Welcome back to the Hyundai of Masters presented by invited this is the carvana PPA tour the very first stop of 25 total stops in 2023 we're coming to you live from Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage California we just witnessed the mixed doubles a final where the Victor came to Ben Johns as well as Anna Lee Waters they took home.

The Masters trophy in the mix doubles division camera nerwin alongside Dave Fleming but because we've got some more time and because it's fantastic pickleball we're also going to bring you a look into the women's doubles final it's going to be none other than Annalee Waters again with a new partner and a bright facing off against Cali Joe Smith.

As well as Lucy kovalova Dave give me a little preview of what we might see in this women's doubles final well again we have a new partner here for Anna Lee Waters because she usually plays with her mother Lee Waters we saw a glimpse of her in the mix they're coaching him up she suffered a torn ACL a very rare pickleball injury so she's out this year.

She's just there for coaching and support So Anna bright is her partner a rising star and they've been wrecking people all day they haven't dropped a game they are ready to go and it's Al and a b as they like to be called Al and a b you heard it here first for their first title together on the other side is the team with a.

Bunch of titles from last year they are the top seed that's Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith there's a couple former Collegiate tennis stars out on the court right now Lucy kovalova competed at Wichita State she was a shocker whereas Callie Joe Smith played her tennis Collegiate tennis at BYU first and then the.

University of Utah and then Anna bright who finishes that one was a California Golden Bear and she attended Berkeley yes and if you're not sure which one Cali Smith is it's the big braid coming out the back the best parade in all of pickleball and some of the best power as well Cali Joe.

Known for her physicality on the court one zero one point and there's the two-handed backhand everyone has come to know in a very short period of time and a bright only playing pickleball professionally for about a year she stepped on the court and immediately was a pro she was making a difference while she learned.

The game that's hard to do and that is what she did and now she's getting the ultimate tryout the ultimate tryout alongside the number one player in the world Annalee Waters she's just stepped back onto the court after finishing the mixed doubles final she'll have a chance to win the Triple Crown here which means winning each of.

The divisions so mixed doubles gender doubles as well as gender singles and women's doubles wildly popular on the PPA tour this tour is all about equality equal time pay and everything for the ladies as well as the men as it should be four zero two.

Four zero right now shut up that ball came in hot yes uh Lucy govalova having to get out of the way that's a tall lady that usually a drive not near her face and uh having a little egg hunt in the corner to find the ball it keeps disappearing but to your point both kovalova and Smith with one taller players on tour.

Having a little bit more of that extended reach into the kitchen nice job by Lucy kovalova yeah and they have the experience they play they were a new partnership this time last year and just lit the world on fire got off to a hot start didn't finish the year as strong but know what it takes to get.

Each other going okay aggressive team but how about that ATP sliding her way to the nice finish Cali Joe Smith and you are allowed to go around the post but you've got to have the absolute explosion in your legs to be able to get there what a shot from tally Smith.

Well you mentioned not dropping a game for Anna Lee Waters and a bright Lucy kovalova and Cali Joe Smith have battled and grinded to get to this final yeah the other difference about this final then typical is because of the weather yesterday we had to play this semi-finals of the ladies earlier today so they played the entire back end of.

The draw here on Sunday lots of pickleball being played here at Mission Hills Country Club Smith yeah it's a Fun Center Court sort of built down in so even when we did our open the crowd cheered and you're like wow okay we like this players are loving it.

Up Annalee Waters considering taking that speed up back because she moves up to the net I mentioned the path for kovalova and Smith they took down arrow keyna and Steppy in in their first round.

There's some defense but that's a fantastic angle from Smith then Smith and faced off against Jansen and Jones another fantastic one and then the last one in the semi-finals was against Gretch Kina and parento that went three games eleven three six eleven eleven nine so uh this is what happens when the.

New partnership just did one read the switch there and left half the court wide open foreign and this is where they thrive in that communication even postpoint the giving and taking of energy from one person to another.

Smith and kovalova chemistry is so important to them Waters reaching well over her head to finish that off yeah that's I like where Cali Smith was positioned to defend this because she was ready just couldn't quite get that pushed through good Pace from Anna Lee waters on a tough overhead.

Even more pace so you see they switched Annalee Waters over to the left side of the Court here so they did this in their semi-final to sort of test literally the waters to see how she could handle both sides with Anna bright excuse me the ball back pressure to the Baseline maybe first to come in.

Drop out and play maybe that's why people love women's doubles right there because these points are epic they go from offense to defense and then suddenly a team that was trying to defend overheads as hitting winners and you have to be able to do both if.

You are just an offensive player you will not be successful in women's doubles one point advantage out to Waters and bright Championship court is the place to be on Sunday and this Sunday it's Mission Hills Country Club there's a look at Cali Joe Smith and Lucy kovalova one of.

The deadliest teams on tour as they continue their fantastic chemistry into 2023. right now they Trail by one what's going to be the difference here in game number one well I think the ability for kovalova and Smith to play the way they want to if you let bright and Annalee Waters dictate you are not going to be able to.

Fend that off consistently use that chemistry to your advantage well and right now dictating terms is Anna bright a fantastic rolling speed up that's a dangerous dink with nothing on it and that's what you cannot do you've got to be able to put the ball in safe places and that's why these dinks have to have.

A little something on them or you will be facing balls like that all day long and some nice sportsmanship from Anna bright who did say that that ball touched her on the way out so rally goes to Smith and kovalova opening up the court and Annalee Waters playing some complimentary pickleball thanks to Anna bright yeah so again if.

You roll over there you saw Lucy kovalova slide but they didn't slide in concert and she was so deep in the court couldn't do enough with it and that ATP might have been short but kovalova wasn't willing to take any chances she put the paddle on it but there's not enough pace around the post Annalee Waters yeah that ball was.

Gonna be good that uh to hit a ATP on the dead Sprint that is not an easy ball because you want to hit it like a racquetball shot you want to slap that there's no net in your way keep that an inch or two above that makes it really hard to defend such a good ball from Anna Lee Waters well it gets them to a four-point Advantage the score now is.

Nine to five again there's a look at Lee Waters sitting on their couch giving them a little bit of Intel into how to close this one out and Anna bright is benefiting from not just playing with Anna Lee Waters but she's a new player so getting inside the mind of Lee Waters is only going to make her more of a factor as she learns all the nuances and.

What types of patterns work best for her Lee Waters is going to tell her because it benefits Lee Waters daughter without a doubt so there's ever the education in the game of pickleball even at the highest level you know late Waters earned eight Triple Crowns last year I mentioned she's going to have a shot to do it here today if.

She closes out the women's doubles finals just in game one this will be played two out of three point games and game number one goes to Annalee Waters and Anna bright 11-5 you talked about dictating terms they did just that yeah you saw it in the mix with Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johnson here we go again with her and Anna.

Bright they play the way they want to they're gonna keep that going and Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith have to find it we'll see if they can after this Lucy kovalova is ready to get going here in game number two after dropping game number one alongside Cali Smith quickly Emily Waters playing on the left.

Now the two-handed backhand yeah this is just like come on they're comfortable on both sides in their first tournament you're kidding no that's that's the case second serve Anna bright came into the game not long ago just about a year she actually guaranteed a victory in her.

First ever pickleball tournament and she made good on it she made pickleball headlines everywhere people have come to absolutely adore both Emily Waters and Anna bright as well as Cali Joe Smith and Lucy kovalova trying to close out that middle that's tough when you're taking that left step.

Back towards the center line 100 great job by Anna Brighton if you're wondering why is everybody wearing white is that the way pickleball Works no that's just the way this tournament Works start off with that little classy white look and in future tournaments you'll see a lot more color splashed on there but I like the look of this tournament.

Now one of their masters wipes also repping each of their sponsors Sports so heavily driven by sponsors we're grateful for each of ours fantastic job by Anna bright Savannah of course brought to you by Hyundai invited.

Quick feed from Cali Joe somehow she keeps her feet out of the net drop shot and she's just playing with them now Emily Waters shot after shot making him looks like they've got track shoes on yeah and just the willingness to set up one ball to finish on the next I mean that's an unbelievable get from Cali Smith just.

Don't play Pickleball on track shoes Fest 101 . come on comes from Anna bright yeah now that ponytail of hers is rocking back and forth because she is bringing it point you know now look at them they are racing back to serve if I'm uh Lucy.

Kovalev and Cali Smith I'm gonna hold that ball maybe hit it just a little wide don't let them run us over there going to be a force right now and what I like is that Anna bright is the one that's being the aggressor right now so often you might think if your partner up along Italy Waters just let her do.

Her thing but I also it was really respect Emily Waters saying all right partner show me what you got listen Anna Lee Waters just wants to win so a fan of bright is the reason she's winning she's gonna be mighty fine with that so 4-0 quick start for Al and a b in game number two Cali Joe Smith and Lucy.

Kovalova come out of the timeout hopefully with a little bit of a different game plan trying just to cool the Jets of Al and a b that's generally Waters and Anna bright are playing very efficient pickleball right now attacking at any given moment second sir yeah and Cali Smith we saw.

The new paddle that uh Lucy kovalova is using Cali is actually using a new paddle as well it's the new Onyx evoked Premiere CT 16. you want to play like Cali it ships on Tuesday CT equals control and touch zero four one get a little of each Best of Both Worlds yes are you sure and then if you work out.

Like Cali Crush so we're gonna change the name add that uh P for uh Power and Anna or Anna bright loves to do that especially when the ball is sent all the way to the sideline the attack that two-handed backhand roll to the middle of the court if she's pushed extra wide.

And Nice Shot by kovalova not over hitting that just uh let Analee hit it right into her power punch it down and a nice little run out of the time out here and trying to find the shot up the line but it's lost it a little too much Emily Waters is just quick look at this yeah she baits you into it because look at that explosive side step.

and it's the lateral movement that makes you a great mover in pickleball you got to go forwards and backwards a lot in tennis as well as side to side side to side is absolutely critical here in pickleball getting a nice little bounce off the net and there's no rule.

That you have to Sprint back to the Baseline to serve like these two are doing right now I like that kovalova reaching in with that backhand flick kind of punching at that ball excuse me versus click look at that three four one yeah just don't let them dictate all day.

Long here you guys have plenty of power on your side just gotta seconds or it's got to be under control well a little miscommunication there I think Smith thought kovalova was coming across to poach and she thought about it for a second and then pulled that paddle out of there and Callie Smith had a gift she wasn't.

Looking for there's kovalova and Smith yeah and it's been Lucy kovaleva in front of Anna bright taking balls like that she's a little bit off the line to give her just a little extra time and then a nice job by Cali Smith you want that forehand to finish great job great complimentary pickleball from these two.

You're good Waters is like okay hey Anna Brad I know you've had a couple of tough times in front of Lucy on these last couple points let's switch and then I'm gonna hit a winner got you partner yeah it's a big forehand from Anna bright defense from kovalova.

Soft touch and the paddle flings out of kovalova's hand yeah you know they were defending that entire point just trying to hang in there and then kovalova saw that punch just got too much of it second service that's a wind-up for Mana bright but you can do that a little bit more from the Baseline 100 I have zero.

Problem with that just make it point so good ab you hear from Al there and uh when Anna Lee Waters is getting energy from her partner it just makes her even more dangerous and that's what this Duo looks like and kovalova gets one after another however if she reads the final the wrong.

Direction yeah she's always favoring defending the left side of her body with the backhand so if you can take it on the right side there's not going to be a paddle there and Anna Lee Waters knows that was that the hardest ball she hit today not even close placement over power placement over power as you take a look.

At the paddle Tech now sitting on our Championship Court the score is seven to four so kovaleva and Smith trying to slow the roll a little bit here of Anna bright and Anna Lee Waters how might you think that this competition I have a feeling we'll see this match up a few times throughout this year what might be.

The game changer Midway Point potentially through this 23-23 season you know I know what we're gonna have is we're going to have the Anna bright of 2023 whoever you are you might be watching this telecast right now Big Time tennis player or athlete that's coming in that sees this that says I want to be this I've got the athleticism.

The skill set maybe the tennis background they're going to be coming they see we're on Fox come on there's already a few names starting to trickle in I think of Etta Wright who has turned Some Heads This 2023 already just with her performance and play on the women's side giving David another name.

And the other thing that's happening literally in this tournament Sam query 11 in the world in tennis played in this he's making a run at Pro pickleball how many of those pro tennis players are gonna infiltrate finalists and query yeah Sam got a couple of wins but also learned that okay there's there's a.

Difference here no strings can't serve it overhand that was a big part of his tennis but he is really adopting this and it's going to be fun to see what he does this year and again Anna bright is showing she deserves to be right here on this court phenomenal job nine to four now make it ten to four.

This is match point and a side out so it's gonna be a second longer as kovalova and Smith if they want to make a move this is the time to do so well this is where sideout scoring can be your friend keep the ball easier said than done and there's a point make it five to ten and I love this they're not giving up.

The energy still there on the side of kovalova and Smith yeah net cord Fest fine let's go whatever it takes the step back speed up from Anna bright yeah so when you hit a third shot drop that has height and bounces up you're just inviting a step back smoke like Anna bright did and then you are at their Mercy.

that chords both ways but uh both go in the favor of kovalova and Smith so okay getting a little closer 16-2 six ten two now nice change of directions and there again Anna bright is Just Deadly on both sides of the court right now she's.

Seeing most of the balls come her Direction and she's doing a really nice job finding her opportunities it is Match Point again so second serve four Championship point 10-62 62. high is correct and Cali Joe Smith's gonna make you pay for that one very.

High she didn't have time for an adjective uh to go with it but uh the hey they've saved three Championship points they've they've rallied before it's just the day they rally again nice hustle from Anna bright and again the overhead of Cali Joe Smith somebody checked the ball that thing can't still be good.

And now we've got bright and Waters calling time out so you've saved three Championship points and now you've got them thinking okay this fuels this Duo they've had great camaraderie throughout now they want to continue that comeback Lucy kovalova and Cali Joe Smith finding a little something special here.

At the end of game two however that's not gonna do it for them against Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright yeah just not the Precision you need at that moment way too high on the drop 7 10 second serve Lucy kovalova lays off that one just a bit gets back to neutral foreign.

that's taking the shots and setting up her partner to finish it and that one you mentioned she laid off she should have let Callie Smith rip a forehand there and let her come in Championship Point again for Annalee Waters and Anna bright so it was on the paddle of Annalee.

Waters another chance foreign the Masters title together didn't drop the game all day in their run to the title and they are very deserving winners and this is a very scary sight for the rest of the women's.

Pro pickleball players because this is the first tournament that they've played together and they looked fantastic playing on both sides Anna Lee watching Anna bright come in there and do damage and that just fuels the ability and the fire of the best player in the world young Hannah Lee Waters that was impressive.

Eleven five eleven seven so the number two seed take home the title a dangerous a new Duo has found their footing on the carvana PPA tour they're getting high fives to go lower as they get set with the third member of our crew Hannah John well welcome back to Championship Court Annalee Waters Anna bright you have.

Locked up this year's title at the Hyundai Masters congratulations to you both ladies seemed like they were really making a little push in that final game there but you guys were able to hold it together and pull this one out how did you do it yeah I mean playing with Anna was amazing she's awesome she brings a lot of fire so I think in that crucial.

Moment at the end we were just trying to stay pumped up play our aggressive game it's a little tough it got a little colder on I feel like as the match went on so we had to adjust but in the end we tried to play those last few points smart and I think we did well girls you're both equally comfortable on the left and right side and it's really.

Interesting to see a team that can swap within those two positions so well why is that advantageous to you both it's huge so if we get in a little bit of a rut on one side either of us we can switch and I feel like our games are pretty similar Annalee just hits a lot harder than me um so such a pleasure to play beside her.

But so fun it's so nice um feeling like we can we can win any which way on either side well you had Mama Waters as the fans know her on the bench beside you your partner from last year giving you her expertise throughout this match what was she saying during that final change over she just tries to you know keep us on our game plan give.

Us a couple you know tips here and there just to make sure that we're not you know focusing on other things or getting away from the game plan she's really good about just giving us a couple things to work on but even if she's not playing she's always going to be a part of my pickleball life all right well ladies it's that time we.

Are going to present your trophy now bringing Dan and chess on court Dan thank you um congratulations ladies and on behalf of Hyundai and invited clubs the leading provider of pickleball we'd like to congratulate you and present you with this trophy thank you thank you all right ladies congratulations.

and a huge congratulations to Anna Lee Waters and Anna bright as they first take the first title in women doubles in 2023. hoisting the Masters trophy overhead and a dangerous Duo may have found themselves in the 2023 season let's take a look at some of these last rallies and.

Epic points that's Championship point on the paddle of Al so you got a chance to see Anna Lee Waters go back to back here on Fox Sports 1. thanks so much for joining myself Cameron Irwin as well as Dave Fleming and the rest of our crew we'll see.

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