by Sarah Burr hanging in there got the double bouncer off the tape to go her way three three one shot by Tyson normally would be a good shot but he hit it right to her forehand so I can serve.

Again we had one pull of four one pull of five the top three from each will advance we're doing a nice job at keeping the ball down and making them uncomfortable four three two foreign little freebie there four four one Point.

Nice buddy by Tyson I also like the movement by Leia she wasn't didn't have to say switch or anything she read the play went to the spot why it's nice to be able to move without communicating thank you sir good job by Tom and aha there great footwork stay out of the kitchen.

yeah I was uh I thought that a bullet land was a little loopy I thought maybe Burke could have stepped in a little bit she chose to let it bounce six it's an opportunity I'm trying to sneak one down the line on McGuffin that was not a good choice that's gonna work and there's that shake.

And bake game that ropes one off the paddle into the DJ booth happy to report our DJ is fine you know sometimes though when you have that two-handed backhand as bird does sometimes you don't get a chance to reach out when you have a single package definitely give up a little bit of room in front of you.

Yes sort of just wide Don Morgan confirms again we'll switch sides at eight the wind is a factor it's at the back of McGuffin and Jansen football left foot yeah sometimes you get just a little jumpy there McGuffin jumped forward just a hair kitchen line Don Morgan all over.

I just chancing on the left side here great point yeah if tamanaha watches that back you'll see he was jumping in in the air you want to just be solid just stand there use your whole body to block that not asking you to be AJ Kohler and have zero movement in your it's unbelievable what he's able to do but uh still want.

To jump in the air they are within one here great volley under duress from Jansen on the full Sprint second sir get punch volley from Burr seven six two foreign.

Definitely played one that was so we're gonna switch sides spirited battle here in pool play it's mixed doubles day at the Roundup I think it's 120 milligrams let me check on that really quick it's 125. oh it's 125 milligrams UPS or FedEx for this one FedEx they deliver on Saturday.

It's three minutes on high it's pound then the number orange evokes energy and vitality how does he know all this stuff shows unknowns things that are unclear we need to we need to dive into the yellow one not today foreign.

Drop something that's a wicked backhand all right welcome back everybody when you're in Texas you should have a Roundup and that's what we've got here Rich yes sir hello what a firefight that was after looking like again that one ball.

That was hit out before we switched sides to tamanaha touch that was going to hit off the scoreboard now suddenly I just turned into two more so the lead is four as they finally get the ball back six ten one point wow that's what they needed big deep.

Serve let's see if they can get a company nice for McGuffin you got to be careful on the feet don't want to step into the kitchen as you reset and hit that overhead Cross Court and guffin's feet were perfect in those Sketchers yeah I think got a little confused and then trying to throw up a lob or some sort.

So Tyson up what a nice finish recognize that you can take time away and jump that corner do it yes beautiful Rally from Burr and Tom and aha within one nine ten two.

Side up you know what I'm liking about Leia Jansen is she's trying to get Tyson involved in this she thinks she thinks cross and then she goes straight what's coming on how it ends up going to Tyson trying to get him involved foreign.

Had to hit a really difficult shot to get that back that was one tamanaha just made a winner yes foreign McGuffin yeah the tennis players have to learn that that it's a two shot three shot maybe four shot game have that paddle up and ready when she.

Attacked Well Done by McGuffin foreign again a jumping block attempt after pulling within one three in a row from McGuffin and Jansen and again if you're just tuning in due to the weather forecast we are gonna play Championship Sunday.

Under the lights on Saturday so Championship Saturday night there was no singles in this tournament therefore we will have three matches tonight the men's and women's doubles final and then the mixed doubles final we know who's in the women's it's Catherine parento and mega design against slaya Jansen who you see on this.

Court and Jesse Irvin they played yesterday and stunningly Irvin and Jansen were up 14-0 before it ended up 15-4 just playing Perfection wow so revenge on the mind of designs tonight for sure foreign right there to go in the switch making a run all the way across fort.

You should have probably returned it down the line instead of to the foreign gives your partner a chance to help you as well that's a great shot on a match point down by Burr can you mention there was a loopier one.

Early that she didn't attack that time she did and his dividends and that will do it so Tom and Aha and Burr put up a nice fight got within 10-9 but it is McGuffin and Jansen the runoff the last five points they take this one 15-9 mixed doubles day beautiful day beautiful Saturday thanks for tuning in.

We'll have more after this I'm gonna say she's a solid three five nah she's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on I'm at least the foro ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free.

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Foreign the proxar pickleball paddle answers the angel question of how to get paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro XR gives you more spin greater control and quicker reloads on every shot in the game because you always have that.

Constant feel for that leverage and control and paddle speed that we're all looking for pro XR is the most revolutionary technology in pickleball foreign you don't get the moments everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills.

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Foreign I guess I'm sort of unique in how I was introduced to the sport because I was sort of watching from the sidelines for years as my brother was ascending me the top of the sport pickleball was kind of funny and then it crept up on me in terms of what it was to me so I started.

Playing in early 2016 in that time there were a couple professional tournaments so I didn't have any plans with it I just thought it was fun I played the US Open for the heck of it Ben and I are both competitive we like to win all the time and of course in the gold medal match there's more on the line so you want to win those Ben John's having a.

Moment it was all John's Brothers and control from the start they had their foot on the gas pedal and did not let up if you're the Target that means you're in a good position when it's where other people want to be so I definitely don't underestimate or undervalue that I really it's about trying to trying to stay on top you know.

I mean people say you don't have upwards to go and that's that's never exactly true it's a constant fight still and that's really what it's more about it's the the grinding the fight my number one reason and why I continue to play Pickleball is is the fact that I get to spend time on court with my little brother it's just really cool that we.

Found a sport that we can compete in and play together let alone actually be at the top of this work so pickleball really did in many ways come out of nowhere it's very sociable so when you go to play you might have a billionaire and gender and and just your average housewife on the same court and wanting to win wanting to play well and.

Enjoying themselves out of nowhere might be the title right now but years from now it's going to be something very different oh let's go right there over the knee we're in their heads a little bit 12 all finals that's when they put the timer.

All right Dave Fleming back here with Rich Lopez and I love that piece that the team put together the behind the scenes leading up to the Thursday night that was practice earlier in the week as the celebs were getting their pickleball on and my goodness did they put on a show.

Scotty shufflers only played for a couple months he looked fantastic obviously my man John Isner with the tennis background came in with a lot of these shots he's a very good player unfortunately broke his wrist at the U.S open on a stumble on the court so his Wicked Tui wasn't quite uh back from a health perspective but he did win it but.

Dirk nowitzky Jordan Spieth what a night of excitement this place was packed to the gills and uh it was a great celebration of the sport we love a great celebration of those Dallas Legends and uh what a fun night and if you didn't get a chance to see that that entire evening is on the PPA tour YouTube page now we've got a heavyweight battle.

On here the two top teams from this pool will square off now this is for seeding Rich because both these teams will make it into the bracket but who's going to be one and who's going to be two and will they get a rematch like I mentioned that design and parente will get tonight in the final they'll have to earn their way there what do you expect to see we.

Got Irvin devillier versus McGuffin and Jansen I expect to see some high level pickleball some amazing play um I you know what I am excited to be sitting here front row at what we're all about the witness some high level great play I think that uh Jesse and Jay to me may have a little bit of Nod in this I don't know I I maybe the advantage we'll.

See but I like Tyson's aggressiveness and Leia I think she's gonna come with a little Powers got that as you mentioned the cell paddle she's now using you know I'm excited Dave I'm really looking forward to this I think this is the match of the day so far yeah without question and uh you always hope that the on paper it.

Looks beautiful does that translate to the quarters one team just hot and takes it so we've got Don Stanley and Mike mcspadden as the referees this is going to be something again we're still in the pool so one game to 15. we'll switch sides at eight.

And there's a good look at Leia Jansen going through her free rally routine she does it for everything a lot of players now have a routine what do I do before each point it gets set some touch the back wall some face away like Paris Todd and 15. mental game is part of it let's play Pickleball There's real one.

Foreign foreign hello new Daddy yeah great play by Jay there to anticipate I mean it looked like he knew where the ball was coming before it was it's great anticipation some of the magic of this story only 14 feet or less away.

Read that paddle face and go second sir tremendous manipulation of the paddle from McGuffin off the tape he's still able to handle it foreign what a gorgeous lob from Irvin you said the words I was about to say I was sitting here in awe because you know.

I can appreciate a good life tremendous everything working from Urban and davilia to start up four we were warming up the other night but Jesse had the pleasure and she was working on that actual live shot she goes Rich I'm trying.

She did a great job right there over the backhand access to Center Court from Jesse Irvin second Billy I coming in strong and then that finish on the outside they're about to such a smart and effective Place great thing for amateur players to learn and don't try that at home oh my goodness.

Gracious Jesse Irvin stop it look at that I think we need a timeout I don't know what do you think foreign part of this match is that Irvin and Jansen will be playing in the women's final together tonight so opposites.

Right now foreign and you know we talked about it on paper this looked like a 17-15 nail biter we could still get there but my goodness gracious Irvin devillier everything going their way they look fantastic on Center Court.

Foreign third one this week any suspects not yet we'll send these to the lab all right let's take a look what do you think bring me the jigsaw welcome back everybody and the freight.

Train that is Switched side to receive keep this boy what do you say to yourself you're down nine nothing well you're hoping there's no side thing and you're hoping to be able to say hey it's our turn.

About 10 chance and seeing enough even though we've just switched sides and that's uh okay head enough you called time out after the switch and eight how do you find it in yourself these are for the best players in the world what are they going through now what are they thinking about to try and write this wrong if you're.

McGuffin Enchanted well you know what everyone has their way of dealing with certain things and then like you said earlier it is a mental game right now and to be honest man they gotta dig deep they gotta have a no quit attitude the game is not to ten.

So they have to continue to say hey let's just you know how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time zero one all right folks so dining on fabar here is just it's still going it's tough to get that fork into the elephant right here it's 11-0 1.

Good what Daddy devillier just realized 12th zip 1201 that we saw in the last match it's still there two points from the pickle are you kidding me and the net that's Dan.

I'm not a receiving team that did hit the line and they're gonna have in about eight minutes they're gonna have a pickle point when we come back stunning domination here on Center Court.

Foreign welcome back Center Court here Frisco Texas suburb north of Dallas and Irvin and davilia have a pickle Point here foreign first shot is stopped second chance to put a goose and there it is and that return sails.

Along did not see anything even remotely resembling that as they walked out to play but Irvin and davilier dominating 15-0 pickle up McGuffin and Jansen now the beauty of pool play is that affects seating for sure for the bracket later today but.

It definitely affects psyche as well Rich Lopez but they will have to regroup from that and get ready to play bracket play later today but Irvin and davilier dominating here at the Roundup a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I missed hit the ball a lot.

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Foreign the best of Mother Nature and the best in pickleball coming together here this weekend here at the tennis club at Newport Beach 41 courts 880 players all vying for championships foreign.

is finally here and so is the new era of pickleball Newport Beach is the Battleground no no ah he asked what it's gonna take that's what it's gonna take that's what they're.

Like foreign foreign.

Foreign next up you're going to play the waters tomorrow in the final they're known for the distinctive banging style what do you do against a team like that I mean we have to be ready they their game style works I mean they they they're in the finals for a reason.

no no ah all right.


foreign County Cup in San Clemente California bringing you all the live action here at.

The beautiful Lifetime Fitness GBA assigned a long-term contract with the lifetime fitnesses Across the Nation so you're gonna see us it was a great process working together with the team to put together the Orange County cup we believe that this facility is going to be a pinnacle stop on the tour not just because of the venue but.

Because of the fans and everybody else is coming out and energetic feel that they bring to the court the players love it the facility is great the town is supportive we love San Clemente obviously for us it was a new experience it was our largest Professional Event ever in the state of California and it was the largest event a professional.

Event in Southern California as well so I mean I think that's the coolest thing pickleball is Young I feel enough who the best players are just what's happening until you see the pros play it's a completely different game and they hit the ball so fast at each other so it's so fun to see that excitement and when.

You watch pickleball you want to play Pickleball so as far as an outcome of an overall tournament um I would say this one's probably been the best one so far on the PPA tour one thing I love about us and our team is our motto is to just get a little bit bigger and a little bit better every.

Single time and as you could tell the stands were packed the matches were incredible we had some of the best matches that we've seen so far on the PPA tour Anna Lee and Lee were fantastic all weekend Simoni and Lucy they played lights out I mean we were just super blessed to have the best players in the world complete competing and our team we.

Did a great job being able to create that platform for them to Excel and also for the fans to be able to come and enjoy amongst all the GPA tournaments foreign.

what an exchange Dancing Keep it manually back on that Baseline.

Finally able to approach the net and how about that winner oh how about the quick hands that have been John's.

charging all right welcome back everybody Dave.

Fleming here with fellow Senior Pro Rich Lopez we haven't fully completed pool play as there is a match on the back that will affect one of our matchups but I can tell you where the seeds netted out Jesse and Jay finish as the top seed Catherine and Riley so Catherine parento and Riley Newman are the two seeds.

The three seeds Leia Jensen and Tyson McGuffin they will play the winner of a match on the back which is involving Brandon French Shelby Bates Warren tamanaha and Sarah Burr the winner that will be the sixth seed and they will play Leia and Tyson but we've got the four and five seed here we've got Megan design.

Playing with Spencer Smith against Callen Dawson and Rachel Recker our first look at those two today and now that we're in the bracket two out of three to 11. the winner of this match will play Jesse Irvin and Jay davilier as the 4-5 seed winner so rich what's your mentality difference if any of going from a game.

To 15 to a game that's two out of three um you know I don't for me I don't think the mentality changes it's it's game on regardless of what I go to you know um but also with the two out of three at least you know hey if I have a bad first half I gotta I got more to play and I could we can re you know fix what had.

Happened we can you know strategize and change some things up so yeah game to 15 is quicker you don't have a lot of options effects but you know I'm excited to see what's going to happen here I'm looking forward to see our first look at uh Mr Dawson and and his uh partner so uh I.

Think we have a good show here yeah Rachel reutter got the bronze yesterday with Shelby Bates and the women's side and the lob Doctor Colin Dawson ready ready to go uh yeah so again the time to go is now this is the quarterfinals this is the Frisco Texas PPA we're rounding it up let's play Pickleball Megan designed to serve the.

Rachel Wrecker wrecker the Elmhurst University Blue Jay tennis player interesting matchup here for Colin Dawson and mega design they do play their share of events together so now they're staring across the match yeah most deck of cards only have one ace of spades but we got two ace of.

Spades on this court with Dawson Megan designed using that paddle from Pro Ken X says I'm sorry was he um probably not not do over sorry no exactly concerning for their health but we're not gonna retry it things.

And there it is track down Spencer Smith finishing power of design so they're able to overcome that perfect lob into the wind the wind is definitely at the back of design and Smith yeah great through side drop dry Spencer on that nice two-hander down the line.

I can't uncover the middle Rich yes sir Rachel Rucker showing you how she's got to get it down and she's gonna go middle yep real nice point from all four players and it's Colin Dawson who finishes former baseball star helps run with the rest of the great Dawson Nation the Bobby Riggs Racket and.

Paddle Club out in Encinitas California oh got a little net love there yeah those are the ones that are harder to see on TV the tiny fraction of the ball kicks off the tape and it's not where you thought it was going to be it usually hits you right Kellen Dawson's everywhere he's moving.

Well that lateral movement he's doing is awesome setting himself up really nice record and it's awesome we're doing jumping jacks before this match started they were fired up three two one people always talk about the way to hold the paddle and Dawson's that has a unique style of his own like a ping pong.

Style with the finger out front that's the beauty of this sport isn't it there is no right way to hold it there's a right way for you to hold it and Dawson's got his unique style of Works he's also a sidearm pitcher look at that sidearm serve all right.

Great anticipation by Callen Dawson there to let that ball go out he saw the speed up coming and it wasn't even phased thank you Dave got a question for you we want to decide when you're deciding to pick a side and where do you want to start on with the windy conditions.

What do you how do you go about that what do you think I'll have to answer that after this point foreign pulls the trigger if I'm playing a team that likes to drive it I want to end up with them with the wind at their back so I get mistakes at the buzzer when playing a team that likes to drop it and.

Play patient the exact opposite is true that's my philosophy foreign second third five two two that's a rare sighting in the Pro game oh there's a little bit of wind so it can happen.

But you're right it is rare from design again if you're just tuning in or you've watched all day just to set the record straight this is a quarter final that's two out of three winner of this gets Irvin and davilier instant replay different finish spot for Spencer Smith and that's the danger do.

You want to return to design if her drive is on you're welcoming trouble that is correct he's got the wind behind her and that Ball's coming what time they at least make her hit a backhand maybe one mile an hour slower than this vicious forehand up here.

Quiet but I tried the ATP but got the dreaded HTP hits the post so concerned for Dawson so he's trying to go down the middle there I think uh just to give Rachel wrecker some uh things right that ball that she hit from the ATP was wide before so she wasn't even trying inside out.

Quick hold for design and Spencer Smith there great play by Callen there you know he dropping the ball knowing Design's going to get there but he's looking for the next play so now she's out of position so she's got to be able to return it right over in an unattackable foreign.

Game number one Barry our referee thank you wow just dribbles over and just no angle that's the perfect dribbler yeah that's there's no coming back that's a point and no return there again this is a two out of three match games up to 11.

Foreign ball that design was ready to clobber but the wind brought it back away from her and she had to reach in at the last second couldn't get the full force what he tries to do more and design calls time out as she walks over to her chair so it is wrecker and Dawson up.

Three here in game one of the quarterfinals at the Frisco Texas PPA tour Roundup foreign Matt Wright is my lawyer well not right isn't here Izzy.

Nothing to say to you we can do this the easy way or the hard way bring me to jigsaw all right welcome back everybody Rachel Rector and Calla Dawson up 8-5 game number one here in design and Smith have called timeout.

All right Calen Dawson's everywhere yeah yeah I mean he's just continuing what he's been doing since uh point one right moving to have it as well I need three sets down yeah that's it right there another pop-up Dawson's just salivating record Dawson have a game Point again.

Thank you oh and a perfect tape for Spencer Smith there's he was reaching behind himself stranger things have happened rich and pickleball you get it you can keep it yeah weird bounce there doesn't come out we gotta stop action going on here High third gets punished by wrecker.

Second chance at game point here because I need to take a deep breath relax settled in just putting a lot of pressure on him got away with one now I wasn't full no ten five two inside out three tries have not gone their way to finish game number one.

Great initial reset from Rector but uh Dawson can't handle the next one so within four three one match or three game points excuse me saved everything gets a little harder and a little tighter definitely suddenly 10-1 5 seconds.

Opportunity was there for design 2010 too just lay it in the middle so if you're gonna go there you just got to anticipate where that next ball is going to be tad late will it be the fourth team like that wrecker and Dawson are able to finish her yes Spencer Smith who is frustrated.

With that Miss so game one goes to Dawson and redker we will switch sides best two out of three winner gets Irvin and davilier will be right back with game number two after this are you looking for Content are you looking to up your game by watching some of the best content in the game make.

Sure to go over to the McGuffin pickleball Club YouTube channel you can check out educational videos you can check out my Vlogs with my family or you can check out the McGu