Game three action and it's actually now five four the Johns Brothers up on top meanwhile Championship court now underway another quarter final match out on the grandstand and they've had some experience together I believe back in 2021 correct to your point whereas on the other side Anna Lee.

Waters it right and the number one player in the world yeah this is obviously you want to latch on to this this young lady for as long as you possibly can if you're Anna bright you wouldn't even know who that was unless you followed Cal bear tennis now she's paired up with the best player in the world welcome Anna.

You're wondering what was going to take place there at times she's been playing primarily on the left in women's doubles gonna play it straight you know all of this is uh work in progress report no Annalee Waters primarily playing on the right side as well as analy Waters we saw two in an earlier mixed match she was having some.

Fun on the left with her partner Ben Johns both of them with big two-handed backhands in the middle we're just fine crackle winner there playing in the mixed final you'll be able to see that on Fox come five o'clock Pacific Standard time.

Today second sir the grandstand court has been going on with a pretty gnarly match-up it is 9-4 out there the Johns Brothers with the advantage over the largest margin we've seen in that match Matt Wright and Riley Newman await the men's final Men's Pro doubles.

Tag off the board here for Irvin and tarashenko you know you're gonna be feeling Pace let's get a couple points they've got that now got the two box grandstand also back underway 9-4 three two one second sir Emily Waters looking to finish the point.

Pretty much on that one we got a match point over on grandstand and uh they never let him get to 10 in that second game did the Johns boys when they were down and now they're serving for it two three one so I'm telling you barafa they're dangerous maybe down but never out.

For Dylan Frazier and J.W Johnson they get the serve back down by six two three in a miracle on grandstand and Jesse appears to be taking some shots right now on Championship Court being pretty aggressive with her speed UPS yeah you don't want to be in a just passive spot you just need to make it.

Now going for it when you are serving doesn't hurt you on the scoreboard and that was a thing of beauty combo for Annalee Waters the one hand flick to the two-hand Finish look out ladies more toys in the toy box still 10-4 out on the grandstand yeah this will be their third Match Point coming up right here.

two four one instead of dink rally now on grandstand and not so fast Dylan and J dub still stay in with it letting that ball slide off her paddle is Jesse Irvin she actually does wrist and forearm exercises enable her to be.

Able to do that and slide it inside out and then finish right back in the same spot that's beautiful pickleball one earned back for Johnson and Frazier 5-10. and a bright with the tough forehand oh there's the pace and Flames coming out of grandstand right now Dylan.

Frazier is just like let's go big boy and uh unfortunately for him he did not win that hands battle fantastic reset but the Finish still on the side of Frazier and Johnson a piece on Championship Court and again Jesse Irvin is just crashing right now up to that kitchen line throwing some Pace the direction of both.

Waters and bright it's another match point on grandstand and it's a missed third there's a reach for Jesse Irvin another match ball on grandstand beautiful ding from Ben Johns great touch from JW the fire fight goes.

The direction of Ben John a fantastic finish out on grandstand 11-6 is your score and the Johns Brothers are heading to the final it's the rematch we've all been waiting for Riley Newman One Matt Wright Ben Johns and Colin Johns back to Championship Court though is the ladies are still looking to see who will.

Face Joe Smith and Lucy called the top seed they were in big trouble in game number two came all the way back and then we're in command the whole way so we might as well just keep leveling that just let's do that it's a long arm of Jesse Yeah you get.

That big long lever which is her arm and then she uses the wrist to help drive through it It's just tough to deal with on yielding pressure from Anna bright she just keeps sending it that's the fiery nature and Anna Lee will love playing with her from that because she'll ease into that person.

Then she'll just Thrive from it as she keeps bringing that incredible Heat I think her birthday's coming up here very soon got plans for that sweet 16. well she's going to be driving folks so look out on the roads hope someone paints her car what honks at her on her next trip.

Second service saying let's do this so she's kind of deciding which side of the Court they will be on it is now 5-6 does that resulting a point for tarashenko and Irvin and we've now got both her and her partner now possess or have possessed from the beginning.

Correct myself there it is 662. swimming with your clarification a little discrepancy there too I like it seconds you better be ready if you're speeding that ball up yes he's got that two-hander Cox look out.

That's just shy you're gonna give that away a lot it's just got to be made by tarashenko just rushed it just speaking of ATP there's one from Anna Lee Waters it's great you know she hasn't had the surgery yet she wanted to be close to this she will have that ACL surgery after the first couple of events so she doesn't miss any of her daughter.

In action so if it's not going well and it usually is mind you but when it isn't to have that Comfort when you look over still playing a big role despite the knee injury yeah she said she can hit you know the ball just fine just can't move laterally because of that very important ligament.

Timeout oh and that's what you can do off the balance with that two-handed roll just Wicked and that's the thing how much left hand if you want to pull it all the way across your body you hit way more left hand this one will be just enough down the middle coming up right here you see Irvin slid to the right to fill this.

Down the line beautiful shot by bright a little bit of a switch on the side of waters and bright as Anna Lee so a ton of shapes perfect placement where Annalee thought maybe bright would be able to get that behind her but couldn't get there behind Irvin who's sliding in front of you well done Anna bright.

Nice movement from Urban trying to dictate terms from the right side so if you have the two-handers it's behind you and then Pace can surprise you you'll see this ball she gets is going to be late and goes deep see they like the offense that bright is bringing from that left side of the.

Court Natalie's like okay my Tui will be in the middle we good second Circle right now trying their point for Waters and bright and just like that that's the pressure Anthony Waters can put on you game two really smart he's Jesse Irvin's uh sort of coach and practice partner he knows.

Her game better than anybody both these teams have somebody in their box working with them side of the Court great touch from Annalee Waters second sermon looking forward to shape that around the post wasn't able to get enough of it What a wicked stroke.

Not easily done second sir oh that was part ball just a game right there roll it enough again it's like a left-handed forehand but you've got to be able to put the right amount of roll just missed it too far this is here in game number two what.

Teams making what adjustments counter adjustments will take place is the next question yeah and I think you know bright and there's a couple people talking about you what do we want to do and they really seem to like and I agree with them man quiet and it's a little bit more.

Manageable too especially when you got Anna Lee covering just decided before that was served that I'm gonna hit a backhand and ran into a forehand that was easy opportunity this is her chance to get there final taking place on Championship Sunday we still have all of our finals.

To go she feels like she can crack she's doing it it's comforting to know that your partner can get you out of jail too if you choose the wrong ball goes with the short hop and somehow it finds its way back over the net that's Lofton High and the combo was off.

Off camera she hit down you just gotta hit through that I love the execution though the execution picks it just the setup screw that away and hit a two-hander with the paddle of Anna bright she's working with the Yola the waters has a paddle Tech in her hand nice footwork from Jesse Urban and that.

Ball oh couldn't decide which way it was gonna fall unfortunately for our Irina tarashenko it came her Direction foreign Lucy kovilova and Cali Smith await the winner of this perfect placement from Anna Lee Waters and they are on a rampage speaking of a rampage sometimes you got.

To just tip your cap can can really cause just all sorts of problems you don't know where to hit the ball on the other side second sir Smiles on the faces of waters and bright are so dangerous they're they're so comfortable right now full extension from Anna Lee.

The difference right here foreign there's Irina tarashenko nice placement on the counter yeah it's finally one of those two the third seed hitting down they've been hitting up the entire game and a bright again working off the bounce on the backhand side great recovery from Anna Lee and a.

Friendly bounce the rally now continues lobbed up who's there they both are saved again and again but finally it comes to a conclusion first point on the board for Irvin and Tara shenko after this amazing rally I mean this is why people love women's doubles on the PPA tour the gets are incredible the athleticism the.

Oohing annoying of the crowd says it all but she's just going straight now they have switched side Anna Lee waters on the left let's just play it straight up Smart Choice there by the Annas sign up putting a loft on that third.

Still trying to work our way in now is Anna bright finds an opportunity and she just keeps sending it dude we're gonna do stuff to you it's really smart it's match point for Waters and bright bright a phenomenal.

Pickleball Women-Doubles Match Highlights with Anna Leigh Waters / Anna Bright VS Jessie Irvine / Irina Tereschenko at the Hyundai Masters Championship Tournament at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA

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