Tonight a police investigation over pickleball Vandal sliced up the Nets at a Needham Park and then late this afternoon there was a second incident sparking a second investigation wbc's Julia McDonald has the latest we were more than happy to coexist with tennis players and share the facilities as needed and someone had this rage.

Inside of them to take it out on us tensions over territory are boiling over in Needham it's a craze on the courts all stemming from the enormous popularity of pickleball a year ago January we started there were five of us now there's close to 1100 it's just exponentially just blown up Needham neighbors paid for the pickleball Nets.

Themselves and they have permission from the town for the equipment to be wheeled to the side when its tennis players turn over the weekend apparently somebody came by and cut four of the Nets right down the middle so they're completely unusable that vandalism sandwiched between two other incidents a verbal altercation among tennis and pickleball.

Players Saturday and Monday afternoon when the Nets appeared to be tossed and trampled today when I came down someone had basically disassembled them and like you know bent some of the poles and things like that and just left them in a heat it just looks like a pile of trash Monday's damage happened during a high school girls JV tennis match the.

Superintendent of schools confirmed to WBZ they were investigating unacceptable adult Behavior it's a war there's no question and if you go online and you see in Twitter and Facebook people are in each other's throats to Mayotte sees the animosity all over he's a former tennis pro and an Olympic silver medalist one of the big problems is that.

On two courts of tennis you might have 25 or 30 pickle players but then there's always people waiting so in tennis you used to have space quiet and the the two peoples really don't get along at all and police were called here to Mills field for both incidents they already Patrol the popular area but will increase their.

Presence as they investigate this vandalism in Needham Julie Mcdonald WBZ News
Someone slashed the pickleball nets at Mills Field in Needham. WBZ-TV’s Juli McDonald reports.