look out like I'm in a big foreign to do something.

Don't worry cause everything around you just keeps on turning it just keeps up.

There got the future on your mind don't worry don't worry you've got the future on your mind no hurry now hurry.

Let's take it one day at a time foreign foreign.

foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign.

foreign foreign integrate DC open the PPA DC open Shelby.

I'm excited to be here um this is Clark Benassi again alongside my co-commentator today Shelby Bates and we're bringing you live action from today's men's semi-final main draw match it's the star-studded duo Ben and Colin Johns always a difficult out against another tricky team in agent Kohler and Chuck Taylor.

Ben just came off his uh finals gold medal match in mixed doubles that was live on CBS Sports impact house here he took that win with Annalee Waters against Lucy kovalova and Matt Wright here to serve game one Colin Johns zero zero two foreign yeah I mean what a great Point did I.

Open this up because we talked about it yesterday it's not about the ATP anymore it's about the defense of the ATP it's almost always coming back what's up oh AJ tried to be the big man in town but it didn't pay out for him it's always got to be interesting you.

Know Ben's shoes he just played a big final tons of people here awesome people have exited the premises it's still pretty packed but he just won a gold medal and now he's playing in a semi-final it's just a different kind of feel but that's what you get with pickleball through the middle there.

Yeah he definitely had to transition himself quickly playing mixed doubles um and now playing men's doubles they are two toys yeah Point perfect example of turning defense into offense probably not a better team out there that does it foreign making sure that you move with your.

Partner covering that middle AJ didn't think chuck could slid on that one two zero one yeah sorry that's a good point a couple points that I noticed in their match couple rounds ago against Jay and Tyson staying connected um to that imaginary string that we.

Talked about with both partner shadowing one another with their movement see if they can oh shut up tried to take it all for himself um I I don't know if Chuck and AJ have played together before but certainly haven't played together recently so right sometimes it takes you.

Know a little bit to get used to your partner if you haven't played with them in a little bit or actually never played with them sure yeah Chuck's doing a good job I was talking about this earlier he's got a very difficult job today um one two one touch on it a little bit after this point.

Oh could leave to me Chuck's almost playing mixed doubles right because AJ likes to get big he thrives I think when he can move side to side so she has to pick his times to insert himself and then also be so Vigilant about giving his partner space and that's difficult it's not always easy sometimes having a ball company that you think you're gonna.

Hit as a winner and having to sign over for your partner he's doing a great job of that actually you'll see both teams do that too I mean Ben really likes to cover a lot of Court too but him and Colin know each other inside out and backwards so Colin absolutely knows when to slide over which balls to take and which balls.

Ben is really going to be aggressive on sure three two two I like that speed up hold it on the paddle longer yeah Chuck's gotten so good at that move I saw it a couple or two times again it's match against Jane Tyson that I'll keep talking about because of how well he picked his level.

Of playoff holding that battle angle with the paddle phase into the last second not disguising where he's going oh pants that took one and then left it a little too high yep and you know that's a tough one too you saw Chuck slide over there because he's thinking I want to give my partner a little bit more space so two.

Four one I've got a great strategy but it's not always going to work out the way they wanted to foreign flick at that ball and roll it over defense or offense Shelby I'm gonna call him after this game because he's got a good wrist workout I heard I think I need to really.

Really put myself on that regiment myself a lot of us do yeah foreign yeah I mean that's phenomenal playing he just didn't back down stood really big at the kitchen line and you know made them made the Johns Brothers really get balls back but you want to be capitalized.

Foreign yeah ready for that one he wanted it slit his feet over sat right on that backhand six two one right down to the feet of the Johns Brothers AJ's got a smile on his face he's having a good time seven two one always good to see.

You see Ben do a good job of this when they're playing um those High balls going through the middle making them either guess who's going to take them and then making them close the middle and then opening up to the outside it's really important you know you have to know in pickleball not the first shot is going to be a winner.

Every time sure yeah he's a super aware player it's almost like he's got two sets of eyes one on the ball one on the other team so good at just putting the ball where this where it needs to go it's a nice speed up from Chuck Ben's been gonna work on that straight on attack.

Towards Chuck but Chuck's gonna win recently so I think he's going more of a cross court dink battle with AJ thank you so nice the no look behind the back of AJ he thought it was going to the middle John is always Collins not a player we made highlight a ton but that's not to say that he's not.

Doing a great job I mean he's such a solid rock he does his job probably better than anybody else you know he the one that he makes Ben look even better than Ben is you know Ben is the one putting the balls away Colin though is actually doing a lot of the work but putting all those balls back in play really playing.

Phenomenal defense AJ said nope try yeah yeah I would have liked down in town or reset that a couple more times drop the ball into the kitchen and work their way up as a team it's a little bit too much of a premature attack but um again when you're Ben shots you can you you can usually make the.

Shots like that work yes God I haven't lost that was a weird return what a weird bounce getting very sunny today a little bit warmer in the Sun it's actually a beautiful day here in College Park Maryland yeah too shallow yeah right down the.

Street from the University of Maryland just outside Washington DC great venue PPA tour has never been to the jtcc tennis center so it's really cool to see pickleball at its highest level being played in different areas of the country I think it's phenomenal for the sport I.

Think a lot of these tennis players wow that one hurts yeah he's gonna want that one back a lot of the tennis players that I've talked to have really interesting we've been watching this some of them have never even seen pickleball before so it's growing whether people like it or not.

HHS misses that attack second Circle smart to go down the middle is a little bit too much juice on it again hold it on his paddle um you know playing the John's Brothers they really know how to work well with each other playing them you really have to pick your spots on the court and hit your targets precisely.

Okay oh wow that's quite tough to get out of that point but they may then hit one extra ball for sure I wouldn't lie if I said it wasn't a little surprise right now um shocking AJ are playing really solid pickleball we're up ten five one two.

Game points here in the semi-final match not what I expected to be seen not to say that they're bad players at all they're great players we're used to the Johns Brothers getting through pretty quickly wow Chuck has really done a good job of opening up middle setting it up holding that ball and kind of making the Jonas.

Brothers look at each other like was who was supposed to take that ball sure I mean that's how they got up so quickly yeah and they've been here before we know they're obviously uh really close They Know Each Other's games like the back of their hands as you said we're gonna be back after a short break with.

This men's semi-final matchup at the PPA DC open presented by integrate I'm gonna say she's a solid three five nah she's definitely a 2.5 guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 foreign guys come on I'm at least the 40.

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Integrate PPA DC open this is the men's semi-final matchup has been in college AJ Kohler and Chuck Taylor Clark Benassi this is Shelby Bates live action review all afternoon you know you see AJ doing a really good job of looking in that Hunter position staying low and close to the kitchen.

Line and he's really the one dictating those days right now yeah he is he's so solid especially when he gets down low like that it's very hard to get the ball by him could have had it but he got to get the ball down low you know it's funny uh AJ didn't come from tennis so he doesn't really have.

That bracket Sports background became zero was a hockey player yeah big hockey player but that's how he's able to like get low use his legs at the kitchen and really be that Hunter oh that's a good speed up from Colin yes AJ was ready I love the word hunter that you use it really embodies exactly how.

He looks on the court as you said he's always almost ready to pounce thank you sorry boil through the middle again just missed it in the net yeah a couple inches too short yeah they're reconvening about something strategy to close this out in two if they can.

That would be an upset for sure oh point it's a nice spot from Colin but I thought he was thinking Cross Court and I'm sure AJ and Chuck did too again that's what we talk about holding the paddle into the last second before deciding where you're going to go it's got to be set though when you're going to attack you can't be really you.

Know not ready for that next ball if you're gonna attack you got to have your feet set oh boy a little unlucky from the net receivers such a great Point shall be something that I always emphasize with beginning players when I'm first starting to work with them give them lessons Etc is set.

Your feet before hitting that shot it's going to be a lot harder to hit an accurate shot while you're moving forwards backwards sideways versus if you're stuck and still and in that ready position it becomes so much easier and pickleball is all about making it as easy and as simple as possible sometimes and I think people can tend to get away.

From that mission that idea of um of making it easier on yourself and your and your partner yes and you know at this high level if you attack for the most part that ball is coming back so if you attack when you're not in a good position I'm not ready for that calendar and you know hoping that it's a good ball for you to put away but you got to.

Be ready for that sure Point shock wants that one back it's uncharacteristic of him but this is kind of what he expected of the John's Brothers stepping their level up cow Fleek in their case even this point and Collins shaking his head a little bit at his brother for hitting the ball.

That he thought was going out but then did his job second sir it's tough obviously these Pros can speed the ball Up From Below them which I find which is incredible incredible but that one was really low it was a tough attack you know it's in the first game you really saw Chuck and AJ uh.

Doing the right things moving the ball around speeding it up finding it stops making every single ball and unfortunately for this in this game for them uh they've been in the same situation but missed expect all those close balls and that's how they're down one seven already but that's pickleball yep could go in either direction.

Switch of a hat really that ball didn't come up Ben's gonna check the ball Colin's gonna look at the ground and frustration a little bit there I swear sometimes the ground does funky things when the ball hits right and I think you gotta remember you know we're playing with a ball that's made out of.

Plastic we're not always going to get perfect bounce right no but it's still it still is frustrating it is frustrating we've all been there many times I was there today too much me too foreign sometimes really doesn't help you out yeah Colin.

Hit the ball that was going out but sometimes we'll talk about the fact that if you locked him that ball went in doubt just go ahead and hit it it's not worth letting it go sometimes nice Ball by AJ a little close for comfort but got it it's spot from him oh point that nine two two they're on the couch.

I'm sending this to a third final game to decide the semi-final s oh oh the setup is perfect he just gotta get his paddle down Chuck has is known he loves to earn enough for those of you watching don't know what an Ernie is when you jump outside the kitchen line take that ball.

The net yeah that's a great play by AJ I mean the Johns are going to make him hit one more ball yeah that's so good for me I love watching AJ Chuck's chemistry yes you said Chuck's play with numerous Partners um one because you know he's sort of a relative new incomer when it comes to.

The top top Pros he's really kind of broken and recently become more like his household name I'd say within the last eight months or so so a lot of people want to play with him another after every point I mean I think that's key in a partnership you've got to believe in your partner Shelby that's what you that's what you.

Call a nutmeg when the ball goes on your legs soccer term got it never heard that one before I mean Ben Point same thing you know moved outside that ball really didn't know Chuck really didn't really really didn't know where he was going with that ball.

As we expected the Johns Brothers step their level up they're not going to lose two games that are out that would be very rare for a team of their caliber so they're going to send it to a third game again this is the PPA integrate DC open we're here in College Park Maryland just outside the University of Maryland in Washington D.C.

Excited to be bringing you guys live action from today's pro men's and pro women's doubles matches we'll be right back after this message foreign foreign guys thanks for tuning in this is Clark.

Benassi alongside Mike Shelby Bates we're bringing you guys live action from today's Men's Pro doubles semi-final it's the Johns Brothers Colin again taking on AJ Kohler and Chuck Taylor team that's made an incredible run today top opponents.

Right now yeah it's too good for AJ it took game one eleven to five for John's Brothers as we expected stepped it up took the second game 11-2 see what's gonna happen in this third game why is everyone it's gonna be tight I'd like to think that whoever comes out and lose the losing end is going to have.

At least seven seconds points see it being one of those tight-thirds I think it's going to be a tight one I mean they beat uh Jay devilier and Tyson McGuffin yeah in the quarterfinal match 9 11 11 9 11 4 to get here against the Johns Brothers it for their first semi-final match of the day zero one one.

What's that attack in the first game that that Chuck was making every time beforehand holding it a little long through the middle I don't think Ben was really expecting that no no he wasn't and shocks got deceptively fast hands don't know if he has a tennis background I believe he does uh he played a little bit of tennis in high school I heard him.

Actually telling a fan that earlier today sure um so I don't know what sports he's actually played it'd be interesting to find out you obviously came from a tennis background you played tennis in college um to this point about just how those skills can translate into pickleball so.

Well foreign really puts a lot of power on that ball while while rolling it down sure to the ground oh oh that's in good hands by all reffing this match today highlight our.

Umpires for doing a fantastic job all weekend Long Adam Goldsmith and Mike Nella Kano yeah we appreciate their help it's not an easy job reach into the kitchen take that ball out of the air take away time and be aggressive on that ball and Chuck just did that there.

It's too good from Ben he's got such a long reach and his wrists again it's so strong yes be able to really flick that ball with pace and Pop I actually think though if aj his time took that off a bounce he might have been able to hit a better shot keep it a little lower but he makes up for it there and he says I'm gonna take that ball.

All four of these guys are competitors and it's great to see this going to a third and final deciding game oh chocolate for the Ernie again he loves that shot too high too high yeah it's going to be hard to to win a point if you do that against Ben Johns yeah he's.

Not once again Point yeah it's too good for Ben again staying aggressive and not ever backing off I think especially as you were saying before you know how AJ does it once you're on the offensive and you hit one or two shots at their feet stay on them get anything up at all keep a foot on the gas.

I mean all these players do that well but AJ especially yes thank you like ages enthusiasm and him liking to be aggressive and take a lot of balls but sometimes I think if he's if you're not in that good relationship you've got to let your.

Partner play a little bit and reset a ball maybe and and then get yourself back into that position to stay aggressive sure very easier said than done from up here watching and then when you're in that point In the Heat of the Moment yes it's tough yeah and sometimes obviously it.

Confuses the two you know there's Chuck sitting there wondering am I taking this Ball's AEG stepping over obviously they work on that they talk through that um you know they've been training practicing for this training all week together so it's one of the main talking points of their strategy but it's it's always a work in progress and.

Obviously the more communication the better a little lower two three one you know I again I think one of those balls that AJ Khaled had Chuck have that and I have put them in a better position I will say from the looks of it Ben put so much spin on that ball and it kind of.

Rolled away from AJ yup foreign I think AJ's won probably at least five limbo contests in his lifetime I mean he gets so low on the court I really think he's probably one of the players that gets the lowest out of anybody certainly he's got some strong legs a strong lower half from.

Hockey that's what you need you're on your feet constantly skating and just gets to show how a man pickleball sorry a non-paddle a rocket sport can still translate yes yes three three one three one in game three that's Pro double semi-final second sir.

Three three two oh I love that what's up I want to call it a burp but he hit that with a forehand through the middle that was incredible yeah an unconventional burp but yeah Bert's not a term we use a lot of dirt again is an Ernie on the opposite side so on the side you're not playing on so it's.

Hopping that kitchen line land ing outside the court and you know somebody else that does that so well Jay devillier okay yeah three four one point four four one that's a good shot put a lot of pace on it and it dipped right at the net.

You see AJ you see AJ shaking his head like yep that was good yeah five four one might not want to admit it but he knows it and he knows it oh yeah yep it's crazy he can get on that ball at one point it looks like it's going out put so much Pace on it but he's also snapping his.

Wrists in an upward Direction brushing up on the ball and that's what gets it to dip down at the net I mean sorry at the line rather such an effective shot and you don't know whether to get out of the way of it or try to play it it's a phenomenal match we've got so far.

If you guys are tuning in if you've just tuned in if you've been watching the crowd has been phenomenal all weekend long today it's been absolutely Electric stands or paths we've got people in the shade underneath the awning at the jtcc tennis center filling the seats on all sides of the Court Shelby and I have a really nice position we're perched up.

High behind the Baseline it's a little lovely uh big LED screen but it's a pretty cool angle we've got we're pretty lucky yeah and uh warmer here and the sun is shining so it makes for a fantastic fall October day in College Park Maryland yeah Shelby talk to us a little bit.

About how tennis has helped you transition to this Sport AS some of those skills necessary in a rocket sport like tennis that have allowed you to be successful yeah um you know obviously being able to hit the ball and being able to have that hand-eye coordination coming from tennis but uh has helped and you know your.

Reaction time at the kitchen line volleys and things like that but I will say there are some differences between tennis and pickleball um like a dinking at the kitchen and really you know having that patience it's not something you really do in tennis but also in tennis you know if somebody gets.

An overhead it's probably being put away on the first ball and in pickleball you really have to learn that sometimes it might take two or three or four balls to put that ball away before your time to actually win the points because it's such a small Court we're playing with a plastic ball it doesn't go as far um so it the hand-eye coordination.

Definitely helps sure but there's some little nuances that you have to learn when you're coming into the sport from a sport like tennis of course thank you keeping that pressure through the middle and just keeping that slow low ball that really has nothing on it yeah smart play by AJ the Johns Brothers.

Up 7-4 in the third game inch closer and closer keep looking at the spot in the finals foreign keeping them in the point at times yeah AJ wants that one back and he missed at this point in the match is super critical.

Timeout as I thought they would smart move yeah you know timeouts are really key uh when you're playing uh and you know these timeouts don't go to they you can't save them so you might as well use them but we will catch you after this break we'll be right back the PPA DC open presented by integrate Dorothy I really think you'd like the.

Magnesium perfect I'd be happy to get that shipped out to you today thanks Dorothy you too come on does he do that every time every time happy birthday Matt oh thanks Lucy oh wow and another one.

Oh you shouldn't have I have one more surprise for you okay oh come on I love it babe I'm back guys this is EPA integrate DC open Live from College Park Maryland right outside Washington Pro double semi-final the Johns Brothers Colin Ben taking on AJ Kohler.

You and I are grimacing up here because AJ's had about two or three of those in the last two minutes span oh wow great move below the net just a little bit off speed right into the armpit of Chuck Taylor that was a phenomenal match between the two of them great match high level pickleball Chuck and AJ I mean what a great job you've.

Got to applaud their effort played phenomenally in the first game you had a feeling that John's Brothers we're gonna step it up and they did they took the second game to send it to a deciding third you never know what's gonna happen in the third but you'd like to think if the Johns Brothers go to a deciding game they're gonna make it close at the very.

Least and they did um they were off to a hot start and in pickleball you get out to a hot start having to score on your serve makes coming back very difficult because not only do you have to play defense and get the point on both of the other players serves but then you've got to come back and score on your own yeah so that was a.

Phenomenal showing by the two of them but the Johns Brothers took that game they will hold their spot in the finals of the gold medal match tomorrow for this next one I know you are too so we'll be right back at the PPA integrate DC open for the women's semifinals nice.

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Early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again.

Welcome back everyone to Center Court Colin Johns Ben Johns have placed themselves in Championship Sunday tomorrow guys that was a really tight match but you're able to run away with it in game three what was working well uh yeah I think we came out a little slow in game one for sure but uh that's been known to happen to us from time to.

Time uh and AJ is a really hot player as is Chuck I think AJ was just playing lighting fast and it's almost you know you're in shock for a couple points like all right we gotta we gotta buckle down and uh hold back the tide a little bit with that so I think game two uh with the wind a little bit maybe the ball's slowed down slightly and that helped and.

Then once we kind of got comfortable in that game we were able to play a lot better in game three well talking about AJ and Chuck it was one of their first times playing together they're very aggressive players they also have great hands how do you effectively play against a team like that yeah we've played it against both of them uh many.

Times but never together so it's always interesting to see new matchups and they came out firing so definitely a team that I'm sure we'll see again they play well together well then this will land you in your third final you just won one of the finals earlier today what are the odds that in your hometown here in Washington.

DC You're Gonna Come Away with a Triple Crown never tell me the odds uh but I'll do my best for you guys go rest up that's from you today we're gonna a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I missed hit the ball a lot um.

Foreign has more taste and only one more calorie than Michelob Ultra.

Thank you fans welcome back to the PPA integrate DC open we're live in College Park Maryland just outside Washington DC bringing you live action all day long and today we've got.

No women's doubles star studded yes I like to use that term a lot but I mean how well does that term Encompass this team we've got in front of us Anna Lee Waters and Lee Waters taking on captain in their first semi-final match of the day yeah I'm excited for this one Shelby you know.

It's gonna be good no I mean already yeah Point started long rally making them everybody hit lots of balls yeah we might need to bring in some lights this could be a long match oh nice thing bye-bye.

That is an incredible unbelievable point you know that none of these girls are gonna back down they're gonna go for every ball and show you how to transition from defense to offense Insanity back to defense back to offense and capitalize on that point yeah I mean that's the name of the game.

And pickleball is into Shelby it's it's having to play defense one second and offense the very next and going back and forth but remember guys she's 15. she could move all over that course if she does a phenomenal job of just letting go of that fear and going for that ball because she wants it.

Shelby Bates in the booth alongside me I'm Clark Benassi we're super excited to be talking to you guys today bringing you live action from this extremely high level matchup for just incredible players oh yeah Emily has one of the best backhands in the game I wouldn't test it no no question about.

It she is so accurate with it and she puts so much pop on her shots oh she missed the little line she Emily really had Leia on her heels that whole game but that whole point sorry uh and Leia really did a good job of getting out of it get keeping up all low so she.

Was able to then be aggressive and set that point up for them you know this really impressed me is Leia Jansen she has been a phenomenal player someone that really struggled I think to make it through to the top of the uh the really the absolute top of the pro game for a little while but she just kept working at it and she's played.

With phenomenal players practice with phenomenal players she is such a competitor and she almost makes you feel like she can hit the ball wherever she wants she's got power she's got finesse you know she was a high-level tennis player yep and she's really worked at.

Getting to the top and she's proven to us now why she is one of the top players yes yes no doubt and it obviously helps to be playing alongside another top player and Catherine parento who's just an absolute rock is what I like to say she is so solid she doesn't give she doesn't Bend she doesn't break no so they make a great partnership.

That's why this matchup is so exciting I mean you've just got two teams that you're regularly used to see losing oh it's a good spot always you know Finding someone's inside hip you know most people are ready with a backhand or hoping for a high for him but finding.

That inside hip or that little uh area underneath the armpit is smart spot sure yeah obviously as the pro game has evolved as these players have gotten better it's not just become hey let's attack them it's become where are we going to attack them the hip the shoulder and you better hit that spot yep.

Something actually she was telling me yesterday she's like it's so hard for me to get out of the way but she did it there yeah she pulled a matrix move is what I like to say sometimes it's hard to let those balls go you're in the way you're in the game you're you know you're ready for that ball but.

Some of those balls really fly and you have to pick the ones to let go oh second serve I don't know that first take a little high maybe she was trying to bait Lee into that yeah she was on it though yeah she was she wanted it I just oh that's too much pop off the paddle yep.

You know and a perfect example too I like to say you shoot from the knees right don't use the hand don't use the wrist it all comes from bending getting down low because if you can do that it makes every single shot so much easier so much more accurate as you really have to stay low in this game and we are going to take a time out because.

Parento and Jansen have gone up a quick 6-2 lead against the waters yup they're playing phenomenal pickleball we'll see if the waters can claw their way back into this first game but we'll be right back after this message at the PPA DC open.

Thank you I think it's 120 milligrams let me check on that really quick it's 125. oh it's 125 milligrams UPS or FedEx for this one FedEx they deliver on Saturday it's three minutes on high it's pound then the number orange evokes energy and vitality.

How does he know all this stuff that's always right no shows unknowns things that are unclear we need to we need to dive into the yellow one welcome back to the PPA integrate DC open we're right outside the University of Maryland in Washington DC bringing you guys live action from today's women's semi-final matchup this is pro.

Women's doubles Jansen taking on the waters analy and Lee not a way to come out of a time-out I know Lee wants that one back after after asking for the timeout so we'll see what they can do here oh it's unlucky unlucky for the waters that.

Court sometimes you're in luck sometimes bad luck yep oh shoot this is that one like yeah I'd like to see the players maybe giving that a Little Love a Little Kiss a little hug every once in a while I used to do that as a soccer no you got to pay the net you're gonna pay it there you go.

Yeah there's a piggy bank somewhere built in there maybe on the side yes used to always kiss the post in soccer anytime you can hit a ball off the post it's like thanks for saving us it's too good one thing the pros do so well in this match and a lot of the top.

Players they play to the situation if they're on defense they play defense if they're in a situation where they should drop the ball they drop it they're supposed to drive they drive and being able to mix it up and go back and forth takes a lot of discipline but both these teams do that so well oh yeah that's a nice spot for the metal.

Yeah it's nasty from um see the water make a huge come back and Catherine and Leia have taken a time out like we were saying before it's really smart to use these timeouts like I said they you know you can't save them right so don't waste them yeah I like to say don't go home with your timeout no you can't so it's smart you see teams.

Use a time out either defensively when they've lost a couple points their team is really hot you want to use that time out but sometimes you want to use that in an offensive timeout if you're in a lead but you haven't been able to capitalize on that lead so you might take a time out and say Hey Okay reset this is what we need to do this is the.

Spots we need to hit and it's really important to talk to your partner and breathe during those timeouts to gather your thoughts get your stuff together and then go back out hot when you get back out on that Court 100 you know the thing about pickleball like a lot of other racket Sports there's no time limit right there's no clock ticking.

Down make this match is long or as short as you want but in the of somebody trying to take it take it down take your time sometimes you get caught up in the moment a little bit and it's important to take a little step back figure out what you could maybe switch or as you said take some time to just catch your breath.

You don't see an enforced air from her too often no but you actually see both of these teams using the middle yep and kind of even though both of these teams have played together and they know their Partners well sometimes it's it you've got to use that middle and really make those teams question whose ball that is am I.

Supposed to take it or are you supposed to take that see flying analy come in but she misses a little long there we've got a tight first game this is a lot of fun it's an 8-5-1 to Jansen and parento can they hold on again using that middle yeah look at the commentator curse there.

Is still three points away from taking his first game and against the team like the waters if you have an opportunity like that and take it Orange it's a good lead by Lee yeah we'll see if they can claw their way back into this put some scoreboard pressure on Janson and parento.

Foreign wanted it yep and Lead did such a good job of working your way back in she didn't work her way back in too quickly so that's another thing we talk about how disciplined these players are sometimes it takes two three four successful drops into the kitchen line before you feel like you.

Can steal that spacing work your way up second sir yeah and I think you know for when you're starting to learn pickleball uh we tell everyone get to the kitchen line which yes that is where you want to get but as you improve your game you really need to think about uh it's not get to the kitchen on the first shot it's hit the right shot move in maybe.

Get to that transition line reset that ball and then keep moving in slowly sure come on again not not a black and white sport you really need to again sorry gotta cut you off there but again using the middle yeah no very smart they're doing exactly what you said attacking that middle.

Where there's some space tie up Lee and Annalee in terms of deciding who's going to get this ball and trying to pull one of them out of position with that middle dink oh wow she's gonna want that one back as I was saying though not a black and white sport in the sense that hey you have to hit this shot or this shot it's.

All dependent on the situation you're in absolutely I thought these dink may even have been sailing wide it was going to be close sometimes you know those close ones you you gotta hit it because you don't know and you would hate to see it land in no 100 who's that.

The referee confirms it was out it's called out by the waters Catherine asked the ref for confirmation foreign really made sure to get that one down to really snap it into the court make sure she didn't miss that one um a couple of Misses from Catherine the last couple points but actually.

I'm from Florida as is the waters and Catherine and I was talking the waters earlier it's a little different here it's a dry cold air this ball flies and some of us are not used to that down in Florida ball gets a little bit mushier it's hot it's humid and that air really does make a difference on what it does to the.

Ball oh yeah that's a perfect spot right at the bottom yeah yeah not a lot you can do there it's like Lee was Lee was Slaughter feet to get in position but you know that's the great definitely interesting thing about attacks.

Sometimes they don't even have to be going in but if it's put if the attack is really hit with pace and with Precision you can't get out of the way and Ben Johns as we saw in the last match another great player who's so good at that attacking the body in such a quick manner uh that whoever's across from him can't really do much yes and uh.

You know I talking about this before with you is when you're going to attack you need to make sure your feet are set because you need to be ready for that ball to come back yes and maybe if somebody's ready to attack back you have to be ready there and if your feet aren't set you're not ready so it's important.

When hitting your shots making sure that you're ready for the next ball of course no I think it's phenomenal I mean in terms of looking at how many tennis players former and current tennis players are now playing such a high level pickleball we talk about it all the time but um you know as someone who didn't play.

Tennis I just played soccer I see obviously how well those skills translate at least 50 of the top Pros played tennis to some degree in their lifetime most of the players on this court should have played tennis yep they all have it's a good spot I think but I think we'll see more and more tennis players.

Start transitioning into the game of pickleball I assumed in tennis it's very tough if you're outside that top 200 300 to make decent money make a good comfortable one whereas pickleball is so new so exciting it's still really in its infancy but at the same time growing at such a rapid rate I think we'll see more tennis players recognizing the.

Opportunity I think so uh some you know high-level tennis players might uh but the lower ones this is fun this is where they should be yeah I'll be morally reset every single ball every single one into the kitchen which is just fantastic but again Relentless.

Pressure from the waters to keep them back keep them honest yes talking about you know picking their spots being patient making sure they have the right ball she just missed it nope yeah they're gonna ask the referee for confirmation but that was.

Thank you definitely wide at least again that's why I'm not the referee no that's why I wouldn't want to be either nope they have a they have a hard job sometimes definitely not I can tell you that as a fire sometimes it is tough when a referee doesn't go your way but.

They're just doing their job and they're out there just trying to do the best that they can oh then that helped Catherine and Leia a little bit waters are gonna take game one here at the PPA and degree DC open this is the pro women's doubles semi-final between Leia Jance and Catherine parento against.

The waters Lee and Annalee will be back for game two Clark Benassi alongside Shelby Bates stay tuned he stands a Titan in the arena a legend of the game that holds one.

Thing Above All Else the will to endure ferocious an attack and Relentless in his pursuit to be the best to be number one Tyson McGuffin and cell per Explorer champions of pickleball guys thanks so much for tuning in this is Clark ganasi alongside Shelby Bates.

Bringing you live action from today's pro women's doubles semi-final matchup we've got Atlanta Jansen and Catherine parento teaming up against Lee Waters and Anna Lee Waters and one zero two I think I'd be a little nervous if I was playing against the waters I'm not gonna lie ah Catherine and Leia are handling this tremendously they actually had a.

Decent lead in game one but we saw the waters claw the way back into it take the first game yeah we talked Shelby about all these tennis players transitioning to pickleball and it's medium level tennis players guys like Sam query even Serena announced that she may give it a shot Kim klysters recently.

Seen playing a lot of pickleball again involved and I think it's just great for the sport you know goes to show you that um as I said yesterday I think these two sports Can co-exist it can be complementary of one another you know they should oh yes um it it's definitely interesting to see some tennis players hate pickleball.

But I think if they just gave it a chance they would really learn learn to love it because it's a lot of fun yeah it actually really makes you think a lot more than some other sports it really does wow you see Leia try and speed it up but hey IO is waiting in the middle there with.

Her back end just the way she likes it and Anna Lee is such a great example I think for any young athlete out there anyone that's young that has a dream that wants to play sports at a high level I mean look at what she's done she's dedicated the time and the effort into the sport and it shows she wears her heart on her sleeve such a respected.

Figure in the pickleball community and obviously an incredible player arguably the best women's player in the game right now yeah um certainly they're always going to be pundits the pundits that may say otherwise but in my opinion she's top of the line she is I mean I think she's going for her sixth Triple Crown yeah.

Phenomenal this weekend so you know if she makes it to the gold medal match but she is doing a fantastic job yeah she is she is and I mean this is her full-time gig yeah I mean she used to play soccer she used to play.

Tennis and she decided I'm gonna give it all to pickleball and I think it just goes to show that young kids looking to really take the sport seriously if they do and if they are good and talented can make a living doing this for a full time yes and the Washington Post did an article on her the other day saying that.

College could wait College will always be there with this opportunity will not always be there so she really wants to capitalize on it a great Point all around great Point yeah if you guys are just tuning in this is the integrate PPA DC open we're right outside the University of Maryland in game two of the women's Pro double.

Semi-final matchup I probably used to seeing the matching outfit pair of beauty and angry Waters wow they're taking our captain under Jansen the waters took game once wearing into it too and it's four two the waters lead they are just coming out uh you know you've seen when pickleball first.

Started it was a slower game and they totally changed that took it by storm played Super aggressive and Catherine and Leia are down but taking a time out so we will catch you back after this break at the PPA integrate DC open stay right there not today breaks over.

Drop something that's a wicked backhand foreign folks welcome back to the PPA integrated DC open we've got women's Pro doubles semi-final match up the waters taking on so only a chance and there it is again Relentless pressure from the waters.

Emily does that so well cutting into the middle of her mother's forehand drive to really initiate that aggressive pressure yeah and it's interesting to see her do it because she loves to do it uh when she plays the right side and cut over that ball on her backhand it's not always easy sometimes it's so hard to let those.

Balls go or know which one is the right ball to let go sure um but as you play as you have that experience as you get to the top of the game you really learn which balls you have to let go yeah 100 I'll tell you what is somebody that plays singles I just started playing pro singles I'm not as strong of the doubles or mixed doubles player when I find.

Myself in this double situation sliding a ball go is very very difficult yes sometimes it is not easy like I liked it up maybe wait a little bit because ale really likes the fat kid in the middle she's sitting there.

Wow oh and I just missed a little bit wide yeah incredible hands from Annalee yeah we are here if you are just tuning in to the semi-final match first semi-final match of the women's Pro doubles here we have Waters playing Leia and Catherine referee Becky gilcott and Carolyn duncanson Shelby.

Waters team is the 7-2 after taking the first game 11-8 they're on their second serve can they close it out in two they don't want to go to a third obviously Catherine and Leia are going to do everything they can to send it set it to a decide send it to it aside again yes see the waters is coming out super aggressive that's what.

They love to do best yeah it almost looked like a gust of wind came in there as soon as she was trying to return that ball the ball just kind of dipped right into the net wow you know another thing we talk about is scoreboard pressure right so we came into this maybe.

Um you know set of serving from Catherine and Leia where they were down two three seven every point they get is gonna put more pressure on the waters yes because can't get everything back at once all you can do is take it one time at a time yes you know that's super important when you are the team that's down and saying okay you don't have to.

Do this in eight points sure but just one point at a time and that's what Leia and Catherine are doing super well right now and you see Waters taking a time out because they don't like that comeback by Leia and Catherine yeah it's always a good feeling when you force the other team to take a time out you know you're doing your job but again they've got to.

Keep the foot on the gas here the waters are so good and uh just a drop in level for one or two points sometimes is enough to lose a game and lose the match in this case yes and you know just making sure that you use that time out talk to your partner think about the strategy breathe but as the team that is forcing the other team to take a timeout.

Sure making sure that you come back from that time out just as strong as you left that time before that time out so we'll see what happens after this yeah and in the other side of the draw we will have Jesse Irvin and Irina tarashenko taking on Lucy kovaleva and Cali Smith and the other women's Pro double.

Semi-final match what a match coming up later I'm excited for that I want to give a quick shout out to the Saint Pete Florida area that's where I live that's where I'm uh now where I like to say I'm from um in the Crescent Lake Squad it's the local park I play my pickles and just.

Talk about a great group of individuals so fun to be able to be around that so much fun so many good players that have made me a better player and given me so many tips on how to get better thank you 10. wow she's gonna miss it she slid perfectly to sit on that backhand she.

Missed it by an in is calculated and we've got seven five nine the water's leading four points away from booking their ticket into the phones that was a good timeout but the waters oh yeah and she uses that angle off the court into the stands Annalee was not able to reach that one so they are serving on the two.

Seven five two yeah this is a big opportunity for Catherine Lee if they can hold here get the ball back it's not what they needed there no the waters are going to love that they'll take that all day long it's a big hold for them they're going to get the ball back at five eight see if they can string a couple points.

Together and make winning the second game a little bit more manageable foreign sort of down at the feet of Catherine's taught to get that ball back up yes it's not about sometimes not about how hard you hit it but making sure you know you hit your spot sure taking even a little bit of.

Pace off you catch the other team off guard sometimes yeah right away slid into the middle on that forehand side oh that he screams she wants that one back it's perfectly set up that was a greatly constructed point foreign.

ERS were able to get back up to the kitchen line but Leia Catherine took it in the game wow it's a good lead it's an incredible defense but Waters were too much you know I was I was talking earlier about Saint Pete you know that's kind of my.

Hometown pickleball group I think it's so important as a player whether you're an amateur beginner an expert find a fun group that you can count on to consistently play to lean on for advice I think it's just so important and again a testament to just how inclusive the sport is you know I grew up in the Towson Maryland area about 45 minutes.

From here played with a lot of dads and moms in the neighborhood and they were so great that taught me the game they taught me the rules made me feel a part of the group and you know it's it's just amazing sport is I think that's the cool thing about this sport is that uh obviously you want to play with.

People if your level are higher than you to play get better but you find people of all levels playing together and everyone can have fun in this game foreign ERS like to play Super aggressive going for their shots and making this a little bit more of a power game than than most yeah annalize stuck that eight ball in.

The corner yeah forces Leia and Catherine to take another time out because coming out of that timeout the waters have taken a lead in this game too after winning game one they are up nine five Catherine and Leia are going to discuss what they need to do to get out of this timeout get the ball back and hopefully.

Put some more points on the board yeah it's going to be top obviously we talked a lot earlier about them dinking into the middle of the court I think they're really going to have to buckle down here have some discipline be a little bit tighter on their shots I like to see a few less attacks from them because because I think you know.

Obviously the waters like to speed it up eventually right so can Leia and Catherine be the one to counter instead of speed it up we've run the statistics on who gets more points the team that speeds it up first or the team that counters first tends to be the team that speeds it up first but I think that for the most part here and again it's about.

50 50 but I think here when you're down in this second game with the chance to book your ticket to the finals for Romans Pro doubles you have to be a little bit tighter a little more conservative here yes I mean I'd really like to see that I use that middle a little bit more it showed in game one that got them some more points we'll see.

Catherine and layer do a switch but it won't pay off for that yeah and Leia turned around and said that was out easier said than done done sometimes to let those balls go yeah oh and finally Waters and Lee waters are in their spot in the gold medal match tomorrow for women's Pro doubles they.

Will take on the winner of the match between Lucy kovalova Cali Smith Jesse Irvin and Irina tarashenko yeah it's going to be a great match we're excited to bring the live action of that one to you guys we'll be right back after a message a couple of our sponsors this is the PPA integrate DC open.

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Advisors get it we'll partner with you to create a unique financial plan and coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to bring it all together so you have more time for what matters most welcome back to Center Court everyone Lee and Anna Lee have earned their spot and Championship Sunday tomorrow together guys your opponents were.

Leading by a significant margin in game one I believe it was eight two how did you work your way back into game one I think the crowd played a huge part of it here we've just felt so supported in DC so thank you guys that's definitely one thing I also think Leia and Catherine came out playing really well and I think we were you know kind of put it back and.

We started playing a little too soft so we had to you know change our game plan and go back to playing aggressive which is our game will the Sun have snuck behind this building here it's created some interesting Shadows on court talk about how those play out into the game yeah when we started the match the court was.

Like half shaded and we thought we were on the bad side we thought we started on the bad side by the time we switched the court was almost completely shaded and now we were on the bad side so um so our strategy worked against us but we just really told each other to focus on the ball and uh I guess it paid off well Annalee we know you're homeschooled.

You have to do a lot of homework on the road you've got DC just right next door are you going to make some time for a field trip see the historical sites I did when I was younger I don't think I'm gonna have time this time but when we were flying in I got to see everything and I was like I think I've toured DC just by like flying into this airport so.

Wouldn't that get you extra credit Homa right I wish but we're actually going to play a charity event uh this week so we're going straight to Georgia uh for a very good cause so all right guys congratulations we'll see you guys compete tomorrow we can't wait for that our new EV rental Fleet is the absolute.

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not yet buddy foreign.

Guys welcome back to the PPA integrate DC open we're here in College Park Maryland right outside the University of Maryland in Washington DC we're excited to be bringing you guys this high level men's semi-final matchup this is Pro men's doubles and pro women's doubles day we've got a Pro men's doubles semi-final match for you.

Guys it's Matt Wright and Riley Newman okay giving a shout out to our referees head referee Don Morgan and second referee Norman clink scales doing a fantastic job foreign it's a good setup uh zero two one.

I've learned a little bit of an unconventional player holds the paddle almost like a ping pong pow grips it really up higher side out two zero one foreign Tyler wanted to go for the Ernie I mean that is his specialty he is the Ernie.

King he is and he's got such a three zero one second I swear that's callan's paddle that pop off the black Ace is insane foreign uses that Pro Connects paddle it's been so nice oh that one with a little shake and bake.

I like it that paddle suits this game perfectly one of those players that yeah ATP missed it a little wide is one that really holds his shots yeah it's good hands from Talon say he's a defensive player first and.

Foremost three three one oh I do like that setup though Drive Callum comes in he's got a lot of pop off that paddle so it's coming back fast side out it's hard when you're not able to get that ball down low into the kitchen it's hard to get up to that line and three one stuck back there playing defense the whole time.

Thank you I shot my calendar taking his spot down the line right on the hip of Matt Wright and Tyler loves that backhand slice dank he's so good at it especially out of the air paying attention to that thank you oh no one communicated there yeah you know they're a team that plays together.

A lot and they do know each other's games but there still has to be some communication and talking to each other they're fine they left the whole Court wide open thank you I will tell you I mean Riley and Matt do not make it easy they're super tall they have a Long Reach of the kitchen they're.

Able to take a lot of balls out of the air and be aggressive and forcing Tyler and Callan too be stuck back at the Baseline playing defense the whole time that's a great drive by Matt right inside the line there oh it's a nice disguise attack there from uh Riley a lot of people say has.

The fastest hands foreign defense offense you really see that in pickleball a lot sometimes you're on offense but you may not win that point and that's tough nine three two yes nice job by Callan yeah catching about cutting across and attacking is.

You're leaving your side exposed you've really got to make sure that you're putting a lot on that attack three nine yes gallon was up to the task oh second serve very smart to attack callum's backhand side there 392.

. side out it's tough you see a team you know who's super aggressive they're super comfortable with each other they're getting up to a quick 9-3 lead but then not able to capitalize when you get that ball back it's tough yeah and as we expected Newman are right.

Off to a fast start here in the first game of this Men's Pro doubles from Tyler he got up there one thing you know it this game has gone by kind of quick actually I'd like to see the other team use their timeouts foreign Newman to take game one against Tyler and Callan yeah who are not an easy.

Opponent by any stretch of the imagination uh Matt and Riley obviously happy with the way they've played we'll be right back after a quick message at the PPA integrate DC open new people pickleball each shot has its own strategy each player.

Their own style whether you dink it drive it lob it drop it bang it or spin it is entirely up to you but we do keep score we recognize the winners poliums are earned if you want an edge you best work for it Electro earn your Edge foreign.

folks welcome back to the PPA integrate DC open Pro Tour oh that's a great first point you see Matt and Riley off to a quick start though of this match taking game one 11-3 I'd really like to see Callan and Tyler take their time.

If they get down again use those timeouts they don't go to wait oh that hurts yeah callum's gonna want that one back obviously Matt and Riley's such an established Duo it's gonna be hard to beat them foreign ERS do so well I notice it from Matt especially is how calm he is he doesn't.

Rush his way up to the kitchen line he commits mentally to him drops really taking their time thank you all right it's a nice attack by Riley do you think that in the back of their heads they're thinking about the Johns Brothers and a potential final match-up I actually don't think so I think they.

Take it one match at a time foreign is really being in the moment and being present there and playing that point that they're in one point at a time not thinking about the future or after this match or the next day about what's to come oh and that was.

Yeah either no communication too much communication I don't know what that was something happened but they were playing bumper cars around each other yeah that doesn't normally happen with them all right foreign wow you actually see these players do such a good job of really staying calm.

At the kitchen line moving that ball around and then waiting for the right opportunity to attack and uh taking advantage of that yeah they're very methodical aren't they all of these players are and I mean you have to be to play at this level zero five one oh calendar it's known as the lob doctor.

But I'll tell you that did not work that time yeah you're playing against a team who is extremely tall gotta pick a better shot to do that on foreign you're pushing it over foreign they gotta take their time I mean all of them are doing a really good job digging.

Keeping that ball low I know you want to be the one to take advantage and speed up first but you have to do it on the right shot foreign a little off guard there I think seven zero one that's a nice reach in there from Tyler important to note that allowed these.

Players hold the paddle in sort of unconventional about that oh what an exchange certainly a lot of the Avid pickleball fans out there probably know this but for anyone maybe newer to the sport or that it hasn't used as to how these players are holding their battles.

Oh Tyler is so happy he let that one go because a couple he's let go before and they've landed in yeah they just needed to get that ball back and hoping that they can capitalize a couple points on their surf that's a great finish good setup by Callan and Tyler was ready for the count.

For the punch to finish that point yeah Tyler puts a lot of those away he's got such a powerful Lefty foreign maybe one or only the second lobbies attempted today yeah maybe the first we're used to seeing more from him this team is tough they're too tall yep Talon with the punch and Tyler with.

The Finish eight one two three point Tyler's gonna scream at himself a little bit there he usually doesn't miss a cross-court think like that nine one two point I'll tell you Tyler and Callan really are a good team they play a.

Different style game than most but ten one two Nat and Riley do not make things easy yells out they let it go they're gonna get a chance here to call their way back into it Matt's probably the only player on this court holding the pad on when I would say a traditional manner foreign.

Exclusively hits two-handed backhands for that pancake sort of flat shot Tyler puts a finger up and then Callan jams his hand against the frame of the battle foreign hoping to score a few more points and really get themselves back into this game as they're down yeah points they can get on their first.

Serve here second sir Riley's waiting there I mean he's if you give him that high ball he's not letting you get away with that yeah that's a great Point that's a great Point good reach into the kitchen on that high ball for Tyler really able to take that ball and put a little power on.

It okay that one hurts I'm gonna give the serve away yeah we always like to talk about respecting the net missing High rather than low always miss high it's a kind of change I like it put hands from all guys yes it is awesome.

Foreign was coming from Riley he was ready able to cut that ball down low and then now they get the surf back hoping to claw a couple more points out of this game foreign I like that exchange though I know Callan doesn't yeah it's solid.

Playing from all players were too much there foreign it's a nice spot for Matt right down that line at callan's backhand side again holding it on the paddle Calum thinking he's going somewhere else oh he was ready for that one this time he said yep.

Well can they get another side out here Shelby they're fighting there's no doubt about it they definitely are they've held them three match points so far let's see if they can get a fourth and get the serve back foreign.

telling each other that they're there the ball is still in play oh the power Tyler I mean when you give it to him on his forehand there he tells you that's not gonna work I'm gonna put that ball away he really really able to put a.

Lot of power on that ball foreign s in the middle of that Court knowing who's going for that ball for whose ball that really is score a couple more points after fighting off four match points Tyler gets caught there again service back to Matt and Riley yeah Shelby.

They've got two match points here who knows find my mind oh there it is there it is that is the match to hold their spot and the gold that'll match tomorrow against the Johns Brothers we will see the Johns Brothers taking on Riley Newman and Matt Wright yeah what a matchup that's going to be.

Tyler and Callum put up a great fight as you said phenomenal players that's why they're here at the PPA tour that's why they're on the stage that's why they made it so far but playing a team like Riley and Matt such great hand speed they put the ball in such great spots and it was too much for Callum and Tyler yeah right back after a.

Quick message the PPA and a great DC open match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit margueritevilleresorts.com dropping a.

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You know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to an eight I sure can try well everyone thanks for joining us here.

On Center Court Riley Newman Matt Wright have punched their ticket to Championship Sunday tomorrow guys you've played this team time and time again sometimes that can lead to taking them a little bit for granted in that match how do you make sure you're dialed in and focused every point yeah we know the Callan and Tyler are.

Both very athletic very explosive a lot of power so we've learned the hard way a couple times and found ourselves in very tight matches so we tried to get off to a really good lead today and we did we executed that it got a little uncomfortable there at the end you could see how explosive they can be just in that little five to ten minute run but I.

Thought we stayed focused and played a relatively clean match well Riley you're known for your personality your Showmanship you're playing catch with some of the fans earlier today you're always one to Banter back and forth talk about the Infectious nature the fun nature of pickleball as a sport yeah pickleball is.

Great for uh the community aspect interacting with fans uh actually before this match I went over to the University of Maryland and uh hanged out with some of the crew over there tailgating and getting ready for their football game today but I just love interacting with uh people and just uh trying to bring that energy every match guys you're.

Gonna face uh John's and John's tomorrow in the final again you beat them in a five game Heartbreaker in Vegas not long ago do you feel like you figured them out I wouldn't say we figured them out in maps like that it comes down to execution we both have our very clear game plans you know we'll find out if anyone deviates too much from that.

Um it's been fun to just see the teams tweak things throughout the year um the strategy adjustments have been really cool um so yeah I would expect it to come down the execution in a match like this well we love the Rivalry that has cropped up between those two teams we can't wait to watch you guys compete.

During that match we're gonna take a quick break but we'll be back with the women's semi-final how do you get what you want Eric Weimar blind man wanted to climb Mount Everest my man crazy but he believed it was possible we're gonna do it and because he believed he became the first blind person ever to stand on top of the world.

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Foreign is a Data Center and Cloud integration company providing Peak Performance with adaptability and cost savings integrate is a five-time Inc growth Award winner to learn more go to integrate.com integrate one Team One Vision welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the.

PPA integrate DC open Live from jtcc Tennis Center in College Park Maryland we're right down the street from the University of Maryland and right outside historic Washington DC and we've got quite the matchup to bring you guys today this is Clark Benassi alongside my co-commentator Shelby Bateson Shelby we've got quite the match-up.

Irena tarashenko and Jesse Irvin taking on Lucy kovaleva and Cali Joe Smith it's going to be a great match and we already saw a great first semi-final this oops tomorrow in the gold medal match here we go Lucy kovalova to start game one foreign stop she gets so low Cali nice heads up playing there by Arena.

Feeling this is going to be a close match zero one Kelly really does such a good job of like you said staying low at the kitchen and really when she's able to get that ball take it out of here put the pressure on the other team side out that thing came a little short there.

From Arena one zero it's a nice attack from Cali she's going straight on to Jesse of course Jesse we know has that monster forehand so she's gonna have to be careful oh wind picked up a little bit able to carry that ball out wide right and Jesse.

Hoping to get the ball on their side unbelievable hands I mean it's incredible how Cali is able to get that ball below the net and really roll that ball up sure sometimes it can be a little sketchy but she is one that has mastered that shot able to catch her opponents off guard foreign.

Yeah I tried the straight on attack again Jesse was a little bit more ready for it zero three one foreign that's a great point and you really as as Irina and Jesse have to take their time and really hit their shots they were on offense and then Lucy.

And Kelly were able to get back up to the kitchen line they were able to stay in control and win that point get the served back at a couple points here just missed it it looked like it's gonna be a point to Jesse and Irene two three one oh I we cannot see that from up here in the booth Irene and Jesse did not like.

That call they got that ball right through the middle but now they didn't like the call I think Irena maybe asked to fans yeah fan said no that's a nice spot for Lucy down at the side yeah down at the feet down down through the right through the middle yep uh always I think it was a really good.

Spot to hit making your opponents have to question whose ball it is foreign Smith leading in game one here to book their ticket to the championship Sunday tomorrow yeah she should have just miscalculated that attack a little bit for that counter.

Attack rather five two one so she was able to capitalize on that one taking that ball in the air Lucy a little too high for her oh boy as they get down into a 6-2 lead by kovalova and Smith yeah I.

Like the timeout like you were saying earlier uh we saw a couple teams maybe hold on to their timeouts a little bit too long I like to opt to take the time out earlier rather than later before things can get away from you yes I mean these timeouts like we've said before you can't save them no don't waste them you've got to use them.

They're there for a reason for you to you know sometimes get yourself out of trouble sure really talk to your partner and try and figure out a different game plan because the game plan that you're maybe using right now is not working yeah um so I'd like to see Irina and Jesse try and switch things up a little bit.

Move that ball around a little bit more uh and give themselves a better opportunity to set the point up and capitalize on some points sure and pretty wild that not only do one of these teams have to beat the other in such a high level matchup then you got to go ahead and play Annalee and Lee Waters yeah that stuff but I know these.

Ladies are all ready for it that's where they all want to be bye yeah that's a good setup by Cali she's really opening keeping Irena on her toes you know hitting that outside corner and then opening up that middle giving yourself that time to attack that ball oh yeah I like that switch by Jessica.

Yeah because now Cali is not able you know if the game plan was to dig cross birth like Arena Straight Ahead that's not gonna work foreign but then she missed like sometimes that happened to get all the hard ones and then you missed the easy one those are the ones that hurt the most.

Foreign I think I like that setup a little better Irene on the right Jesse on the left 372 . that's a good point you just want to take a quick timeout and a shout out to our referees.

For this semi-final match of Wayne Anderson and Norman Kling scales we appreciate the tip the difficult job that you guys have to do couldn't be here without you all foreign but I do like I keep saying I like to set up a little better Cali can dig cross court all day that backhand slice.

Sure Cross Park thinks she really does a good job at it but if she's gonna think with Jesse Jesse can stand up that's long yeah yeah Jesse doesn't look too happy right now I mean obviously they're down in this first game but they've done a good job of keeping.

Italian Lucy honest trying to walk away at least back into this first opening game they've got the serve now hopefully they can get a couple points get themselves back to a time I know that's where they'd like to be football oh Fault by our referee Norman calling Callie on the kitchen line.

Laughs Jesse said I'm not gonna lose that point if you give me that high ball I'm gonna put it away and that's what she did you saw how great her name from Cali a defense by Irina exciting wow that ball just seems to sit on top of the net cord wasn't sure which way it.

Was going to roll it's gonna be second sir for Jesse and Arena at 582. that's a good spot while they're with it they're within two now shots are in here yes thank you the interesting thing about pickleball.

Is when you play with a partner you guys decide okay who's going to start on what side but it's not always has it doesn't always have to stay that way because depending on who you're playing is in front of you you might have to switch that foreign.

that's a huge Point yeah Lucy tried to lob it up I thought it was actually going to trickle into the back of the court but Jessica material I think that's what makes also you know.

Uh going picking a good partner of being a good partner to your who you're playing is being able to change when things are not working foreign but Jesse was on it but that see can Irina and Jesse keep it this way and so there's a couple more points.

They're going down a big lead in the early game that one hurts thank you for fun eight six one Jesse does a really good job so calm at the kitchen light sometimes she almost looks effortless very poisonous.

Wow that ball took a weird hop off the net Jesse sort of had to back up quickly adjusted so well six eight one power from Cali there it's gonna be 682 Irena and Jesse serving six eight two oh that was interesting wow.

Heads up play by Cali no she was out out of the Court completely the referee confirms with Irina that wasn't a foot fault it was in the fall of any kind Cali heads up play by her to stay at standing outside of the court to legally hit that shot out of the air foreign.

yeah I mean talk about turning defense into offense did such a great job it's gonna be a timeout from Irena and Jesse and Lucy and Callie Smith to high level team we're up 9-6 in game one of this second women's Pro doubles semi-final with a chance to play the.

Waters we'll be right back after this short message John's what do we got parental another one shame third one this week any suspects not yet we'll send these to the lab all right let's take a look what do you think.

Bring me the jigsaw foreign fans welcome back to College Park Maryland right down the road from the University of Maryland College Park PA tour we're bringing to you guys live action of the women's Pro doubles semi-final matchup between Jesse Urban.

Terrace Smith the winner of this match will take on the waters tomorrow not an easy task at all but what a match this has been so far oh misses out a little bit long and that will give game one to Cali Smith and Lucy kovalova so we'll see if.

Yeah a great a great show of display by Lucy and Cali uh I mean they stayed pretty strong again Lucy kovalova a quick look at her 30 years old she's out of the Wichita Kansas area she's been a pro since 2016 with 19 PPA titles five eleven she's using that onyx paddle that she has become so accustomed to beating so many players win and I.

Mean talk about pop and power that comes off the face of her paddle she is so strong does such a good job of getting back into points that you would think she would lose just a phenomenal player a great example of how someone that takes a sport so seriously can be so good but I mean man I'd love to have her as a partner I know.

You would too oh yeah I would and I had opportunity to play her today and let me tell you she didn't give me any freebies come in I can imagine stop oh that is I mean phenomenal play by both teams again like we keep saying being able to transition from defense to.

Offense Jesse's power that's amazing but some great gets unlucky from Lucy there for sure that's gonna go for the drive that just falls into the net Lucy and Cali took game 111-6 can they close it out in two book the ticket to Championship Sunday we're going to send this to a third point.

Yes he tried to Back Him roll that volley and just came up a little bit short clipped the tape 111. sometimes it's a little tough to get out of the way when that ball comes right at you you're like stunned and hopefully get your paddle on it uh Kelly got it.

But she wasn't able to put it back down in the court yeah foreign I want to give a lot of credit to some of these ladies though being able to uh hit the ball hard but then also able to slow it down in the same point and I'll tell you what has a new up-and-coming.

Pro Player myself sometimes that's hard but that's what makes you really get to the next level is gonna Sail Out got a second serve for Jesse one two two oh foreign Jesse calls Irene off that one she.

Couldn't get her out of the way and Jesse is very happy that Lucy missed that shot insane point badges every single point it's so much especially when you're battling at this high level thank you oh that ball took a funky spin off the net Jess he did a great job of staying.

In that point getting crossed back in play yeah a little unlucky on that last Point yeah I thought we should literally set that into the kitchen they did such a good job of playing defense yes had an opportunity there to work their way back into the kitchen light Jesse thought she had that Lucy was or Callie excuse me was able to.

Get back have a sit by about three four inches if that yes three two one point I'd like to see a little bit more footwork there on that ball and it's kind of just sitting up high has you taken one more step sure ah Jesse telling everyone get out of my way.

Let me take that ball good to see Lucy and Cali laughing they're having a good time and they're up four two two yeah the ball sits up high Lucy has such a big reach at the kitchen able to really attack the hall and be aggressive but this is a smart timeout by Irina and Jesse as they are down.

I want to say five or six two I think six two uh they just need to regroup they do it's a good time out as you said it's smart I mean you want to stop the momentum as quickly as possible you know they're already down a game and they're down now um you know trailing in this second game they want to make sure they can do.

Whatever they can to claw their way back and if that means using your timeouts we talk about it a lot and um you know we'll just again highlight the importance of using what's given to you I mean why why not use them um you know Jesse and Irina certainly have the skill to send this to a third.

The only issue is Lucy and Cali are pretty darn good yeah so and they're not gonna back down no no they're not so it's gonna take something really special to send this to a third I certainly think they can do it but they're serving at five that's a good move Jesse kept that ball in the middle and then obviously hoping.

That Cali would give them something Irina slid over with Jesse we talk about it that's a good partnership if one partner goes out wide the other sliding over here on the first serve we don't play Let's Hear on the PPA tour nament comes up a little short from.

Jesse one of the things I noticed the high level pickleball is how methodical all these players are they hit every shot whether that's a dink or drive with such a purpose foreign yeah that's a good speed up by Arena and then ready for the counter because Lucy got the uh sorry excuse me Callie got.

That ball back but Irina was ready for the one two punch because sometimes it's not always the first ball that finishes it it's never actually got out there like to see them get that ball low get up to the kitchen line five three one.

I just just did a good job there not putting too much on the ball obviously not wanting to hit the ball into the net of course but doing not to just roll it over keep it down at the feet of their opponents foreign oh my God.

Check Irina try to kind of you know made Callie think a little bit yeah you know another thing that I think a lot of people don't talk about is Improvement and how it can affect your opponents not even being in the right spot but sometimes just moving your feet reading a little bit of Chaos in the opponent's Minds yeah putting a little.

Bit of pressure even if you're not hitting the ball oh wow with the Inside Out little drop shot from tally Smith that's too good that's impressive yeah out of the crowd shout out it's gonna be a side out here sir we'll go back to Lucy and Cali Joe Smith.

Oh Lucy misses a little little a little longer happily take that foreign was ready but Cali misses that one in the net Jesse and Irina get the serve back hoping to score a couple points here in the second game after losing three six one their first game foreign.

They really gotta get that ball over the net at a time like this but I know Irina and Jesse know that thank you six four one point this is such a great example of how athletic these players are and how much athleticism can translate to being.

Successful on the court foreign loves that shot she throws up a huge fist bump and as she hits that Ernie that is she loves to put the pressure on keep that dick in front of her Irena Jesse we'll take another time out yeah.

Arena doesn't look too happy she's pretty disgusted with herself tosses the paddle down we'll be right back in a little bit this is the women's Pro doubles semi-final with an opportunity to play The Waters and Championship Sunday we'll be right back from the integrate ppadc open.

thank you thank you thank you guys and girls welcome back to the PPA Enterprise.

In College Park Maryland I mean that's just too good from Cali and Lucy but Jesse's got one of the best atps in the game Lucy gets it back Irina did such a good job though of sliding with her partner covering yeah Lucy just came up with a better shot and found the Open Court yeah it's so good from from Lucy there.

To knock the ball to the open space oh my God it is I mean from all players that was such a good point some of the shots they hit moving those players around being aggressive but then countering that ball back in play unbelievable hands that is why they are some of the.

Best players in the world here such a huge Point too to get the serve back they're leading 9-4 in game two this is the women's doubles semi-final matchup with an opportunity to play Annalee Waters and clear waters on Sunday it's a great point just a little short on that ball.

Yeah Jesse and Irina can they hold one more match point foreign actually just kind of moved herself into that ball everyone did a nice job of putting it right at her.

And not too hard either foreign to get that ball down boy not to mention Jesse reset one of those balls when they were on the defensive to get them back into that kitchen line it's so calm under pressure she really does impressive she has heels in court such a good idea.

From her she's rolling her eyes at herself knowing she had that miscalculated that's a nice little speed up and they're clawing their way back into this putting some scoreboard pressure on Lucy and Cali which I'd love to see one or two points foreign.

That's such a deep return you know we I talked to beginners about hitting your serve and your return deep yes just because to show how much of an advantage that can give you for the rest of the point yes it really sets you up but also hurts your opponent at a little bit of a defensive shot then oh Jesse tried to go for the attack at.

The mid court level that's a tough attack to hit and Lucy kovalova and Cali Joe Smith are going to be moving on to the women's Pro doubles championship match tomorrow against Annalee Waters and Lee Waters I'm Clark Benassi alongside Shelby Bates and it was a pleasure being able to bring you guys this live action I mean Shelby was such.

Great pickleball all day long so many points where teams went from offense to defense back and forth resets fire fights fast Hands slow soft hands this is why these players are here it's why they're playing on the stage and it's great for pickleball that we were able to bring the pro tour to the Delaware Maryland Virginia DC area because there.

Really aren't that many high-level tournaments in this space and I think it's helping to grow the game a lot yeah and it just shows I mean how amazing these players are but we will catch you later this is Shelby Mason Clark bonassi thank you guys take care guys we owe great times to good friends to.

The glasses that spark conversation to be ideas that then pour out hours came from a night like that and somehow survived the morning after to make our own tequila it wasn't meant to leave our house but since we made this for friends we thought it wouldn't hurt to make a few more grab a glass Amigo our tequila your.

Tequila our casa is your Castle foreign guys look at that forehand she's clearly a 3.0 guys come on I'm at least the foro ratings don't have to be hard duper optimized for accuracy optimized for fun download the app and claim your free.

Profile today welcome back to Center Court everyone Lucy kovalova Cali Smith our headed to Championship Sunday tomorrow and guys you blazed through that one in just two games you look so clean so disciplined out there how did you pull this off well it's really nice when you have such a wonderful positive partner I can't do.

It without lissy uh so it's really fun um I mean every match uh I think I think Jessie and Irina are great players everyone here is a great player so you have to just focus and it's all about execution at this point at this part of the game and I feel like we did a great job of executing but you always have to fight hard against such great players.

Well Lucy it was an odd twist to have to come out of the mixed doubles final and straight back into the women's draw how do you mentally reset after that and come out here still smiling through every Point well actually it wasn't our advantage because I had an extra match during the day and Cali had a break so it was more difficult I think for her.

For to like re-warm up again and then I think like that was a great mix match and then um now it doesn't it's not a match and we are happy to be in the finals all right and Cali you chose to take singles off earlier in the week in this tournament does that help you refocus on doubles uh to a greater extent and.

Perform better honestly I feel like I have way more energy so it's actually probably better than I didn't because now we're in the finals so maybe I need to do that more often who knows no don't don't leave singles no no I won't I singles is great but I just want to thank everybody uh my.

Sponsors Onyx optivia Health um and my coaches and my husband and family and Lucy and Matt are now part of our family so it's just really it's fun to have great supporters and great Partners behind you all right guys we love you we can't wait to watch you compete tomorrow against the waters and with that that is all from us here but.

We have all the finals to bring you tomorrow don't miss a minute and Alo MD sorry you're a new sponsor I really love your stuff actually if you haven't tried it you have to try it out just win tomorrow and then you can do that shout out again and then they definitely won't be met all right guys thank you all for tuning in we.

Appreciate each and every one of you foreign

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